Sentinel Mountain

Chapter Twenty-six
Raids and Victims

There were six on the clinic team. By the time they had reached the staging area, they had organized into three pairs: Buck and Frank, Bull and Ralph, Josh and Nelson. Buck and Frank were in charge of taking care of the fences and providing backup for Bull and Ralph. Bull and Ralph would be serving the warrants. The backup would be carrying a great deal more than sidearms. As soon as the building was secure, Josh was to search for records and Nelson would start photographing. All the others were carrying small digital cameras as well. Nelson parked the vehicle and the team got its equipment. There were six men and twelve cables, but Nelson was already loaded with photographic equipment, so Buck and Frank each took an extra one.

The men from the clinic would be leaving shortly after sunrise, but Buck and Frank wanted to get the cables in place before it got too light. They crawled to the fence, each dragging six cables. At the fence, they picked up a cable, held it up to make sure they had the same cable, attached the two ends and cut the wire between. Josh expected sparks or something, but there was nothing, no indication that the compound's first line of defense was being breached. Once all twelve of the cables had been attached and the strand of barbed wire cut, the men moved back, dragging the barbed wire. The two were deputies, but also ranchers, and knew well the damage getting tangled in a loose piece of barbed wire could do, so back in the woods, they coiled the wire. Now all they had to do was wait.

As soon as the sun peeped above the horizon in front of them, they heard a bell which Bull said they had not noticed when he and June were observing, but the observers mentioned. "The observers said there was a bell before each group emerged and went to the church," Frank said. "Then a final bell when all are inside the church."

When the bell for the clinic rang, the men started marching out. Try as hard as he could, Josh could not identify Alex. Some minutes later, the final bell rang indicating everyone was in the church. "Once inside, we have two hours to work," Josh said, "but I've been thinking. We have no real plan for dealing with the six guards. I suggest we stand beside the door, try to keep the inmates of the hellhole from speaking out, and as each pair of guards come through, we grab them, and cuff them with the disposable restraints." Nods. "Then we threaten to end their life if they make a sound. When we have them all, we'll also use leg restraints on them and began the search." Nods. The bell sounded, meaning the church was closed.

"Let's move," Frank said.

The six men went through the outer fence and waited while Buck and Frank used wire cutters to cut an opening in the two inner fences well out of sight from the atrium. They motioned the four forward. The original plan was to appear at the door and issue the warrant when the guard came to answer it, but Frank realized that there was no reason for someone to be at the door and probably an alarm would be sounded if they proceeded. He mentioned that while they waited in the woods and they discussed what to do. One suggestion was that they tap on a window and see if they could get an inmate to call the guard, but that depended on being able to communicate with an inmate and they were not sure they were not restrained. Also, they had no idea how many, if any, inmates were still in the clinic or where they would be. The second suggestion was more direct, distract the guard's attention by something at the back window and breaking in the door. That was the only real option. Bull and Frank, with backup, would be at the front door when Nelson and Josh tossed pieces of the barbed wire across the fence. It should create a distraction, but no more than a large animal running into the fence.

Nelson and Josh dashed back into the woods and Nelson grabbed two coils of barbed wire and Josh the electrician's gloves. Back inside, Nelson fell to his stomach and crept past the atrium window. He and Josh plastered themselves to the wall so they had a view inside, but were unlikely to be spotted. They pulled on the heavy gloves and uncoiled the barbed wire. As they were doing that, the four other team members moved to the front door. Once they were in place, they buzzed the two and they threw the barbed wire across the fence. There was a bright flash of light. Sparks flew, but soon it was over.

As soon as the wire was tossed, they buzzed the others, the front door crashed open as Ralph kicked it in. Then Frank called out in a loud voice, "You move, you're dead. On the floor."

The guard fell to the floor whimpering, "Don't shoot, don't shoot." He was cuffed and Bull said, "I have a search warrant allowing us to search any and all parts of this building. We need the keys to everything."

"I am just a nurse, I only have the keys to the patients' halls and rooms, that's all."

"How about the offices, file cabinets and any safe?" Bull asked.

"Only Dr. Smith and Dr. Young have those."

"Dr. Smith and Dr. Young?" Frank asked. "I supposed your bishop is Moroni."

"We have several bishops, but our prophet Lehi is James Strang returned to guide us back to the pure faith," the quivering man answered.

Everyone except Bull and Josh shook their heads. "Well, we'll take the keys you have."

"They're on my belt."

Frank took them and opened the first door to hell. Immediately behind the hall door were large rooms on either side of the hall, labeled "Treatment Room Three" and "Treatment Room Four." Inside each room there were four cubicles on either side. All had screens attached to the outer wall and a video projector attached to the ceiling pointing toward them. Two of the cubicles each had a machine with a bundle of wires with tips Josh recognized as clips for adhesive electrodes used for ECG and other tests. There were two with large tanks with a chair on a rail which could be lowered and raised and moved over the tanks. The chairs had leg and arm restraints. There was another machine similar to the first ones they had seen. The last two cubicles each had a chair with restraints and a mask on a table beside it, and a tilt-table with restraints. "Water boarding," Josh answered in response to Frank's questioning look. All of the cubicles had snap-on bands attached to the wall.

"What in the hell is all this?" Buck asked.

"You sure you want to know?" Josh asked. "I have done a lot of reading about such places and so far this is fairly standard, I think. See the snap-on bands attached to the wall? Those are pressure sensitive sensors which go on your cock. When you start to get an erection, it sends a signal. The projectors and screens are used to project pictures of nude men, the kind of man you dream about if you are gay. They also project movies of men jerking off solo as well as all kinds of gay porn—standard to kinky."

"Why?" Nelson asked.

"I know you're a semi-clean-cut Mormon boy and have never seen "Playboy" or looked at pictures of nude women and certainly never watched any porn, but if you did, what would happen?"

"Man, I get so hard I could split logs with my dick."

"So what do you think happens when a gay man sees nude men and gay porn?"

"Can't imagine me doing it, but if he likes men the way I like women, he could split logs too." Nelson grinned.

"Exactly," Josh said. "This is a place which uses 'aversion therapy', which in my book is an oxymoron but, anyway, when the subject starts to get an erection, the sensor sends a signal and some sort of unpleasant consequence follows. The idea is that the subject develops an aversion to being gay and becomes straight."

"So all he has to do is choose to be straight," Buck said.

"I'll not argue with you on the point right now, but that's not possible. He might choose to act straight, especially to get out of one of these places, but he's still gay and will either live a celibate life or as a sexually active gay man. He will not be straight."

"That's not what the church teaches," Nelson said.

"It also teaches you that you can not masturbate," Josh said with a slight grin, "but we're not here to debate sexual theory." Nelson blushed.

Next to the treatment rooms were bathrooms, all open.

The men then took the keys and opened the door to a hallway and started opening the rooms. There were eight on either side of the hall. The first four rooms, labeled "Level Three," faced each other across the hall and had real windows. The beds were made and the rooms otherwise bare except for a bedside table and a desk and chair. Lying on the bed was a sensor attached to the wall and over the bed was a huge strobe. The next four rooms, labeled "Level Two" had glass brick columns, but otherwise appeared as the first ones, except in addition to the strobe there was an electro-stim unit on the bedside table. Then the rooms with no windows started. The first four were labeled "Level One." They were equipped with strobes, electro-stim units, an observation camera and a leather hood with earphones inside. The beds also had restraints. The last four were labeled Level Zero. As they approached, there was a definite unpleasant odor coming from the rooms. Three of the rooms were occupied by nude men restrained spreadeagled on the bed. Overhead was a huge light. Nowhere could they find a switch for it. It was so bright it took them a couple minutes before they could open their eyes.

The three men were emaciated and one was lying in his own filth. When their restraints were cut and they were helped sit on the edge of their bed, all had bedsores. Even the ones who had not being lying in filth were very rank. Josh picked up the one who had been lying in his own filth and carried him to the bathroom. "Nelson, bring me one of those wooden desk chairs," he had called over his shoulder as he walked down the hall. When Nelson brought the chair, Josh put the fellow in it and used a hand held spray to bathe him. Before he finished, Nelson and Buck had brought the other two and were bathing them. They were so weak they could barely speak, but all whispered over and over, "Thank you, thank you." When the men were clean, they placed them in the rooms with the windows and the team went to the other hall. What they saw was essentially a repeat of the previous hall except there were four in the level zero rooms. While they bathed them and got them in the clean rooms, Bull had raised Neil on the radio and said, "We have seven people who need to be evacuated by helicopter."

"Are they in immediate danger?"

"Not immediate, but they are in serious condition and I'm afraid they couldn't stand vehicular evacuation."

"I have choppers standing by. Are you guys ready for the return of the men up there? They'll be on their way in about twenty minutes."

"We're ready," Bull said and signed off. As he did, he realized the front door, mangled, was standing open. "Shit!" He exclaimed in a loud voice, "Shit! Piss! Fuck!" he said, obviously disgusted. "We have lost the element of surprise. We mangled the front door and the guards returning will spot it and know something is wrong as soon as they see it."

"Damn!" Josh said, but his brain was in gear immediately and a few minutes later he said, "Buck, Frank, Nelson, move a shock machine to the front, open the front door and put the machine on the same side as the door." When the machine was in place, Josh said, "Take the 'nurse' over to the door," as he walked back to the hall. He came back with strap electrodes and a stainless steel device and a tube.

"What's that?" Nelson asked, pointing to the polished stainless steel.

"Something you are too young to know about," Bull said, an evil grin on his face as he started pulling the nurse's pants down.

"I'm going to be very nice about this," Josh said as he spread contents from the tube over the stainless and then over and around the nurse's asshole. Bull had gone into the bathroom and returned with a warm, wet cloth which Josh used to wipe his fingers. He then slowly pushed the stainless device into the nurse's ass. "At this point, young Nelson, that is simply what is called a butt plug. However, when I plug this wire into it, it becomes an electrode. Turn him over, Bull." Bull did so and Josh said, "See if you can find me some disinfectant so I can clean up after handling filth," as he placed a strap electrode around the nurse's cock and balls and attached a wire to it as well. He pulled his pants back up and strapped an electrode to each of his ankles and attached wires to them. He plugged wires into the machines. He set the machine on half power and a half-second duration. "Now, nurse, you are about to receive one of your own treatments. I have the machine on maximum power and maximum time. Would you like for us to test that? We'll be happy to give you a taste of your own medicine."

"No, no, please, please. I'll do anything."

"That's what I want to hear," Josh said. "Listen carefully, for unless you do exactly as you are told, we will hit you with full power for at least ten minutes, but we can always set the time longer even if your buddies overpower us, which is unlikely as assault rifles are quick. I can set the time for an hour." Josh noticed the nurse had pissed himself and asked, "Do you have clean pants?"

'In my room. Staff quarters. Upstairs, Barkley on the door."

"Hurry Nelson, time's running out," Josh said and he boy rushed upstairs. "Then you're Barkley?"

"Yes, Jonathan Barkley."

"Well, Nurse Barkley, you listen very carefully. When the men arrive from down the hill, you will be standing by the front door and you will start shouting as soon as you see them, 'Hurry, hurry.' When I give the signal, you will yell, 'Hurry, get the patients locked in their rooms. Bishop Jones called and we are needed back down the hill immediately!' If there are questions, you are to reply, 'I don't know what's going on, but he was near hysteria and just said, "Lock up the patients and get down here." Now hurry.' You better sound hysterical. If you try something or they don't believe you, I hit the button. Do you understand?" Barkley nodded.

"I need to hear you," Josh said.

"I understand. I understand. Just don't shock me, please. Have mercy."

"The kind of mercy you showed those guys on zero level? That's all the mercy you'll get," Bull said. "Here's Nelson with dry pants."

They unplugged the ankle electrodes, changed his pants, reattached the electrodes and stood him at the front door. They had just gotten in place when the men appeared coming up the hill. When the head of the column was a couple hundred feet away, Josh said, "Start yelling."

Barkley did and put his heart into it. The men in the column looked up and around confused. The guards started poking them and one yelled, "What's going on?" Barkley relayed 'Bishop Jones's message' and did appear very near hysteria. The patients were so used to their shuffle/march that they didn't understand. The guards were losing patience as they found their job, usually a mindless task, became more and more like herding cats. Barkley glanced over at Josh and saw his hand on the buttons and really became hysterical, yelling for the men to hurry.

As soon as the first two guards entered the door, Buck and Frank each grabbed one and poked a pistol in his side and whispered, "Not a sound or it will be your last." Ralph and Bull placed restraints around their wrists and led them away, holding pistols to their prisoners' backs.

Josh told Barkley to move away from the door and had him lie down. He replaced his restraints and waited for the next two guards to come through the door. Just before they did, Nelson pressed a pistol in his hand. As he did so, he grinned and nodded toward the weapon and Josh saw the safety was on. Buck and Frank did a repeat performance and Josh and Nelson restrained them and led them away. The last two had decided something was amiss and were reluctant to come inside. Buck and Frank stepped outside, assault weapons leveled and Buck said, "Gentlemen, you are invited inside and we advise you to accept. Show your acceptance by placing your hands on your head." There was a slight hesitation and during it, there was a gunshot down the hill. Since there was gunfire elsewhere, Frank fired a blast at one of the guard's feet, spattering him with dust and gravel. "As I said, we encourage you to step inside." They practically ran.

"Now we have some serious business to attend to," Bull said, and addressed the inmates: "First, I need to know how many of you have been held here against your will? I don't care if you came thinking you could be cured of homosexuality or not. The question is, have you asked to leave and been held against your will?" Most of the guys put up their hands. "Ok, to make sure I didn't miss anyone, any of you who have not been held against your will." No hands. "Ok. You will be leaving within the next four to six hours. If you have a place to go, you will have transportation in one form or another. While we handle the matter of those who have held you prisoner, you will find plenty of hot water and soap in the showers. Take as long as you want while we try to find clean, decent clothes for you. To the showers. Buck and Frank, would you go upstairs to the staff quarters and bring down all the clothes you find there." The two nodded and headed for the stairs.

Some of the men were just standing around confused until others took them by the hand and led them to the showers. Bull had seen Alex come in while Josh was depositing the guard in the room where the six were being held, but said nothing. When the last prisoner was in the showers, Josh disconnected the electrodes and took Barkley to the room with the others where he allowed him to remove the straps and the butt plug, and restrained him again.

When Buck and Frank came down, they said, "There's piles more clothes upstairs as well as a huge cooler full of fruit juice and stacks of crackers. We brought down all we could." Bull had gone to get towels for the men in the showers and when he came back, Josh said, "Bull, if you'll watch over the 'medical staff,' we'll bring down more clothes and some juice and crackers."

They made four trips up and down the stairs until there was a pile of clothes sorted into underwear—including some temple garments—shirts, pants and socks. Shoes could wait. They piled two tables with crackers and juice. They had just finished when the first men came out of the showers.

"Gentlemen, help yourself to clothes. If you have earned the right to wear a temple garment, see if you can find one that fits," Buck said. "There are crackers and juice here if you would like some. Again, help yourself. I hope you'll help each other if it's needed, as we have some other important work to do before we start the process of getting you out of here."

Buck and Nelson had joined Bull. Josh said, "Which of you are Dr. Smith and Dr. Young?" None of the men answered. "I hate to repeat myself, but which of you are Dr. Smith and Dr. Young?" Again, no response. "Ralph, can you come help us please?" When he appeared, Josh said, "I need three of the machines in here. Seems Dr. Smith and Dr. Young are ashamed of their names. I would be if I were them." Frank and Buck rolled two machines in and Buck the third. "Now if you would use an electrode strap to strap two men together at the arm and leg." When that was done, Josh plugged the electrodes into a machine. He knew Barkley was not one of the doctors and had observed the others and he was sure the two doctors were strapped to two nurses, hoping the nurses were unwilling suffer to hide the doctors' identities.

"Again, which of you is Dr. Smith and which is Dr. Young? I am going to give you ten seconds before I hit the button on these machines. Nurse Barkley can tell you I will not hesitate. He's out of this round because he already suffered trying to protect your hellhole. I'm setting the machines on maximum power for one second. You all know about them, but I suspect you have never experienced one of your own treatments."

Josh actually set the machines at half a second and started counting slowly, No one said a word. "Nine," he said and his hand was above the hit the button.

"I'm not one of doctors," one of the men said and a chorus of "I'm not" followed before he hit the button.

"Now that's no help at all," Josh said. "I know two of you are and all I'm hearing is 'I'm not'. Two…"

"He's Young," one of the men said, pointing.

"You're lying, you're Young."

Josh was sure the two were the two doctors and had watched carefully.

"They're both lying. They're the doctors."


"He's right. They're the doctors," another man said.

Josh remembered that most intelligence people knew that information gained under torture couldn't be depended on, and he thought frightening the men wasn't working and he sure wouldn't actually use the machines, but he had another source which would be delighted to point out the culprits. "Nelson, bring in one of the guys from outside."

Nelson came back with a young man—probably eighteen or ninteen—who, when he stepped into the room started trembling. "Josh this is Jason."

"Jason, I'm sorry to ask you to come into this room, but it will only take a second. Point out Dr. Young and Dr. Smith. They don't seen to want to identify themselves." Quick as a flash of light, Jason reached over and slammed the button on the machine. "Now you bastards know how it feels," he said. "Those two are your so-called doctors."

"Thanks, Jason," Josh said as Nelson led the young man away. Josh had been totally wrong. "You nurses certainly have a high degree of loyalty," Josh said. "Pity it is so misplaced. But let's go again. Nelson, let's have three witnesses. Bring in someone else."

Nelson returned with an older man, in his forties. "Josh, this is Michael."

When asked to identify the doctors, he pointed to the same two and said, "I'm not sure I want you two bastards locked up because if you are, you'll be safe. If you're not, I can get to you and I will, and you will die a horrible death. I give you an oath on that."

Josh nodded and Nelson left and came back and said, "Josh, this is Alexander."


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