Sentinel Mountain


Joshua Elijah Taylor sat on the very edge of Sentinel Rock, his feet danging over the edge, several hundred feet above the valley floor below. The granite outcrop was well named since it commanded a panoramic view of the valley and mountains beyond. He sat in silence in the late afternoon sun on a bright, late spring day. He gazed across the valley, obviously deep in thought. He smiled to himself thinking that had he been here some months ago he would have have considered jumping rather than sitting on the rock ledge. Now, he was happy he was alive, as happy as he would ever be without his beloved Alex. Still marveling at how he had ended up not only on Sentinel Rock, twenty-five hundred miles from where he had been the day before, but even further from the life he had known. His recollection of how it all started was quite vivid and he smiled again about the confusion which began his adventure. The confusion which started with a phone call…