Arkadelphia Plantation

by Sequoyah


Chapter Twenty

From Chapter Nineteen “I came to tell you I saw Jamie’s truck over the embankment just down the highway from Arkadelphia’s entrance. I checked it out and found it empty,” Rich said. ”A tricked-out pickup raced past me headed toward Braggton as I was coming home. There were several guys with hoodies, hoods up, riding in the back and I caught a glimpse of someone who could possibly have been Jamie, but one of the guys shoved his head down so I raced here to check on him.”


“Scares the shit out of me,” Ethan said. “I’m calling Sheriff Jackson.” Rich nodded and, as Ethan took out his phone, Rich walked into the kitchen and pulled out his own phone and talked quietly.

Ethan said into the phone,Mavis, Ethan Taylor. I need Sheriff Jackson on the double. Jamie and Andy Hickey have been abducted.”

“The hell you say! Well, the sheriff left for home a few minutes ago. I’m on it.”


Ethan hung up and started pacing. It seemed ages before the phone rang. “Ethan.”

“What happened, Ethan?” Sheriff Jackson asked. Ethan quickly told him all he knew and concluded, “What Rich described sounded like Jake Ballock’s truck passed him as he was coming home. The truck was traveling toward Braggton at high speed. Rich thought he caught a glimpse of Jamie in the back. There were several guys in hoodies, hoods up, in the back and one pushed down the head of someone who might have been Jamie as Rich passed so he didn’t get a good look.”

“I’m on it. Rich with you?”

“He’s on the phone.”

“Tell him to give me a call in three or four minutes. I got to get my troops moving.”

A minute or two later, Rich walked into the den. “Rich, Sheriff Jackson wants you to call him in three or four minutes.”

“Will do. We’re in luck. The surveillance helicopter is in Audubon. It will be in the air in ten minutes. Until I hear otherwise, I’ll have them do a search pattern beginning where the truck was left. I also have two agents to help with the search. Until we know they haven’t left the state, kidnapping is a federal crime. The surveillance aircraft has a couple of hours to search before dark.” He then opened his phone and as soon as a connection was made said, “Sheriff, Rich here and we’re on speaker.”

“Rich, I have all my patrol cars cruising the back roads. Thought about a road block on the main high ... hold it. I’ve got a call on the radio ... I’m back, Rich. That call was from Deputy Klein. He gave chase to a tricked-out pickup twenty minutes ago, but lost him. He believes he headed for the river. He was sure it was Jake Ballock’s truck. I’m sending my men to the area.”

“Give me the coordinates and I’ll get them to the helicopter.”

The sheriff did and added, “There’s no bridge for miles up or down the river where they were headed if that was the truck with Jamie and Andy.”

“I’d say I’m at least seventy-five percent sure,” Rich said.

Ethan was becoming more and more agitated. Scotty tried to assure him Jamie would be okay, but that was difficult since he didn’t believe it. He had a sudden thought and said, “Ethan, Dek doesn’t know Andy is missing. Maybe we should go tell him.”

“Scotty, you please go. I’m staying right here.”

Scotty reluctantly agreed to go and Sally Ann went with him.

They had been gone less than fifteen minutes when a man came in with a backpack which he sat on the kitchen counter. “Ethan, Agent Reynolds, Agent Reynolds, Ethan Taylor, brother of one of the missing men. Ethan, Agent Reynolds is setting up a command center and will coordinate communications between our agents and Sheriff Jackson. We’ve come a long way since first responders couldn’t talk to each other on 9/11.”

As soon as the electronics were set up, Agent Reynolds let everyone know they could communicate and the messages came fast and furious as to how things were going.

Sheriff Jackson said the search along the river had revealed nothing. “I don’t know how a truck can just disappear.” The helicopter crew reported they had swept up and down the river and then moved away from it toward the highway and still saw nothing.

Scotty walked in just as the reports started. Dek was with him and Sally Ann. “Why are they searching just one side of the river?” Scotty asked.

“There are no bridges for miles up and down the river where he was last seen,” Ethan said.

“We’re talking North Branch of the Bragg, right?”

“Right,” Ethan responded. “So?”

“So there are places—most anywhere—you can wade across it. It’s only two, maybe three feet deep all along that stretch,” Scotty said. “Eli and I often went up it from where it enters the Bragg.”

“Even that’s enough to stop a truck,” Ethan said. “There are likely holes which are deeper anywhere you tried to cross.”

“Have you seen that truck? It is built to handle just about any terrain and if you know the river, you could cross it in that truck. I’d bet on it.”

It had been almost two hours since Rich had seen Jamie’s abandoned truck. The agent in charge of the helicopter search was sure the truck was not visible from the air or wasn’t on the west side of the river. “It’s getting pretty dark,” he said, “we’re heading in.”

“Make a sweep on the other side of the river before you go,” Rich instructed him. “Look for a place on the river that might be forded.”

Half an hour later, the helicopter agent called and said, “All we have seen is a place in the river bank which could be used as a ramp. Don’t know how deep the river is at that point, but it’s in a section almost twice as wide what we’ve seen before.” He then gave Rich the coordinates.

It was the best lead they had so far and the information was relayed to the sheriff. “I have nothing that can ford the river,” he responded. “We’ll have to go up the river several miles where there is a bridge, cross and drive down the other side. There’ll be dozens of roads leading from the highway to the river and we’ll just have to check out each of them. Wait a minute. I’m not sure we can do that. The river is the county line there. I have no jurisdiction. I’ll have to contact Sheriff Shelby.”

“I’ll do that,” Rich said. “What kind of guy is he?”

“He’s been sheriff for thirty-five years and is a tough old bird. Politically and socially he’s right of Genghis Khan and LAZY spelled in all caps. Don’t expect any real cooperation out of him.”

“Pulling rank?”

“He’ll not like it, but that’s the only way you can get anything out of him and very little with that.”

“You willing to take over if I ask you to?”

“With what authority?”

“How about deputy US marshal?”

“Can you do that?”

“Who knows? I’m sure Sheriff Shelby doesn’t. Have your men assemble at the intersection of county roads 1796 and 1907. I’ll be there as soon as I can get there.” He then turned to Ethan and asked, “You eighteen yet?” Ethan nodded. Rich then turned to the agent handling communications and said, “Get me the boss.” A few minutes later, the agent handed Rich a handset. He quickly explained the situation and asked for authority to deputize. He covered the handset and asked, “Have a fax here?” Ethan nodded. “Number?” Ethan gave it to him. Five minutes later the fax machine started and Rich had the authority—whether or not he was supposed to. “Raise your right hand, Ethan.” Rich then swore him in. That done, he said, “Let’s go.”

Rich had to drive at a relatively reasonable speed until he got to the highway where he turned on his concealed blue lights and siren. They hit over a hundred several times as they headed to Coosa County. When he arrived at the assembly point, he checked with communications to see what Sheriff Shelby was willing to do. The answer was nothing. Rich had encountered the attitude before. Federal agents were viewed with suspicion and resistance by many locals, much of which they had brought on themselves by arrogance. Rich swore in the sheriff deputies from Bragg County and Sheriff Jackson sent them to search the side roads leading to the river, many mere trails. Unfortunately after the drive to the end of a road, all they could do was turn around or back out, doubling the time to search each trail.

Meanwhile, Rich took Ethan and Sheriff Jackson to Crawford, county seat of Coosa county, heading straight for the sheriff’s office. The deputy on the desk was very reluctant to call the sheriff. “He left orders he was not to be disturbed,” he said.

Rich took out his badge and identity card and said, “I believe he’d want you to call him.”

The deputy did and got a blast in the ear. The old sheriff was shouting so loudly and Sheriff Jackson, Ethan and Rich heard him say, “God damn it, boy, I told you not to disturb me. I don’t care how many badges he has. My program is about to come on and you’re going to make me miss it. Take care of the federal big shot.”

“What did you want?” the deputy asked as he hung up the phone.

“We’d like Sheriff Shelby’s cooperation in a kidnapping case. We believe the kidnappers are in Coosa County.”

“Well, I can tell you, Sheriff Shelby will not call out any deputies. We only have two on after five and they will be handling traffic at the ballgame so it’ll be a while before they are available,”

“Then we are on our own?” Rich asked.

“That’s about it.”

“Well, Sheriff Shelby told you to handle the situation, so I guess you can sign this release. It releases Sheriff Shelby from any obligation to assist in the case.” The deputy signed without reading.

Back in the car, Sheriff Jackson asked, “Just what did you have him sign? I never heard of a release to take over another man’s jurisdiction.”

“He signed an expiration notice for my driver’s license. I’ll deal with the good sheriff later, In case you’re worried, I do have jurisdiction here and can call on any and all law enforcement offices as I deem necessary. If we don’t find something soon, I’ll call in the fish and game officers.”

As they drove back to the assembly point where a command center had been set up, Rich got a call from the Arkadelphia communications center. “Agent Long, the truck was spotted on Highway 181 headed toward Braggton. A citizen with a police scanner spotted him and called in a report. He’s traveling at a high rate of speed. Two deputies are racing to set up a road block and two others are ready to give chase, but want the road block in place first.”

“I’m on my way.”

When Rich reached the road block, four sheriff’s cars had the truck blocked in, four suspects were handcuffed, lying face down on the side of the highway. Two of the officers were guarding them with a shot gun and the others were searching the truck. When he walked up, Rich said, “Well, well, well, what have we here?”

One of the deputies guarding the four grinned and said, “You see before you a young man charged with driving without a license, driving without insurance, speeding in excess of one hundred miles an hour and driving under the influence. He and the other three are also charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and resisting arrest. I’m sure there will be other charges soon.”

“Jake Ballock, I might have known,” Sheriff Jackson said. “Son, you are in a shit load of trouble because standing beside me is Agent Richard Long. You’ll be a very old man before you see anything other than through bars or barbed wire. Now if you make it easy for us to locate Jamie and Andy, things could go easier on you.”

“I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about,” Jake sneered.

He barely had the words out of his mouth when Sheriff Jackson’s radio came awake and a deputy said, “Sheriff, we’ve found the boys. They were in an abandoned river shack. EMS have been called and they will be transferred to the hospital in Audubon.”

“How bad are they?”

“Pretty bad. They have obviously been beaten and are covered with feces and urine. Deputy Greene thinks they are also covered with cu ... sperm. They may have been raped. Certainly have been abused if you understand what I mean. They were tied back to back and suspended from the ceiling.”

“We’re on our way.”

Ethan was beside himself. When they reached the site, the EMS had just loaded the two boys and were ready to head for Audubon. Ethan was hell bent on seeing Jamie, but Rich restrained him. Sheriff Jackson spoke to the EMS crew and one of them gave Ethan a shot. Five minutes later he was calm.

“Now let’s attend to the asshole who was left with Jamie and Andy,” Sheriff Jackson said. Inside, Rich saw a young hunk. He was about six four and weighed three hundred pounds at least and there was no fat in those pounds. “Tiny, this is Agent Richard Long of the Attorney General’s office. Agent Long, Shelby Kamp, aka Tiny.”

“Mr. Kamp, I assume you have been advised of your Miranda rights?” Tiny said nothing. Rich took a small card from his wallet and ‘read,’ without looking at the card, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?” Again Tiny said nothing. “Mr. Kamp, I am charging you with kidnapping, sexual assault, and aggravated assault all as hate crimes. Your previous attacks on Mr. James Taylor will be used as evidence to support that charge. For your information, the penalty for crimes under the hate crime statute is double that of ordinary crimes. As things now stand, your friends may claim innocence since they were not apprehended guarding the victims. Conservatively, you are looking at a hundred to two hundred years in prison. While I cannot cut a deal with you, I advise you to take any plea bargain offered.”

“Tiny,” Sheriff Jackson said, “you’ll also be charged under a number of state laws. What they are will be up to the District Attorney. I, too, advise you to take any deal offered. Deputy Anderson, take Mr. Kamp to jail and lock him up. For the time being charge him with aggravated assault, sexual assault, and involuntary imprisonment.”

“Sheriff, Deputy Jamison and I would like to add resisting arrest to that. He bit both of us.”

“Fine, add assault on an officer. Get him out of here. You have a forensics person around?” the sheriff asked Rich.

“I can have one here in half an hour.”

The sheriff spoke into his shoulder mike and asked Deputy Jamison to come in. When he arrived, he said, “Deputy, take Ethan home. There are folks at Arkadelphia who need to see and hear him. Ethan, you are not, under any circumstances, to drive for at least twelve hours. I know you want to get to the hospital, but someone will have to drive you.”

Deputy Jamison practically had to carry Ethan to his car. When he had Ethan inside, the sheriff talked to the deputy for several minutes. When he got in the car, Ethan was asleep. He put on his lights and siren and headed for Arkadelphia Plantation.

When he arrived, Ethan woke up, but Deputy Jamison had to help him inside. The den of the Taylor house was full. Dek was there, of course, Ash and Kathy were in the kitchen keeping the coffee going. Molly had her arms wrapped around Sally Ann. Randy was sitting on one side of Scotty and Ginger on the other. Davis was on the phone talking to someone. Dek sprang up out of a recliner and helped the deputy get Ethan settled in it.

“What happened to you, Ethan?” Scotty asked as he sat on the arm of the recliner. Ethan looked at him, grinned and went back to sleep.

“Ethan came completely unglued when he saw Jamie being loaded into the ambulance,” Deputy Jamison said. “A member of the EMS team gave him a shot. It seemed to really hit when he got in the car. He’s not to drive for at least twelve hours and he should begin to come around in half an hour. If you’ll all gather around I’ll give my report,” which he did. “Finally, Sheriff Jackson suggested you wait until Ethan is more awake before going to the hospital. I know you are anxious to find out about the two young men, but there will be no report from the doctors for at least an hour and that will be sketchy at best. If you need transportation, call the office and we’ll send a car.”

Scotty thanked him and the deputy left.

After he had gone, Molly said, “Scotty, you can drive my car to take the three of you to the hospital.”

“Molly, you need to go with them,” Ginger said. Molly nodded.

Ethan woke up half an hour after the deputy left, had a cup of coffee and added what he could to what the deputy had told them, but omitted the fact Jamie and Andy had been covered in shit, piss and probably cum or the fact that they may have been raped. If they had, better to be told later and if they hadn’t, no need to worry anyone else.

After Ethan had a cup of coffee, Molly drove them to the hospital in Audubon. At the information desk, they were told to go to the emergency room waiting area. When they reached the emergency room, Molly spoke to the woman at the desk and was told doctors were still with the two. “I suspect they will be taken to a regular room from the emergency room, but I’m guessing,” she said, “Someone will see you when they are finished with them here.”

It was another half hour before anyone came out. By then Ethan was fully awake. A woman came out and asked, “Are Mr. Taylor’s and Mr. Hickey’s parents present?”

Dek and Ethan walked over to the woman. “I am Andy Hickey’s father, Dek Hickey,” Dek said.

“Ethan Taylor, Jamie’s legal guardian,” Ethan said.

“And his parents?”

“They are dead,” Ethan replied, “I am his legal guardian.”

“Very well. Shall we go into the office?” She showed them into the office and said, “I am Dr. Kimberly Stokes and I am attending Andy. Dr. Bailey is attending Jamie. I don’t know whether you saw them before they were brought in ...”

“I did,” Ethan said.

“Then let me assure you they looked much worse than they are, although they are bad enough. As you may have seen, Ethan, both were covered with feces, urine and sperm. We had to get them cleaned up before we could examine them. Sheriff Jackson asked that we do a rape kit, which we did and although they had sperm all over them there was no evidence they had been raped instead a hard object had been forced into their rectum. There were some tears, but none serious enough to require surgical repair. Both had been beaten with what I suspect were belts—more than once. There was also evidence to suggest they had been kicked. Jamie has a couple of cracked ribs as a result. Andy has bruises. Of course, both have many bruises. Both had a dislocated shoulder, hanging from the ceiling with feet almost off the floor. Both had their initials burned into their penis and scrotum. I am hoping it won’t leave a scar. They have been heavily sedated and will certainly sleep through the night. At the present, we’d like to keep them for a day or two to make sure we haven’t missed something. For what it’s worth, I’d advise you to see them briefly and go home and get some rest. You can see them anytime between 9:00 and 9:00 tomorrow. Questions? Oh, Sheriff Jackson said he had the sick people in custody who did this, but asked that we take samples for DNA. We also took material from under Mr. Taylor ...”

“Please call him Jamie,” Ethan asked.

“And my son is Andy,” Dek said.

“Of course. As I was saying, we took material—skin—from under their fingernails. Both did some heavy duty scratching.”

Dek and Ethan told the others what they had been told, omitting the fact Andy and Jamie had been covered with body waste and had something inserted in their rectum and only said they had burns.

Ethan, Scotty and Sally Ann spent a few minutes with the sleeping Jamie. When Sally Ann saw his bruised face, tears ran down her cheeks. Ethan wrapped his arms around her and she cried softly on his shoulder for two or three minutes. Both she and Ethan were wrapped in Scotty’s arms. Molly came up later for a few minutes before she suggested they go home.

Dek and Ethan headed to the hospital at 8:30 Saturday at Sheriff Jackson’s request. He wanted them there as Andy’s parent and Jamie’s guardian. “Rich and I will be taking their statements and you need to be there.”

As they were approaching elevator to the second floor, the door started closing and Dek called out, “Hold the door!” A hand caught the edge of the door and it reversed itself. Ethan and Dek raced for the elevator and when they stepped inside, Ethan was not surprised to see Rich and Sheriff Jackson. “Rich, Sheriff, good morning,” Ethan said. The two lawmen returned the greeting. “I assume we are headed to the same place.”

“I suspect so,” Rich answered. “We’re taking Andy and Jamie’s statements this morning.”

“How are you doing, Ethan?” the sheriff asked.

“I’m okay.”

“Someone drive you in?”

“Well, no, but I’m okay.”

“You probably are, but you shouldn’t be driving. You got a strong dose yesterday.”

“I know,” Ethan replied. “Thanks. I hate being out of control like that. It’s pretty immature.”

“Don’t say that too loudly. An agent and a deputy threw up when they saw the boys and knew neither. You’re Jamie’s brother and guardian. ’Nough said. I want those bastards under the jail,” Sheriff Jackson said.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” Rich responded.

“I guess they are out on bond by now,” Ethan said. “If they had not been bonded out the first time, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“True,” Sheriff Jackson said, “but I think most any judge would have given them bond. Of course, they would have cooled their heels in jail longer had Tad’s dad not had the influence he did.”

“You won’t see them free this time,” Rich said. “This time the federal court is involved. Since they never left the state, the federal kidnapping law doesn’t apply, but they will be charged with violating Jamie and Andy’s civil rights.”

“I blame Tad,” Ethan said. “The others don’t have sense enough to know he’s using them.”

Sheriff Jackson nodded.

“Dek, you can spend time with Andy while we take Jamie’s statement as he’ll likely be sedated afterward,” Rich said. Dek nodded and walked down the hall to Andy’s room.


Jamie's Story


After greeting me and asking how I was doing, Sheriff Jackson and Rich both placed small recorders on my over-the-bed table and identified themselves and stated the date and that this was an interview with me concerning an incident which occurred the previous day. They asked Ethan to state his full legal name, address, age and date of birth. Why do people do that? I mean you have a date of birth, how hard is it to calculate someone’s age? Finally they asked me to do the same and then asked if my statement was voluntary and true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. ‘Cover my ass’ stuff no doubt. I tell you, we spend more time in a CMA mode and chop down more trees for paper because we have too many lawyers. At least that’s what I think. When the CMA stuff was done, Sheriff Jackson said, “Jamie, tell us what happened in your own words.”

I was confused about how long I had been in the hospital and asked “Today Saturday?” Rich nodded. And I started, wishing I could forget the last twenty-four hours.

“Yesterday Andy and I had dates to go to a movie in the Audubon Mall multiplex. The movie we planned on watching started at 7:30, but there was another one almost as good we’d go to if the 7:30 one was sold out. It started at 7:15. To allow plenty of time, we left Andy’s a few minutes after 6:00. When we got to the end of the drive and turned onto the highway, Jake Ballock’s truck ...”

“You’re sure it was Jake Ballock’s?”

“Positive. I don’t think there’s another one anywhere that has so much added stuff and such a paint job. Anyway the truck appeared out of nowhere and tried to run me off the road. I managed to avoid his first attempt, but the second one—well, I was in a Ford F150 without grill guard and he was driving that F350 with bull bars and grill guards. When he headed straight for me, I knew it was hit the ditch or be killed.

“I managed to get the truck down the embankment without rolling it and as soon as it was stopped, three men with their hoodies’ hoods up and bandanas covering their lower faces pulled me and Andy from the truck, threw us in the back of their truck, got in the back with us and Jake scratched off. We had gone maybe a mile or mile and a half when a car passed and our heads were shoved down. Realizing we might be recognized, our captors bound our hands and feet, gagged us and covered us with a tarp.

“I could tell from the sound of the motor we were traveling at high speed. After we had been traveling for what seemed like forever, but my best guess is for twenty or thirty minutes on county roads ...”

“County roads?” Sheriff Jackson asked.

“I could tell we were on county roads because they were too rough to be a main highway. Anyway, I heard a siren and Jake sped up. I won’t have thought it possible as I knew we were flying already. Sure enough, the siren faded in the distance as the road became very rough. I figured Jake had taken a side road because we were being tossed about and he was driving slowly. He was near the river—I could smell it—when he shifted the truck into low range, four wheel drive and jacked it. He was barely crawling and we were being tossed all over the place.... Could I have some water please?”

Ethan poured a cup of water and ice from a bedside pitcher and held it while I drank through a straw. “Thanks, big brother,” I said and managed a half smile for Ethan.

“You’re most welcome, little brother.”

I took up the account again. “The truck was really creeping along when I heard water splashing underneath and realized Jake had driven into the river. It took ten or fifteen minutes to cross since several times Jake had to back up and change his path when a wheel slipped into a hole and he was barely moving at the best of times. Finally he stopped, lowered the truck and shifted into a higher gear, but still in low range.

“Shortly afterward the truck stopped and the three guys took Andy and me out of the truck and into a falling down river shack. It had to have been abandoned years before because it was covered in a tangle of vines. They had been cut from the door recently. Inside it was kinda dark as the only light was what could get through the vine-covered holes in the roof. The floor was covered with fallen leaves and heaven only knows what else. The place was rotten and falling apart and smelled like it.

“We were thrown on the floor and kicked several times. Two more hooded guys walked through the door as we were being kicked. ‘Hey, take it easy. We don’t want them too damaged before we get our message across,’ one of them said. I recognized Tad Hayes voice at once.

“‘That’s right,’ the second late arrival said. I had not heard Jake Ballock often enough to be positive he was the one speaking and while it was pretty dark in the shack, I could see his arms were covered with red hair. Jake and his brothers were the only redheads I have ever seen in the county. He then took out a baggie with several fat joints and passed one to Tad and lit one himself. The joints were passed around the circle until they were gone and Jake took two more out of the baggie, handed one to Tad and the two lit up and the joints got passed around as before.

“‘Man,This is some good shit,’ a voice I knew but couldn’t identify said.

“‘My private stock,’ Jake laughed. ‘You’ve never had any this good.’

The five finished off the joints and a voice I knew to be Ox Blanton said, ‘I’m thirsty. Where’s the fucking beer. I put a god damn case of beer in the fucking cooler. What happened to it?’

“‘It’s in the truck,’ Tad said.

“‘Damn, I bought and paid for it and you assholes are too lazy to bring it in,’ Ox said and stormed out and returned minutes later carrying a cooler of beer. Already high on the weed they had smoked, they started drinking beer. Most had finished their third one when Tad, high as a kite, stood, stumbled over to where I lay and started pissing on me. ‘Piss on you, asshole, for all the trouble you’re causing me. Piss on you.’

“‘I say piss on the nigger, too,’ a hooded figure pulled out a very small cock and began pissing on Andy. I was pretty sure it was Tiny Kamp because Tiny was one of Tad’s toadies and has a high-pitched voice.

“‘Yeah, piss on them,’ Ox said and pulled out another very small cock.

“When he did, the one I had not recognized, but now think was Chad Wallace said, ‘Hell, I thought you were called Tiny as a joke because of your size, but I see it’s your cock. My ten-year-old brother’s cock is that big.’

“‘Then we’ll have to call Ox super tiny,’ Tiny laughed. ‘His is half my size. Guess it’s the juice he’s been on. I hear it shrinks your cock and balls.’

“‘Fuck you, Tiny. You’re a fucking loudmouth asshole,’ Ox shouted.

“‘Nobody calls me an asshole,’ Tiny countered and launched himself at Ox. The two weighed about six hundred pounds between them and were doing damage to the rotten walls of the shack as they staggered around shoving each other.

“‘Tiny, Ox, cut it out before you tear down the shack and we have to beat your butts,’ Jake shouted. The two stopped immediately. ‘Now shake hands,’ he commanded.

“‘That weed made me horny,’ Tiny said.

“‘Me too,’ Ox agreed.

“‘We need to have a jack-off contest. First one to come the second time wins,’ Ox Blanton—I definitely recognized the tattoo on his right forearm—said.

“Tad laughed and said, ‘I’ll win. I stole my dad’s pills a few minutes before you guys showed up. If I have an erection lasting more than four hours, I’ll see my doctor.’ He popped a pill in his mouth just before Tiny and Ox tackled him and wrestled the pill bottle from him. Ox passed it around and they all took one.

“‘I need a beer,’ Tiny said, taking one from the cooler. They all seemed to have forgotten the jerk-off contest and opened their beer. They downed them and thus finished off the case of twenty-four they had started, not long before.

“Tad had just downed his last one and walked over to me and said, ‘Don’t tell me your fag brother don’t fuck your boy pussy. Bet you like that, but I bet you’ll like a real man’s cock in your pussy better.’ He turned me on my back and tried shoving his cock in my ass, but was so drunk he couldn’t get hard enough to even start to get it in me. Meanwhile, Jake was trying to fuck Andy, but had the same problem. The other three took turns trying, but had the same results. Tad flew into a rage and shoved the neck of a beer bottle in my ass and fucked me with it.”

Recalling the pain and humiliation of being ass fucked with a beer bottle, I started crying. I couldn’t help it. Ethan took my hand and held it and I saw tears in his eyes as well.

I finally got control of myself and said, “I guess seeing the two of us fucked was a real turn-on because all five got erections. Tad had been stroking his cock and I am sure would have raped me, but when he pulled out the beer bottle, it was covered with shit. ‘God damn! I’m not sticking my dick into a pile of shit, but I gotta get off.’ He stood over me and was joined by Ox and Tiny. Jake and Chad were standing over Andy jerking their cocks. It took a while, but Ox finally shot, covering my back. Tad didn’t stop stroking as he said, ‘Turn him over, Ox, I want to shoot in his pretty face.’ Ox and Tiny finally came and shot in my face and on my stomach.

“Jake gave them all another pill, a different kind, from a baggie and in a few minutes they were all crazy. That’s when they took off their belts and started beating us. Occasionally they stopped long enough to kick us around. I was near passing out when Tad said, ‘We want you to know what you got is a sample. You go in tomorrow and drop the charges and we’ll forget about it. If you don’t, your faggot brother and his boyfriend are next. After that, it’s your sister, but I think you’ll get the message.’ They threw a rope across a rafter and pulled us up. Our arms were pulled over our head and our feet barely touched the floor.

“‘Damn! Shit stinks,’ Tiny said and they all moved to a far corner except Jake. He whispered to me, ‘You drop those charges or you, your faggot brother and his fag boyfriend have had it. You are playing with the big boys. You know what I mean.’ I didn’t.

“Jake lit a couple more joints as he walked away and gave one to Tad. When Tiny took it from Tad, he said, “You’re so proud of that cock of yours, Jamie, maybe you need your name on it.” He took the joint and made a J T on my cock and one on my balls. I passed out and that is the last thing I remember. The doctor said we were covered with shit in addition to the piss and cum, but I don’t know anything about that. That’s it. The next thing I knew was I was in a hospital.”

“I know this has been rough, Jamie,” Rich said, “but it was necessary in order to bring the five to justice.” He pushed the call button and a nurse appeared minutes later and injected something into my IV. “Get some rest now. You have earned it.” I was asleep before she was out of the room.