Arkadelphia Plantation

By Sequoyah

Chapter Fifteen

Andy and Cam drove on to Philos, and as they approached Jamie's place, Cam said, "Holy shit! You've got to get Mother up here even if you have to drag her. If this house doesn't shut her up, she's hopeless. This I like."

Inside Kathryn greeted them and before Andy could introduce Cam, he and Christine were assaulted by three-year-olds. There were shouts of ‘Uncle Andy' and ‘Aunt Christine' as the four jumped up and down.  "Tenhut" Andy shouted and the four lined up side-by-side standing very straight. "Gentlemen, Mr. Cameron Alexander Evans of Thomasville. Mr. Evans, Master Kayden Taylor Elliot, Master Ethan Taylor Ratledge, Master Andrew Randy Taylor, and Master Raphael Ethan Taylor. As each of the boy's name was called, they stepped up to Cam very smartly and shook his hand, then returned to his place. When Taylor had completed the ritual, he said, "Mr. Evans, welcome to Philos Plantation and our home." The other three gave Cam a slight bow.

“Thank you, gentlemen. , and please call me Cam."

“Do you want to play with us?” Kayden asked his green eyes sparkling as he bobbed his head ‘yes.’

“Up to you," Kathryn said. Cam grinned and headed to the family room where the boys were constructing something out of blocks. Less than five minutes after he arrived, Cam was stretched out on the floor helping build a highway for trucks.

“Andy, take your bags up.”

Andy grabbed the bags and headed for the second floor. “Christine, I put out linens for three rooms in case you need to pretend while Cam is here.”

“Kathryn, Cam is going to find out sooner or later that we’re not virgins. I don’t think he’s dense and from a couple of comments he has made, he at least suspects we sleep together when we can. I see no reason to pretend otherwise. I’ll ask Andy, but I’m going to be more than surprised if he chooses to sleep by himself, damn surprised.”

When Andy came down, he said, "Kathryn, do the three sets of linen mean you want Christine and me to change our usual sleeping arrangements?"

“Not at all. It means I didn’t know what you wanted to do while Cam’s here.”

“Cam’s a big boy,” Andy responded. “By the way, I hadn’t had a real chance to talk to you, Christine, about what your dad said about our getting married.”

“Any surprises?”

“Yes and no. Dad, as I expected, said he thought we were too young and that we should wait. Later he admitted we were pretty mature and said he didn't think either of us could do better. He did surprise me when he said when we decided to get married we should keep it a secret from your mother until the last minute to avoid all her social status crap. I couldn't agree more, but I guess that's normal for a male."

“True for this woman as well. Let’s talk about it soon.”

Jamie and Ethan came in together, and after both had hugged Andy and hugged and kissed Christine, Jamie said, "We doubled up on work today so we can celebrate tomorrow after the wedding. Molly and Claire Bell are going all out even with the short notice."

“Andy, I don't know Charlotte well, but from what I've seen, she's a good mate for your dad. She's very down to earth and has a great sense of humor," Ethan said.

“I haven't gotten to know her extremely well, but I sure like what I have seen. Dad deserves a good woman after putting up with Mom even before she went apeshit over Ray and his supposed pro football potential."

“Well, I need to grab two sons and get moving. We are having dinner with a goatboy, and then I plan to have some major playtime with him," Ethan said then walked into the family room, and Kayden and Taylor sent blocks flying as they ran to their dad and launched themselves toward him. He hugged them and stood, a boy in each arm and said to the young man standing before him, "Cameron, I assume. I'm Ethan Taylor, Taylor and Kayden's dad."

“Please call me Cam,” the young man replied. “I guess we’ll shake hands later.”

Ethan put the boys down and extended his hand. As they shook hands, he said, "Welcome to Arkadelphia and Pleasant Grove plantations as well as Philos. I look forward to seeing more of you this week."

“Thanks and I hope to have a chance to talk with you while I am here.”

“I’ll make sure we have more than a chance. Taylor, Kayden, tell Mr. Evans and your cousins goodbye.”

As Kathryn was getting the boys things, Andy said, “Need to talk with you about Cam as soon as we can make a chance.”

“Maybe after we get Charlotte and Dek off tomorrow.”


When they got to Caleb's, he was finishing supper. Ethan wrapped his arms around his goatboy from behind, and Caleb turned for a kiss. He then supervised the boys washing up and had them help set the table. "Ethan, you might want to grab a couple of large towels for bibs. We're having spaghetti." Kayden and Taylor could handle eating very well, but both wanted their pasta left long. It was too much fun to suck in the strains to have it cut into short lengths.

Caleb asked Ethan take the garlic bread from the oven while he served the plates. "Dress the salad and pour the wine," he added. The boys loved salad and raw vegetables in general but hadn't quite gotten the technique down for eating salad with a fork. Since they ate their salad with their fingers, their salads were undressed.

After supper, Ethan put them in the bathtub and allowed them to play for a while before he and Caleb bathed them and got them dressed for bed. When Uncle Caleb was around at bedtime, he was required to read them a story, which he did. After he finished the story, he tucked them in and he, then Ethan, kissed them goodnight. A few minutes later they were sound asleep.

Caleb had the chess board set up, and after he and Ethan exchanged a long kiss, they sat down to play. Both were more relaxed than they had been in weeks and concentrated on the game. In a reversal of the usual outcome, Caleb took more pieces, but Ethan won and said, with a smile on his face, "Checkmate, beloved."

They put away the board and snuggled on the couch. “Ethan, I thought about you and how much I love you all day. I do, you know, love you. You are my beloved Ethan.”

“And my favorite goatboy, I love you. Davis kidded me all day about my permanent smile and made remarks about not knowing before that goatboys had the mystical power to put permanent smiles on faces. I told him it depended on the goatboy and the face."

Caleb gave Ethan a quick kiss, lifted him from the couch and took him to his bed, catching Ethan by surprise. Caleb was usually the more passive of the two, but the passive Caleb had definitely been replaced by an aggressive one tonight. Ethan loved it. Caleb made love to Ethan in a way he had never done before, and Ethan was surprised at how eagerly his body and spirit responded to it. When both were sated, they lay, wrapped in arms and legs, and spoke of their future, their hopes, desires, and dreams before drifting off to sleep.

Ethan awoke to the sound of a doorknob being rattled. When he was fully awake, he realized it was coming from the door to Caleb's office. He quickly jumped out of bed and opened the door to discover Taylor standing before the door. The boy had a tear-stained face and was shaking all over. Ethan lifted him into his arms and kissed his cheek. "What's the matter, Taylor? Bad dream?" Taylor nodded. "It's all gone now, Son, and Daddy has you."

“Sleep with me Daddy,” Taylor said in a pleading voice while his arms were wrapped around Ethan’s neck in a death grip.

“Sure, beautiful boy.”

Ethan carried him to the bed and got a real shock. He hadn't noticed when he bounced out of bed, but Caleb had left their bed and was asleep in the boy's bed, Kayden lying on his chest. Ethan slid in beside his lover and Taylor snuggled against his chest. Soon all four were asleep.

There was no sleeping late—or lovemaking—when lovers are in a bed well supplied with three-year-old boys. They were awake and ready for breakfast at 6:00. Ethan fixed breakfast while Caleb got the children dressed and made their bed. He then made his and Ethan's with clean sheets after putting the sheets they had made love on in the washer.

After breakfast, Ethan showered and shaved while Caleb cleared the table. After he was finished, he stayed with Taylor and Kayden while Caleb showered and shaved. There would be no joint showers so long as Ethan’s sons were in their charge.

They would all have to get dressed for the wedding, but for the present, all four were wearing Ts and shorts. Taylor asked if they could see their goats and Ethan and Caleb each took a boy by the hand and headed for the paddock where the four goats were kept. The animals had a large pasture to themselves and were nowhere in sight as the four approached the paddock. Ethan opened the gate and Kayden, and Taylor walked inside, shaking the bags of corn chips they were carrying. A few minutes later four goats came gamboling from the across the pasture.

Taylor and Kayden gave chips to all four goats, but when the bags were empty, Snow White and Apollo walked over to one side, finding a leaf here and there on a bush that they had stripped clean before, but was now regrowing leaves. Taylor managed to struggle onto Midnight's back—it was difficult, and the whole family wondered how he had gotten on the goat the day the boys chose their goats. When asked, Taylor spread his hands in a ‘that's a dumb question' manner and said, "Midnight did it, of course."

After riding and romping with the goats for an hour, all four could use a shower and the boys in particular. Caleb's shower was not large enough for all of them, so Ethan took Kayden in the shower with him and bathed him, then washed himself. While he was drying himself and Kayden, Caleb showered with Taylor. Nothing had been said about dress, but a wedding was definitely a dress-up occasion, but Ash and Kathy had not packed dress up clothes for the boys. Ethan told Caleb they'd dress them in shorts and Ts and go by and get dress up clothes on the way to Arkadelphia. He and Caleb dressed in what Jamie called the Arkadelphia dress uniform: navy blazer, gray slacks, white shirt, and striped tie. Since Ethan kept his sons at Ash's place when she and Kathy were having an evening out, he knew where Kayden and Taylor's clothes were. As he looked at their ‘uniforms,' he realized he needed to take them shopping. While Kathy would have them have stacks of clothes, Ash wisely bought only a few outfits at a time knowing they would be outgrown quickly.

He and Caleb got the boys dressed, and they immediately took on a ‘dressed up'' personality. It wouldn't last long, but they definitely had a concept of being and acting grownup. When they got to the large common room—Davis was true to his word—after the business of dealing with family and reporters, he had a large hall with a kitchen built for family gathering. It adjoined the equipment shed and the mudroom. A portable divider usually divided the room, and the smaller division was where everyone gathered for work assignments, etc. Today the divider was folded back. Molly had ordered candles, an arch and flowers from Audubon and they had been placed at the front of the room. Chairs had been arranged in front of the arch, and some of the Arkadelphia family were already seated.

When Ethan and Caleb arrived, Kayden and Taylor rushed to join Shawn and Samuel who were—somewhat—sitting on the front row. They were hopping up and running around, then returning to ‘base.' The arrival of Andrew and Raphael did not do a lot to settle them down, in fact, the exact opposite. When Ethan said something about getting the mob of boys under control, Caleb told him they were burning energy and their basic good manners would take over when they needed to. He was proven correct when the music started, and all six of the boys immediately took their place with their parents.

Ethan had never seen Davis in his role of Justice of the Peace and, in fact, wasn't sure when he first heard it, but he had definitely forgotten about it until Dek mentioned it. He was quite dignified as he took his place under the arch. Dek and Andy soon joined him. The music changed, and a niece of Charlotte's walked her down the aisle. With the wedding party in place, Davis began the marriage service, using the Book of Common Prayer. Only minutes later, he did the ‘by the power vested in me' bit since he was not a religious authority and announced Charlotte and Dek were married.

Charlotte and Dek had planned to, maybe, have a small cake, but Molly pointed out they were getting married close to lunch time and said "Maybe you two don't need to eat, but the rest of us do," and insisted on a luncheon. She insisted they put off cutting the cake until after the lunch, but there were champagne toasts before they all ate. After the couple had cut the cake, they said goodbye and went outside where Dek's truck stood all decorated. When Dek said he'd rent a car of the honeymoon, Charlotte asked if the truck was broken, so off to their honeymoon, they went in an Arkadelphia Plantation truck.

After lunch no one really wanted to go to work and, in fact, the crew gave new meaning to ‘doing only what is absolutely necessary.' Estella was watching the boys and Caleb had gone back to Philos to help Jamie run down a ground on the pasture with the Brangus. Electric fence is easy to put up and maintain except for the fact that a weed or something could ground it and it became nothing more than plain wire. Fortunately, cattle couldn't look at a fence and determine whether or not it was charged. Some people complained that an electric fence wouldn't stop a goat and maybe it couldn't, but Caleb never had any trouble with the goats getting out of the seven strain electric fences. Of course, they had acres to roam and browse and compared with most goats, and they were ‘free range' since they had so much space.

Ethan had gone to his office and was reflecting on what a happy occasion Dek’s wedding had been. It was another celebration of family, the Arkadelphia family. He further reflected that it all had started with two broken families: his broken by injury and death and Davis’ broken by prejudice. Now both were part of a large and growing family. In the midst of his happy thoughts about the family, his phone rang.

“Arkadelphia Plantation, this is Ethan Taylor.”

Mr. Taylor, Herbert Harris. Are you the fellow with them goats?”

“I'm not, Mr. Harris. The goats are on Philos Plantation, and the person you need to speak to is Jamie Taylor or his partner Andy Hickey. Would you like their numbers?

“Yeah. You know anything about them goats?”

“Very little Mr. Harris. We have some here at Arkadelphia and Pleasant Grove Plantation. They are in temporary fence eating kudzu, but beyond the fact that they go after kudzu, I know little. If you just have questions, contact Caleb Hall who is an expert on Spanish or Bush goats which is the breed they grow.” He gave the man Caleb’s number as well.

The call, of course, set him to thinking about Caleb. If he needed reassurance of Caleb's love of his sons, last night had provided it. Had Caleb called him when he heard Kayden at the door, he would have seen it as Caleb being concerned about the boys, but he hadn't. Instead, he had gotten up without waking Ethan, comforted Kayden and slept with him when the child asked. As Taylor proved a short time later, when they were upset, they wanted a mommy or daddy to sleep with them to keep the monsters away. Not only had Kayden accepted Caleb in the daddy role, but Caleb also had as well.

Ethan finished up in the office and hitched the trailer to the John Deere Gator and went to Estella's and picked up five boys. Since it was spring break, Shawn was not in school. He could keep an eye on them, and they loved to run and try to climb trees while he did an inspection of the groves at Pleasant Grove. With careful use of cover crops, mowing and fertilization, they had reduced the use of pesticides tremendously. A few years before he would have given a second thought to turning them loose to run and play in the groves when the trees had been sprayed frequently. Now, because of their progress in eliminating chemicals for pest control, they were happy campers playing among the trees.

Ethan ended his inspection in the new grove—the lupine grove—and again the boys were ecstatic romping among them. Shawn was more reserved, but the sheer joy the four were expressing drew him in, and he was soon enjoying the flowers as much as the others. When he finished his inspection, Taylor asked him to take them swimming, and he did.

When he finally got them out of the water, he took Shawn home, exchanged the Gator for his truck and headed for Philos. He saw Andy and Jamie's trucks parked outside the Philos office and stopped. The boys climbed out of the truck and immediately headed for a cluster of young trees, trees they could climb and would. He stepped inside the office and saw Jamie and Andy in earnest conversation.

“Glad you came by, Ethan. A Herbert Harris from Coosa County said he had called you and you told him to call us,” Jamie said.

“He did call and asked about goats. What does he have in mind?”

“Not sure. He talked in circles and finally asked how many billies with horns could he keep in a pasture. Andy told him it would depend on how large the pasture was and how good a fence he had. Finally said he wanted goats to keep brush down and as watch animals.

“I think he wants attack goats," Andy said. "Well, grown billies can make life interesting. Told him we had five billy kids which would soon be welters. He asked if we could hold them a week while he got about five or six acres fenced. Told him we would if he put half down. He finally asked the price, and I quoted $ 200 each. ‘I guess you don't want them dehorned,' I asked, and he said he did not. He is sending his wife over with a check and to have a look at the goats. Reminded them they were kids and wouldn't be very aggressive until they hit puberty in five months or so. Also asked if he wanted all five and he did. I should warn him about billies and said, "By the way, you do know billies really smell when they are in rut? They piss on their beard, face and sometimes front legs. You get close to a billy in rut, and the smell gets on you. We keep goat milk soap to bathe in and add to the washer when we wash billy smelling clothes." He said that would not be a problem.

“I don’t think he knows what he’s getting into,” Jamie said. “Told him we’ll need to check on the goats in a few months. I know we sell them for meat, but I don’t want to see them mistreated.


Wednesday Alfred, Shawn and Mrs. Kistler left to visit her sister in Montezuma. Estella was keeping  Raphael and Andrew so Jamie and Kathryn could get away. They left early Wednesday morning for a bed and breakfast where they would spend the night before going to St. Simon's Island for the rest of their break. Andy and Christine were keeping Raphael and Andrew at night, and Ethan had his sons with him. At least part of the day he had all four boys, usually Caleb was with them.

The river and the swimming hole Caleb created proved a wonderful excess energy evaporator. The weather continued unseasonably warm and while the river was not warm Kayden and Taylor insisted it was warm enough. They played in the cold water until their lips were blue and Ethan insisted they get out. They had decided they were ‘big boys’ and showered instead of getting in the tub. After they bathed, Caleb and Ethan put them in the PJs for supper. After supper, they snuggled with their dad and uncle to watch a film, one they had seen dozens of times. Then it was to bed at 8:00.

Ethan and Caleb were catching up on their chess playing and played at least one game every night. Afterward, they snuggled on the couch to watch TV or a movie. They were in bed by 10:00 and asleep before midnight. They talked about penetrating each other, but neither felt they were ready for that step, but they had discovered new ways to express their love physically.

Francis called at 4:00 Wednesday afternoon to ask Ethan if he had time to inspect the work on the Martinez-Ortega house and he did. Francis spotted a few problems, but Ethan saw none. "Francis, I trust you to take care of those few things. Come on to the office, and I'll give you your check." After Francis left, Ethan called Alejandro and told him they could start moving in Thursday afternoon or earlier if he checked with Francis and avoided those few areas where he would be working Thursday morning. Do you have furniture to move?"

“Not here. It’s all in storage in Atlanta.”

“I'll reserve a U-Haul in Atlanta. Where is your storage?

“Hapeville Self Storage on Central Avenue.”

Ethan checked UHaul in Hapeville. "Hapeville Storage is a UHaul agent. Very convenient. I'll call and reserve a truck. Could you use help loading? If so, Alfred and Michael can go with you. It's about a six-hour round trip."

“Well, with four of us loading it shouldn’t take long, say two hours. Would make an eight hour day, less than we have been working.”

“When do you want to leave?”

“Make it 7:00.”

Ethan called Michael, and Mrs. Kistler said he just walked in and called him to the phone.  "Michael, Ethan. Good break?"

“Very good. Had an interview with a high school principal in Walter County. He's new in a school that is ranked near the bottom of Georgia High Schools, and he's looking for teachers to get the ranking up. Sounded good, but I'd have to go in on a temporary certificate until I took some education courses. Not sure I want to go into a failing system where very few changes will be made. Teachers there are all related and vote the right way, so good or bad, most will still be there when the dust settles. Haven't decided I want to teach anyway. I'll likely accept a fellowship if one is offered and Doug thinks one will be."

“I knew we'd lose you when you graduated, Michael. That was the understanding among those of us who hired you. You've given what we asked of you, and as much as I hate to lose you, I'll be happy for you where you find a niche that fits. "Have time with your lady?"

“I did. She has another year at ASU, and if I find a job, we'll get married when she finishes—if not before."

“Great.” Ethan then asked him to go to Hapeville with the Martinez-Ortegas to help them move.

Michael said, “Sure.”

Ethan responded, “Good. See you in the morning.”

Christopher wasn't back, so Ethan left him a voicemail with the details and ended with, "See you in the morning at 7:00.

Ash and Kathy got back Wednesday night just after 8:00 and called Ethan. “Called your place and got the message to call your cell,” Ash said. “Guess that means you’re not home.”

“How did you guess? How was your trip?”

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, but it did make me think a lot about Arkadelphia. Both Kathy and I had time to think about our situation here, and neither could come up with anything we thought we'd like half as much. You're stuck with us, Ethan."

“Thank goodness; you had me worried there for a minute."

“But the most important question, how’s the boys.”

“Great! And believe me, these few days have proven beyond a doubt that they have two daddies as well as two mommies. Taylor woke up from a nightmare and after I got him quiet, took him to bed. He asked me to sleep with him, and as we climbed in bed, I realized Caleb and Kayden were already in the bed. Caleb had done for Kayden what I did for Taylor without bothering to wake me. He has been by my side in anything I do for or with the boys."

 “I thought it would be that way, Ethan. Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but it would never have been this way with him.”

“Do I ever know that!" Ethan responded. "I was in love with him, and I thought I could never love again or as deeply. I was wrong. I love my goatboy more than I've ever loved before."

“Couldn’t happen to two nicer guys,” Ash said. “Should we come get the boys? You know we’re dying to see them.”

“Wait until morning. They are in bed, and I am sure were asleep minutes ago because they insisted Caleb read them a story and he has never finished one before they're asleep."

“Wouldn’t dare wake them. See you in the morning—probably sometime after your two alarm clocks get you out of bed.”

“I have to be at Arkadelphia before 7:00 to make sure all is in place for the Martinez-Otegas to go to Atlanta and get their belongings out of storage. I'll bring the boys with me, and you can pick them up when you are ready. I hope Caleb and I can get away by 9:00.

“Where are you two off to as though it was any of my business.”

“Caleb doesn't know it yet, but we have reservations at a gay-friendly B&B on Tybee Island."

“Glad that guy broke through that wall you were hiding behind.”

“Not nearly as glad as I am. I think I have met the One.

“Enjoy your mini-break.”


Mrs. Harris arrived at 10:00 Thursday morning with a check for five hundred dollars. Ethan had drawn up a contract, faxed it to Clyde Shepherd for his approval. It stipulated Philos Plantation LLC was to sell five billies to Herbert Harris for two hundred dollars each for a total of one thousand dollars, one half to be paid to hold the goats and half when they were picked up within seven days. Philos Plantation LLC's agent was granted rights to assure the goats were being adequately cared for any and all times up to one year from the date of sale. Clyde thought it might be difficult to defend in court, but doubted it would ever be a question. Jamie insisted Mrs. Harris check with her husband before signing the contract.

When asked about fence, Caleb suggested a seven strand electric fence with five hot wires and two grounds. “Make sure there are no boulders, logs, etc. near the fence or the goats will jump over the fence. Look on the internet for information about vaccines, worming, etc. Goats require a great deal of attention.”

Mr. Harris called Friday morning and asked if he could wait until Monday to pick up the goats. Andy reminded him had seven days to get them.

Monday mid-morning a cattle truck up to the Philos gate ready to pick up the goats. Jamie directed them to the road around Philos to get to the goats. He didn’t like the idea of the shitty cattle truck driving through the plantation.

Caleb had written out a two-page instruction sheet which included URLs for additional information. He included Dr. Weiss' phone number.


Ethan had told Caleb a list of things to pack, but would not tell him what he had planned “We won’t back until Sunday late afternoon. I do want to get back to talk to Cam about the summer.”

“Andy has taken care of that. He’ll be living with Andy and working for Philos. Christine’s dad asked Andy if that was possible and Andy told him he was ahead of him because he was going to ask if Cam could do that.”

The boys were up at the crack of dawn since Caleb had told them their moms were back. They were dressed, had their breakfast and were ready to go by 6:30.

When they got to Arkadelphia, Ash and Kathy were waiting for them. When Kayden and Taylor saw their mothers, they couldn’t get out of the truck fast enough. Ash and Kathy grabbed their sons, kissed them on the mouth and hugged them to themselves.

“We missed you," Kayden said "and we went swimming, and we played with Raphael and Andrew and Andy and Christine, and we played in the river and . . .

Taylor finally broke into Kayden's stream of words and said, quietly, "I missed you too, Mommie, our daddies took good care of us, and I love my daddy and my Caleb daddy." Ash looked at Caleb and gave him a thumbs up.

They got the boys in Kathy’s car and took off for home. Ethan gave Ash the schedule for the rest of the week and told her she was in charge.

Christopher, who had been in a cooking competition, came up, grinning from ear to ear. Caleb took one look and said, “Let me guess. You won.”

Christopher said, "Top chef in both the pastry and entree divisions and top chef, period, full stop. A thousand dollars for each of the division wins and five for the top chef. With my education trust fund, I don't have to worry about money for a while."

Michael came up, also with a grin on his face. "Okay, Christopher shows up with a grin like a jackass eating briars," Caleb said, "Now you have one."

“Looks like I won't have to worry about finding a job for a while. Doug called me last night and said it wouldn't be announced, but said he knew the Arkadelphia folks could keep a secret until it is announced officially. I have been rewarded a graduate fellowship. I'll be his TA and have a full ride plus a small stipend to work on my master's in English. He said he could practically assure me an appointment to the faculty of the community college when I got my master's and maybe before. I can teach without a single education course! And best of all, I can still work part-time at Arkadelphia."

“Hey, that’s going to put a grin on all our faces,” Ethan said. “Congratulations.”

Alejandro and Ignacio drove up a few minutes before 7:00 and the four headed for Atlanta. Caleb and Ethan were left alone. “Packed and ready to go?” Ethan asked.

“I am.”

“I'm not," Ethan said. "Go get your things while I pack. Pick me up at the house." Ethan packed quickly and had almost finished when he heard Andy's car come roaring up.

Caleb came bouncing in and said, “Andy decided the generalissimo of Arkadelphia shouldn’t

go on break driving a truck. Said his insurance covered us as drivers, so we would be taking the Shelby. "Besides he said, the oil companies didn't want to lose a main contributor to their bottom line. He also said we should keep it below a hundred."

They left at 9:00 and stopped in Galway for early lunch and pulled into Tybee Island Bed and Breakfast at a few minutes before three. They checked in, took a long shower in a shower built for two and went for a walk on the beach. Their host recommended a restaurant for dinner, and they made reservations for 7:00. When they got back from their walk, they made love and napped in each other's arms until time to get dressed for dinner. They, of course, needed a second shower because of their lovemaking. After a great dinner, they went to a club and danced. Ethan was a good dancer, and Caleb was an energetic one, and they were having a grand time. After the drive, walking, and dancing, the two were in bed at 11:00 and after a goodnight kiss, drifted off to sleep.