Arkadelphia Plantation

By Sequoyah

Chapter Fifteen "A"

In spite of the fact that they were used to being up between 6:00 and 6:30, it was 7:30 when Caleb awoke Ethan with a kiss on the back of his neck. Breakfast was between 7:30 and 9:30 so the two had time to make love after answering a more demanding call of nature. Caleb was naturally shy, very introspective, non-aggressive. Ethan was pretty much the same, however, in their relationship he was more aggressive, usually. This morning was different. Caleb definitely took the dominant role and Ethan was surprised at how it excited him. “Ethan, I’m not going to need breakfast because I’m going to eat you up.” He didn’t exactly eat Ethan, but he certainly gobbled down a part of him, drank his juice and kissed him deeply. When Ethan started to return the favor, Caleb shook his head and said “No, lover. I’m saving it.”

Caleb scooped Ethan from the bed and carried him to the bathroom and, still holding his lover in his arms, adjusted the shower’s temperature and walked the two of them into it.  “Every shower should be big enough for two,” he said as he stood Ethan on his feet. Half an hour later the two were dressed and walking downstairs to the dining room.

 An older couple were sitting at the table when they arrived. The man stood as they walked in, extended his hand and said, “Clifton Reynolds and my wife Rachel.”

“Caleb Hall and my boyfriend Ethan Taylor. Please to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds.” Ethan shook hands with the Reynolds and told them good morning.”

“Where are you from?” Mrs. Reynolds. “You sound southern.”

“I’m from Philos Plantation in Bragg County Georgia, a few miles north of Audubon.”

“And I’m from Arkadelphia Plantation next door to Philos.”

“Then you are southern.”

“Very,” Ethan answered.

“What do people do on plantations these days. Seen the name on a lot of clubs and golf courses,” Mr. Reynolds laughed.

“Arkadelphia and Pleasant Grove plantations—the two actually make up the Arkadelphia Plantation enterprise, but we keep the names separate for historical reasons—grow pines for pulp and lumber, pecans and cattle. We breed and raise Brangus cattle,” Ethan said.

“Brangus?” Mr. Reynolds asked.

“A specific cross between Brahma and Angus. We have herds of both black and red Brangus,” Ethan answered.

“Unlike Arkadelphia and Pleasant Grove which are antebellum, Philos will be four years old this month. It is owned by Jamie, Ethan’s younger brother and Andy Hickey, a young man Jamie’s age. They bought it at auction on April Fools Day four years ago. We have timber which will be cut for lumber, Spanish goats and have just started a herd of Brangus. By the way, Ethan as usual sold himself short. He is manager of the pecan operation on the Arkadelphia plantations as well as essentially handling all work scheduling for all three. We call him the generalissimo.” Caleb laughed.

“Caleb is in charge of the goats at Philos. He also loans some out to the Arkadelphia plantations to control brush and kudzu.”

“You must have someone backing you with that kind of responsibility. And two men younger than you own a goat farm?”

“Well, I guess guess you could call it a goat farm,” Caleb said, “but there’s more than goats. Jamie and Andy bought eleven hundred acres, but deeded themselves twenty acres each for their house sites. There’s seven to eight hundred acres in old pines—loblolly about seventy years old and long leaf close to a hundred. Three hundred to four hundred acres are old growth mixed timber and abandoned fields. All can be turned in to pasture for goats and cattle. Right now we have pines, cattle and goats all of which can provide income.”

“We have trips herds of goats, three trip of about fifty each, two at Philos and one on loan to Pleasant Grove. Our Brangus herd is small—only about a dozen heifers which have been bred. It’ll take a couple of years to bring the herd up to where it can begin to turn a profit.”

“I’d like to know a venture capitalist that puts that kind of money into the hands of people your age.”

“I own nothing,” Ethan said. “I started keeping books for Arkadelphia Plantation when I was sixteen. My small income helped keep food on the table, that’s all. Davis Edwards, owner of Arkadelphia and Pleasant Grove kept giving me responsibility and I ended up manager of the pecan operation and I guess general manager. No one really invested in me so far as giving me money. Davis risks money in allowing me so much responsibility. Andy and Jamie bought property seized in bringing down a criminal ring. They did some shrewd bargaining and bought the place for about a third what it was worth and named it Philos, the Greek word for the love between two friends which they are.”

“So you two are gay?”

“Sure,” Caleb said. “Definitely.”

“So how long have you known each other?”

“Two years now, more or less. County agent got my brother and Andy to look into raising goats for meat and told them about a herd that was for sale. Got them and a lot of equipment dirt cheap and Caleb sorta came with the deal since he knows goats and they knew nothing about them. We were around each other a great deal since we work on all three plantations as though they were one and first thing I knew I was playing chess and falling in love.”

“So how long are you here for?” Mrs. Reynolds asked.

“We leave Sunday. Eight of our crew are students and while the school had spring break, the plantation knows nothing about spring breaks so we split up and half took Monday through Wednesday and the other half, like us, got Wednesday through Friday and had the weekend off already. Any suggestions about what we do while we’re here?”

            “Well of course, you need to see the Tybee Island light house and climb it if you’re up to it and you certainly look fit. Do go into Savannah and take the trolley ride and get some pecan pralines down on the water front. We thought the carriage ride was not as good as the trolley.”

After breakfast, Ethan asked Caleb what he would like to do and he suggested they go to Savannah, which they did, took a trolley ride and had lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day, but very warm—hot—and the trolley was, of course, open so they were quite sweaty when they went to the waterfront. They welcomed the air conditioning in the restaurant where they had shrimp for lunch. Ethan asked Caleb if he minded his having a beer with lunch and Caleb said he didn’t, but added with a grin it meant he got to drive the Shelby back to Tybee Island.

Coming out of the air conditioning the heat was really a blast in the face. Neither was willing to put the top up on the Shelby so they were really hot when they got back to the B & B. They took a cool shower and as they dried each other both sprouted wood. Caleb led Ethan to the bed and Ethan repaid Caleb for his efforts in the morning. After they had made love, they fell asleep and slept for an hour. In spite of the heat, Ethan suggested they walk to the lighthouse and Caleb agreed. They walked slowly even though most of the walk was under huge old oaks. They were really made aware of the heat as they climbed the many steps to the top of the lighthouse, but both agreed it was worth it. They left the lighthouse and walked along the beach, taking the long way back to the B & B.

Back at the B & B, they took advantage of the afternoon tea where they were joined by the Reynolds. During their conversation, Mrs. Reynolds asked how their parents felt about their choosing the gay lifestyle. Before Ethan could answer, Caleb asked Mrs. Reynolds why she thought they had chosen the gay lifestyle. “It’s rather obvious isn’t it? You called Ethan your boyfriend. We discovered after we arrived that this B & B is gay friendly. Maybe you didn’t know that as we did . . . 

“Oh, make no mistake,” Ethan said, “I knew it was gay friendly. Took me long enough to find a gay friendly B & B and this one is a four hour drive from Arkadelphia Plantation. You are right, Caleb introduced me as his boyfriend and I am very much in love with him and he with me. We are surely gay, but that is not my quarrel with your question. My quarrel is with your implication—statement—that we chose a gay lifestyle—whatever that is. Believe me, Mrs. Reynolds, I had no more choice about my sexuality than I did about the color of my eyes or the waves in my hair or, for that matter, than you had a choice about your sexuality. Once heard a gay man put it something like this, ‘I was born with black hair. I am black headed. I can bleach my hair and people can think I am a blond, but I am still black headed. So with my sexuality. I can act straight—chose the straight lifestyle if you will—but I’ll still be gay.’ In other words, I am gay. I came that way.”

“Let me ask you this: the CDC report on teen suicide finds almost half male who commit suicide are gay. If the gay lifestyle is a choice why do young men kill themselves when all they have to do is make a new choice. Or this, you no doubt have heard the stories of men being beaten and murdered simply because they are gay. Only someone who is nuts would choose to be gay, don’t you think?”

“I just get disgusted when I think about what you do in bed,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“Don’t think about it! That’s not hard to do. Frankly, I be disgusted if I thought about what you and Mrs. Reynolds do in bed, but I simply do not think about it. And, for your information, I suspect Ethan and I have done nothing in bed that you and Mrs. Reynolds haven’t done,” Caleb said.

“Or if you haven’t you both are missing out. But I suspect there’s more here than you are admitting,” Ethan said. “Could it be that you have a gay son or daughter?” Mr. Reynolds was gobsmacked. Mrs. Reynolds put her hand to her mouth as tears started running down her face. “Son or daughter?” Ethan asked quietly.

“A son, Sebastian. He told us when he came home Christmas of his freshman year of college,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“What was your reaction?”

“I did the macho thing, cussed and yelled. Told him no son of mine was queer. Rachel told him he was not her son, to leave the house and never come back. He did. We know he dropped out of college, but we have never seen or heard from him since. Well, Rachel hasn’t. Took awhile, but I had a private investigator track him down and went to see him. He and his boyfriend transferred to a small college in the boyfriend’s hometown and the boyfriend’s family adopted him. After college they got married as soon as his state allowed it. Both teach school and have a good life. Thank God I had enough sense to realize I was wrong. Rachel? I never let her know anything about Sebastian. She goes to this church where the pastor thinks they should all be rounded up, put in an electrified enclosure and have food dropped to them until they all die. I am glad I reconciled with my son. And I thank you for giving me the courage to let Rachel know what a mistake she is making.”

“Mrs. Reynolds,” Ethan said, “Sebastian did not choose to be gay any more than he chose to be male. The hard, cold fact is that in spite of what you say, I suspect with venom, Sebastian is your son. You gave birth to a gay son. You know he is your son, you cannot deny that, you cannot change that. Neither can you change who he loves. If you live to be a hundred, your days are numbered—what do you have forty, thirty, twenty, one day until it is too late? They can be days empty of a son’s love or they can be days of healing and reconciliation. Sebastian can’t choose to not be gay. On the other hand, you are perfectly free to choose to put your hatred aside and gain a son. I suggest you see if Mr. Reynolds will give you a phone number for Sebastian, call him and find out if you can see him, talk to him, reconcile with him.”

Caleb reached out and took Ethan’s hand and they stood and left quietly. A few minutes later Caleb glanced out the window and saw Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds walking in the garden in the back of the house engaged in intense conversation.

In their room, Caleb said, “What do you think Rachel will do?”

Ethan said, “She will make the call and win Sebastian’s forgiveness or she won’t and will die a bitter, unhappy woman.” Then, in imitation of the Academy Rewards, said, “The envelop, please.”

“The envelop. I forgot the envelop. Remember Andy coming the night before they left? He gave me a envelop and told me to open it when we got to where we were going. I tucked it in my suitcase and forgot about.” Caleb opened his suitcase and took out a white envelop. Inside he found five one hundred dollar bills and a fake ASU ID card showing him to be twenty-one, a year older than he was. There was a note telling him to enjoy his time away from Philos and the goats and the names of two gay clubs, one between Tybee Island and Savannah. “Let’s go!” Caleb said. “We’ll let Andy pay for a beautiful evening.”

“After a dinner in a nice restaurant.” Neither had ‘club clothes’ because they didn’t need them in Bragg County. Hell would freeze over before there was a decent gay club within miles of Arkadelphia, that’s for sure. Both had tight 501 button jeans and T shirts that showed off their bodies. They added button up shirts, but left them unbuttoned and headed for a highly recommended seafood restaurant.

When they gave the waiter their orders, Ethan was asked the waiter to select a wine which would complement the order and he was happy to do so. The restaurant sat right on the beach as did the dance club a couple of blocks away. They found the parking valet and ask about leaving the car in his care as they wanted to walk down the beach to the club. “Sure, no problem, but the restaurant closes at 10:00 and I get off work at 10:30.”

“What about four hours overtime? My guess is you make less than twenty dollars an hour here. “Eighty dollars for you to guard the car until 1:30. Deal?” The guy stuck his fist out and the two bumped knuckles.

They walked down the beach to the club in the bright moonlight. The doorkeeper was so interested in his job that Ethan could have walked in after showing Sally Ann’s ID. Inside the music was pounding and guys were cruising, making out and dancing. “Shall we dance?” Ethan asked. Caleb answered with a hot kiss on the mouth.

“This place is hot and I don’t mean anything other than the temperature,” Caleb said. “I guess you pack any place like this with hot bodies and air conditioning is just not up to it.” Suddenly Caleb jumped into Ethan then looked around himself. “One of those jokers just pinched my ass!”

“Not surprised,” Ethan grinned. “You have one hot pinchable ass and I love it!” Ethan declared and gave Caleb a hot, much tongue, long kiss. In the midst of the kiss, the D.J. started a slow song and Ethan looked into his beloved’s dark eyes and said, “Caleb Hall, I am right where I want to be, here with the man I love more than I would have thought humanly possible to love.”

“So am I, Ethan Taylor.”

Caleb had his hands locked behind Ethan’s neck. Ethan slipped his hands into the back pockets of Caleb’s tight jeans, cupping his perfect ass cheeks and they swayed in time to the music. Both young men could feel the others hard cock pressing against his body. Caleb was internally debating whether or not to suggest leaving the club and racing to the B & B to make love, when Ethan whispered in his ear, “Caleb, I know I said I was where I wanted to be, but that weapon I feel pressing against by thigh suggested there might be a better place.”

Caleb pulled back slightly to look into Ethan’s eyes and ask, “You mean like in the bed making love?” His eyes sparkled.

“Hell yes!”

As they walked out the door, a couple of men followed them, unnoticed. When they left the bright lights outside the club and started up the beach, the two men moved closer to them. Finally, when they were close enough, they reached out and grabbed Ethan and Caleb. Caleb shot his elbow back, catching his assailant in the chest hard enough to break the grip he had on him. Caleb whirled around and made a perfect kick to the man’s groin, sending him to the beach clutching his balls.

Ethan’s assailant was not as easy to handle and soon has Ethan in a choke hold. When Caleb had his attacker on the ground, he saw the man holding Ethan bring a knife from his pocket and the blade snapped out when he pressed a button. Before he could use the knife, Caleb encircled his throat with his right arm, choking him in the crook of his elbow. With his free hand he grabbed the man’s knife wielding hand and twisted it behind him and in the process, stabbing him with his own knife. With the two assailants on the ground, Caleb grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911.

The emergency dispatcher got their location and said she was dispatching police and EMS. Soon the sound of sirens pierced that air and the noise of the club and three or four people came running across the beach to see what was going on.  Two burly men raced up to the scene and when they saw the men lying on the beach asked, “How did you take those two down? They are known for roughing up gay men and robbing them, but nothing ever stuck when they get to court.”

“Pure adrenaline,” Caleb said with a nervous laugh. I assure you I would never have done anyone real damage, but the asshole grabbed me, it not only frightened me, but also pissed me off. Got the adrenaline pumping and I guess I just went a little nuts.”

“Man, I’d hated to see the damage you did if you went fully berserk,” one of the men laughed.

The police and EMS arrived at the same time. The EMS nurse took a look at the cut resulting from Caleb’s struggle with the attacker’s knife holding hand, swabbed it with disinfectant and closed it with butterfly strips. “That’s all he needs, Officers. You can have him.” The two had been handcuffed and now moved to the back of the police cruiser.

“If you two don’t mind, could you come down to the station to give your statement? We’ll have light and chairs instead standing here in the dark trying to get it.”

“Don’t mind at all,” Ethan said. Caleb was shaking so hard coming off his adrenaline high that he could hardly speak. “Our car is parked at the restaurant just down the beach,” Ethan said.

“I’ll meet you there and you can follow me down to the station.”

When they got to the station and finished their statement, a man dressed in civilian clothes came in and introduced himself and said, “I guess you two are in town on spring break and wouldn’t like the idea of having to come back for a trial. We do have a night court and if there is no objection, we can get those two jokers before a judge tonight. What’s your choice?”

“Anything to prevent driving back here later,” Ethan said.

Two hours later the two had accepted a plea bargain and were led away and Ethan and Caleb headed back to the B & B. Caleb was shaking all over, coming down from an adrenaline explosion. Ethan got a beach towel from the linen closet, spread it in the bed, undressed Caleb and placed him on his stomach. “Caleb, try to relax. Think of lying in the blue lupine.” Ethan then poured a small stream of warm oil on his beloved’s back and started massaging him. Fifteen minutes later, he had Caleb turn over and he again massaged the body of the man he loved. When he finished, Caleb was half asleep.

Ethan carried him to shower again and washed the oil from his body, carried him back to the bed and gently lay him on it and crawled in beside him. He wrapped Caleb in his arms, kissed the back of his neck as his lover drifted into sleep. Sleep did not come quickly to Ethan. In fact, he realized he was having a delayed reaction to the whole event. It had happened so quickly that he had not process it at all, even in giving his statement. Now he realized the danger they had been in and was completely amazed at what Caleb had done. Ethan would not have thought Caleb was capable handling the situation as he did. He also realized that Caleb was a true hero, risking his own life to protect him. It was with new admiration of the man he loved that Ethan finally fell into the arms of Morpheus.

When they awoke the next morning, they lay in bed and talked about the night before. Neither seemed to need to physically express their love beyond holding each other and exchanging a butterfly kiss from time to time. As the time approached 9:00, they dragged themselves out of bed, dressed and headed down to breakfast. As their host served them, he said, “Heard we had some excitement at Club Adonis last night. Weren’t you two going there?” he asked.

“We were, we did and were in the middle of the excitement. We were attacked. Fortunately, when I was attacked it pissed off—sorry, Mrs. Reynolds—Caleb and he rescued me,” Ethan said before telling them the whole story.

“Those two have been involved in petty crimes around here since they were teenagers, but seldom has anything been made to stick in court, but you said there was a knife involved?

“There was,” Caleb said. “That’s what really made me angry.”

“Well, this attack stuck in court because we hung around until it was tried in night court. They might appeal had their public defender not got them to agree to a charge of simple assault and two years in jail.”

“Sorry it ruined your evening. Enjoy your breakfast.”

After he left, Mr. Reynolds said, “Ethan, Caleb, I think Rachel has something to say to you.”

“Yes, I do,” she said. “After our conversation yesterday, Clifton and I walked in the garden and talked for the longest time. I then went for a walk on the beach alone. You two young men gave me a lot to think about and I took it seriously. It took me awhile to work up the courage, but last night I called  Sebastian and we talked for over two hours. Now don’t think I no longer have problems with a gay man and a gay son, but I realize that setting aside the question of whether or not he could change, he’s not. ‘Mom, I’m gay. I love a man who is beautiful inside as well as out. Even if I could change—which I cannot—and it meant loosing him, I’d stay gay. That’s the absolute bottom line. The question is can you live with that or are you still going to place more importance in some money grabbing preacher. I can’t make that choice for you. I would like to have my mom back, it cannot and will not be at the cost of loosing Terrance.’ We’ll be working on it. I’m flying out for a few days when he gets out of school in May.”

“You two get a whole bunch of gold stars for making that happen,” Mr. Reynolds said. “To show my appreciation, I’d like to take you to dinner tonight. Doubt you brought coat and tie . . . 

“Actually we did,” Ethan said.

“So a coat and tie place would be okay.”

“Sure,” Caleb said.

“I don’t know where I can get reservations so I’ll leave you a note. Again, thanks for what you have done for our family,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“Yes, thanks for what you have gotten started,” Mrs. Reynolds added as the two stood having finished their breakfast.

After they left, Ethan turned to Caleb and asked, “Walk with me in the garden?” The day was warm, but not hot, hot like yesterday had been, so a walk in the garden wasn’t unpleasant. As they walked, they found a small pool at the rear of the garden and didn’t understand why they had not been told about it. They walked back to the house and checked with their host who was surprised they had not known about the pool. Ethan pointed out that the website didn’t mention it.

“Feel free to use it, of course, also a neighbor next door said the ocean was perfect for swimming today. Of course there no nude swimming in the ocean here, but if you put up the rainbow flag at the garden gate you may swim nude in the pool.”

“Why can’t we do both? Have a swim in the ocean then come back and swim and sun in the nude?” asked Caleb with a leer while twirling an imaginary mustache. Ethan observed that Caleb had been more—he wasn’t quite sure what—outgoing didn’t cover it. Had he been a girl in an earlier age saucy would come close.

“Sure,”Ethan replied with a grin. “I’ll look forward to seeing your sunning that bubble butt of yours.”

Sometimes thoughts of Scotty popped up at the strangest times. As they walked to the beach, Ethan thought of how careful Scotty had to be of the sun. Caleb, on the other hand had to have very little sun screen and then only on those parts of his body never touched by the sun—which were few, namely his ass and dick. When he was not chasing goats thorough bush and brambles he usually could be found in cut offs and nothing else. As a result, he was quite tan with a golden glow.

After a swim in the ocean, they walked back to the B & B pool, stripped and swam for a short time before floating on rafts in the pool.  Ethan paddled his raft close to Caleb and said, “Caleb, I’d like to have you inside me tonight. I want to feel that final connection. Think about it because I don’t want to do anything you are not ready for.”

“To be honest, Beloved, I want that, but I am frightened. I am so afraid that since I don’t know what I’m doing, I am inexperienced, I may hurt you and I’d hate that.”

“You won’t hurt me—I mean there might well be some pain at first since I haven’t had anal sex in a long time, but it’ll quickly change to pleasure. “Babe, I don’t know of a single soul that is not inexperienced before they have done something,” Ethan laughed. “I plan to be there and can and will guide you. I’m ready and prepared, but I’ll not push.”

When they had enough sun and water, they went inside and were handed a note from Mr. Reynolds telling them he could only get reservations for the first seating at 6:30 and suggesting they leave about 5:30. “It’s 4:00 now so we better get a rush on,” Ethan said.

At 5:15 they stood side by side in front of a full length mirror grinning at each other. “Damn!” Caleb exclaimed, “We are a pair of hot studs,” and pulled Ethan to himself for a long, deep, passionate kiss. As he broke the kiss he added, “Ethan Taylor, I love you, love you, love you.”

“And I love you Caleb Hall, love you, love you, love you.”

The Reynolds were waiting for them in the parlor, Mr. Reynolds dressed in blazer and slacks with striped tie as were the two young men. “Good taste,” Mrs. Reynolds said and chuckled. “And three more handsome men I cannot imagine. And I know you are just as handsome inside. I will remember and be grateful to you always.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Caleb said and Ethan joined him in a bow to the lady.

“Any chance of us getting a ride in that car you’re driving?” Mr. Reynolds asked.

“Sure, if we can fit in. The back seat is essentially imaginary,” Ethan replied. Maybe Mrs. Reynolds and I can squeeze in. No way could you fit in.”

When they reached the car, Mrs. Reynolds tied a scarf over her hair and Ethan decided there was no way she could get in the back by herself so he lifted her up and over into the seat, much to her surprise. He more or less crawled over and into the seat and folded double. The delight on the faces of both the Reynolds was compensation for the discomfort of the none existent backseat.

“In spite of the lack of a backseat,” Mrs. Reynolds chuckles, “I love the car. How fast will it go?”

“Not sure actually since it has never been let loose all the way. I think Andy had it up to one sixty when some sheriff’s deputies cleared a road for him.”

“Know I’m nosy, but why did you select the car?” Mr. Reynolds asked.

“Oh, the car belongs to Andy. He had his heart set on a new Mustang in the showroom of the Ford dealer in Audubon, but never could bring himself to part with the money. He asked Jamie, my brother, to negotiate with the salesman since Jamie has a way of convincing people they need to meet his price. The salesman let it slip he could sell the two year old Shelby with practically no mileage—it was a repro—for less than the Mustang and still make a large commission and Jamie held him to it. Andy just insisted we drive it.”

“Jamie is amazing,” Caleb said. “He and Andy are like brothers and wanted to buy property together, but never found what they liked. Then remembered the eleven hundred acres seize by the government was going at absolute auction April Fools’ Day three years ago and decided to bid on it. They estimated it would go for a million, million and a half, but each put seventy-five thousand into the pot hoping for the best. Due to some antics of Jamie with Andy going along, they managed to suggest the cost of cleaning up the property was going to be great and so on and got it for an even hundred thousand. Andy had spent practically none of his reward money and decided he’d buy the Mustang, but Jamie got him the Shelby for less, and for about half its value. Andy says he’ll spend any savings supporting an oil company.”

“So they have the plantation and building sites. Aren’t they terribly young to settling down?” Mrs. Reynolds asked.

“Jamie is married and has three year old twin boys. He’s happy, really happy, with a wonderful wife,” Ethan said. “They, together with an architect, designed their house and had it built. I can’t imagine anything which would make them want to move.

“Andy? Until a short time ago I could not imagine Andy settling down, at least with a wife and family. He was a true ladies’ man. The whole plantation talked about his woman du jour—well so was Jamie until Kathryn came along, his wife and mother of his children. Same thing it seems has happened to Andy. The TA in his genetics class caught his attention and now him. They are planning their house and plan to be married.”

“So he’s in college.”

“All of the under thirties are in college except one young man who is in culinary arts, who, by the way, just won top chef in the regional competition even though he hasn’t finished his course. Several of us graduate at the end of this school year,” Ethan said.

“Remarkable,” Mr. Reynolds said. “Good parental  care, I suspect.”

“Hardly in my case,” Caleb said. My mom died and my dad was . . . is an abusive alcoholic. Another young man was disowned by his father when he was caught in bed with a girl of a different ethnic background. Ethan’s mother died when he was in his early teens and his father was an invalid. The really good parental care in his family was his for Jamie and his sister Sally Ann.”

Ethan said “We just had some really good people take an interest in us and had some lucky breaks. Right now we are at a good place in life. While only four or five years ago I was worried about where the next meal was coming from, now I have money and nothing I really want to spend it on. I’m surrounded by good people and have a man whom I love and who loves me very much. I’m happy.”

After fantastic dinner, they strolled awhile before getting back in the car for the trip back to Tybee Island.  Back at the B & B, they said thanks and goodnight to the Reynolds and Caleb suggested they take a stroll in the garden before they went up. The night air was warm and filled with the fragrance of magnolia, tuberose and honey suckle. Caleb took a deep breath and said, “This is the fragrance of the south and I love it,” as he pulled Ethan into an embrace and deep kiss. They sat on a bench amid the flowers and fragrance, exchanging kisses, hands exploring their clothed bodies until both had underwear soaked with precum.

Upstairs, they slowly undressed each other and Ethan told Caleb what he needed to do   to get him ready for penetration. Caleb was gently and clearly loving as he played with Ethan’s ass, then inserting a finger, two and finally three. “Caleb, I want you inside me.” Ethan then rolled a condom onto Caleb’s stiff cock, lubed it well, added more lube to his ass and guided the head of Caleb’s cock to his entrance. Caleb had insisted Ethan be on his back so he could see his face. There definitely were some grimaces as Caleb gradually pushed his lube slick cock into Ethan. As he said, he had not had a cock up his ass in a longtime, but then the pleasure he had almost forgotten reappeared. Caleb paused from time to time to lean forward to kiss Ethan then returned to his slow, gentle thrusts into his beloved.

As should be expected, he didn’t last long. Not only had their foreplay put him near the jumping off place, but also the hot, tight grip of Ethan’s ass on his cock was rushing him to a climax and what a climax it was. He shot time and time again, filling, he was sure, the condom with his hot seed. He had thrust deeply into Ethan and held it as his climax struck. The thrust and feeling of being filled by Caleb was enough to shove Ethan over the cliff. Both collapsed as the last of the cum blasted from their cocks. Soon they revived enough for a lingering kiss before sated, they fell asleep wrapped in the others arms.