Arkadelphia Plantation

By Sequoyah


Here, at long last, is the beginning of Arkadelphia Plantation Book Two. My intent was that it be posted a couple or three months after Book One was finished, but health problems to wit, a bad back, got in the way. After four back surgeries, physical therapy, and an implanted spinal simulator, I was still in severe chronic pain. Pain is not conducive to creativity.

Referral to a pain clinic started what was soon to be three-plus year and ongoing journey which has not ended the pain. However, the judicious use of narcotic pain relievers has made the pain tolerable most of the time, enough so that I have been able to work on the story.

Peter is my sole editor at this time and has my deepest thanks. He has made what you now have much, much better than it was before he did his editing magic. The remaining goofs are mine.

The legal drill which follows applies to the whole of  Arkadelphia Plantation Book Two:



You will, I am sure, soon realize that while  Arkadelphia Plantation Book Two continues Ethan's story, he shares the narrative with Jamie and Andy to a much larger degree than in  Arkadelphia Plantation Book One, just another example of how characters often take charge of their own narrative.

Now let's all return to South Georgia and those lovely, though imaginary, plantations where our friends live, work, and love.