Aaron and Andreas


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

This story is the outgrowth of an event which resulted in a very long story, A Special Place, and its parallel sequels, The Concord Five and The Oberlin Five, although it has no direct connection to those.


A Special Place was written at the request of a gay student who said, "Doc, you ought to write a story which includes the things you have told us and we have talked about," us being gay students for whom I was a shoulder to cry on, a counselor and, most importantly, friend. One afternoon, I found myself imagining what might have been the story of that young man's acknowledgement of his sexuality. "Aaron and Andreas" is the result of that imagining.


It is in no way the real story of that young man's life. It is pure fiction. It is, however, presented in tribute to him. This is for you, D, with thanks wherever you are. May the gods smile on you.