Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Fifty-nine

I guess Justin was still on school time. He woke me up at quarter of 7:00 with a kiss on the cheek before rushing to the bathroom to relieve himself. I was right behind him. That done, we brushed our teeth, then gave each other a real kiss. As his tongue invaded my mouth, I could taste peppermint from the toothpaste, but also Justin. Once we had 'drained the lizard,' our morning woodies had gone down, but cocks were standing at attention again before we broke our kiss.

As we broke our kiss, Justin looked into my eyes and grinned as he asked, "Ready for a morning romp?" his eyes sparkling.

Grinning back, I responded, "Depends just how we romp. Don't think I could go another round like last night right now."

"How about if you were the romper and your lover was the rompee this time?"

"Think I could handle that."

Justin scooped me into his arms and carried me back to the bed, kissing me all the way. Reaching the bed, he laid me down still kissing me. As his kisses gradually moved down my body, he paid particular attention to my nipples, then my belly button before licking my cock like a lollypop. Unlike his usual practice, he did not finger my rosebud realizing that since he was seldom inside me, our love-making last night had left me kinda sore.

Reaching down, I placed my hands under Justin's arms and pulled him up until his body was covering mine. As I kissed him deeply, I rolled him over and crawled atop him. Finally, I moved down, covered his cock with my mouth and began fingering him. Justin reached into the nightstand where he had placed the lube and condoms (no, we did not need protection since we were virgins when we started having sex and were definitely monogamous, but cleanup was so much easier with them so we used them, well, most of the time, well, some of the time) and handed me the lube. Minutes later my lover let me know in no uncertain terms he was ready to have me inside.

It was after 8:00 when, in full afterglow, we climbed out of bed and headed for the shower. As the hot water poured over our bodies, Justin shaved my face -- we both still liked our lover bushy down there. He had started giving me my morning shave some time ago and, I'll admit, there is nothing like a shave in the shower and especially when your lover does the deed. Lucky Justin could go without shaving or no more than a quick one every few weeks.

We were running kinda late, so we had just finished getting dressed when there was a knock on the door and Justin called, "Come."

As Michael walked in, a grin on his face, he said, "I am waiting until Wednesday, very, very, very early Wednesday, for that. We did agree to get together here before going down, didn't we?" Justin and I both nodded. The others staggered in gradually and we were finally ready to head down for breakfast.

Mrs. Crandall and Mrs. Metzer were in the sunroom as we entered with Daniel and Alex right behind us. "Good morning," Mrs. Crandall said in greeting. "Sleep well?"

"Very well," Bobbie answered while we nodded in agreement.

"No doubt you were tired from your trip down," Mrs. Crandall said.

Daniel and Alex had joined Justin and me and I was more than a bit surprised when Daniel whispered, just loud enough for the four of us to hear, "Some of us are tired from our nighttime activities."

As I turned bright red, I noticed Alex and Justin did as well. Mrs. Crandall didn't make us less red and, in fact, Daniel suddenly displayed a very red face, when she looked at the four of us and said, "I suppose the moonlight in the garden was put to good use last evening?" Four sheepish grins answered her. She smiled and said, "Shall we sit?" Justin and I seated her and Mrs. Metzer while Adam and John did the honors for Bobbie and Susan. As soon as we were seated, we were served cold, fresh orange juice. Fortunately, the glasses were large, because we all loved it.

Conversation during breakfast was light and lively, covering a wide range of subjects. When the final dish was removed and our coffee or tea cups refilled, Mrs. Crandall said, "I am leaving you in the capable hands of Mrs. Metzer today as I am going to the gallery and make sure everything is going smoothly in mounting Mr. Nixson's exhibition. I'll join Mr. Nixson and Mr. Everest for lunch in town. Mrs. Metzer will, of course, make any necessary arrangements for your lunches. I'll be back for dinner with you."

As she left, Derek walked in. "Mind if I join you guys for coffee?" He may have addressed us all, but his eyes were on Wolf.

"Of course not," Mrs. Metzer responded. "I hope you have a message from Antwon and Sharky." She explained that Mrs. Crandall asked the two if they were free to take us on an excursion. Derek was to bring their answer.

"I do, but the news is not as good as I sure Mrs. Crandall had hoped. All the bookings for this week were made last year by good, repeat customers, so they definitely have to be honored. There is a full boat for a fishing trip for today, so full neither Captain nor I are going. Tuesday through Friday afternoon they have an excursion to Dry Tortugas. It's a full house also, so they can't take your guests on an excursion. That's the bad news." I think all our faces fell a bit, especially Wolf's. "However, there is tiny bit of good news. Sharky said we could take one of you if you don't mind sleeping on the open deck -- where I will be. Since all of you have been except Michael and Wolf, Antwon suggested you two flip a coin for the place." It was obvious that was Antwon's idea, not Derek's."

Michael got an evil look on his face and said, "Great! I don't think I have ever lost a coin toss." Wolf looked as if he might cry. "However, my babe will be arriving tomorrow night, so I guess the only candidate for the trip is Wolf. Sorry about that Derek."

Derek looked as if Santa Claus had just paid him a visit and said, "That's really too bad, Michael. I'm sure you deserve the trip as much as Wolf."

"Are you sure you are sure about that?" I laughed. "Looks to me like you think you have just hit the Powerball jackpot." Derek just grinned.

"We'll be leaving the dock at 5:30 Tuesday morning. I have to get a few things done before we leave -- some house cleaning, laundry, that sorta stuff. Mrs. Crandall invited me for dinner and then Wolf and I will go to my place for the night, if that's ok with him." Wolf was wagging his head 'yes' so hard I thought it might fall off! "That way I won't have to get up at 3:30 in order to come get Wolf and get back to the boat."

"Sounds like a winner to me," Mrs. Metzer said. Wolf's head was still bobbing.

"Since you all have just ended the school year and I know three of you have been working as well, this could just be a down day, if you like. There's the beach, of course, the bike trail I know Justin and Marc have ridden. If you like to just relax with a good book, the library really is a lovely place for that...."

"And there is always nap time!" John exclaimed. "I have dreamed of afternoon naps ever since I left kindergarten when nap time ended."

"So the beach, biking, library, naps, anything else?" Mrs. Metzer asked.

"Happen to have a sailboat around?" Michael asked. "Marc's teaching me to sail and if he's willing, I'd love to get some sailing in."

"In fact there's a twenty-one foot one here as well as a nice catamaran. There're also canoes and kayaks you can use on the river. The sailboats are in a boathouse down near where Antwon and Sharky live, one of the old hands can show you. If you're interested in kayaking or canoeing, the boathouse is up the river a bit. Someone will drive you."

"I don't want to try sailing if Marc wants to do something else," Michael said, I guess just realizing that he might seem presumptuous in assuming I wanted to go sailing with him. "I mean, I am sure he wants to be with Justin."

"Strange as it may seem, we are not really joined at the hip," Justin said. "Frankly, a kayak is appealing and I know Marc would prefer to sail and the wind looks good."

As the various activities were being discussed, Wolf was looking wistfully at Derek and Derek was looking moonstruck himself. We were all amused at the two. I guess Susan decided to play matchmaker because she said, "You know, helping a friend with his household chores might be an option as well," and winked at Wolf.

"That's what I'd like to do," Wolf said, and blushed. Derek grinned.

In the end, John and Susan decided to canoe, Justin was going kayaking, and Bobbie and Adam headed for the beach. Derek just grabbed Wolf's hand and headed out the door. I wondered how much house cleaning and laundry would get done.

Before we broke up, Mrs. Metzer said she'd arrange box lunches for those of us who were taking to the water so we would have time to enjoy it. She offered to have one fixed for Bobbie and Adam as well, but they decided to come back and have lunch at the house.

Ten minutes later, we were ready to head for our adventure. A driver picked up the canoers and kayaker after they were given a stern warning from Mrs. Mertzer about alligators and other wild dangers. Justin and I kissed goodbye and he was off. I suggested Michael and I take bikes to the boathouse since the bike trail was nice and all new to him. As we rode to the boathouse, Michael asked about Antwon and Sharky and I told him about getting to know them before and what a great couple they were. We rode in silence for a bit then he asked, "Noticed any changes in Sissy/Wolf?"

"Other than his catching the eye of a perfectly beautiful specimen of manhood?" I grinned.

"Well, Derek did seem to take notice of our Wolf," he laughed. "I get real tickled when he's talking to all of us and his eyes never leave Wolf. No, I mean changes in Wolf."

"You mean how he seems to have changed from Sissy to Wolf? Yeah, I have noticed a change. God knows, he is and always will be effeminate. It's just the way he's put together but, somehow or other, he has changed. Don't quite know what words to put to it."

"For me? I guess I'd say he's still obviously effeminate, but no longer flaming. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Makes you think again about what's in a name, doesn't it?"

"Sure does."

When we reached the boathouse, we found a beautiful twenty-one foot boat. We stowed our lunch and motored out to where we could hoist the sails. Michael had gotten in some sailing, but when he sailed, he was almost always with both Justin and me and we often spent more time talking about relationships than sailing. Today we were both determined to get in some serious sailing instruction.

The weather was perfect. The breeze was brisk enough to provide interesting sailing, but not so brisk that it made handling the boat difficult. Nonetheless, after a couple hours, both Michael and I were ready for a break. We dropped anchor and Michael grabbed a couple of cokes from the cooler, then sighed, "I can't believe how great this place is and how wonderful it is to be invited to share this time with you all. It's very hard for me to believe that all of this happened because I finally got guts enough to grab the boy -- the man -- of my dreams. I expected all kinds of shit as a result, but I guess there has been very little compared to what others go through, even what you and Marc have gone through. And tomorrow night... tomorrow night it will be perfect when my babe arrives. I love that guy so much...." I was surprised when Michael -- big, tough football player Michael -- got all teary eyed.

"Know the feeling," I said, thinking of Justin.

We were silent, each with his own thoughts for several minutes, then Michael said, "Marc, don't want to wreck a great day, but this is the first time I've really had a chance to talk with you in some time. I suppose you know what's going on in the county with your dad...."

"Michael, please don't call him my dad. I'd reserve that word for someone who gives a shit about his son. My father doesn't. He's my biological father and that's what I call him, father. But, no, I have no idea what he's up to these days. Since Mom and I are no longer good campaign poster subjects, we hear nothing from him."

"You do know he and his new wife have a baby girl."

"I'm not surprised they had a baby right away. He needs a substitute for a gay son. I am surprised she'd dare have a daughter. Got to keep the name going, you know," I responded. "Kinda funny. Grandfather Porcher died before I was born and Father was an only son. Father was depending on my fathering a ton of sons to make sure the line continues and I'm gay. Now the new wife fails him by having a girl. Guess he'll have to try again soon."

"Don't think so," Michael said. "Heard she made sure of that. Not a topic I'd be interested in, but Mom got it from a nurse friend who works in a Raleigh hospital. Seems your father almost refused to sign to allow it -- by the way, did you know husbands had to do that? Anyway, since it involved your old man, it was the talk of the ladies from the church when they met at our place organizing support for Senator Porcher. Guess you'll just have to let Justin breed you," he laughed.

"Well, he has tried a few times, but I don't seem to catch," I laughed in return, "but, anyway, what's going on with Father?"

"Nothing new in that he's working all angles but, as you know, Jacob Turner has really caught fire and is giving Senator Porcher a run for his money. First time since your father was elected several terms ago. 'Course the righteous, upright, God-fearing Senator Porcher has the support of the fundamentalist preachers of the district."

"Yeah," I responded. "Clarisa says the ministerial association is in an uproar over the gay issue, a legal way to say they support my father, but they are being held somewhat in check by some sensible members -- the usual plus Rev. Freeman. The regular Baptists respect him even if they disagree, but sensible ministers are not in charge of most of the churches in the district, as you pointed out, nor are they members of the association."

"Damn right. My family has gone to Mud Creek True Faith church all my life. I objected to going as soon as I thought I was old enough to get by with it, but I wasn't. I mean, in order to keep the peace, I still go. Anyway, ever since the prom, the preacher has made the evils of homosexuality one of the points of Sunday's and Wednesday night's sermon -- every Sunday and Wednesday sermon. Lately he has been saying, in general terms, members of True Faith need to be very careful how they spend their precious vote. 'There are righteous men, God-fearing men running for office and it's our Christian duty to vote for them just as it is their Christian duty to protect marriage and the family by making sure so-called same-sex marriage is forever banned from this great state. We need Christian men who will see that the travesty of homosexuals openly dancing in our public school does not happen again.' I suspect you have heard it all as well."

"Actually I haven't. You'll never hear such hateful words come out of Father DeBruhl's mouth nor is that the stand of the Episcopal Church."

"Yeah, I guess not since I know you have a gay bishop somewhere."

"I'm just surprised no-one has gotten on your case. After all, you sure made no bones -- well, maybe a couple of boners -- about your feelings for Sandy at the prom. Someone would have had to be deaf and blind not to see our football co-captain was gay and taken with a guy."

"Man, you don't know how close I came to shittin' my pants when I finally headed home after prom weekend. By the time I pulled into the drive, I was shaking like a leaf. I expected I'd get a good beating -- even at eighteen, my dad thinks he has the right to take his belt to me -- and maybe worse. When I walked in, he was waiting for me and I knew I would lie, I just wasn't sure what that lie would be. He actually gave me a way out when he greeted me with, 'Hear you been playing games at the prom. Dancing with a boy. Even kissing him.' I was really quick on my feet and faked a smile and said, 'Yeah, we decided we'd get a rise out of old Miss Stevens. Dad, you should have seen the look on her face! One time wasn't enough and she hit the floor three times at our antics. Yeah, we really did have fun playing that game.' Now, you know that would hardly explain what went on at the prom, but it gave me an out. Dad bought it because both he and Mom had Miss Stevens when they were in school and hated her, but more important was the fact that he wanted it to be true so he'd not have a queer son."

"How long do you think you can go on before he finds out?"

"Probably shortly after we get back, it will be all over. Even if he doesn't find out about/accept my being gay, he'll likely toss me out when he learns I'm doing joint enrollment with Elizabethton State. He has already pitched a fit about my thinking I might go there. 'Any kid of mine who goes to that nigger college won't stay under my roof.' Well, I could only do joint enrollment there and I really want to finish next year. I don't know whether his threat applies in that case or not. He did tell me he hoped I could graduate next year and get out in the real world making real money instead of hiding in school and sponging off of him."

Some pretty heavy talk, so we left it there, sailed pretty much in silence for half an hour, then had only light conversation as we headed back. With luck and good wind, we'd be back in plenty of time for a nap -- after Justin and I had some play time. When we arrived, we took care of the boat and headed for the house. As we walked from the boathouse, we saw Adam and Bobbie leaving the beach headed toward the house as well.

When I got back to the suite, I was debating whether or not to take a shower. I was pretty sweaty from my sail and I hated the feel and smell of the sun block which covered my pale body. While I stood debating with myself, I heard the shower. I could feel the smile on my face as I quickly stripped out of my clothes and headed for the shower where I joined my beautiful dark lover.

Aside from our soaping and washing each other -- and some great kisses -- we kept the playing to a minimum. "How about we save it for the bed?" Justin said as we broke a kiss.

"Only if we forget any 'saving it' once we get in bed," I grinned. Justin just gave me a lecherous look, grinned, turned off the water and grabbed a towel. We soon dried each other and Justin flipped me over his shoulder and headed for the bed, a clear indication that nap time would definitely wait until after play time.