Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Fifty-eight


We all headed for our suites. For those of us who had been guests at La Casa before, they seemed to be ours in a very special way. As we reached our floor, John said, "I see no reason to add to our travel. Let's get room assignments remade. I mean, you know we are going to sooner or later. You with me in sharing with a lady, Adam?"


"Don't think I have any choice," Adam laughed. "Don't think Miss Reed will kick my ass out this time."


Bobbie said, "Don't be too sure, Buster. I'll have to think about it." Adam's face fell. "I've thought about it," she said as she grabbed him by his crotch. "Come with me."


"I'd be delighted to come with you," Adam grinned. Bobbie blushed as she bent to grab her case without releasing Adam, and the two walked into the suite across from ours which had only one bedroom.


"You guys sort out who's where," Justin said. "We don't need to," he added as he led me into our old suite.


Several minutes later, we were engaged in a passionate kiss when there was a knock on the door and Michael walked in. "Oops, sorry guys, but wanted to say I'll share the room with Sissy...."


"Suspect we all better get used to the new name," I said. "Mrs. Crandall will not tolerate 'Sissy.'"


"...Wolf, then, until Sandy arrives, then would you mind our having the other bedroom of your suite? John says it's larger and has a king-sized bed. The other room in John's suite has single beds and..." Michael actually blushed!


"When Sandy arrives, you plan to sleep with him?" Justin surmised, but it was more a statement than a question, as suggested by his crooked smile and raised eyebrow.


"Well," Michael replied, a huge smile on his face, "not sure how much sleeping we'll do, but we'll definitely be in the same bed!"


"Sure, no problem. You and Wolf can share now if you like."


"Think I'll stay down the hall until Sandy arrives. Thanks, guys."


"You're welcome," I replied.


As soon as the door closed behind Michael, I was, again, in Justin's arms, our lips pressed together, mouths open, tongues tasting the sweetness of our lover. When we finally broke the kiss, we were both rock-hard. "We have less than forty-five minutes. Don't think that's long enough to re-introduce ourselves to where we first had sex," I reminded my dark beauty.


"Yeah. Our first time back here has to be very special."


We did have time for a quick shower, so quick that we were still at full mast when we emerged. "I hope that thing goes down before we get to the sun room," Justin laughed, flipping my hard cock with his hand. That did the trick, so I returned the favor.


When we gathered in the hall to go down, I saw John had given Michael and Wolf the word and they, too, had exchanged shorts and tees for smart khakis and polo shirts, open at the throat. Bobbie and Susan were dressed similarly in khaki skirts and shirts like ours.


"Kinda preppy looking bunch," Michael said.


"When you're among class, you have to have class," Wolf said. I also noticed his usual extreme earrings had been replaced by small, plain gold loops.


"Well, let's be on our way. There is NO fashionably late at La Casa," I reminded the Clan. We went down and found Mrs. Metzer and Mrs. Crandall were waiting.


Shortly after we arrived, the others who had been on the plane with us arrived. Mrs. Crandall said, "Those of you who came down together, of course, know each other, but we have other guests. There is, of course, Dr. Macon, father of Dr. Macon." The elder Dr. Macon -- a very distinguished man with white hair and beard -- gave us a sweeping bow. He was not an exact older version of our Dr. Macon -- Alex -- but obviously a close relation. "And Dr. Macon's fiance, Mr. Daniel Running Wolf," she said, indicating a dark, handsome man.


"Greetings," Mr. Running Wolf smiled and said, "Good to meet you all and I am especially anxious to meet the young man who, I have been told, shares blood with me," as he nodded to Justin.


Just as he finished speaking, Antwon and Sharky arrived with another young man slightly behind them. An African-American, he looked like someone's idea of the perfect male body sculpted out of smooth milk chocolate. As the three walked in, Mrs. Crandall said, "Ah, Derek, glad you could make it."


The tall young man stepped forward, gave her a huge smile and said, "Thank you for inviting me."


"Everyone, this is Derek Wilson, friend and employee of Antwon and Sharky. Mavis is ready to serve drinks so why don't we get what we want and mingle with our new friends?" Mrs. Crandall then linked arms with Justin and me, and headed toward the bar. "You two," she smiled, "are obviously still very much in love," and kissed each of us on the cheek.


"Very much," Justin said, smiling at her.


"And La Casa, and especially the garden, means so much to us," I said, "because it was here that we first admitted we were in love with each other."


"In the garden under a full moon, I seem to recall."


"You recall correctly," Justin smiled.


"Well, try as hard I might, I wasn't able to change the phases of the moon," Mrs. Crandall laughed, "but nature cooperated anyway, almost. The moon is waning, but is still ninety-plus percent full and will be beautiful when you lovers are ready for the garden this evening."


We continued talking as we approached the bar, got our drinks and walked toward the terrace. Mrs. Crandall was especially interested in Sandy and Michael. She was pleased to learn Sandy would be coming down as soon as he finished finals. Told that Michael was still very much in the closet so far as his family was concerned and that, should he be outted, they might well disown him, she said, "It is so terrible that some parents treat their children so meanly because of who they love. Marc, you are very fortunate that your mother is so supportive. Well, and my friend Clarisa as well and, lest it should be forgotten, I hope you, Justin, know your mother-in-law or mother-in-law-to-be adores you, as does Clarisa. Both think Marc is a very lucky man."


"Marc agrees, wholeheartedly," I said.


"No more lucky than I am. No-one is luckier than I because Marc loves me ALMOST as much as I love him," Justin said, his beautiful, dark eyes sparkling.


 As Antwon and Sharky, followed by Derek, joined us on the terrace, Antwon said, "Hello, again. Derek, this is Marc Porcher and Justin Smith. The two are practically friends from birth who, here at La Casa, finally admitted to each other they were in love."


"And Antwon and Sharky were like big brothers to us as we discovered what that meant," I said as we shook hands. "So you work for these two?"


"Well, they think so. For me, it's not really work. I came down spring break with my brother who is in college. He was doing the usual girls, beer and beach, but after I met these two, I hung with them and helped as much as I could. Before I left, we talked about my coming down and working with them this summer. Won't make any money, but I will earn my keep and that's fine since college is pretty much taken care of." As he talked I noticed his eyes kept wandering in the same direction. Finally he just stopped speaking and asked, "Anyone want to introduce me to the brother I see over there?"


"Sure, come with me," I said. "Excuse us," I added as I grabbed Derek's hand and led him over to Sissy, now called Wolf, and introduced them. As Justin and I continued to mingle, I noticed Wolf and Derek were pretty much just 'mingling' with each other for the fifteen or twenty minutes before Mrs. Metzer announced supper. It looked to me like love at first sight, but what did I know.


After a delightful meal, Mrs. Crandall said, "Coffee and tea will be served in the library." We continued getting to know the people we had just met as we adjourned to the library and after half an hour, Mrs. Crandall said, "I am sure some of us will linger over our coffee, but it is a beautiful moonlit night. For those who care for a walk on the beach or in the garden, feel free. We will gather for breakfast at 8:30 and decide what you would like to do tomorrow." With the exception of Alex and Daniel, the party pretty much divided along age lines. Daniel and Alex joined the younger crowd as we headed down the steps to the beach and garden. At the foot of the steps, Justin said, "Look, you all have a whole beach and garden EXCEPT a special bench which I claim for Marc and me. Give it a wide berth, if you please."


"Especially if you're not interested in seeing more of those two than you are interested in seeing!" Bobbie laughed.


"Well, get it out of your system," Michael said and actually blushed. "I plan on having Sandy on that bench Wednesday night!"


The group drifted toward the beach except Alex and Daniel joined me and my love. "From what you two and Mrs. Crandall have said, the garden must be magic for lovers," Alex said. "Mind if Daniel and I share it with you?"


"Not at all," I said, "and it was and, I suspect, is a magic place for us."


"We'll be happy to share the garden with you two lovers, but you might stay clear of our special bench," Justin laughed. "We've advanced a bit from hesitant kisses like those we first shared on that bench."


As we walked toward the garden, Daniel said, "Justin, I do want some time with you this week. I am curious about your Native American heritage."


"So am I," Justin said, "we'll definitely make time for a talk."


"OK," Alex said as we approached the entrance to the garden, "where is this special bench so we can avoid it? Any place where we might stake our claim?"


"Our bench is under that tree there," Justin said, pointing to a tree several yards away. The bench under the tree was well shielded by the shrubs and flowers between it and the garden entrance. "There's another great place for moon watching under a vine-covered arch just off the walk in that direction," he added, pointing toward a walk leading in the opposite direction. "It has good view of the moon, but is shielded as well." The two thanked us and, hand-in-hand, walked away.


As they headed down the path, Justin and I turned and walked toward the tree and the bench where he had first kissed me, thus opening the world we both had dreamed of and longed for but never expected to see, a world in which we were lovers. When we arrived at the bench, we sat down, wrapped our arms about each other and kissed softly. We then sat, holding hands, my head leaning on Justin's shoulder and watched the moon climb. We sat in silence, lost in the love which surrounded us. Several minutes passed then Justin kissed me gently as he had done when we first sat on the garden bench, but this time I immediately melted into his embrace and returned his kiss.


As our kisses continued, they gradually became less tender and more passionate. I slid my hands under Justin's shirt and up his back, feeling his hard body. Soon I slipped his shirt over his head and, while my hands continued to explore his back, my lips and tongue made love to his chest, tasting his body, sucking his nipples and relishing the man scent of Justin's armpits. My cock was rock-hard, dripping precum as I reached for Justin's belt and stripped it from his chinos before unsnapping and unzipping them. I mouthed his hard manhood through the boxer briefs he, and I, had recently started wearing some of the time. Then, looking up into his eyes, I slipped my hands beneath his ass cheeks, and lifted slightly. Justin understood and raised his body so I could slip chinos and boxer-briefs down his legs, revealing his hard, beautiful cock, which I quickly covered with a hungry mouth. As I savored the taste of my beautiful dark lover, Justin groaned, his hands gripping my hair. Freeing his manhood, I looked into his eyes and said, "Tehila,* I want you inside me."


"Lord of my Heart, are you...?"


"Don't. Don't you dare ask that! Just do it."


"Babe," I could almost see Justin's embarrassment, "we're not exactly prepared. I'll hurt..." Before he could say more, I covered his mouth with a finger while I reached into my chinos and withdrew two small packets of lube and a couple of condoms and with a huge smile, handed them to him. Justin took them, kicked his pants and boxer briefs off his legs, then quickly stripped my pants and underwear from my body. We stood, naked, in the Florida moonlight, our tongues doing battle, our arms pulling our bodies together as if we could meld them into one. Soon we used our bench in a new way as Justin entered me, filling that special place inside which belongs to him alone.


He hit my sweet spot again and again as his hand stroked my man's tool in time with his trusts into me. While we made love, we used the bench in some very creative and, I am sure, original ways. Finally, I was sitting on his legs, facing my man, my legs locked around his waist. He continued to stroke my cock as he thrust into me. I realized I was approaching the point of no return when he gripped me tightly, pushing himself deep inside. As he held me his body shuddered as he emptied his man's seed into me. When he exploded, he bit into my shoulder to muffle what would have been a great Justin shout. As he did, I felt my own body tense and covered our chests with the hot lava of my sperm. Briefly the Florida sky was full of fireworks before I blacked out.


When I was again in this world, Justin smiled and leaned forward and gave me a butterfly kiss. Other soft kisses followed until Justin slipped from me, leaving me feeling warm, loved, but also with an emptiness where he had been moments before. Realizing his legs must be uncomfortable bearing my weight, I moved and lay down on the bench, pulling his body atop mine. His bare body and our kisses, which were becoming more and more passionate, soon made his manhood hard again and it was pressing against my own hardness. "Seems like Marc Junior wants to play too," Justin laughed.


"Think he would be happy to let Mr. Smith play again," I said as I pulled Justin's lips to mine and invaded his sweet mouth with my tongue.




"No arguing, babe, I want you inside me again!" I got my wish.


After we had time to recover again, we took each other in our hot mouths and made love again, the third time in our special garden.


Sated, at least for the present, we dressed and, arm-in-arm, started walking toward the steps to the terrace. As we reached the garden gate, I heard Alex say, "Lovers, hold up a minute." When he and Daniel joined us, he laughed and said, "I guess you two have been playing Adam and Adam in the garden." When we turned to him, puzzled, he grinned and said, "Don't try to tell us you kept your clothes on." Daniel was laughing as well. "Check each other out. I am pretty sure you have exchanged shirts and I know yours, Justin, was right side out when we came out." Justin and I both blushed. I suspect we turned so red Alex and Daniel could see our blush in the moonlight. After we got our shirts straight, both couples walked arm-in-arm toward the house. I guess if the other couple had looked carefully, they would have known not only that we had our clothes off, but why, as I am sure my walk back was different from the walk to the garden!


Shortly after we reached our room, there was a knock on the door and Adam poked his head in and said, "We're back. Picked up some chips and stuff on the way up. John and Susan grabbed drinks. Want to join us?"


"Since we have the suite with the large sitting room, maybe you'd like to get together here?" I asked.


"Told you they'd ask us in," Adam called to the gang standing in the hall, waiting.


I wasn't too surprised when Wolf walked in holding Derek's hand. "See you have tamed a wolf," Justin joked as the two sat, very close, on the floor.


"Hope he's not too tame," Derek smiled at Wolf.


"Not likely!" Bobbie and I said together.


"So, Derek, what's the story of your being down here working with Antwon and Sharky?" Justin asked. "And down here from where?"


"Short answer? Down here from Norfolk to hang out with these two guys and do enough work to pay for my keep. Long answer? My older brother is a student at James Madison University in Harrisonburg on a basketball scholarship. I had hoped to do the same, but I'm just not that good at basketball. I sure needed a scholarship, so I jumped at a swimming scholarship at Old Dominion in Norfolk. That and academic scholarships I managed to get, gives me a free ride after I pay for room, board and books.


"Dad has an aunt who has lived in Norfolk since her sailor husband retired from the Navy and chose to remain in that part of the world. She is pushing ninety real hard and has lived alone since her husband died fifteen years ago. She fell three years ago and her children, who are all scattered across the US with the one living closest in DC, met and decided she would have to move to a retirement place. She absolutely refused, so they agreed that if she would get one of those emergency necklaces which alerts a call center when you push a button AND find someone to live with her, they would allow it.


"She found a lady to move in with her for very little beyond room and board. The two got along beautifully, but the lady broke a hip winter before last and still hasn't fully recovered. After a couple others tried to take advantage of her, she was pretty sure she was going to have to give up her house and move to a retirement village. Then, at summer before last's family reunion, I saw her sitting alone while everyone else visited, ignoring her. I walked over and introduced myself. She asked all sorts of questions: who my parents and grandparents were; had I graduated high school; where was I going to college; what did I want to do after college; etc. We talked for over an hour before I realized she had never asked about girlfriends, usually the first question out of relatives' mouths. She put me on my ass when she finally said, 'Got a steady boyfriend or do you just fuck around?' I may be of the darker persuasion but, I can tell you, my red face would have been clearly visible from the moon!


"'Well, Auntie,' I finally managed to get out, 'neither.'


"'Man as good looking as you and no boyfriend. What's the problem?'


"'I think it's called homophobia,' I responded. 'I have heard my dad rant and rave about candy-assed fags taking over and what should be done about it, enough to know to keep my mouth shut. Even if he approved, I'd still have to deal with the prejudice and hatred in our small town and especially in our African-American community. Thanks, I just as soon pass on that.'


"She smiled at me and said, 'Well, not to worry about me. Anyway, I hear you have a problem and I have a problem. You need money for room, board and books and I need someone in the house. Think we might be able to live under the same roof?' I guess I looked puzzled because she said, 'Look, it's this way: my kids are raising holy hell if I am alone and I can't seem to find someone to stay with me without it costing an arm and a leg. Would you like to look over my place and see if maybe we could come to some agreement which would help both of us?' After the reunion weekend, I flew back to Norfolk with her.


"She lives in a huge, old Victorian house. It has been well cared for and is beautiful. Her bedroom with a bath and a sitting room opening on to a screened porch is downstairs. After she had showed it and the rest of the downstairs to me, she said, 'Think I might be good for one trip upstairs, but don't expect to see me up there again. My old knees aren't up to the climb.' I laughed at her and swept her ninety-pounds-max frame into my arms and carried her up the wide staircase.


"I set her on her feet and she walked to the end of the hall and opened a door. 'This opens onto the screened balcony on the front of the house and extends along both sides. One bedroom on each side also opens onto it. Imagine you'll want to use one as your bedroom and the other as your study. You will be studying won't you?' She gave me a look which clearly said, 'You damn well better!' The two rooms she had talked about are on the front of the house.


"'Originally the back bedrooms were connected to the front by a bathroom, but the one I chose as my bedroom has been renovated and the smaller back bedroom has been incorporated into a huge bathroom and two walk-in closets.' She told me the modification had been at the insistence of her two daughters. They wanted closets rather than separate bedrooms. 'Jason and Jackson, my twin boys had the other front room and Paul had the back. Anyway, the upstairs is yours, so use what you want as you want. I won't be checking. Beth Ann comes to clean every other week and I'll see about her coming every week, but I expect you to keep the place decent, help around the house and let me know where you are. You have a cell phone? Every young person seems to have one.'


"I told her I didn't have one since I didn't find chatting on the phone a very worthwhile pastime.


"'Well, we'll have to get you one because you will be the first those emergency people will call. I don't want you thinking you are completely tied down here. So what do you think?'


"'I think it's great.'


"'We got a deal?'


"'We got a deal.'


"I figured transportation would be a problem, but she even had that solved. She had stopped driving a couple years previously, but she didn't give up easily and had purchased a brand new, loaded Chrysler Sebring convertible a couple years before she hung up her keys. 'I had a late-blooming midlife crisis,' she said shrugging her shoulders when I looked stunned when she showed it to me. 'Take care of it and treat it like your own,' she added, handing me the keys.


"'Long story but, to finish it, last spring, my brother Deangelo's and my spring break happened to coincide. He called and wanted to know if I'd like to join him in Key West. He had won some kind of giveaway at a baseball banquet -- sneaky way for alumni to slip players a little extra -- and had a free week and flight down. Auntie had a granddaughter who wanted to do some research in Newport News and agreed to spend the week at her place and we came down. When he got here, Deangelo quickly found the girls, the beer and all, but it all left me cold. I was walking along a pier at the marina, spotted Antwon and struck up a conversation and the long and the short of it is that he and Sharky invited me down for the summer. Didn't think it was possible, but Auntie had kids and grandkids who were spending time with her and I was free for a month. So here I am!"


We all talked about Derek's story and about our own until shortly after midnight, then everyone went to their beds. Before Justin and I took to ours, we spent some time in the Jacuzzi which felt very good to someone's ass.