Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Forty-nine

I awoke to Justin's smiling face looking up at me after he had kissed my belly button. Instant hardon! In spite of having made mad, passionate love before falling asleep, maybe half an hour ago, we were again lustful eighteen-year-olds. Starting with butterfly kisses, I was soon kissing and tonguing my way toward Justin's manhood. As I have said earlier, Justin loved tongue baths, but was not much for giving them. I, on the other hand, loved kissing and tonguing my lover's body, but wasn't too much into receiving same. Today was different. Soon Justin let me know he wanted to make love to my body with his tongue and mouth and, while when he had tried before I had just dissolved me into a giggling mass, today Justin was giving and I was receiving perfectly. Soon I was way past hot! As if by magic, I knew what I wanted and that was Justin inside me. Now!


When I told him that, he started asking me if I was sure and kept on until I said, "Damn it, Justin, cut the talk and fuck me!"


Justin looked properly startled, kissed me and said, "You may call it fucking, but if you are sure you want me, I am going to make love to you, not fuck you."


"I'm sure," I replied as we began to make ourselves ready for this new adventure. Finally I said to Justin, "Babe, I am ready, please."


Justin lay on his back and I slowly, carefully, gently, lowered myself on his love maker. As I did so, I immediately realized a dildo is a dildo and Justin's manhood was definitely not a dildo!


Sounds strange I know, especially in light of the load of cum resulting from our love-making already this morning, but we were as hot as if we hadn't had sex in months -- well, days anyway! Justin's hands were under my ass as he said, "Hey, lover boy, not so fast or you'll hurt both of us!" As hot as I was, taking it slow and easy was difficult, but somehow I managed. When Justin was fully inside, I was well aware that this was a great deal more than sex. Justin was right, it was love-making, not fucking. In our physical joining, we were joined in a deeper, may I suggest more spiritual, way. For my part, I felt that Justin's manhood inside me filled a void, a place which only he could fill.


As we continued making love, we changed position several times. We both loved doggy style, but also hated the fact that we could not look into our lover's eyes and see his face as we gave each other pleasure. As a result, I ended up on my back, legs over Justin's shoulders when his cock first sent a shock wave though my body when it hit that special place inside. Several times, I felt that wonderful shock as his thrusting cock hit the magic spot. Finally, Justin leaned over my body, covered my mouth with his and thrust deep as I felt him explode inside me. That was the last thing I remembered for a moment. I had, literally, been knocked unconscious when Justin's climax set me off without either Justin or me touching my cock. When I came to, Justin lay on my body, his cock still in my ass and mine pressed between our cum-covered stomachs. "Wow, at least wow!" I said as I kissed my lover hungrily.


"Damn! You had me scared there for a minute," Justin said, holding me tightly. "What happened?"


"You drove me into such sexual ecstasy that I guess I left this world," I responded.


Finally sated, at least for the moment, Justin's cock slipped out of my ass and we lay side-by-side, gazing into each other's eyes, saying nothing. Our eyes and smiles said all that needed to be said. But as all romantic moments must end, this one ended when Justin said, "Babe, it's warm, but cum drying on the belly is cold. Think it's time we got cleaned up."




The brackish water of the inlet wasn't dirty in spite of how it looked, so we slipped over the side of the boat and swam a bit, then climbed back into the boat and dried each other. When Justin had finished drying me, he grabbed the sunscreen and began covering my body. When his hand made a swipe across my ass, I said, "I don't expect my ass to be in danger of being sunburned."


"Major danger," he responded. "As beautiful as it is," he grinned, "it's lily white and you are going bareassed until we have to put clothes on."


Bareassed we were as Justin weighed anchor and I started the motor. We sailed slowly and carefully out of the inlet and, just as we cleared it, a high-performance boat shot out of an inlet half a mile or more down the shoreline from us. "Damn! There goes major money," Justin said as the boat disappeared from view.


"Yeah, like a quarter-half a mill or so," I said. "What's a boat like that doing around here?" I pondered.


"Florida drug runners used them a few years ago," Justin said. "But around here? Drug running? Sure never heard any rumors about such."


"Well, I guess it'll just remain a mystery."


"Suspect so."


We gave the boat no further thought as we shut off the motor and hoisted the sails which were immediately filled by a steady breeze. The boat picked up speed, but it was smooth sailing, smooth enough that we were doing what Justin called "toe sailing," meaning the boat required so little attention you could "sail by your toes."


Justin was sprawled out on a bench and I lay back between his legs sailing at the back of my mind; in the forefront, thoughts about how much I loved the man who loved me and how fortunate we were to have "discovered" each other after being friends for years.


I looked up at Justin, who gave we a face-wide smile, leaned forward and kissed me. I had to turn very little to open my mouth and receive his tongue and the taste of Justin flooded my being. We lay, contented, exchanging kisses until I had to give attention to sailing and, as I did, Justin said, "You know, we are two lucky dudes."


"I know that," I said, and grabbed a quick kiss. "But why in particular?"


"Oh, in at least a thousand ways, but I was thinking specifically about how we made out at Elizabethton State University. I suspect had your old man been just Joe Blow, we'd be SOL, out on our beautiful butts."


"Hate to admit it, but you're probably right. But he isn't and we're in."


Even though we waited until long past any sensible deadline to talk with the Dean of Admissions, we had both been accepted. Financial aid was, to put it mildly, limited at the late date, but that didn't affect me. Given my family's income and my college trust fund, the only aid I would have possibly received was an academic scholarship and there was none left. Justin, of course, could use all the help he could get, but we both knew since we'd be staying at home, what he made at the store would take care of his expenses. Further, Mr. Sanford had told him since he'd have more time to devote to the store, he'd be making a great deal more.


We also learned ESU was more than willing to accept our AP credits and, if we did well again this year, we'd have most freshmen courses out of the way and, in fact, if we wanted to go to summer school, we'd be rising sophomores the day the fall semester started. Our world was looking pretty good.


I guess we had forgotten we were in our birthday suits, so when John and his boatload came whizzing by, we got a lot of catcalls. We stood and waved as they flew past, bareassed as babes. "Guess the time has come to cover our asses," I said and Justin tossed me my shorts and T. He pulled on his shorts, grabbed the sunscreen and gave me another coat, just to be on the safe side.


John doubled back and pulled alongside. As we held the two boats together, Sandy and Michael joined us, and the food basket and cooler were passed over to Arnold and Adam and John sped away. As Sandy stepped aboard, he said, "Noticed in passing this looked like the kind of boat I wanted to be on!" He made his point when John opened up his boat and headed out to sea and Sandy wrestled Michael to the deck, yanked his T over his head and began kissing his nipples and stomach.


"Hey, cool it Hot Box! We're hardly in private!"


"Bet Justin and Marc wouldn't care if I fucked you right here!" Sandy responded and started pulling Michael's shorts down.


"Back off, Hot Box," Michael said, clearly not joking, as he pulled his shorts up. Sandy managed to yank them back down and kiss Michael's cock before he stopped, laughing. Michael wasn't even smiling.


I glanced at Justin and knew we both had been caught off guard. Even more so when Michael grabbed Sandy, pinned his arms to his side and brushed his lover's lips with his. What was going on?


We all settled down and since I was still "toe sailing," Justin lay back on a bench and pulled me to himself. Once again, I lay back against him, between his legs. I guess Michael took that as a hint because soon Sandy was lying on him the same way. As Sandy snuggled there, Michael put his hand beneath his lover's chin, raised it and turned Sandy's face toward his. He then gave Sandy a tender, but definitely passionate kiss. The kiss soon became an opened-mouths, exploring-tongues one, a kiss with both the lust of two late teens and passionate lovers. I looked over at Justin who raised an eyebrow and mouthed "Jekyll and Hyde." So it seemed.


A slight but sudden shift in the wind meant Justin and I had to hop up and tend to our sailing. As we did Michael asked, "Think I could learn to sail?"


"Sure," I responded. "May take a while and I can assure you it's not as easy as it looks but, sure, you can learn.


For the next half hour, Michael talked sailing and he got a bit of hands-on, but it was clear that he needed to start, as I had, with a much smaller craft than mine. "I have a cat boat which is good for beginning," I said, "but it's no slouch. It's been stored for several years, but we can get it out and overhaul it then, as we have time, you can learn to sail."


While Michael and I were talking sailing, Sandy and Justin had gone forward and were sprawled out of the deck, heads together, talking. When the breeze had stopping playing around and I could once again not focus entirely on sailing, Michael joined me at the stern. He gazed at Sandy and Justin, got a faraway look in his eyes and said, "God, how I love that boy! I don't know what I will do after next year when he's likely to be one place and me another.


"Aren't you a senior?" I asked.


"Technically," he responded. "I failed seventh because I was very sick and missed most of the school year. I've done summer school a couple years, but still lack enough credits to graduate. With summer school, I could graduate after first semester next year and be off to college. My parents really want me to see if I can do a double session of summer school and I could, maybe, graduate in time to start next fall. Know what they want is probably best for me but, damn, I don't want Sandy here and me somewhere else. Besides, I'd just have a bunch of crap courses to get graduation credits rather than courses I'll really need."


"Thought about doing your first semester here? You could do joint enrollment and get high school and college credit. There's ESU...."


"Don't get me wrong," he broke in, "you know where I stand on the race question, but when I hinted at it, my old man said, 'You go to that nigger college, you're on your own.' I'll need their help, even if I get an athletic scholarship and maybe an academic one."


"Well, there's Albemarle College with a campus here. Ahoskie Community College is only 50-60 miles away, an easy weekend drive...."


"I know, it's just that we have had so little time together... anyway, today's for fun before the guillotine falls."




"Hey, Sweetheart," Justin called, "how about getting this thing moving? Your lover boy is hungry."


I laughed and, as Justin jumped to the sails, started taking full advantage of the breeze as we headed for the ever-changing bit of sand the Clan considered our own private island. We had to drop anchor well out from the beach and John waved and came to take us ashore. The umbrellas were up, shading an area where the rest of the Clan were spreading the food from the cooler.


After we had eaten and were just lying around, the well-fed animals we were, I noticed Bobbie and Adam eyeing each other, and I do mean eyeing each other. Adam had the same look on his face I had often seen since the prom when he would sneak a peek at Bobbie, but I wasn't sure what the look on Bobbie's face meant. Kenneth was supposed to have been here last weekend but had something come up. I really began to wonder if Bobbie just felt the need of a boyfriend or whatever and had latched on to Kenneth. Did seem a bit strange.


Michael and Sandy had asked Arnold if he'd like to go down the beach with them shell hunting. Seems Michael was, among other things, a shell collector and was especially proud of not only a number of rare shells he had found on North Carolina beaches, but also a huge collection of the state shell, the Scotch Bonnet.


John and Susan are naturally reserved people so Susan was just sitting in a folding seat with a backrest, with John's head in her lap. He had been tracing her face with a finger until it tickled and she decided to get him back. They were not especially reserved as they wrestled and rolled in the sand!


I guess Justin and I had done enough to turn the fire down a bit this morning as we just lay side-by-side, exchanging a kiss from time to time. When he insisted on applying another layer of sunscreen, I did notice he slipped a hand up the leg of my shorts and found a rapidly hardening man's tool. I grinned when I saw he was pretty much in the same condition. Nonetheless, we settled down and in moments were both asleep, again, my head resting on his chest.


John's boat woke me when he gunned it to pull Michael and Sandy into the air on parasails. The two had grown up in the same part of the world as the rest of us, but both were hunters and fisherman and had no experience with recreational water sports such as sailing, water skiing and parasailing until they became a part of the Clan. In spite of their lack of experience, both had quickly become more than passable.


As I raised up and looked around, I saw Susan in the boat with John, but Bobbie and Adam were nowhere to be seen. I didn't see Arnold at first, but then his hand popped up in the stern of John's boat when he waved in passing by. I leaned over, kissed Justin awake and we joined the others for a bit, then decided to go sailing.


A while later, we sailed around the southern end of the island and spotted a couple lying on the beach obviously making out. "Looks like our private island has been invaded," Justin said, pointing to them. "Don't they know the island is the Invincible Kingdom of the Great Clan?"


"Would appear they are not aware of much of anything other than themselves," I responded, as I reached for the binoculars. When I focused on the couple, I exclaimed, "Guess we haven't been invaded. It's Adam and Bobbie. Seems they have patched things up."


"From what I can see with the naked eye, it would appear so and I mean really patched things up. So what about Kenneth and prom weekend? That seemed to be the beginning of a real relationship."


"May have been, but from what I saw," I said, stowing the binoculars, "the old relationship just sank the new. We'll see."


Suddenly we caught a good, stiff wind and did some serious sailing for the next hour or so. We were well out to sea when Justin, who was handling the rudder, said, "Think we better head in. The sail back will require some serious tacking and we need to get back for the end of the day with the Clan." I nodded agreement.


As we approached the island's leeward side, I sounded the boat's horn. Minutes later, we dropped anchor where we had earlier in the day. John ferried the crew out to where we were anchored and soon all were aboard. John then beached his boat and swam out and climbed aboard. A swim I would be reluctant to make, even being in as good shape as I was, but John was a strong and fast swimmer. He also swam every day, religiously.


For several years now, we often ended our day on the water and the island watching the sunset on my boat at a point north of the island where there was a good view of the shoreline as it curved out to sea providing a lovely horizon.


As soon as we had anchored, the Clan began forming in couples. As that process started, Bobbie said, "Hold up a minute. I have something to say before you get all snugglely."


"So do I," Adam added.


"As you all well know," Bobbie started in what we call her 'Now students, listen' voice, "I broke up with Adam because he was such an asshole over Justin and Marc being lovers. A real asshole. Since you know all that history, no need to repeat it. Well, I guess Michael and Sandy don't know the whole story...."


"We know enough," Michael said, as he pulled Sandy in between his legs.


"Thank the good Lord," I said to myself.


"Anyway, John arranged a date for me with his cousin Kenneth. We found a mutual attraction and had a wonderful prom weekend. We parted, expecting to get together as often as possible because, at least we convinced ourselves, we had fallen in love at first sight. As y'all know, we both had just broken up a long-term relationship, but we told each other, we were not acting on the rebound. Well, after the weekend, we called each other every night and talked, first for hours, then for a couple hours and finally for half an hour or so. Kenneth was coming down last weekend so we could try to sort out feelings.


"But before the weekend, he called and said something had come up and he couldn't make it. 'Maybe this weekend.' As you can see, he's not here. We both realized we had fallen victim to the prom night promise of 'I'm yours forever,' except being half smart anyway and having seen other rebound romances, we had set limits. Anyway, a couple times this past week, Adam and I had long talks and I realized that you can get really pissed at someone you love -- and believe me, Adam Boy, I was really pissed at you -- without that destroying your love for him, especially when the good inside that you always knew was there finally wins out.


I had reached out to pick up the phone and call Kenneth -- thank him for a wonderful weekend, tell him I hoped we would always be friends, but that would be the extent of it -- but before I reached it, it rang and it was Kenneth. He was very excited as he told me that a girl he had had a crush on since kindergarten, but was always afraid to ask for a date, had said 'Yes' when he asked her for a date. Realizing what he had done, he said, 'Bobbie, I didn't mean...' I interrupted him and told him I was excited for him and then added, 'And I hope you are excited for me,' and told him Adam and I were working out our relationship. So now you know what's going on."


"All I'd add is that second chances are wonderful," Adam said, a big smile on his face.


"All of which leaves Arnold odd man out," Susan said as she put her arm around his shoulders.


"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Michael said with a huge grin on his face. Arnold blushed.


After that, we all grew very quiet, watching the sun slowly sink behind the shore in front of us, turning the scattered clouds delicate pinks and oranges which gradually changed to brilliant reds and fiery oranges. As the rim of the sun disappeared, Justin sighed and said, "A beautiful end to a wonderful day on the water."


"A perfect day before the AP guillotine falls," Michael added, sobering the mood a bit.


Soon, too soon, we sailed back to our island, John brought his boat alongside and all except Michael and Sandy got in the speedboat and sped away while the four of us had a leisurely, and quiet, sail back.


Later, as Justin joined me in our bed, he said, "Beautiful lover of mine, you have made me a very happy man and no more happy than today."


"Only because you make me so happy I cannot but attempt to make you equally joyous." We shared a long, deep, loving kiss then, wrapped in the arms of the man we loved, slept.