Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Forty-eight

At the beginning of last period Friday, Mr. Agnue come on the intercom and asked all AP students to come to the counseling center conference room. I guess he had forgotten how many there were since the room wasn't large enough and we all had to go to the auditorium.


As soon as we all got seated and quiet, Mr. Agnue said, "First, I want to wish you the very best on your exams. I know you have worked hard and your teachers have prepared you well. That's the major reason you will do well but, as we all know, luck also plays a part -- some questions are more up your alley than others and I hope you get the best ones for you. Second, while I suspect it is not of major importance to you, the number of AP students in a school and how well they do on the exams play a big part in how a school is rated, and that is of major importance to the faculty and administration. An indication of how participation in AP has increased in recent years and particularly this year, I still thought the conference room would be more than adequate, forgetting how many of you there were. Finally, as a token of our appreciation, next week, if you have an AP exam in the morning, you are free for the rest of the day. If you have one in the afternoon and none the following morning, sleep in. If not, pick a morning or afternoon you are free and take that. Just be sure to let Ms. Swartz... Ms. Barefoot... know. I'll be covering for you. Again, the best of luck. Over to you, Mrs. Carter."


Ms. Swartz was, of course, cooling her heels with her baby at home -- pity. The rumor mill had it Ms. Swartz had gone completely nuts when her darling baby was suspended and made all sorts of accusations and caused a major uproar in the office to the point where Mr. Bingham had to haul her out. The new receptionist was Ms. Barefoot.


Mrs. Carter, the counselor in charge of AP exams, gave us all the usual words of wisdom and pep talk. When she was almost finished, she said, "I know all of you have memorized your schedule for next week, but in case you have questions, student aides are passing out copies. While you look them over, I'll entertain questions." Fortunately, there were few and those would have been answered by reading the materials we all had been given, but there are always those....


When there were no more questions, Mr. Agnue said, "If you have transportation, be dismissed, otherwise, you can hang out here or in the library."


As we were leaving the meeting, Michael came up to Justin and me and said, "I see you two have Wednesday afternoon off. I do as well. Any possibility we could get together? I need to talk."


"Sure," I responded. "If the weather is good, Justin and I will be on the boat. You can join us."


"Only if you promise no storm!" Michael laughed.


"If it's urgent, we could get together before then, I'm sure," Justin said.


"No real rush. Wednesday is fine," Michael said. "See you then."


"What are you and Sandy up to this weekend?" I asked.


"Nothing special," he responded. "I have to help Dad with some work around the place Saturday. Sandy is working on his science project. We talked about the possibility of taking in a movie Saturday night. Sunday, of course, we'll show up at St. Paul's and John has asked us to join him and the others on his boat Sunday afternoon."


"Justin and I will be sailing, so we'll see you on the high seas," I said, and we parted company.


Friday and Saturday nights, Justin worked late, coming home for supper then returning to the store which closed at 9:00, and some nights he still had an hour's work to do with making out the deposit and all that stuff. The work wasn't hard physically, but he was always pretty tired when he came home those nights.


Saturday night, I practically crawled home after Adam and I had completed our last delivery and got back to the store an hour after closing. When I got home, Justin was not yet home for supper. "Justin called to say he'd be late," Clarisa said as I came in. "Said he'd come for supper at 8:00. Your mom and I can wait if you can."


"It's 6:30," I observed, glancing at my watch. "8:00's fine with me. I'll shower and relax a bit." I crawled upstairs and into a hot shower. When I finished, I flopped across the bed and promptly fell asleep. Justin woke me when he came in for supper and I pulled on T and shorts and we went downstairs.


"I thought you two would be taking today off," Mom said, coming into the kitchen, "getting ready for APs."


"Mr. Sanford said we could, but he was really backed up with deliveries," I replied.


"And I had some major work to do at the store," Justin added. "Anyway, Mrs. Powers suggested we eat, sleep and relax this weekend. Said if we weren't ready for exams, cramming wouldn't help, so I saw no reason to take the day off. Think we are all planning on spending tomorrow on the water."


"If we're not on duty tomorrow, I was thinking about not showing up at St. Paul's," I said. "Interested, Justin?"


"Having the same thoughts myself," he grinned in response.


"I suspect Fr. DeBruhl might have had an inkling of that," Mom laughed. "I notice none of the Clan are on duty tomorrow. Enjoy."


"Want a picnic basket?" Clarisa asked.


"More than you know," Justin replied.


After supper, Justin asked, "You talking to the Clan about tomorrow?" I nodded and when he left for the store, I called John, Susan and Bobbie and asked about a picnic. They were all for it. Susan said she'd check with Bobbie, but she thought we should ask Adam and Arnold.


"Then what about Misti, Pat and Sissy?" I asked. "Looks like the Clan is expanding in its last moments in high school," I added.


"You check on Sissy and I'll call Misti and Pat."


When Susan called back, she said Misti and Pat were away for the weekend and Bobbie would call Adam and Arnold. "Matter of fact, she seemed rather anxious to have them along."


"Might have something to do with Kenneth canceling out on two weekends now. Maybe just a prom night romance," I suggested.


"We're all meeting at the marina at 11:30. Gives us time to get away before the after-church crowd arrives."


When Justin arrived, I told him of the plans and he said, with a wicked look in his eye, "Sounds good, but let's make it better. Let's get up and get on the boat by 8:30-9:00. We'll have a couple hours or so by ourselves."


"I'd love that," I said, kissing him and starting a short, but toe-curling love-making session.


We had a huge thunderstorm during the night and I was afraid our planned day on the water was ruined, but Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful. It was early -- actually not quite 7:00 -- when I awoke to the smell of bacon frying. I pulled on shorts and T and went down to find Justin in the middle of cooking breakfast. "Clarisa's not sick is she?" I asked.


"Not so far as I know," Justin replied. "I woke up and realized I hadn't done any cooking in ages and decided to make breakfast. Wake the ladies and tell them breakfast is in thirty minutes."


Before I could call her, Clarisa came running into the kitchen as if the house was afire. She obviously had hopped out of bed, thrown on a robe, and headed for the kitchen. "You need something, Clarisa?" Justin asked as though nothing was going on and then explained why he was fixing breakfast. "Now go get yourself fixed up," he laughed. "I want to enjoy my breakfast and right now I'm not sure I can with the mess you are in." Her hair was in curlers and sleep was still in her eyes and she wore a ratty, baby pink robe she just wouldn't get rid of. Guess you'd say it was her security blanket.


Clarisa gave him a playful slap on the cheek and said, "Baby, one of these days," laughed and headed for her place, to reappear half an hour later looking much better.


Mom arrived right behind her and we all sat down to a wonderful breakfast.


Breakfast over, Justin and I went to our place, undressed and hit the shower. Seconds after the water temperature was adjusted, I was in Justin's arms, his mouth covering mine, our tongues doing battle. After several minutes of passionate kissing, Justin said, "Babe, let's hold it for the boat. I want to make love to you on the water."


"It'll be hard...."


Justin laughed. "That's no surprise!" he said as he slapped my manhood. "It almost always is!" he said as he pulled my wet body to his, and kissed me deeply.


We dried each other and got clothes for the day. As I reached into a drawer for briefs, Justin grabbed my arm and said, "You don't need all that extra stuff. It's definitely a commando day," and laughed as he pulled shorts over his bare, beautiful butt. Grinning, I did the same. Wasn't easy getting on shorts for either of us as our cocks were standing hard and stiff from black and blond bushes.


Dressed, we went downstairs where Clarisa was putting together a picnic basket. She took fried chicken and potato salad from the fridge and as she did said, "You be sure you put the potato salad in the ice chest as soon as you get to the boat. Promise."


"We promise," I said.


She had already put a large covered pot of her version of baked beans in the basket, along with zipped plastic bags of raw veggies and jar of blue cheese dip. Closing the basket, she said, "The ice chest is already loaded with ice and drinks. Anything else you need?"


"Not a thing, thanks Clarisa," I responded and kissed her on the cheek. "Got food to refuel after making mad, passionate love to your other boy."


"Get out of here," she laughed and slapped me on my butt.


"Be easy with that!" Justin said with a grin. "It belongs to me."


"You get, too," she responded, slapping the butt that belonged to me.


Justin grabbed the picnic basket and I picked up the duffel bag with our extra shorts, Ts, swim trunks and, most importantly, the ditty bag, and we headed for the car. It took both of us to get the over-sized ice chest with the ice and drinks in the car and then we were ready to go.


Fifteen minutes later we were at the marina. We took the ice chest as we went to the boat. After it was stowed, Justin said, "You get the boat ready. I'll get the picnic basket and duffel.


It didn't take long to get everything aboard and stowed. In fact, we were under power and headed out of the marina just after nine.


The weather was perfect for sailing -- bright sunshine with a steady light breeze. As we approached the mouth of the inlet, I remembered Justin said last night we'd get out early to have time to ourselves and to make love on the water. Last fall -- the last time Justin and I had gone sailing before winterizing the boat -- he had suggested we investigate an inlet half a mile or so along the shoreline from the marina inlet. We had sailed up the inlet, dropped anchor and lay back on the boat's benches, hands behind our heads.


That day, we had talked a couple hours, recalling things we had done growing up and then about what we planned to do since we would soon be finishing high school. I was very undecided about my future. I had given a lot of thought to what I wanted to do with my life, but had settled on nothing. Justin was worried about being able to do anything beyond high school except get a job and go to work to help out him mom. There were also long bouts of silence.


Thinking back on that day, I laughed and headed the boat toward that inlet. When I did Justin started laughing and asked, "You thinking what I'm thinking?"


Grinning, I responded, "'Spect so."


"You know, seems like there were two different people on the boat then. I was worried about a job instead of college, a job to help Mama...." We both fell silent for several minutes, then Justin chuckled and said, "Can you imagine two men less aware than we were?"


Grinning, I responded, "You mean the fact that we did everything but jump each other's bones, but did nothing? Wonder why we were too dense to pick up on what was going on?"


"Guess I was too busy trying to give you a hint of my feelings without revealing anything."


"And I was doing the same. Going 'Hint, hint, hint,' but paying no attention to who we were hinting to."


"Well, there's no need to hint today."


"Don't know about that. Seems to me your heading for the inlet is a pretty big hint."


"No hint, lover boy. I want your body!"


We sailed up the inlet until we reached a point where shrubs and stunted trees grew on one bank, hiding the boat, if not the masts, from view. The opposite side of the inlet was marsh, making an approach from that direction damn nigh impossible. As I cut the motor, Justin dropped the anchor.


We were alone and seconds after the anchor splash, in each other's arms, tongues exploring half-opened mouths, hands exploring bodies. With very little interruption in our kissing and the business of our tongues, hands slid under Ts, slipping them over our heads. Our kisses became hotter and hotter as first one, then the other, unzipped his lover's shorts, allowing them to fall to the deck. Justin grasped both our cocks and began a slow stroking. The stroking was hot enough in itself, but feeling my cock being rubbed by Justin's was an added pleasure.


We were standing, and that kinda limited what we could do since there were gentle swells in the inlet rocking the boat, and any sudden movement on our part increased the danger we'd fall on our asses, which we were reserving for other activities. That was soon remedied when I pulled a couple cushions to the deck and laid them side by side. They were hardly in place before Justin and I were mouth to cock. Sixty-nine is great and I love it, for a while, but it means I cannot see the face of my beloved and seeing his face is important for me when I am making love to him. Justin feels the same way, but sometimes... well, as I said, I love sixty-nine!


When we had brought each other close to the point of no return, Justin did his trick, flipping himself around so he lay facing me, his black, black eyes gazing in to mine. We exchanged passionate kisses and stroked each other until Justin said, "Better hold off, babe, or it's all going to be over too soon!"


I kissed him and turned to lie on my back. Justin promptly lay his head on my chest. We were silent, just being in the presence of the one we loved beneath the blue, blue sky.


Justin took a deep breath and sighed, then said softly, slowly, "Babe, I love you more than anything in the world. I don't think I could live without you." As he spoke, he turned his head, looking into my eyes as his fingers lightly stroked my face.


I was silent, struck dumb by just the idea of life without Justin. Finally, I got myself together enough to say, "Babe, I hope we never have to find out how life would be without each other," and covered his mouth with mine.


As we continued soft, butterfly kisses, I wrapped my arms around Justin and pulled him atop me. Resting his weight on his elbows, he raised his head and gazed into my eyes. Justin asked, "Marc, babe?"


I knew what he was asking, but for some dumb reason, responded, "Are you sure?"


"Never been surer of anything," he answered with a huge Justin smile.


I know how lustful eighteen-year-old males can be, I am one, but Justin and I had been so busy and so tired from school and work, he had been been inside me only once since the prom. We were not shirking lovemaking -- never -- but we had made love in ways we were more practiced in and which, frankly, did not require the time and energy having Justin inside me did. Now we had all the time we needed!


Justin hopped up, opened the duffel and tossed me the ditty bag. Moments later, I was fingering Justin's rosebud, then pushed a finger inside him. As he opened up, I added a second and a third, and he was begging for me inside him. Even after I had slowly entered him, he was begging for more, urging me deeper and harder. It was a wonderful feeling, both being inside the man I loved and his asking for more. As I continued to thrust, I was stroking Justin in rhythm with my thrusting. Even with just resting inside him from time to time, and long before I wanted it to happen, I thrust inside my lover as my cock spasmed. As it did, Justin shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yes, babe, yes! as he joined me in a toe-curling climax. Both of us, weak from sexual ecstasy, once again lay on our backs, Justin's head resting on my chest.


We were so happy, relaxed, loved, that soon both of us fell sleep to the gentle rocking of the boat.

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