Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Forty-six

As we walked into the bedroom, I kicked the door closed behind us, gave Justin a wicked grin and pulled him into my arms. He smiled, a heart-melting Justin smile, and wrapped his arms around me. We continued gazing into the eyes of our lover as our lips slowly moved toward each other, finally meeting in the beginning of an increasingly passionate kiss. When we finally broke our kiss, Justin said, "Remember our first kiss in Florida? I sure do! I thought we could have shown the world how to really kiss."


"And we have come a long way since then," I smiled and covered his lips with mine again.


Couple times Justin and I had laughed about our addiction to kissing. We simply loved to kiss -- long kisses, short kisses, kisses sneaked during school, kisses beginning a slow, wonderful session of love-making, just kissing -- so I wasn't surprised that we stood, holding each other and kissing. Finally, without breaking the kiss, I slid my hands under Justin's waistband -- he, as I, was going commando - and cupped his bubble butt and squeezed as my tongue entered his mouth.


Moments later, I unzipped Justin's shorts, letting them fall to his ankles and he followed my lead. I ran my hands up his hard body, sliding his tee over his head. When Justin had removed my tee, we stood, hands on each other's shoulders, admiring the body of the one we loved more than life itself. Both of us had matured and firmed up a great deal in the last year, Justin more than I. While I am more than a little biased, he was a beautiful, well-built young man with a hard chest, with dark, ever-so-suckable nipples. His hard stomach had a clear V at the point of which was a black, black, full bush and the grand cock I loved.


I could have stood there, drinking in his handsome body longer, getting hotter, but Justin had other ideas. He took my hands in his, wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body to his. His mouth covered mine and his tongue began doing the magical things Justin can do with it. My whole being was flooded with the wonderful taste of Justin even after he finally broke the kiss.


Our mouths locked in yet another kiss, I maneuvered Justin to the edge of the bed, laid him back on it and quickly covered his body with mine. We continued kissing each other as we rolled over and over, first one on top, then the other, our rock-hard, precum-streaming cocks pressed between us. On top, I raised up, smiled at Justin and said, "Somebody I know needs a tongue bath." Justin grinned in agreement.


Justin loved receiving tongue baths, but wasn't very much into giving them. Just as well since, unlike Justin, they tickled me, dissolving me into a giggling mass of jello.


Smiling at my beloved, I ran my tongue up his arm and into his armpit, then around a nipple and returned to the starting point. On the return trip, I gave Justin's armpit a thorough tongue washing. I knew a tongue in his armpit sent Justin into ecstasy and I loved to do it, so on the next trip I went from one nipple to the other, into his other armpit and returned the same way, each time spending extra time in his armpit.


After the third or fourth trip -- who's counting? -- I raised up, looked into Justin's eyes and headed for a nipple, gave it a good sucking before I traced a path down his hard stomach, stopping to tongue his belly button and finally reached my goal: Justin's throbbing cock. I have never figured out how he does it, but as I was licking toward my goal, Justin had flipped around and as I took his hard, precum-streaming cock into my mouth, he took mine into his. I was on the verge of exploding, but as I was coming up for air and to warn Justin, he whispered, "Oh, baby, I'm cumming," and exploded into my mouth. That was all it took! I exploded as well.


We both made great attempts to swallow our lover's gift, but our efforts failed and we ended up with cum on our face. No problem as we each used our tongues to clean up our lover. As we did, Justin laughed and said, "We're like a couple kittens lapping up cream."


I just grinned and said, "Yeah, but very special cream!"


I guess you'd have to say we had just sucked cock, but there was definitely no "just" about it. Cock sucking we did, but our love-making had been very passionate and downright rambunctious, so much so that when we finished tongue bathing face, cock and balls, we were sweaty and pleasantly exhausted. Happy in the afterglow of our passion, our lust and our love, we nestled in each other's arms, exchanged butterfly kisses and drifted off to sleep.


Sometime later, I was awake. I was facing Justin, bathed in bright moonlight, and when I opened my eyes, I saw his sleeping face. He was so beautiful and he loved me! I kissed his forehead and he opened his smiling eyes as a huge Justin grin covered his handsome face. I pulled his lips to mine for a soft kiss and as we broke it, he whispered softly, "Babe, I love you!"


"I love you too, lover boy and while it's not THE night after the prom, it's still A night after the prom." I didn't have to say more. He knew exactly what I meant.


We had talked at length about, in the vernacular, fucking and being fucked by our lover. While we had played with the dildos and used them on each other, I had never gotten to where having one inside me was more than something I did for Justin. It wasn't because it was painful -- there was practically no pain now -- I just did not find it pleasurable. I worried about that because Justin loved having me use one in his ass. He assured me again and again that once we decided to use the real thing, it was up to me to say when, if ever, I wanted him inside me. "If that was never, so be it. babe, I want you inside ME. I'm not talking about me being inside you."


Several days before the prom, we had had hot sex -- cock sucking and getting off with Justin's cock between my thighs and mine pressed between us -- and were lying in each other's arms when Justin asked, "Babe, isn't all that fancy dressing up and the prom REALLY about sex? Isn't the point to get all dressed up so later you can get naked and fuck like bunnies?"


"I suspect you have a point there," I laughed.


"Right! So the night after the prom, we get naked and fuck like bunnies!"


"Night after the prom," I had smiled, weakly, in agreement, but Justin didn't miss my reluctance. He kissed me very gently, held my face between his hands, looked into my eyes and said, again, "Babe, please listen and hear what I say. I know how you feel about having me inside you and I neither expect nor want it until you want it and are ready for it. And I mean until you are ready to beg for it even. If that never happens, it never happens. And don't think you can fool me if you ask because you want to please me. You can't please me that way. When you desire to have me inside you, I'll be ready, but now we're taking about your being inside me. Best I remember from the Florida boys, it takes two to fuck like bunnies, one top, one bottom. Can't be two tops!" Justin added, a grin on his face, his eyes sparkling.


I had kissed him and said, in agreement, "Night after the prom, we fuck like bunnies," and smiled.


Well, the night after the prom, we had spent being parents to three sets of new lovers and realized we had to be up early the next morning. Not only did we not fuck like bunnies, but we did practically no love-making of any kind.


Then earlier tonight, we were so horny we didn't take time to prepare each other for the next step in our physical relationship. Now, in a room bright with moonlight, I looked into the eyes of the man I loved and said, "Lover Boy, it's night after the prom," then slowly brought my lips to his for a long, lingering kiss.


When I broke the kiss, the smile on Justin's face lit up the room more than the moonlight as he flipped himself, straddled my body and took my semi-hard penis in his mouth. His man's tool and low hanging balls were before my face and his beautiful, brown rosebud was exposed to the moonlight. I took first one, then the other of Justin's balls in my mouth, tonguing and sucking them as his cock rose, getting hard. I finally took both balls in my mouth and started fingering his ass.


Without taking his balls from my mouth, I reached over my head for the special ditty bag we had prepared for the weekend. While we may have learned well the lessons from the Captain, Antwon and Sharky in Florida, and from our experimenting and practicing since we had returned, we were unprepared for the moment. We had no need for the bag the night before and instead of it being in easy reach on the night stand, it was still in my gym bag packed last Saturday. Now that the moment had arrived when it was needed, it was across the room.


Justin was doing his special magic on my cock and balls as I groaned and said, "Lover boy, hold the thought, but free my cock. The ditty bag's in my gym bag."


"Thought you were a good boy scout and always prepared," Justin laughed as he reluctantly took his mouth from my penis and rolled from over me.


"Didn't learn anything about ditty bags for lube and such, or cocks and asses, in the boy scouts," I laughed. "Boy scouts aren't into that sort of thing," I added as I climbed back on the bed, opened the ditty bag and poured its contents on the night stand.


"Bullshit!" Justin laughed, "I just had an eagle scout's cock in my mouth and he had my balls in his, and now that he has got it together, I am going to have an eagle scout playing with my ass!"


Justin rolled me on my back, poured a stream of lube down my condom-covered cock and asked, "Ready to ride, Babe?"


I grinned and nodded and Justin knelt over me, placed my dick at the entrance of his ass and started lowering himself on my hard cock. As I entered him slowly, I could not have imagined how awesome it was. It was very good Justin was taking it slow and easy, not only because I was afraid I would hurt him but also, to be honest, because I was positive had my cock entered him any faster, it would have sent me over the edge!


Justin grimaced once or twice as he lowered himself on my cock. I grimaced, but only in response to my lover's pain. I was certainly in no pain and, in fact, what I was experiencing was indescribably wonderful -- pure heaven. It was as though I was completely and totally engulfed by Justin and his love.


Justin finally relaxed, sitting on my legs, my cock inside him. A Justin smile covered his face as he leaned over his hard cock to kiss me, his eyes sparkling. After a passionate kiss, he raised up and began to slowly ride up and down on my rock-hard dick. As he did, I reached down and took his own hard tool in my hand and stroked him in time with his stroking my cock with his hot, tight ass.


"Lover boy," I said, long before I wished I had to, "I think you better rest it a bit unless you want to end this right now."


Again, Justin leaned forward, my cock still buried in his ass, kissed me and said, "Babe, I don't want this to ever end. Besides, we have to make up the long time we could have been making love." We rested until I began to soften and felt Justin's cock, pressed between our bellies, growing soft as well. We had been exchanging soft kisses from time to time, but nothing else. "Ready to go again?" Justin smiled, looking into my eyes. I just smiled in return. Justin rolled over, with me still inside, and said, "Bottom's on bottom, babe."


I began slowly thrusting in and out of my beloved as my cock grew harder and harder. Justin's cock was growing as well. He reached for it, but I pushed his hand away and took it in my hand, stroking in time with my thrusting. The feeling of Justin's tight ass round my cock was awesome and I knew it couldn't last forever. Sure enough, long before I wanted it, I felt my man's tool swell and start shooting inside Justin. When I started cumming, my stroking of his cock became very erratic so Justin covered my hand with his and started a fast, rhythmic stroking. As he stroked, he started groaning, matching my groans which had started before my explosion. I felt Justin's ass tighten around my cock causing it to continue pulsing inside him. Justin finally shouted and shot hot cum on my belly and chest. I collapsed on top of him, both of us breathing rapidly.


We lay together until my soft cock slipped out of Justin and his cum grew cold between us. After exchanging a soft kiss, we got up, cleaned up and went back to bed, this time really sated and exhausted. In seconds we were fast asleep.


In the morning, I awoke with morning wood and a decidedly sore cock. I kissed Justin on the cheek and as his eyes opened he said, "I think I might be doing the cowboy walk today. I hope it won't be too noticeable."


"Remember the old joke about why robbing Peter to pay Paul is bad for business?" Justin looked puzzled and I said, "You know, robbing Peter to pay Paul makes Peter sore and no one can do business with a sore peter. Just call me Peter," I laughed.


"But it was worth it, right?"


"Couldn't be righter," I replied, kissed him, and ran for the bathroom.


After we showered and I shaved, we got dressed and went to the kitchen to grab breakfast. I was surprised that everyone, except Sandy and Michael, was gathered around the kitchen table, eating. As we walked in, Sandy and Michael came from their room, holding hands.


I wasn't absolutely sure but I had a definite suspicion Sandy might have been like a runaway train in their new relationship, and wondered how Michael would respond to that. He was more experienced than Sandy, more knowledgeable, and I feared popping Sandy's cherry might have been more important to him than developing a sound relationship with our new brother. Ok, so I felt protective toward Sandy, no question about that, and I experienced the frustration parents must feel when their children may be rushing helter-skelter into life and they can do nothing about it. Well, runaway sex was a bad idea and Justin and I had tried to tell the two of them that, but I worried. I was much relieved when Sandy sidled up to me and whispered, "I hope you and Justin got some real fuc... love-making done. Michael said we had to put a damper on ours, just kissing and stroking each other, but that was something awesome. Michael said we had a lot of time and the wait would be worth it. I think it depends on what we do while we're waiting," Sandy blushed and giggled. I breathed a sigh of relief.


We finished breakfast and, finally ready for school, piled our bags in the cars and Michael's truck, and headed out in a bit of a rush since we had taken longer to get ready than we should have.


Justin was driving and I sat, my hand on his thigh, daydreaming. "I don't know how life could be more perfect," I finally said. "I have a whole lifetime ahead of me filled with love and love-making." I leaned over the console and, with difficulty, kissed Justin on the cheek.


He turned quickly to look at me, a huge smile on his face, and said, "A whole lifetime! Yeah, God's in His heaven; all's right with the world."

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