Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Forty-four

As we drove to the lodge, the full moon was so bright it was hard to believe it was half an hour until midnight. Sunset Lodge seemed to be miles away from anywhere but was practically in town, so ten minutes after leaving the prom, we turned into the gate. About half a mile later the picturesque, weatherbeaten building appeared in a grove of huge, old oaks, situated on a sandy ridge separating the beach from a quiet lagoon. 

When we arrived, we grabbed our bags from the limo and sent it on its way. "Y'all can decide on your sleeping arrangements," I said, "but Justin and I get the king size bed if there is only one, which is what I remember." 

"Surprise, surprise," John laughed. 

Justin and I took our bags into the bedroom, changed into shorts and Ts and were checking out the snacks and drinks when Michael and Sandy arrived. "Food, major food," Sandy said. "When do we eat?" 

"When you like," Susan said, coming back from, I assume, checking out bedrooms. "I am definitely changing first." She grabbed a bag and headed for one of the bedrooms, followed by Bobbie. 

Justin and I set out the food and glasses for drinks, finishing just as John and Kenneth reappeared in shorts and Ts; Sandy and Michael had not. "Sandy, you were to change, that's all," Kenneth called to the two. 

"I got him undressed and I like him that way," Sandy responded. 

"Does that mean you're willing to share?" Justin called back. 

"I'm getting him dressed right now," Sandy said. "Right now." 

They joined us around the table where there were all sorts of food -- sandwiches, great salads and fresh fruit. "Drinks?" Justin asked, and handed out drinks as requests were made. 

As he handed me mine, Susan and Bobbie appeared. "Nice to be out of prison," Susan said. "What we women do for you men." 

John kissed her on the cheek and laughed. "Best I can find out, you do it for other women." 

"You know, I think that's right," Bobbie agreed. "I'm not sure men pay enough attention to make all the suffering worth it." 

"I pay attention," Kenneth said. "It's just that I like you both ways. Probably would like you au naturel as well. Care to check?" 

"In your dreams, buddy boy." 

"Better than nothing," Kenneth grinned. 

After we finished eating, John looked at Susan, smiled and asked, "Up to a walk on the beach?" Susan nodded, and John made a side trip into a bedroom for a blanket. 

Kenneth said, "Bobbie, I noticed a paddle boat on the the lagoon. Lke a ride?" Bobbie grabbed his hand and they left, leaving Michael and Sandy with us. 

Michael got a shy grin on his face and said, "Not too subtle, guys." 

Justin and I laughed then I said, "Yeah, well, Justin and I would like some time with you two, if you don't mind." 

"We don't mind at all," Michael said. 

"Great!" I said. "How about we go out on the deck?" 

Justin and Michael moved two lounges side by side, facing in opposite directions, pulled the backs up and lay down. As they did, Justin extended his arms and I lay down beside him, my head resting on his arm. Michael and Sandy followed suit and when we were settled, I said, "I guess we're about to jump feet first into something which is really none of our business but, Michael, we feel kinda responsible for Sandy." 

"Yeah, well, you find something lying in the road and you pick it up, it belongs to you. I understand," Michael said, turned and kissed Sandy on the cheek. "And if you're giving him to me, you want to make sure he's safe and is treated right, and 'e'll not end up at the pound or back in the road." 

Justin laughed, "Don't know that I'd put it that way, but yeah. Anyway, Marc and I have some concerns about you two. For starters, Clarisa read us the riot act when we got back from Florida after becoming lovers. In spite of the fact that we were both essentially virgins -- Marc had been given a blow job he didn't ask for by a girl -- well, never mind. Anyway, that's all he'd been into. I hadn't had even that much experience. In spite of our inexperience, Clarisa insisted we have hep shots and be tested for HIV before we did anything which might expose us to either. We know Sandy has said all he had done with another man was kiss Frank Allan..." 

"That's all, I swear," Sandy said. "And no tongue either." 

Michael looked at Sandy and said, "Then, babe, some of this is not going be easy because I am not inexperienced. Well, making love will be new, real new for me. At love-making, I'm definitely a virgin, but not at sex. But I guess I need to start at the beginning. 

"Let's see. I learned something -- most of it wrong -- about being gay when I was seven or eight. Alfred, a cousin from Greensboro, spent a couple weeks with us that summer. He was twelve, could ejaculate, so sex was pretty exciting to him." Michael laughed, "And I didn't think it was much of a great deal. I guess I was a late bloomer in that department." 

"Man, I would have thought otherwise," Justin said, "from the first time I remember seeing you." 

Michael laughed, "I guess that was when I came to high school in the ninth grade. I might have been a late bloomer, but once spring came, I bloomed quickly. I was the only eighth-grader I knew who had to shave every day or could grow a real beard. By then I had a very respectable cock as well. Anyway, I'm not sure where he got his information, but he told me queers were old men who fucked young boys in the bunghole. He painted a pretty grim and graphic picture of sexual abuse which did not serve me well. 

"I was ten when I caught my brother and a friend jerking off and they told me about masturbation. I had played with my cock some and it felt good, but I guess I was a bit slow because I had never really jacked off. Like being a late bloomer, I made up for lost time. I was nearly twelve when I came for the first time. By then, I was having great masturbation fantasies which always involved boys, and when I started having wet dreams, all of them I could remember were about me and a boy or boys. I had never really focused on one boy until the end of the eighth grade. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I had decided I was gay and actually worried about attacking little boys. The very thought made me sick and I was having nightmares. My uncle in Greensboro had a real problem with my parents' religion and arranged for me to go to a summer camp his church sponsored. The camp included sex education and after we heard about homosexuality, I was pretty sure my cousin had been full of bullshit, but asked my counselor about being gay. I was very relieved by what he told me and, after that, grew pretty easy with being gay. 

"You all remember how the two middle school eighth grades get bussed to the high school for orientation to high school just before school's out?" We all laughed, remembering how little of what we had been told had any relationship to what was. Michael grinned and said, "Yeah. Anyway, by then there was absolutely no doubt in my mind I was gay, but way, way back in the closet. 

"I was also about full grown and sure I was headed for the football team in high school. Sure enough, orientation day, the football coach held me back as everyone was leaving the gym, to talk about football while the others headed for lunch. When I finally got to the cafeteria, I was one of the few who was not already eating. I got my lunch and looked around and saw there were only a few scattered seats left. I finally spied a table with two empty spaces and sat down. Sandy came right behind me and asked if he could sit in the remaining seat. He did and I fell in love, right then, right there, that was it, period! 'Course I never believed he'd speak to me, much less kiss me or dance with me.” Michael looked at Sandy, smiled and said, "Believe it or not, it's true, the first time I saw you, babe, I fell in love. That is the honest truth and it has never changed, not for a moment. But I didn't think anything would ever come of it. 

"Last year, I met a football player from another school who was gay. A senior, he was upfront with me, well, kinda. After a game in their stadium, he came into the shower where I was, sporting an erection. I saw it and then saw him scoping me out and no way I could stop from popping a boner. He smiled, looked at me and said, 'Nice cock, super nice. Interested in playing around some? I'm hot and so are you. Rents are at a party and won't be back before two or three in the morning. Time for some good sex before then.' I was bowled over, but interested. 

"We finished our shower, got dressed and went to his place. We had barely got in his room when he started ripping my clothes off. As soon as I was undressed, I took his clothes off and we lay on his bed and started kissing. I had never been with anyone before, really, and was pretty shy, but after some hot kisses, he starting jerking me off. It felt so good, I was soon returning the favor. We both had an explosive orgasm and after cleaning up, we had a couple beers before we started kissing again and before he took me home, we had jerked off again. 

"When I got home, Mom and Dad pitched a fit and made it very clear they were not fencing me in, but they would not tolerate my coming and going without their knowing where and when. That’s why I was not about to come out here without checking in first. Anyway, Mom and Dad seemed easy with my being with him and we got together a few weeks later. That time he sucked me off and I tried to suck him, without much success. A few more sessions and I got pretty good at it, he said. Then, the week after football ended, he called Thursday night and said his parents were going out of town for the weekend and asked me to spend it with him. I asked my parents, but didn't tell them we'd be the only ones in the house. They had no objection and he picked me up as soon as he could drive over after school Friday. 

"When we arrived at his place, we stripped and had a beer in the kitchen and started playing around, ending up sucking each other off on the kitchen table. After we both had exploded, he asked if I'd like a real drink and when I said just another beer, he handed me one and poured himself a half glass of vodka over ice. We finished our drinks, and started playing around again. He tossed me another beer, refilled his glass and we went to the bedroom. We played around some more and were both as hot as we could be. He whispered in my ear, 'Michael, I want you to fuck me.' I asked about a condom and he said we didn't need one. He kept swearing he was a virgin, that I was his first and only sex partner and I believed him... well, that's what I wanted to believe. We talked some more and, well, I fucked him. Ok, it was awesome, not going to lie about that. 

"After I had recovered, he said he wanted to fuck me. I was frightened, but he kept on and I finally agreed. He was pretty drunk and in such a rush he just jammed a finger in to me without adequate lube or starting slow and easy. He really, really hurt me and I begged him to take it easy. He bitched and pretty much kept on, shoving in another finger. I kept telling him he'd have to stop because he was hurting me. He was really pissed off, but I was hurt and when he tried to shove his cock in my ass, it was too limp -- I guess because of all the booze he had. That pissed him off more and when I said I guessed he wasn't going to be able to fuck me, he got really drunk angry and shoved three fingers in me. I was sure he had ripped me open and told him to stop, and take me home, but he held me down and he just kept on shoving his fingers in me. I told him, again, to stop and when he didn't, I slugged him. I didn't do much damage, but he kicked me across the room and told me, 'Get out! You and your prick-teasing ass are on your own.' He was struggling to get on his feet and I knew he would at least attempt to do me damage. 

"I grabbed my clothes and rushed out of the house. I ran down the street, naked, for a couple blocks, crying like a baby. I finally went behind some bushes and got dressed and when I checked my watch, it was two in the morning, but I didn't care, I had escaped. 

"My parents had always told me if I got into a situation and needed them, call. They'd come, no questions asked. Dressed, I found my cell phone and called home. Dad came and got me. Sure enough, he didn't ask any questions. The next morning, I thanked my parents and told them my friend wasn't who I thought he was. I think they assumed drugs were involved, but didn't ask, just reassured me that anytime I found myself in need of them, they were there for me and suggested strongly I watch who claimed to be my friend. 

"A week or so afterward, I noticed a small sore on my cock, on the head. Had I not been in that church camp, I don't think I would have done anything about it. I mean it didn't hurt but, having been told about STDs, I was afraid I had something and since my parents are pretty rigid in their religion, but have always been pretty upfront with me about sex, I went to my dad, showed him my cock..." 

"My dad would have beat me within an inch of my life -- if he stopped there -- for even showing him my cock," Sandy said. 

"My dad was just very concerned and asked if I had had sex with anyone. I told him I had, but that was all. I sure didn't tell him I had fucked a man. He asked if it had been unprotected sex and I told him we had no need to use protection. 'Son, I think you're wrong. I think you probably have syphilis and you don't get that off a toilet seat.' I was scared shitless because that same church camp where I heard about syphilis also said syphilis made it easier to get HIV -- the syphilis sore provided an opening for the virus. I could hardly wait to get to the doctor and get tested. Sure enough, I had syphilis, but didn't have HIV. I got a load of penicillin in my ass -- when I complained because it hurt like hell, the doctor said, 'Remember that the next time you stick your cock in an unknown hole!' -- and was retested later for both syphilis and HIV and I was and am clean. I was still worried about HIV and wanted to be really, really sure, so I was tested again last month and so I can safely say, I'm clean of syphilis and have never been HIV positive. 

"Turns out my sex partner had lied and was having sex with at least six guys, including one dude as old as his dad. That was the one who gave him syphilis. Oh! I also got my hep shots a year ago. I mean it, Sandy, it was just raw sex, getting my rocks off. After getting clean, I decided if I couldn't have you, I'd wait until I fell in love with someone else, but I never thought it'd happen because I knew I'd always be in love with you." 

"Michael you didn't have to tell us all that, but we appreciate your honesty," Justin said, "and I for one, definitely feel better about you and Sandy." 

"Ditto that for me," I said, "and again, we're just very protective of Sandy. He's been hurt enough already." 

"Glad you are because he's worth protecting," Michael said. "And we'll not be rushing things, We have years and years and years to get to know each other, to love each other and to make love." 

"Well, I'm not going to wait around forever to get started. In fact, I expect to do some playing around here very soon," Sandy said and kissed Michael, a kinda awkward kiss, then Michael showed him how it's done. "Think the beach is big enough for another couple?" he asked. Michael answered by taking Sandy's hand, grabbing the cover from a table and heading down the steps to the beach. 

"Why do I feel like we are parents chaperoning a party?" I asked Justin. 

He held me close, kissed me softly and responded, "Because we're like parents chaperoning a party?" and laughed. 

We were making out pretty good when I heard John call quietly, "Disengage," as he and Susan, arm-in-arm, walked up the steps from the beach. John tossed the cover on the table and said, "We made a trade. Think the new lovers probably would appreciate a blanket more than a plastic table cover. Get them on the straight and narrow?" 

"Let's just say Sandy's luck didn't end when you and your family took him in," Justin said. "Michael is something else. He'll do right by our Sandy. 'Course, Michael's not unlucky either. Our Sandy's not a bad catch and he is caught! As Marc said, we feel like 'parents chaperoning a party.'" 

"Well, Daddy and Daddy," John laughed, "I guess Susan and I are two of your charges and we've reached a decision." 

"You've decided to admit what all the rest of us have known for ages, right?" I asked. 

"Don't know about ages but, yeah, I guess. Seems everyone else knew more about us than we did. We've been trying to get things straight in our heads -- and hearts -- for a while. We told everyone and ourselves we were just good friends so long, and that was and is true, at least the good friends part is. I guess we had ourselves convinced we were and always would be just good friends, nothing more." 

"And everybody knows you fall in love, I mean you fall in love," Susan said. "Old friends don't fall in love. You heard Michael, he said the first time he laid eyes on Sandy, he fell in love with him. Well, John and I have known each other for eighteen years. I guess I was waiting for Prince Charming to come along, sweep me off my feet and I'd fall in love. I certainly never expected to just wake up and find I had been in love with John for a long time. I don't even know how long." 

"I don't know, is it so different?" John laughed. "I mean, you meet someone for the first time and you fall in love or you see, really see, someone you've known for ages, for the first time and suddenly know you are in love. Not a lot of difference it seems to me. Anyway, I think we really saw each other for the first time while we were in Florida. One night Bobbie and Adam were getting it on -- or fighting -- you two were fucking each other's brains out..." 

Justin laughed and said, "I've heard that a few times and hate to disillusion you, but neither of us has been fucker or fuckee -- yet." 

John grinned and continued, "Well, while you and Marc were holding hands and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ear, I was feeling like a fifth wheel and decided to see if I could find Susan for a walk on the beach. I did and we did. I took a blanket and we lay on the beach, talking. We were both resting on our elbows, head in hand, when I just had this urge to lean over and kiss Susan. When I did, bells sounded, fireworks went off and, well, I guess that's not too different from falling in love except I knew the way I felt about Susan I had felt, but been afraid to admit, for quite a while. Actually, after I thought about it for a while, I realized I had known it last summer while I was in Atlanta, but never got the courage to do anything about it, afraid it would be the end of our friendship." 

"Good to know that happens to straight guys as well as gay," Justin said. 

"Well, the way it happened for John wasn't the way it happened for me," Susan said. "John kissed me, but it wasn't really unexpected. We were in a romantic setting, the moon was right, the mood was right and so on..." 

John laughed, "You know Susan. She hadn't had time for a thorough analysis or to weigh the pros and cons. I agreed to back off and she backed off to the point where, when we got back, I wondered if I had imagined it all. Susan had been pretty passionate on the beach, but that seemed to be the end of it. Last week she finally decided she had analyzed it enough to admit she was in love after all. We decided to just cool it since we only had a few weeks before we'd be separated, but today we got good news. I have been accepted at Sewanee, only ninety-five miles from Vanderbilt where Susan will be." 

"Think you can get a discount for gasoline?" I asked. "Suspect you are going to keep a small Middle Eastern country enjoying a nice lifestyle with the oil you'll consume otherwise." 

John laughed and said, "Probably would like to see her often, but from the looks of my schedule and class load, I'll have my nose in a book most of the time." 

"Both of us have so much credit for AP classes, we're getting credit for 101 classes and starting with advanced. Yeah, it's going to be nose in a book, but I think that's good. We don't want to end up like Bobbie and Adam -- surgically attached to each other." 

"Given the moon and all the romance in the air, hormones too, it would be easy to start down that path," John said. 

"If you're hinting at what you two are planning on doing the rest of the night, I don't want to know," Justin said. 

"Neither do I," I said. 

"Understood, Daddy and Daddy," Susan laughed. 

"You know, that brings up an issue we have been avoiding," Justin said. "I guess it's settled that I am staying here for school and working at Sanford's, but you..." 

"Clarisa has been pushing me as well. Out of the blue, she asked if I had thought about UNC-Elizabethton and said that I could probably get in at this late date. They are accommodating in their recognition of AP courses and generous with scholarship money for whites. Of course, that's not a problem for me, but would be for Justin. I've been thinking about it." 

"Senator Porcher's gay son enrolled in a historically black college. That is really rubbing it in," John laughed. 

"Oh, I'm sure he'll come up with some way to turn it to his political advantage." 

"Doubt that, but there's something else. You know Clarisa says African-Americans are even more homophobic than whites," Susan said. 

"Yeah, well, maybe we need to do some education. I have an appointment with the registrar next week. Think Justin should go along." 

"We'll see. How long before Bobbie and Kenneth come to tell us they are in love?" I asked. 

"Don't know, but I'm not planning on being here." Justin kissed me, stood, extended his hand and pulled me to my feet. We walked inside to our bed to begin our after-the-prom party. 

Justin and I had kinda planned for prom night being 'our night,' that is, when we took our love-making to a new level, but it was after 1:30 when we crawled into bed. After butterfly kisses, Justin said, "Marc, babe, I want you inside me in the worst way, but we need time, slow and easy time. You know we'll have to be up at 8:00-8:30, so, babe, this is not the night." 

As much as I wished it were otherwise, I knew he was right.