Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Forty-one

Justin had commented that this would be our last sleep-in Saturday since we both would be working future Saturdays, and we took full advantage of it, sleeping until 9:00 then taking a leisurely shower before going downstairs. 

The rest of the household had slept in as well and Mom and Mrs. Crandall were at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. After Mom had hugged us both, she said, "It's going to take some getting used to, you two being lovers, I mean. I mean some of the implications are just now coming to mind such as you two being upstairs..." 

Mrs. Porcher, you don't want to go there," Justin said. 

"You're right about that! Well, then, like I'll never be a grandmother." 

"Maybe, maybe not," Justin said. "We're getting married and after that, who knows? There are always kids who need a home. But you wouldn't expect Marc to have given that a great deal of thought had he fallen in love with a girl, would you?" 

"I guess not, now that I think about it, but you'll have to admit, his falling in love with you is not what I would have thought about -- ever -- or the difference it makes, your not being a woman, I mean." 

"Yeah, and I like the difference!" I said. 

After breakfast, I got a call from Mr. Wilson telling me the insurance company had decided it would total the car. "You'll not get enough to purchase a new one," he said, "and they will keep your car. Think they'll run it through an auction somewhere and get at least half what they are offering you for it. You might want to talk with Jim Patterson. He may work out a deal with you that will be to both your advantage." 

I called Jim Patterson, Patterson Motors, and talked with him. He said, "Marc, maybe we can work a deal here. I have guys in service standing around costing me money and making none from time to time. They could be working on your car. No cost to me since otherwise they'd just be standing around scratching their ass and drawing wages. We can clean the car up, find some seats in a wreck which are in excellent shape, etc. Since there'd be no rush, we could take our time at finding stuff we need at a decent price. 

"Now I know that you don't want to wait around for your car and putting men on it to get it done and getting stuff quickly would cost. If the insurance company totals the car, it won't buy a new one. I suspect what they would give you totaled or with you keeping the car would be about the same. Get the offer from the insurance company and tell them you'll take it provided you can keep the car. They'll want to argue, so tell them to talk to Woodrow Wilson -- he's your lawyer, right? I suspect they'll argue a bit, but offer almost as much with you keeping the car as without. Since I know you don't want to wait for a car and I don't blame you, I don't have a WRX in stock, but probably can get one -- I found two in the southeast when Clarisa called the other day. Some woman! Or you might be interested in a new special edition Impreza Outback Sport. You're driving one now. Like it?" 

"Yeah, it's not a WRX, but not bad." 

"Well, if you saw the difference in price, you might think the Impreza is just what you need. Wouldn't cost an arm and a leg beyond what you'll get out of the insurance. How about I send over an offer of what a new WRX and and Impreza would cost and you give it some thought?" 

"Sure, why not? Include a deal with the used Impreza I'm driving now." 

"The special edition? Sounds good, Marc," he responded. 

We called John and went over to pick up the three guys and go to Gibson's and McKessins for our tux and flowers. When we walked into McKessins, Eunice said, "You have made my day! I did the boutonnieres -- five for you gentlemen and two for Mr. Wilson and Mr. Thurmond -- I guess you know the Thurmonds are having a dinner party for your mom and Mrs. Crandall. Then I did flowers for the ladies and still I had gardenias. Should I send them to your place, Marc?" 

Before I could answer, Justin said, "Eunice, do flowers for Miss Amy Louise and Clarisa -- maybe you could call Clarisa and find out if she'd like them on a church hat, Sunday being Easter and all." 

"Good idea," I said, "and do flowers for yourself, for your Easter outfit, Eunice." 

"You don't want that, do you Marc?" 

"Of course I do!" I replied. "Won't have suggested it otherwise." 

"You not only made my day, you made my weekend," Eunice said, as excited as any high school girl headed for the prom. 

"Do you want the flowers delivered to the ladies or do you want to take them? They'll definitely need to have them before you pick them up." 

"We'll handle the deliveries for you, all of them, Eunice, since we're going to be running around anyway. Any special instructions?" 

"I put instructions in the boxes with the flowers for the women, but there are no cards. You need to do cards for them." 

John did a card for Susan, and Kenneth one for Bobbie. Sandy grinned and said, "Guess women just take more time and attention than men." 

"Not true, McGee," Justin said, looking up from a card he was writing. "Any worthwhile relationship takes time and attention, but it's at least as good to give as to get." In a move I never expected, he pulled me to himself and kissed me on the cheek. I hadn't really noticed Justin writing the card. I saw him, but it didn't register, I guess, but I now realized what he was doing and grabbed a card for his flower. 

"I'll have Clarisa call," I said as the five of us left the shop. 

We ran flowers by the Wilsons' and Thurmonds', then Bobbie's -- Susan was going to be at Bobbie's to get dressed because of the dinner party for the adults -- then dropped John, Kenneth, and Sandy off at the Thurmonds', each with florist's boxes, and went home in time for a very early lunch. We found Clarisa in the kitchen, fixing her special club sandwiches. 

"Glad you started lunch early," I said, "I'm ready for it after running around all over town." 

"Well, it would be ready quicker if you helped out here," she said, "You know what to do." 

"Before we get started, Eunice down at McKessins said she had flowers left after she fixed up flowers for the prom and the dinner party tonight, and Justin told her to do flowers for you and Miss Amy Louise. Thought you might want them on a church hat. Give her a call and let her know if you want them arranged for a hat or whatever." 

"After lunch," she replied. 

Mom and Mrs. Crandall came in just as we had the food on the table. They were loaded with packages and when I saw them said, "I wouldn't have thought there was that much to be had in Elizabethton, especially for someone just back from Europe." 

"Sometimes the best is right under your nose," Mrs. Crandall said. "I found this fantastic folk artist out in... where were we, Ann Carter?" 

"Grandview. Place I didn't know existed. Well, I knew there was a place called Grandview, of course, but I just thought it was that convenience store at the crossroad. I didn't know people called a whole section of the county Grandview." 

"You must have found Mr. Praise the Lord Abernathy's place," Justin said. 

"That's him," Mrs. Crandall said. "Not really into folk art, but know people who are and who will just die to get their hands on some of the stuff I traded for. Mr. Abernathy wouldn't take any money -- 'tainted by the devil hisself,' he said. 'But now if'en you wuz to have a surplus of sugar, coffee, salt, flour an stuff lack dat, then I'd be obliged to ye.' Bought enough staples to hold him for a while as well as paint and all. He loaded us down. What we have here are the small pieces." 

"How did you know about Mr. Abernathy, Justin?" Mom asked. 

"Mrs. Porcher, I have been delivering for Sanford's for over six months now and know just about every road, side road, country lane, side lane and tractor track in the county. Since the new store has opened, we are making deliveries to places a Sanford's truck has only been seen in passing before. Several months ago I delivered a set of bedding to a family in Grandview and the man who bought it asked if I'm drop the old bedding off for him. Since we always just picked up used bedding and took it to the dump, I saw no reason not to and he went with me to Mr. Henry Praise the Lord Abernathy's. Surprised you found it." 

"Betsy is a real bloodhound when it comes searching out artisans. We have gone all over Europe and she was always finding some artist or the other who hadn't been discovered. By the way, why 'Praise the Lord Abernathy'?" 

"How did he introduce himself to you?" 

Mom laughed, "Henry, Praise the Lord, Abernathy, thank you ma'am." 

"He always introduces himself that way. I have stopped by his place from time to time just to talk. He tells me about growing up in Grandview, serving in the marines and how he found Jesus, Praise the Lord!" Justin chuckled. "Next thing he might talk about is poaching 'gators and moonshining. He's quite a character. Probably be called crazy a lot of places, but he's not. Just different. Clarisa, you and Miss Amy Louise need to get to know him. He could show you both pitfalls and needs in the county." 

"You know any other folk artists around?" Mrs. Crandall asked. 

"Not of the Henry Praise the Lord Abernathy's genre, but there's a more traditional watercolorist who lives out in the swamp -- well, not really in the swamp, but surrounded by a couple creeks and the swamp. Does some beautiful work, especially of plants and wildlife of the swamp," Justin said. 

"Could you take us to meet him?" Mom asked. 

"No problem, Mrs. Porcher." 

"Justin, Mrs. Porcher is just not going to work." 

"Since you and I are sharing a son, maybe he could share his mom. Sorry, that's just plain presumptuous." 

"Sounds like a solution to me, son," Mom said, and I'm sure both she and Justin got tears in their eyes. 

After lunch, Justin and I decided we'd take a nap, for we were sure we would not get to bed until late tonight. Clarisa had reminded all of us that it didn't matter how late we got to bed, Sunday was still Easter -- with the clear implication we were expected at St. Paul's. 

Upstairs, we closed the bedroom blinds, stripped to our briefs and crawled into bed and as we did Justin said, "Before we nap, it's time for afternoon delight." 

"Afternoon delight?" 

Justin laughed, "Yeah, thanks to the elevator music at the store. Mrs. James has beat on it until it's now playing 70s tunes and 'Afternoon Delight' was one of them." Justin then snuggled up to me and sang, softly. As he did, we began by exchanging butterfly kisses which, after a few minutes, had developed into kisses with tongues exploring our lover's lips and mouth and the song was forgotten. I knew my cock was giving its cotton and spandex prison a real challenge and when I slipped my hand into Justin's tighty-whities, I knew his was doing the same. 

We were locked in a passionate kiss when I pulled his briefs down, freeing his hard cock. Justin raised his hips off the bed and I slid his briefs down his legs until he was able to hook a toe in them and slide them off his strong, beautiful legs. His cock free, Justin freed mine and we lay, side by side, lips joined, our lover's cock in hand. Neither of us started stroking the other. Instead, I started lightly pinching first one then the other of Justin's nipples while he entwined his fingers in my hair, holding me close, then pulled my lips to his. 

After several passionate kisses, I started working my way down Justin's hard, beautiful body, making liberal use of tongue and mouth. I teased his nipples, which were already hard and standing proud, with teeth and tongue, sucking one, then the other. I am very glad Justin really, really likes having his nipples played with because it turns me on big time -- which is certainly not to say just seeing my beloved, period, doesn't turn me on. I knew Justin was streaming precum because I was, and I wanted to taste my beautiful lover. Giving his belly button less attention than usual, I barely kissed it, gave it a tongue washing, then quickly moved on to my goal -- Justin's magnificent hard cock. Justin started to move, I was sure to start making love to me. I looked at him and shook my head. "No, this time I make love to you without distractions." 

I was looking across his stomach and into his black, shining eyes and smiled before enclosing his manhood in my mouth. Tongue probing beneath his foreskin, I started sucking ever so gently, grinning, as much as you can while sucking cock. Justin had a huge Justin smile on his face, his eyes sparkling. We both were obviously enjoying my love-making and rejoicing in our love. Still sucking gently, slowly, I slipped my finger between his cock and ass. Justin realized where I was headed and pulled his legs up, raising his ass a bit and spreading his cheeks, making his ass mine. My finger circled his rosebud and I wished I had given a bit of forethought and had the lube handy, but I hadn't. Justin looked at me, his smile growing even larger as he reached behind his head and, not needing to see what he was doing, opened the bedside table, grabbed the lube and tossed it to me. Seconds later, I had a finger in him. 

As soon as I had the second finger in Justin, his moaning and groaning increased. He had rolled up on his back, pulled his knees beside him, fully exposing his rosebud. With the lube, Justin had also tossed the large dildo to me. I lubed it well -- Justin's asshole was already well lubed -- and started inserting it slowly, gently. When it was well inside Justin, I started moving it in and out. Justin was moaning and groaning and giving little yaps, sounding like a puppy. 

Once again, I started gently sucking Justin's cock while moving the dildo in and out. Justin was shouting now, urging me on with "Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Marc Yes!" I knew he couldn't be far from orgasm, but I was unprepared for the sudden explosion of cum in my mouth. Even with swallowing as rapidly as I could, there was no way I could hold it all in my mouth. While Justin's cum was more than I could handle at the moment, licking his cum covered cock clean was something I enjoyed! Once I had used tongue and mouth to clean the last drop of cum from him, I slowly pulled the dildo from him and lay it aside. Justin, beginning to recover from an explosive orgasm, reached down and pulled my body atop his. Wrapping his arms and legs around me, he licked my lips and then kissed me passionately. 

Making love to Justin without his simultaneously making love to me was a new experience, and taking it slow and easy was wonderful! To say it was the same as having Justin making love to me would not be true. It was different but, as we all know, different is different, but one is not necessarily better than the other. How do I know? Because after a few minutes of passionate kissing, Justin said, "Now it's your time! With eyes sparkling, he said, "Beautiful man, I love you more than I love my own life!" Justin was gazing into my eyes, and slowly brought his lips to mine in a kiss that was unbelievably tender, loving, and hot. His kissed me again and again, whispering, "Marc, I love you. I love you!" 

His kisses were still butterfly kisses when he slipped his hand between my thighs, cupping my balls. Knowing that I much preferred Justin kissing me or sucking my cock to having the dildo inside, he was in no rush to get beyond sweet kisses, but when he moved to my nipples, I felt my cock twitching and knew I was ready to shoot unless Justin backed off for a bit. I never understood how Justin could sense my every mood, my every point in his making love to me, but he certainly did. He left my nipples and rested on an elbow, smiling into my eyes and stroking my hair. 

After a few minutes, he turned his attention again to my nipples, but this time he didn't stay there long, but moved down my body. Justin was uncut and both of us loved his foreskin. When I was making love to him, I held his cock so I could use my tongue to play with his foreskin. Since I was cut, Justin could lick my cock like a lollipop without touching it with anything other than his tongue. Justin is a moaner, groaner, and shouter, and I seldom make very much sound when we are having sex, but tonight I just could not keep silent. Maybe I was not as vocal as Justin, but I was definitely sounding off and shouted "Yes!" as soon as his hot mouth covered my man's tool. Justin changed his pace, increased and decreased his sucking, stuck his tongue in my slit in making love to me. 

He didn't have to remove his mouth when he needed the lube, but found it and applied it to his finger and my hole. He played with my rosebud, circling it with a finger, moving his finger from my balls to my rosebud and beyond and with each pass over my rosebud, pushed his finger inside just a bit. It felt wonderful! I pushed back against his finger each time, finally, pushing back hard, drawing his finger inside and exploding in his hot mouth. 

This time we had not left each other or our bed in a mess so, still with the taste of Justin in my mouth, we kissed again, softly smiled into each other's eyes, and Justin whispered, "Afternoon delight," reached out and snapped out the lamp and, wrapped in each other's arms, we napped.


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