Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah


Chapter Thirty-four

After supper, we all went upstairs to our place and took a look at school work. We claimed to have been studying for less than an hour when Bobbie said, "This is not working. I can't concentrate and I know you two guys can't. Prom weekend's coming up and nothing's really being pushed in class, I vote we chuck the books and do something." 

"Best suggestion I've heard in a month," Justin said, closing his book and tossing it on the desk. "Marc and I had a ride out into the country Sunday and it was great." 

"Including the encounter with a four hundred forty-four foot 'gator. Well, maybe only four feet." 

"More like three," Justin amended and told about 'calling' the 'gator. 

"Not sure I want to go calling 'gators, but everyone for a moonlight ride?" Susan asked. 

I suddenly thought of my pride and joy, my WRX with the dead skunk inside, and asked, "In what?" 

"Moonlit night, warm spring weather, you're young and you can sit close. Everyone ready for a Beemer convertible with the top down?" John asked. 

Ten minutes later we left Elizabethton behind and headed into the country. Justin knew the country roads a lot better than any of us and John asked if he didn't want to drive. "I'll be a backseat driver," Justin laughed. "and navigate from the the back." 

A few miles out of town, we left the main road and then a few miles later, Justin said, "Take a right up ahead." John made the turn and was traveling down a country lane, sometimes called a road. John was driving at about twenty miles an hour -- the road would hardly permit more -- Susan beside him and, as nearly as it can be done in his car, her head on his shoulder. Bobbie was in the back with me and Justin. When we first got in, Justin sat down and said, "On my lap, Babe." Bobbie was kinda leaning against the door when Justin pulled her toward himself and put his arm around her shoulder. 

I was suddenly very conscious of something hard in Justin's lap, resting in my ass crack. I moved, very slightly, up and down on his thighs and when I looked at him, he gave me a great smile, then said, "That's about enough or there'll be a problem."  

Bobbie laughed. 

"Bobbie," John said over his shoulder, "had an e-mail from Kenneth today. He's got time off for good behavior. Rest of the school is having some kind of tests he finished last summer, so he has the rest of the week free. He'll be arriving tomorrow and Lacy wants to have all of us for supper tomorrow to meet him if that fits in your schedules." 

"Sounds good," Bobbie said and we all agreed. 

The night was beautiful and it was great being with real friends and, for a while, I forgot about dead skunks and bigots but, of course, it had to come to an end. As we rounded a curve in the 'not a road' we were traveling, I saw something white on the shoulder and, as we passed, I was sure it was a body. "John, stop!" I practically shouted. John slammed on his brakes, coming to an immediate halt since we were traveling less than twenty miles an hour. 

I jumped out of the car without waiting for a door to open and raced back down the road and saw it, definitely a body. It was lying face down, but even at that it looked familiar. What did not look familiar were the stripes across the back where he -- I was pretty sure it was a he -- had been whipped. The others were beside me in a flash and Susan put her girl scout first aid to work and we carefully turned him over. It was Sandy Jenkins who had not only been whipped, but beaten. One eye was already swollen closed and he had bruises on his arms, chest, and stomach. It was all visible because he was naked. 

"I don't think we need to move him any more," Susan said. "I can't see anything that looks broken, but he's in pretty bad shape. John, you have a blanket or something in the car?" 

John was on the phone and didn't stop talking as he took the keys from his pocket and tossed them to me. I opened the trunk and took out the blanket and handed it to Susan. As she covered Sandy, John asked, "Does anyone know where we are? I have EMS on the phone and we have tried to figure out where we are, but I don't know enough to tell them how to get here." 

"Let me have the phone," Justin said. "We are about a mile or mile and a half from Grandview Road on the side road going toward the old Latimore Plantation.... That's right." He closed the phone and said, "They'll be here in ten or fifteen minutes." 

"How did you know where we were?" Bobbie asked. "I'm completely lost." 

"One of the benefits of being a furniture delivery man," he responded. 

Bobbie had found a bottle of water and a cloth in the car and Susan was bathing Sandy's face. As she did so, she said, "We really need to get in touch with his parents. You know his mother and father will be worried sick if they are not already. Bobbie, why don't you call Adam and get their phone number? He's bound to know it. He can call the Jenkins." 

There had been no indication that Sandy was conscious until Susan said that and then he started shaking his head -- he could barely move it and I could see it was painful, but he didn't stop. His lips were so swollen, he could hardly get his mouth open and speak, but he was able to say "No" with some emphasis, which he did repeatedly before lapsing into semi-consciousness exhaustion. Susan had taken his hand when he became so agitated and she continued to hold it and speak softly, soothingly, to the young man. The only indication that he heard was his grip on her hand. 

I suspect we all were curious as to who had beaten Sandy, but we said nothing as we surrounded Susan and him, waiting. It seemed as though we had been waiting for hours before the EMS ambulance arrived, but the dispatcher was correct; they had reached us in less than fifteen minutes. 

When the technicians arrived, Susan released his hand, but Sandy immediately became quite upset and one of the techs said, "Miss, you can hold his hand since it seems to keep him calm. Boyfriend?" 

"No," Susan responded and explained why we were with him. She also told them that when she mentioned his parents, he became very agitated. 

"We can see about that later, after we find out a bit more, but right now we need him to stay as calm as possible. I guess you need to hold his hand while we work on him if that keeps him calm." The two technicians went to work on Sandy and after a few minutes, one continued to work on Sandy and the other, the driver, got a clipboard and wanted to fill out paper work. It took a bit, but we finally convinced him, we couldn't help since we know nothing beyond Sandy's name and Sandy wasn't speaking -- couldn't speak.

The tech who had been working on Sandy stood and said to the driver, "Let's get him on the gurney. He's ready to transport." Susan continued to hold Sandy's hand as the two got him on the stretcher and in the ambulance. Once again, Sandy became quite upset when Susan released his hand as he was being put aboard. The tech said to Susan, "Stay with him if you will," and helped Susan into the ambulance. The ambulance left, siren screaming, the four of us following right behind. 

Flying down country roads -- relatively speaking of course -- did not make for easy conversation, so we were all pretty quiet as we followed the ambulance to the hospital. We arrived at the emergency room right behind it, went inside, and sat down in the waiting room. Susan joined us in a few minutes. "He agreed to let me go while they patched him up provided I promised to come back when they had finished." 

"Still said nothing about what happened?" John asked. 

"Nothing. He did get agitated again when the ER nurse asked for his parent's phone number. The doctor finally said he'd take the flack if there was any, but he was going to treat the kid. They gave him a sedative and got him calmed down so they could do what they needed to do. Wonder what happened and why he gets so upset when his parents are mentioned?" 

Half an hour later, the doctor came out and said, "In spite of the way it looks, there seems to be no major damage, but I emphasize seems to be. Even that doesn't mean all is well. It appears he was beaten, maybe with fists, in the face, kicked in the stomach and groin, and then beaten with something like a strap or belt. From the looks of it, the beating came some time after the strapping. So far I find no evidence of serious internal injuries. He'll be most recovered in a week or less if there are no complications. In the meantime, he is going to be one hurtin' young man for the first few days. I'll keep him at least overnight for observation, but I doubt he'll be ready to go for a day or two." 

As the doctor was making his report, a nurse came from behind the screen and said, "Susan, he's asking for you." 

"This is very, very strange," Susan said as she disappeared behind the screen. 

"It sure is strange," John said. "So far as I know, his only contact with Susan has been in art class. Wish I know what happened, what's going on." 

"Maybe I can help," a voice said and when I turned around, I saw Sheriff Anderson coming into the waiting room. 

"Don't you sleep," Justin grinned at the big man. 

"Sometimes, but when kids're involved, I usually make it my business to get in on the investigation as soon as possible. The EMS gave me a call and said they had picked up Sandy Jenkins out in Grandview area, so I thought I'd come over and see what I could find out. Of course, the fact that his drawing is involved in your situation was also reason to come out. And, Justin, the comments you got from former deputy Snake Jenkins provide another possible link. How's Sandy doing? What happened?" 

We told him what we knew and when we finished, he said, "Sometimes the Good Lord has a reason for a bunch of teens to go roaming the countryside, I guess. So you have no idea what happened?" 

"None. The only clue is that mentioning his parents really upsets him," John said. "And, yeah, he's clinging to Susan like she's his lifeline. He won't let her out of his sight, well, I guess that's out of his touch since I don't think he's seeing much right now." 

"I'll have a look. You going to be around awhile?" We all nodded. 

Half an hour later, Sheriff Anderson came out, walking behind Sandy's gurney. Susan was on the other side, still holding his hand and he was more than half asleep. Susan went on the elevator with Sandy and the sheriff walked over to us. "This is all very strange," he said, shaking his head. "When I asked about calling his parents, I thought he was going to get up and leave in spite of his condition. Something strange going on here." 

"You see how attached he is to Susan and she only knows him because they have a class together. I mean, of course they speak, but he's holding on to her like leech and has been since we found him." 

"Well, basically, we don't know what happened and until we do, I'll take no risk his beating was only the beginning. Security here is practically non-existent. They have a retired policeman at night and after he announces 'Visiting hours over,' he pretty much naps the night away. I hope there's no reason to be concerned, but until I know what happened, I don't want whoever beat that kid to have another crack at him. I've called one of the officers on patrol to come spend the night outside Sandy's room just in case." 

The elevator door opened and Susan stepped out, walking over to us. "They gave Sandy another sedative and he was just about out of it when I left. He agreed to let me go home and get some sleep if I promised I'd come back in the morning. Wish I knew why his sudden attachment to me." 

"Does seem a bit weird, but this whole mess does. Well, go home, get some sleep, all of you. I'll see you in the morning," Sheriff Anderson said. 

When we got to the car, Susan said, "Look, I don't know who, or why someone or some ones beat up Sandy, but he is scared silly. He finally said something about my not picking on him about his drawing, then started crying. When I got him calmed down, he said over and over, 'What's going to happen to me?' Wish I knew what had happened and maybe there'd be a hint of what might happen." 

I suddenly remembered something I had heard Kev say to Sandy last year. "I may have a hint at least. Last year I happened up on Kev and crew tormenting the gay kid and Sandy was telling Kev to stop. Kev said, 'Little Shit, shut your fucking mouth or I'll tell Pa and he'll take the strap to you.' Kev saw me, gave me a shit-eating grin and shoved the kid into the wall and left. I reported it to the office, but you know their routine last year, 'More he say, he say, nothing we can do.'" 

"Would explain why he gets so upset when notifying his parents is mentioned," John said. 

"But what parent would do that to a kid?" Justin asked. 

"After last summer, I put nothing beyond some parents," John responded as we walked to the car. 

When Justin and I got home it was already 11:00 so we went straight upstairs where Justin headed for the minifridge and the ruby red grapefruit juice. I was more interested in another kind of juice! 

Justin and I had never talked about it because it didn't matter, but had we done so, we'd agree, I'm sure, that Justin was usually the more aggressive in our sexual relationship. Tonight was different. I had felt his hardon riding in my ass crack while we drove over country roads, and now I remembered the feeling and I was ready to play. My cock was a hard and pointed reminder lest I forget! 

While Justin was finishing his juice, I brushed my teeth and undressed. He grinned at me as he walked to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I'm sure he was surprised when he approached the bed and I grabbed him and practically ripped his clothes from his body, but I noticed he didn't object. 

A nanosecond later he was on his back, me on top kissing him like I had lost it, and maybe I had. I kissed my way down his chest, stopping to tongue and nip a nipple, giving his belly button a probing before finally enveloping his cock with my mouth. Since Justin was delivered by a midwife, he was not circumcised and went nuts when I ran the tip of my tongue under his foreskin which I did now while looking over his hard stomach and into his black eyes. 

As I continued using mouth, tongue, and teeth, he was moaning and groaning, raising his hips from the bed, pushing his cock in my mouth. I knew he was ready to explode at any minute and, when I raked my teeth gently over the head of his cock, he did explode, shouting and filling my mouth and my being with Justin. I continued working on his manhood until he placed his hand on the back of my neck, indicating he was now so sensitive that I needed to stop. 

Justin placed his hands beneath my arms and pulled my body up over his and then started kissing me. While he continued kissing me, he rolled over, covering my body with his. Soon his lips were moving down my body and he returned the favor I had just given him. After I had filled his mouth with hot man's seed, we lay in each other's arms, gazing into the eyes of our lover without speaking, just occasionally exchanging the softest kisses. 

The kisses gradually became hotter and more passionate. It wasn't long before I was rock-hard again and Justin as well. He gave me a full tongue kiss, then flipped himself and rolled my body atop his, me on my hands and knees. I felt his hot mouth suck in my cock as he started circling my rosebud with a finger. I knew where he was headed and this time I was not only willing, but wanted, really wanted, what was coming. 

To urge Justin on, I reached over, opened the nightstand and took out the lube and the final dildo we were using to prepare for entering each other. When Justin saw them, he took his mouth from my manhood, looked at me, and asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded. I wanted it and I wanted it NOW and made sure Justin knew that. 

Justin lubed me well and kept adding lube as he slipped a finger in and out. Finally he added a second finger and continued the in and out motion. In minutes I was asking him to do more and he inserted the dildo slowly, pausing just before I would have asked him to. Once it was well in, he started moving it in and out, gradually increasing the stroke. Then he hit that magic spot. Justin had been stroking my cock as he manipulated the dildo and had me almost on the edge, so only a few touches of the magic place and I exploded again. 

I was drifting on the sea of my euphoria from a second orgasm in a rather short period. Justin was lying beside me, smiling into my eyes and a glance assured me he was interested in something besides drifting. Had there been any doubt, his rock hard, throbbing cock confirmed his state. Soon I was very much into giving my lover's asshole pleasure with my fingers. Justin had reached for the dildo and slipped a fresh condom on it and I inserted it, taking it slow and easy, bringing him to climax slowly, but surely. When Justin shot, he hit me in the face and just kept on shooting and shooting. 

Justin wiped my face and we just lay side by side, adoring our lover. After a few minutes, Justin said, "Marc, something I want us to talk about." 

"Shoot," I responded. 

Justin laughed and said, "Think that would have to wait a bit, but that's kinda what I want to talk about." 

Justin wanted to talk about our love-making. Given we were two lusty eighteen-year-olds, we were pretty quick on the trigger and our approach -- which was full steam ahead -- didn't help. We were, in fact, doing quickies and only then doing any really serious foreplay or lovemaking. Justin had been doing some reading on the internet which suggested serious love-making required time. "It's going to be extremely important when we are finally ready to take each other inside," Justin said, "very important." We agreed we'd work at "taking time to smell the ... well, whatever." 

Finally, clammy cum called us out of bed and, after a trip to the shower, we changed the sheets. Justin put the used ones in the hamper for one of us to launder. I'm positive we were not fooling Clarisa, but after we got back from Florida, we messed up a lot of sheets and Justin suggested we shouldn't ask Clarisa to clean up from our sex, so we were doing at least part of our own laundry. 

Cleaned up and with a clean bed, we fell into each other's arms and were soon asleep, as much from exhaustion as need for sleep, I suspect. I must admit the next morning both Justin and I were more than a little bit sore, but I think we managed to walk normally -- or close to it -- and the sex was definitely worth it.