Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah

Chapter Twenty-five

After dinner, Mrs. Metzer said, "Well, all good things have to end. School starts again Monday and, regardless of how good a time you have had, I'm sure you'll all welcome getting back home. The jet will be ready to fly tomorrow at 1:00 so you'll be home by... well, you'll be at the airport around 3:30."

"Then we'll be home by 4:00 or shortly after," Adam said. "That's good."

"I didn't want to rush you after a week of, I hope, relaxing, so I thought we'd have a late breakfast, 9:30 ok?" We all nodded. "Fine,

then you'll have time to get packed for the trip back and be ready to leave at noon. You'll have lunch on the plane and be back home by 4:00. How does that sound?"

"If we have to go..." John laughed and we all nodded.

As we were finishing dinner, Mrs. Metzer said, "Marc, if you would stay behind." As he started to leave, I caught Justin's hand and held him back. After the rest of the clan had gone, Mrs. Metzer said, "Marc, I think we have some things to talk about. Justin, you don't need to stay."

"I want him here because we have something to talk about as well.

This has been a very, very special week for us."

"I'm sure it has for all of you..."

"Mrs. Metzer, I mean a very, very, very special week. See, Justin is no longer my friend -- well, he is still my friend -- but he's more than just a friend, he's..."

"He's your... something new this week? You're lovers? No surprise to me, but it all started this week?"

Together we told her about our first night and the discovery we had been in love with each other for as long as we could remember, and our week -- without all the graphic details.

"And I thought the Captain gave you the cabin with the big bed because you were Marc and special down here."

I could feel myself blush as Justin said, "He told us he thought the honeymooners would like it and we did," Justin said, "very much. But we're not married and Marc won't even agree to marry me."

"Maybe one of these days," I responded.

"Maybe one of these days you can have a real, legal wedding. I know that is something Sharky and Antwon dream about. They flew to Massachusetts when marriage became legal there, but didn't go through with it. They told me it seemed like cheating or something and they wanted their home state to recognize who and what they were. They've also talked about having one of the local ministers marry them, but of course it would not be recognized and, again, they want their own to recognize them... but I'm babbling on. Justin, I know you must have a good heart if you're in love with Marc. Well, I would know it just from getting to know you this week. You better take care of Marc. He's a fine young man and very special around here."

Justin and I were sitting beside each other, holding hands. He turned to look at me and said, "He's pretty special to me too," leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"So, a new relationship for Ann Curtis to deal with. That's what I wanted to talk with you about, well, not about your relationship, but about Ann Curtis... guess that's a real sign I'm not exactly a servant around here," Mrs. Metzer laughed. "I don't know many servants who call house guests by their first name, but old friends of Betsy Crandall soon become friends of mine."

"Mrs. Metzer, our new relationship is something that I'd like to talk about. It has me pretty worried. I really don't know how she will take it. Father will shit... oops, sorry... he will flip out when he finds out. He may not hear about it for ages since we seldom see or hear anything from him. But I do worry that maybe it'll cause Mom to, you know, fall off the wagon."

"Marc, that is not your problem. Just as your mom can't protect you from everything, you can't protect her. To tell the truth, the woman worships you and I certainly don't think who you love is going to determine whether or not she continues to love you or stays sober. I wouldn't worry about it. Remember, she has spent time here and certainly learned to love my boys -- Antwon and Sharky -- and I don't think anyone could be with them very long and not know they are in love with each other. Wouldn't worry about your mom, and your father, in my book at least, has given up any right to have a say in your life. No, I think she will be upset only because she knows how bigoted that small town is. But what I want to know about is you, Justin."

She and Justin talked and talked. She kept asking him questions until she finally laughed and said, "I guess I approve of you, Justin. Welcome to the family, so to speak. Marc, back to your mom -- that's why I wanted you to stay behind. She is far more worried about what you will say about her slip than anything else. I'll kid you not, when she fell off the wagon, she did it with a bang. Fortunately, Betsy was with her and got her into an excellent facility, so she came out of it better than she might have. I'd like to think she will be sober the rest of her life, but you never know.

"Betsy called last night from a train on their way to France. They had left the spa yesterday and decided they'd take a leisurely trip home. They were taking the train to France for two days, then going to finish their tour with several days in England. Betsy said your mother had written she would be back in the States next Wednesday and in Elizabethton the following day, wanted me to tell you that may change. Betsy wanted me to assure you your mother was doing well and the only thing you need to watch for are signs that she begins to feel worthless or excessively guilty.

"I guess that's about it. Have a good rest and I'll see you at breakfast.

I'd like to have a few minutes with the group and we can do that at breakfast. Goodnight. Love each other. You never know how little time you might have and, I suspect, a lifetime is not long enough."

Justin and I stood, as did Mrs. Metzer, and we each hugged her and said goodnight, then went to our suite.

As was becoming our usual practice, clothing went flying in every direction as soon as the door was closed. As soon as I was in my birthday suit, Justin grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder and carried me to the bed. He kissed me, put me on my back and, with knees on each side of my head toward my feet, he was over me, moved my legs behind his arms, straight up in the air, my cheeks spread and my rosebud exposed. Awkward? Not at all! Justin pulled his own knees up under him, spreading his cheeks and presenting his dark ass to me. He reached for a bottle of lotion which had taken up residence on the bedside table, squirted some on a hand and applied it to my butt, a finger circling my asshole. He then pushed the bottle to where I could reach it and follow his example, which I did.

As we continued playing around each other's rosebud, Justin's hot mouth sucked in my throbbing cock and I took his in my mouth. We continued some serious cock sucking as we circled our lover's lotion-slick hole with a finger. Justin and I both pushed a finger just inside the other and started thrusting in and out, in tiny, tiny movements.

The new sensation was awesome! Even with a mouthful, Justin managed to groan. Suddenly, his finger went in just a bit deeper and I felt his asshole tighten on my finger as he started groaning and filling my mouth with the wonderful taste of Justin. A nanosecond later, I felt my own butthole tighten around his finger and, try as I might, I could not postpone the explosion which started and went on and on.

After our climax, we lay beside each other, kissing softly. As we kissed, I not only tasted Justin, but also myself. "I'd love to stay in your arms forever," I said after we broke a kiss.

"Yeah, and live on what? My love juice? Don't think I'd last long the way you work on Mr. Smith. Besides, Elizabethton calls. Only problem is, I don't know what it's calling about us and that sometimes makes me very afraid."

"Want to call it quits?" I asked. I suspect some deep, hidden part of me was fearing a "yes".

"Course not." As if to underscore the point, Justin's kisses became more and more passionate until we both were ready for action again. We were stroking each other slowly, kissing deeply and whispering sweet nothings to each other until we were both ready to explode again, which we did, all over ourselves and our lover.

Even in the tropics of Florida, cum becomes cold and clammy after a while, especially when the air-conditioning is blowing cool air over you. I had the answer. I got up, pulled Justin up and to return a favor, carried him in my arms to the shower. After we had showered, Justin suggested we spend some time in the jacuzzi. Twenty minutes later, we washed off the chlorine in the shower and collapsed into bed.

We got to bed by 11:00 and slept soundly until the alarm went off at almost 8:00. Teeth brushed, Justin and I had a good morning kiss which led to another and another but, before things had gone too far, we both realized we didn't have time for leisurely love-making and a quickie wasn't too attractive. We dressed and walked down to breakfast, arm-in-arm.

As we entered the terrace room I noticed, for the first time, the day was bright and sunny which was good since we would be flying. Breakfast was without the usual morning excitement and no-one lingered over coffee. As a result, we were packed and ready to go by 10:30. Sharky and Antwon came by to tell us good-bye before leaving to get ready for a weekend excursion. We said good-bye to everyone else on the staff except Mrs. Metzer who, we were told, was waiting for us in the library. She would also be taking us to the airport.

When we reached the library, Mrs. Metzer said, without getting up, "Find a place and sit." We all found places, Justin and John flopped on the floor. When we had settled ourselves, she said, "Antwon and Sharky came by this morning and we had a brief talk before they had to leave to get ready for a weekend excursion. Both had only the highest praise for you six and wanted me to make sure you knew that. I suspect they thought they'd have a bunch of incorrigible teens on their hands and were pleasantly surprised. Mavis told me the household staff felt the same and how much she enjoyed being with you. The staff all expressed surprise at your consideration and respect for them. They are my family and I expect people to treat them with respect, but first-time visitors sometimes do not.

"I want to agree with all they have said and add to it. I have very much enjoyed being with you, especially the last two days. I'm nuts when it comes to excursions, especially to Dry Tortugas, and you no doubt saw that.

"Don't think I had the staff spying on you. They wouldn't and didn't. Same is true with you. While you are not here to evaluate the staff, if you have any observations, I'd appreciate hearing them."

"Nothing but good things to say. We were treated like royalty," Susan said, and there was a chorus of agreement.

"And so you are in my book. So that's my Lady of the Manor speech. Now I'll speak for your hostess -- absentee though she was. I hope all of you had a fantastic spring break and know you have a standing invitation to La Casa. As Mrs. Crandall says, 'mia casa, es su casa.' Maybe you might even consider becoming a part of the live-in family.

You're seniors and Florida Keys Community College is just around the corner, so to speak. It offers excellent programs and you could certainly get your first two years here. Please keep that in mind as an option." She talked a few minutes about it and I wondered if the college knew what a powerful PR person they had. "Well, the magic carpet awaits," she said, and minutes later we were loaded and headed for the airport.

When we arrived, the plane was on the tarmac, waiting. Mrs. Metzer pulled up beside it and we unloaded our bags. As soon as I had set mine down to be loaded, Mrs. Metzer handed me a package wrapped in plain brown paper. Antwon gave this to me. I am to instruct you that it is NOT to be opened until you are in your own room and I was to say, 'Enjoy.'"

"Tell him thanks, I'm sure."

Mrs. Metzer hugged the others, then hugged Justin and me at the same time." I want to remind you again, love each other. You never know how little time you might have together," she repeated and hugged us again. "Oh, everyone, pictures! I haven't had time to work on them, so will send them to you when they are ready."

"Great. We'll be in touch," Justin said, we hugged her again and climbed aboard the plane.

Justin and I sat side-by-side and were all buckled in then he asked, "What did Mrs. Metzer mean about not knowing how much time we had together?"

"Mom told me the story while I was here with her. Mrs. Metzer met a young man and fell in love with him during a summer internship after her sophomore year in college. Seems he fell head over heels in love with her as well. They were determined to get married but, of course, both sets of parents objected. The young couple wouldn't take no for an answer and kept on until their parents approved, provided the two continued college. Unfortunately, they were in colleges in different states, so both applied to the other's college, agreeing to attend the one that accepted the other. As often happens with bureaucracies, there were unbendable rules: the colleges couldn't see their way to accepting a transfer student on such short notice. They agreed they would be considered for the next semester. The newly married couple saw each other only when they could take a break from the tough course loads they were carrying, and lived on the promise they'd be together soon.

"Some time during the semester, Mrs. Metzer was attacked as she was walking back to her dorm, alone, from the library. She managed to fight off her assailant and get to a campus security phone, but was pretty badly beaten. As soon as she was able, she called her husband from her hospital room and he, of course, insisted on catching the first available flight. The airport where he landed at 2:00 in the morning was still a hundred miles from her campus. He rented a car and started the two-hour drive. He never made it. A drunk driver -- who had repeated DUIs -- hit him head-on five miles from his wife and he was killed, dying before he reached the emergency room."

"Damn!" Justin exclaimed.

"Yeah, damn," Susan said. I hadn't realized until then the four others were intent on my story.

As soon as we reached cruising altitude, we had lunch. Adam continued to behave as though he was stranger, sitting as far away from Justin and me as he could. I guess, in a way, he was a stranger. He had definitely put himself outside our circle.

When we landed, I was surprised to see Adam's car sitting beside John's SUV. Arnold Blake, one of Adam's jock friends walked up to Adam and they did a whole long bumping fists and elbows, slapping hands and all that nonsense ritual as Adam did his Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation. He was now in his dumb jock, testosterone-filled, Alpha male Hyde role. "You going with me?" Adam asked Bobbie with that special tough guy, jock sneer in his voice.

"I have a ride, thanks," Bobbie replied. Adam grabbed his bag, tossed it in his car, climbed in the driver's seat and screamed across the tarmac, burning rubber.

Mrs. Thurmond stepped out of the SUV, hugged John, smiled at the rest of us and said, "What was that all about? Oh, sorry, welcome home. Good trip?"

"Awesome, wonderful trip," John responded.

It didn't take long to get our bags and be ready to leave. Mrs. Thurmond held the keys out for John, but he asked, "Mind driving?"

"Not at all," his stepmom responded and we were on our way home.

Shortly after we left the airport, Bobbie told Mrs. Thurmond Adam was mad because she had broken up with him.

We were all definitely decompressing as we rode home in silence. Not a word was spoken until we reached Bobbie's place. "Laters," she called as she took her bag from John who walked up her front walk.

Minutes later, Justin and I were home. I was home and Justin was home, here with me. He would be staying with me -- forever.

Clarisa must have been watching the drive like a hawk, because she welcomed us at the door with open arms. After we exchanged hugs, she hugged Justin and said, "Baby, you're almost as black as I am," which was true. I hadn't realized until that moment how dark the week in Florida had left Justin, who was dark in midwinter. I guess I should have, since I could tell even I had a bit of tan if you looked closely enough.

 "Good time?" she asked.

"A fantastic time," I responded.

"Well, take your things up and come tell me all about it."

As we walked upstairs, I said, "Ok, we talk with Clarisa, but I don't think we'll tell her all about the week."

Justin grinned and asked, "Why not? You do something you're ashamed of?" I started to protest, but he added, "Or just something that a guy doesn't tell his mama all about."

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe I should tell her how your asshole is a nice dark brown, your cum is kinda salty and you really can suck cock."

"Let's," Justin said, grinned again and added, "not."

We tossed our bags on the bed and went back downstairs where Clarisa was waiting for us. We joined her at the kitchen table where she had a pot of herbal tea and cookies waiting. "I want to hear all about your spring break, every minute of it," she said, as she poured tea.

"We want to hear what you did first," I said.

"Nothing doing, I asked first."

"Ok, but I bet you don't want to hear all of it," Justin said. "And you have to promise, cross your heart and hope to die, you did do something special while we were gone and you're going to tell us about it."

"And you have to have spent the $500," I added.

"Baby, that five hundred is long gone. Now tell me about spring break."

"We had a spring break you wouldn't believe, and met some of the world's greatest people," Justin said, taking the pressure off of talking about our relationship for the moment.

"Mrs. Metzer runs the household there with the kind of hand you run our place with," I said, then told Clarisa about her, and the change which came over her on the excursion.

"We spent some time with Antwon who is of your persuasion, Clarisa. He lives on the estate -- grew up there -- and his partner, Sharky, and the Captain." Between the two of us, we managed to fill Clarisa in on who those three were. We then told her about the excursion.

Justin told her about the Captain and we talked about other staff members we had met. We kept tumbling over each other talking, especially when we talked about the excursion. Finally, we had just about run down and Justin asked quickly, "And how was your trip?"

"Not so fast," Clarisa responded. "I have a feeling there is something you two are leaving out. Too much looking at each other to fool me."

"Well, I know Adam has never been your favorite in the Clan and he really showed his ass..."

"Language, Marcus Porcher," Clarisa said, shaking her finger at me.

"Well, he did, Clarisa, ma'am," Justin said. We told Clarisa about the break-up and Adam's putting down women was enough to explain why we thought he had showed his ass. I thought he had pulled it off and we'd have some time to work up to tell her about us. I was mistaken.

"Now, do you want to tell me the big news or am I going to get a story about yet something else?"

"Well, if you must know, Miss Clarisa, ma'am, I proposed marriage to someone," Justin said.

"Here we go!" I thought and remembered what Antwon said about homophobia in the Africa-American community.

"Child, you are eighteen years old. What do you know about marriage. Proposed marriage to someone, my foot!"

"I did, I definitely did," Justin.

"He definitely did, Clarisa. I was there and I heard it."

"Well, I hope she had sense enough to remind you that you're only eighteen and hardly ready for marriage. That Susan definitely has sense enough to know that talk of marriage among eighteen-year-olds is nonsense, but Bobbie? I never thought she was too swift when it came to men. But you said she broke up with Adam. Justin, you do not, now or later, want a woman on second bounce."

"You don't have to worry a whole lot about that, Clarisa," I said. It was neither Susan nor Bobbie and it definitely isn't something in the near future. I think we can be sure of that."

"And you heard him propose marriage to someone?"

"I did and I said I'd think about it," I replied.

"Fine. It's going to take a lot of thinking and a lot more than that."

Clarisa got a funny look on her face and said slowly, "And just why are you thinking about a proposal Justin made, Mr. Marcus Alexander Porcher?"

"Could be because he made it to me. Yeah, that's the reason, right, Justin?"

"Right, Mr. Porcher," Justin said, and leaned over to meet my kiss.