Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah

Chapter Twenty-three

I was surprised that the time had passed so quickly when the others come out of the water and we were on our way back to the boat. When we arrived, we all pitched in to get the day's trash aboard and stashed. "Dinner in an hour," Antwon said when we had finished. "I'll have hors d'oeuvres and drinks on deck in half an hour. No rush, there's plenty."

As soon as the door closed, Justin hooked his thumbs in his waistband and in one smooth motion, was out of his trunks. Almost as quickly, he had my tee off over my head and my shorts and briefs were on the  floor. I think it could honestly be said we were all over each other, our kisses more and more passionate and our tongues taking advantage of open mouths. "Damn, Marc, Babe, I love you so much I can hardly stand it. I love you so much more every day, every minute, every second. Even when I think there is no way I can love you more, I do."

"That's how I love you, Justin. I love you more than life itself, love of my heart."

We both, of course, had roaring hard-ons as Justin started kissing, licking and nipping a nipple and pressing me toward the bed.

My arms were around his waist and I decided to give him a taste of what he had done for me earlier and slide my finger down his crack, then pressed one against his rosebud. Justin backed against my finger and it entered ever so slightly, but it was enough to make him groan, "Damn, Marc, let's forget dinner. I'll just eat you."

As soon as the words were out of Justin's mouth, I remembered our friends were waiting for us and it probably would not do for us not to show up. "Justin, we've started something we can't very well finish, but we better stop right here." We were wrapped in each other's arms, both literally dripping from our expressions of our love and my rathers were doing battle already with my oughts.

Justin groaned and gave me a final kiss. "Yeah, but, damn! Food doesn't seem important right now," and gave my cock a kiss before we took a quick mist shower to get rid of the salt from being in the gulf.

As we got dressed in shorts and tees, I said, "I'd say we skip the food except it would probably add fuel to Adam's anger."

"Yeah," Justin agreed and a moment later, arm-in-arm we headed back topside.

On the way, we encountered Antwon who said, "Great! Lend a hand?"

We nodded and he handed us each a tray of fancy appetizers. "If you'll take those topside, I'll bring drinks."

Topside, the Captain and Sharky were talking with John and Susan, but Adam and Bobbie weren't in evidence. "Was afraid we'd be late," I said as we joined them, "but I see we're not the cow's tail."

"All is not well in paradise, I fear," Susan said. "Am I the only one that noticed Adam and Bobbie haven't been together every minute today?

In fact, Bobbie seems to have been avoiding Adam. He came by just as I was leaving and I heard him ask Bobbie if they could talk. She called to me to go ahead and she'd be up in a few minutes. A few minutes later the two came topside, but were definitely not in a lovey-dovey mood."

Antwon came from below carrying a tray with two pitchers and an ice bucket. "I have key limeade and a tropical punch for you guys," he said, setting down the tray. "There's soft drinks in the cooler and beer for us older folks." We poured our drinks and dived into the appetizers, which were delicious.

With the edge off our hunger, we started talking about the day. "Mrs. Metzer, I want you to know how much I appreciate your telling us about the fort. Didn't think I would be much interested, but I was, thanks," Bobbie surprised me by saying.

"I'd have to second that," Susan added. "To tell the truth, I thought it would be something the guys would keep dragging out and I wasn't looking forward to it. I was wrong. I really did enjoy it, especially learning about the slaves who escaped. I guess that tells you how valuable freedom is when you head out from a place with seventy miles of ocean between you and the next dry spot."

The conversation was lively, but I noticed Adam was sitting by himself, saying nothing. I felt sorry for him, but realized he had brought the situation on himself. Bobbie was right in the middle of what was going on and seemed to take no notice of him.

"Ready for the main course?" Antwon asked.

"Bring it on!" John responded.

Antwon went into his black face step 'n fetch it routine. "I noticed y'all vacationed today, lolly-gabbing around the island while I slaved away. Guess I'll have to make a break fo' freedom one of these days..."

"Poor baby," Sharky said, rubbing Antwon's head, then kissing the top of it. "Massa set you free one of these days, but best I remember, you had help slaving away chasing dinner." The two went below, Sharky patting Antwon on his bottom, and soon reappeared with steaming platters of food -- very fresh fish, fish we had caught just a few hours ago. Antwon had prepared it, a salad and a couple of side dishes to perfection. He had anticipated healthy appetites and there were those in abundance. Even Adam joined us long enough to eat, which he did with gusto.

Justin and I helped clear and take things below after we had finished eating. While we were working in the galley, Antwon was making coffee. "None of my business, but seems Adam is havin' a attitude," Antwon said, in his best African-American dialect and moving his head as no white man can.

"You could say that," Justin said. "Earlier today we overheard a conversation he had with Bobbie and there are some major problems they need to work on."

"What Justin isn't saying is that contrary to all appearances, Adam is still -- what? -- angry about our new relationship. We knew he was a homophobe, especially when he gets together with his brain-dead jock buddies. After he found out about us, we had a sit-down with him and I thought he was coming around, but seems he's just behaving while we are here. In fact, he promised exactly that to Bobbie." I had just finished speaking when a sickening thought occurred. "Oh, shit! He's behaving here, but when we get back..."

"'Oh, shit' is right," Justin said. "But, hey, we knew we couldn't keep our being in love a secret long in Elizabethton, and I'll be damned if Adam ruins our stay. Coffee and dessert, Antwon!"

"In a minute," Antwon said. "Look, Sharky and I have had it easy -- as a couple, I mean. We have never been in a situation where our being gay has made any real difference to anyone. I fucked up and I have to admit it, because I fucked up, I got stuck in a really screwed-up situation -- juvie. What happened there is the result of a system which, for the most part, doesn't give a shit about kids. I know my being raped had nothing at all to do with my being gay. It is, after all, pretty well accepted today that rape has nothing to do with sex, but with power and control. Having said all that, I've got only one bit of advice for you two. Love each other and work at your relationship, and that way you can face whatever life dishes up. Will Adam come around? Who knows? But you have no control over that. What you do have control over is your life and your relationship. Trust it."

"Thanks, I needed to be reminded," I said. "Now, can we talk about sex?" I laughed, but blushed.

"No, I think we need to serve coffee and dessert."

Back topside, Antwon made an effort to draw Adam into the conversation with very limited success. I saw a look pass between him and Sharky which, unless I was wrong, said, "I've tried, but he's hopeless." Antwon gave up and the rest of us ignored Adam as well, since he made it very obvious he wasn't interested in being included.

"Before we break up, let's talk about tomorrow," John said.

"Well, we could just continue here for the day or part of the day, if you like. Otherwise, I suggest we have breakfast here and then sail to Loggerhead Key. We have the necessary permits to actually go ashore there and I think you'd find that interesting. We'll wade in and explore although none of the buildings are open to the public.

Volunteers watch over the place and some are delighted to tell tales and show you around," Sharky said.

"He's saving the best," Antwon chimed in. "There's a windjammer wreck that is easy to explore with snorkels. Also, we haven't done any bird watching and, if we're lucky, we'll spot some turtles."

"Those big enough to chase the boat," I suppose, Bobbie laughed.

"Maybe big enough, but definitely moving at turtle speed," Antwon laughed.

"Sounds good." Adam surprised us all by speaking. "Sounds real good, but right now, I'm headed for bed. 'Night all," he said as he headed below, not waiting for any response.

"I guess all is not well in the Reed-Sanford department," Susan said, looking at Bobbie. "Adam seems in a real mood."

"Oh, you noticed?" Bobbie said. "Couple things going on with Adam and I have just about had it with him. Suspect our previous relationship is well-known to you guys and Mrs. Metzer, but there has been a major change. Look, I may as well put it all on the table. This time away has been really good for me. I have been so wrapped up in the same old, same old that I didn't realize I had fallen into a trap I suspect a lot of women fall into. Adam made all the decisions, Adam had to have his way, Adam expected me to be at his beck and call and out of his hair otherwise. I shudder to think that might have gone on for how long before I woke up.

"When he started on Justin and Marc, almost foaming at the mouth, I raised some questions with him and he straightened me out. Then when I suggested they were in love and asked what was wrong with that, he started on 'You're a woman. You wouldn't understand,' I finally heard what he was saying underneath it all. 'You're just a dumb bitch' and, in almost the same breath, 'Come on and fuck.' Well, I had been blind and dense, but it sunk in.

"When we all had a sit-down with him, I thought he had started getting his head straight, but then he started up again. He has promised to behave and not ruin the rest of our break and, I suspect, thinks everything will be as it was when we get back. Ain't gonna happen."

"Good for you," Mrs. Metzer said. "A man who doesn't respect and appreciate a strong woman is a pretty weak man."

"Agreed," John said. "Why does anyone want a dumb, subservient partner -- male or female?"

"Don't ask me!" Susan said.

"Even if the partner is another man, some folks think you have to have domineering Jack and wishy-washy Jake," Antwon said. "You'll never find a more gentle and caring man than Sharky, but no-one would call him weak."

We talked about relationships, being in love, and more about gay couples for at least an hour. Mrs. Metzer had been so good at her job and taking care of us that I guess I had forgotten that she was a real person. Thinking about that, I recalled her tour of the fort and her snorkeling. She was definitely a smart, strong woman.

Mrs. Metzer stood and said, "Antwon, I'll help you clear, then I'm going below. Night all."


We all told her goodnight and fell silent. John and Justin lay on long seats along the rail, their heads in Susan's and my laps. When Antwon came back topside, he lay down with his head in Sharky's lap. Susan reached out and drew Bobbie down beside her and we all sat, just enjoying a night on the sea. After we had been sitting, silent, for half an hour, I suspect, I bent over and kissed Justin and he took the hint.

He stood, took my hand and pulled me to my feet and we went to our cabin.

As we stepped into the cabin, I said, "I think we had something started which got interrupted," unbuttoned Justin's shorts and slipped them and his briefs down his legs. His tee was next and there he stood, beautiful Justin. It didn't take him long to get me undressed. "We have all the time we want," I said. "There is no rush." I then kissed Justin, barely touching his lips with mine. I knew if we went at it hot and heavy, it would be over in minutes and I was in the mood for long slow lovin'. Justin smiled in agreement.

We stood, arms around each other, exchanging slow, soft kisses.

Finally, I backed up to the bed and, without breaking a kiss, lay down and pulled Justin down on top of my body. It wasn't long before we were head to cock, enjoying both the pleasure of our love's mouth and of his cock. I reached up and drew my fingers along Justin's crack. In response, he pulled his knees forward and in so doing, exposed his rosebud. I began gently circling it with a finger. Justin was groaning softly, while still working wonders with his tongue on my cock. His balls were hanging invitingly just above me. As I took one in my mouth, I inserted a finger ever so slightly into Justin's ass. I was surprised by his shout as he started shooting hot man's seed over me.

When he finally stopped, he turned and licked my face, then kissed me. I tasted Justin as his tongue invaded my open mouth. As he continued kissing me, he reached behind himself and gave my cock a few slow strokes before my back arched off the bed and I exploded, covering his hand with my sperm.

Our climaxes were both intense, very intense, so much so that we just lay in each other's arms until our breathing became normal again. "Been taking lessons or something?" Justin asked as he turned, resting his head in a hand.

"Just talking to an old salt," I said.

"Well, I need to give that old salt a real 'Thank you!'" he smiled.

Minutes later, we were once again making love, this time with me on top. Justin had learned the lesson well.

Finally, cleaned up and nestled together, we went to sleep as we were gently rocked on the sea.