Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah

Chapter Twenty-two

"Damn it, Bobbie, I have tried. I have really tried, but cock suckers are just that, cock suckers, and I want nothing to do with them, even if they used to be my friends. When Marc and Justin turned gay, they

got themselves wiped off my list."


"Funny, seems to me you were the one that kept insisting I become a cock sucker and, if you'll recall, I did it only to please you. Sucking your weenie does nothing for me. I didn't want to suck cock then and I don't like it now, so it is more than a little bit strange to hear you carry on about cock suckers. I will certainly remember that from now  on. Yeah, from now on, 'Adam hates cock suckers,' will be something I



"Shit, Bobbie Baby, you know what I mean. Women are supposed to be cock suckers..." from a sound clear and obvious to us, standing some distance for the quarreling lovers, Adam got slapped, hard. "Fuck,

Bobbie, why did you do that?"


"Because I am sick and tired of your attitude toward women and toward me. You treat me as a convenience. You want to make out, I'm supposed to be overjoyed. You want your cock sucked, I'm supposed to welcome it like a kid seeing an ice cream cone. You want to fuck, I'm supposed to be ecstatic, flop on my back and say, 'Now, Baby, fuck me now.' If I even suggest I'd like not to do what you're in the mood for, you are at best a pouting six-year-old and at worse, well, you've never hit me, but verbal abuse? Yeah. And God forbid that I want some loving when you are not in the mood! Let's just let it go with noting that I knew better than even hint.


"It's like with birth control. Remember? We were lucky I didn't get pregnant the first crack out of the box, and when you realized what we had done and what the possible outcome might be, what was your response? It sure as hell wasn't, 'We'll get through it together.' No, it was, 'Damn, Bobbie, don't you dare get pregnant. You don't need a kid yet.' Thank God, it didn't happen; WE didn't get pregnant. And when I said you should use a condom, you balked. The pouty six-year-old whined that it won't feel good -- by the way, just how the hell would you know? Who had you been fucking? Huh? Or was that just more of the great information you and your jock buddies had shared? Anyway, I had to get birth control pills -- not easy since I couldn't just walk in the drugstore and say, 'Birth control pills, please,' while you could have picked up condoms just about anywhere, but no, 'It's a woman's place to see that she doesn't get pregnant.' Damnit, I'm tired of that

shitty attitude, real tired.


"Our relationship is pretty sick, I see it now. It took looking at Justin and Marc, Sharky and Antwon for me to realize that. They love each other and I don't know what sex is like for them, but I sure as hell bet it's not a one-way street. Fact is, I bet it's Fourth of July fireworks and I bet, 'I'm not ready,' or 'I don't want to do that' goes. Remember Antwon saying he had been raped and was afraid for a man to get close? What did Sharky do? Sharky gave him all the time he needed and was as gentle as could be so Antwon could get over being raped. He wasn't focused on how it felt for him, but how it felt for the guy he loved. He had patience and, yeah, now there's skyrockets when they make love. I'd put money on it.


"Kinda weird, Adam, that two gay couples showed me what a loving relationship looks like. I don't know about the future, Adam, but for now, I think I want my space. Maybe we can get together later, but

right now, yeah, I need my space."


"Oh shit, Bobbie," Adam whined, "You know I love you."


"Not sure about that right now, but I am sure I'm ready to go fishing."


Justin and I made sure we were hidden when Bobbie walked past, head high, and Adam followed like a wounded puppy. "Wow," Justin said. "Amazing that Bobbie and Adam have been a couple forever and

having sex for a school year at least and two gay couples call their relationship into question."


"Yeah, but it worries me," I said. "Look, Adam is, obviously, still hung up on our relationship and that is bad enough, but I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut, we will be blamed for the break-up. I do not like the looks of

that. You know how childish Adam can be, and toss him in with that crowd of football jocks and it could spell real trouble."


"How about we not borrow trouble?" Justin responded. Maybe he will behave himself for the rest of the week -- only a few days now -- and not spoil the rest of our spring break in the Keys and later... back at

school? We'll just have to deal with whatever the future brings. Right?"


I kissed Justin quickly and said, "Yeah, but I am worried." Justin didn't respond, but I saw a worried look in his eyes that told me he was as worried as I was.


Shortly after Bobbie and Adam left, we did as well, and gathered with the group at the dinghy to pick up fishing tackle and our license. I reapplied sun screen and used sun block in really vulnerable spots, put

on a long-sleeved shirt and held on to Justin's shoulder while I pulled on long pants. When I put my Aussie hat back on, I hoped I was prepared for the sun, but I was hot. "Kinda dumb to select the middle of the day to be in the sun," I said.


"Middle of the day? Well, I guess. It's 10:00. We got an early start, you remember," Justin reminded me.


Fishing was good, very good. In less than an hour we had caught a lot of fish and Antwon had selected the ones to keep, the rest we put back in the water. "I have all the fish I need for dinner," he said, "and

I'm sure you all need to get out of the sun. I'll take the fish back to the boat and bring lunch. Take it easy for a few."


We each had brought two bottles of water to the island and all had opened one while we were still at the fort. I opened my second bottle which was half-full and downed it even though it was warm. Justin and

I found some shade and spread a large beach towel and lay down. I was dozing when John came by and said, "Lunchtime."


There was a picnic table with each of the tent sites, but also several tables which were to be shared. Fortunately, we had a table to ourselves and in short time, had a great picnic spread. Well, we might

have called it a picnic, but it was a gourmet feast which came in picnic baskets. Mrs. Metzer passed out bottles of cold water and as soon as I had opened mine, I realized I was pretty thirsty and drank half of it

even though I had finished the warm one not long ago.


After we had eaten, every scrap of trash was gathered up and put in garbage bags to be taken back to the boat for disposal on the mainland. That done, Mrs. Metzer said, "Ok, I am ready for a restroom run." There are no public restrooms on Garden Key and we had all used the head on a docked ferry earlier. Now, after almost two bottles of water, I realized I was in need as well.


"Couldn't you have used hand signals and not said it out loud?" John asked, standing with his legs crossed.


"Don't make me laugh!" Bobbie said.


"Restroom run," Sharky said, and we grabbed the garbage and headed for the dinghy. We tossed in the garbage and as we did, Sharky said, "Hop in and we'll use our head."


After we were finished with the head, we gathered in the salon. "We can go back to the island now for down time there or we can stay here. I think we all need some rest before the afternoon's activities. Need an hour anyway before snorkeling," Sharky said.


We decided to stay on board and Justin and I went to our cabin. I didn't realize how tired I was until I lay down, my head on Justin's chest. Of course, we had spent a lot of time standing and walking all

morning, and lying down in the cool cabin felt good, so good the gentle rocking of the boat soon put me to sleep.


Half an hour later, Justin stirred and I was awake immediately, then his regular breathing told me he had settled back asleep and I joined him. Later, Justin stirred again and as he did, I leaned over and kissed

him, barely touching his lips with mine, but it was enough. He opened his eyes as a big Justin heart-melting smile spread across his face. "I love you," he whispered softly, and pulled my lips to his for a more substantial kiss. Kiss ended, he said softly, "I wish I could wake up like that always, with you kissing me," then kissed me again.


"And just why can't you?" I asked. "I plan to be with you the rest of your life."


"Does that mean you'll marry me?" he grinned.


"No, I mean maybe, later, but right now I was just planning on living in sin."


"Nothing sinful about the way I love you," he said, with a serious look on his face. "Don't think love, real love, is ever sinful."


"Then I'll just live purely with you," I grinned.


"Yeah, purely," he said.


Just then, Antwon called and I kissed Justin quickly, stood, grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet and we went topside. Antwon was there as were Sharky and Mrs. Metzer. Antwon asked, "Ok, who's for



Mrs. Metzer had her hand up before any of us, but the six others were not far behind. "Great! You won't regret it, that's a promise," Mrs. Metzer said.


We climbed into the dinghy, surrounded by snorkeling gear and stuff we needed, and headed toward the island. A few minutes later, Sharky stopped the dinghy and said, "Metzer, check this as an anchor site."

Mrs. Metzer surprised us all by quickly putting on a mask and going over the side. Half a minute later, she came back to the surface and gave a thumbs-up.


"We can only anchor where there is a sandy bottom, not very interesting, but any place else and we'd damage the coral. We'll get in the water here and swim toward the wall of the fort. In and around it is some of the best snorkeling I know -- well, again, except for the windjammer wreck we'll visit tomorrow. While you'll be snorkeling, you'll still be in the sun and all of you -- well, maybe not Justin -- will need to get out of the sun from time to time to reapply sunscreen. The canopy is up and will help as well, but watch reflected sun. Marc, that is especially important for you. I suggest that all of you apply sunscreen before you start and each time you come out of the water. You can never use too much and I don't want a bunch of sunburned

spring breakers aboard tonight," Sharky said.


We all had, of course, played around with goggles at home and even done a bit of snorkeling with cheap equipment, but the equipment Antwon handed out was definitely highest quality -- mask, snorkel, and fins. Bobbie was kinda grossed out when Sharky showed us how to spit on the mask before putting it on and he gave her a spray can of what he called industrial strength spit to use instead.


Antwon, Sharky and the Captain checked us out one by one before we went overboard. Antwon had warned us about the coral. "Not at all worried about your snorkeling since you all pretty well had the hang of

it before you arrived, but you haven't had experience with coral. First off, you touch it and you can do major damage to yourself. Adam, I suspect that might be doubly true for you, but all of you remember it is dangerous for you to touch. Also, you are a danger to it. It is very fragile and a careless step can cause damage which could take a hundred plus years to repair. The motto? 'Look, appreciate, enjoy, but

don't touch.' 'Nough said, because you have proven yourselves responsible adults. Once we are overboard, wait up until Sharky or I do a final check. Enjoy! Overboard!" We went over the side one at a time

and were soon on our own.


Our experience at home stood us in good stead, but as soon as I put my face beneath the water, I realized I was in for a new experience. I would have never believed water could be as clear as that under us as

we approached the fort walls, and the sea life around us was amazing. Some schools of fish floated by, ignoring us, while others seemed to be as interested in us as we in them. Several fish swam right up to

me, paused and looked at me as I looked at them. Almost as interesting as the fish were the shrimp and some spidery lobsters, but most interesting were the corals. I remembered Antwon's warning about the dangers of touching the corals, both to the fragile sea creatures and to us, but I did get as close as I felt was safe to look at them and the sea life which lived among them.


The longer we were in the water, the better we got at going down when something interested us. Time passed quickly and I was surprised when Antwon signaled for us to take a break. When we got back into the dinghy, I started drying myself when Mrs. Metzer said, "Justin, dry him thoroughly, then apply this." She handed Justin a bottle and added, "It's both a great lotion and a high-value sunscreen. It's more waterproof than what you have been using."


Justin took the towel from me and began rubbing my hair vigorously, then made sure I was dry all down my front. Turning me around, he dried my neck and shoulders, then my back. He left no spot undried. Suddenly he hooked his thumbs in the band of my trunks and slid them down my legs before I realized what he was doing. "Justin! What are you doing?" I whispered.


"Drying you all over. Now turn around and show the audience your nice butt." I had already started turning around, thinking showing the bunch my butt was probably preferable to showing them my cock and



Justin covered a hand with lotion, then smoothed it over my body, ignoring -- thank goodness! -- my cock and balls. He stepped behind me, effectively hiding me and what he was doing from the others as

he applied lotion to my back. I started to say something when he slipped his hand down my crack, then started sliding a lotion slick finger up and down my crack and my rosebud. Immediate erection -- a

hard, pulsating cock stood out in front of me. As much as I hated to call a halt, I said, "Thanks," and pulled up my trunks after which Justin covered the backs of my legs.


Mrs. Metzer had been using an underwater digital camera and invited us to gather around to look at the shots she had taken. "I have at least one shot of each of you," she said as she started paging through the photos. I'll try to get some more when we go back. Need to give you support for your bragging about your spring break when you get back in school."


"Then you do understand we all have to have copies of pictures," Susan said.


"Especially those of us," John added.


"Of course," Mrs. Metzer laughed. "Poster size of each of you."


"Ready to go back?" Sharky asked and we were all eager. Mrs. Metzer handed me the sunscreen/lotion and said, "Reapply."


"Think all of you might follow Marc's lead and reapply sunscreen," the Captain said. "Better not need it than to discover you should have used it later."


"Use this," Mrs. Metzer said, and handed Susan a bottle of her lotion and gave John another after she had used it herself.


I could tell I was much improved in my snorkeling technique when we went back overboard. What little I could see of the others indicated they had learned as well during our first dive. Time passed even

faster and it seemed we had hardly gotten back in the water before Sharky called another break. I was surprised when I got topside and discovered how long we had been snorkeling.


As soon as we were topside, Justin grabbed a towel and started drying me. "Sunscreen or no, I think you got a bit of sun, Oh Fair One."


"Think you're right," the Captain said. "Don't want to be a killjoy, but I think you would be wise to sit out the next dive. You really don't want to be laid up with sunburn -- ever -- but it would really be tragic to miss tomorrow," he added. As much as I hated to admit it, I knew it was the wise thing to do.


Justin, again, dried me but without additions this time, and reapplied Mrs. Metzer's miracle snake oil -- John's name for the lotion, much to Mrs. Metzer's amusement -- in spite of the fact that I would remain

under the canopy in the shade.


Once everyone else was in the water, the Captain said, "Why don't you get out of the wet trunks and into dry clothes? You'll not be going back in today." After I made sure there were no other snorkelers nearby, I slipped out of my wet trunks and pulled on my long pants and shirt with sleeves. "You're in the shade, but sun reflected off the water can be a real killer. Make sure you sunscreen your face well." I did as he suggested.


"I noticed that little play with Justin a while ago," he said, staring out across the water. He had been in the front of the boat and the rest of us were in the back, so he must have had a box seat to the event. "None of my business, but you guys are new to each other -- as lovers I mean -- right?"


My face was red and it wasn't sunburn! "Well, yeah. I mean, well, we have been in love for years, I guess, but kept it secret from each other until this week."


"Again, not really any of my business, but either of you coming in by the back door?"


"Coming in by the back door?" Ok, I have admitted I can be pretty dense sometimes. I suddenly realized what he was asking, turned even redder and stammered, "Oh! No! No, not yet."


The Captain started laughing his head off and said, "I know that's right! Just wanted to say that while I wouldn't recommend doing it in public -- or even among friends again -- Justin has the right idea.

Slow, easy, and take your time."


I suddenly felt very comfortable with the Captain and asked some very practical questions -- questions about making love, about gay sex. As I said, I had read things on the Internet, but this was like a gay grandfather talking with his gay grandson. Justin was in for some surprises and we were in for some fun times. After that kind of talk, I felt I could, and I asked him about his lover and their life together, and he told me a wonderful story of love and devotion. Finally, he started telling me tales of his life on the sea, admitting that half of it was bull, "but I can't remember which half anymore!" he laughed.


Turns out I missed the third snorkeling dive but had an absolutely delightful time with the Captain. I suspect in the years ahead, that conversation will be as much remembered as the rest our first day on

Dry Tortugas.