Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah

Chapter Nineteen
John called from the living room and woke us at 5:00. "The four of us are headed for the pool in case you want to go or are looking for us."
"Hold up," Justin responded, "We'll join you." He turned to me and asked, "You would like to go for a swim, wouldn't you? I mean, I'll stay if you like."
"We'd probably just have sex again. Boringgg," I laughed and kissed Justin.
"Not sure I'm up to it," he laughed.
"Mr. Smith is calling you a liar," I laughed as I bent over and kissed Mr. Smith's fully erect head.
"Yeah, well ..."
"Yeah, well, I think a swim is in order," I said as I piled out of bed and ran -- literally -- to the toilet. I finished my business, went back to the room, passing Justin on the way, and pulled on the short trunks Clarisa had bought for me. When he returned, Justin did the same.
"Do we need towels?" he asked as we walked into the living room, arm-in-arm.
"Plenty at the pool, Antwon said," John responded.
The pool was interesting in that it was half-in and half-out of a solarium. When the weather got too cool or if you just wanted to stay out of the sun, you could swim under the solarium roof. If you were a sun worshiper, you could swim outdoors. All of us did a little of both. I did very little outdoors because I burn too easily.
After we had swum a few laps, Adam hopped out of the pool, grabbed a ball from a group of open shelves and tossed it to Bobbie. We were soon involved in a vigorous game of keep away which ended up with Adam and Bobbie taking John on their team and Justin taking Susan on ours." We had just gotten
started when Antwon and Sharky arrived and dived in. The two of them were as much at home in water as on land, and the game really got vigorous as Sharky joined us and Antwon joined Adam's team.
After almost an hour, all of us were ready for a break and climbed out of the pool and headed for a cluster of lounges and chairs. John and Susan collapsed into chairs leaving three large lounges unoccupied. Adam lay back on one and pulled Bobbie down beside him -- well, kinda beside and on him. Justin and I took
the lounge on one side of them and Antwon and Sharky took the one on the other. As Bobbie lay down beside Adam, he had kissed her. Sharky had done the same with Antwon. I had wondered how Adam would respond to that, just as Justin pulled me down and kissed me. As we broke the kiss, I glanced at Adam
who had -- well, I don't know -- an interesting look on his face.
"Ok, I get the point. I'm still struggling with two of my best friends being queer, but I guess at this point, my best friends are a slight edge beyond queer," Adam said with a half-grin on his face. "Sharky, I am real puzzled by you, by you and Antwon I mean. Antwon said you met in biology class and became friends
and then you moved in and..."
"Yeah, we met in biology class. Took some scheming on my part, but we ended up as lab partners because -- believe it or not -- it was love at first sight on my part. It was pretty clear to me that Antwon was gay and I asked around until I was pretty sure he wasn't coupled. Nonetheless, he wasn't at all responsive to my advances which were, maybe, too subtle.
Antwon laughed, "Subtle would not have been the way I described his overtures. Blatant comes to mind."
Anyway, I had it bad, very bad, and Antwon wasn't very thrilled with the idea of a boyfriend, or maybe me as a boyfriend."
"Actually, that's only partially right. As I told you, we hit it off right away, but the idea of being a couple took some getting used to. Look, I had been raped more than once and the idea of letting a man get close terrified me. Then Sharky was out on the street and when I mentioned it, Mrs. Crandall suggested I give him a place to stay if he was interested. I knew he was interested, and I was still pretty uneasy about it, but asked him in spite of my misgiving. One night we had a couple of drinks, enough to allow me to pretend -- hear that, to pretend -- it had loosened my tongue, and I pretty much laid out my life to him including the fact that I had been raped. Sharky told me he was in love with me and was willing to give me all the time I needed and I was, absolutely, in charge of what we did and when. From the beginning he has been and is very gentle with me."
"And it paid off!" Sharky said.
"You two seem awfully comfortable -- I mean being gay and all. I sure would have thought you'd not choose to be gay, Antwon, since, well, you already face a lot of prejudice and all," Adam said.
"You still think people choose to be gay, Adam?" Antwon asked. "I mean, did you chose NOT to be gay or were you just born heterosexual?"
"Well, I never choose to be or not to be gay, but I guess I could have decided to be gay if I wanted to."
"You could? Think about that for a minute. No way I'd want to have sex with Bobbie, pretty as she is, and I suspect you feel the same way about having sex with me -- or any of the other guys here. No, I never made a choice, I just was," Antwon laughed. "And, lucky me, Sharky wanted me. But back to your original
statement: we are very open with people we know and trust. Marc was here while his mother was ill and I got to know him pretty well. Sharky did through me and so, since we trust Marc, we trust those he trusts and loves as friends. People here on the estate know we are more than two guys sharing a house and
accept that. I suppose, since Key West is such a haven for gays, that makes it easier, but there are still bigots here -- some who hate me because of my skin color, others because I am gay, and some for both. While I am happy being gay, I don't think anyone would really choose to be treated the way we are, and
especially if your race has already made you the object of prejudice and hatred. End of sermon."
"Thanks," Adam said, quietly. "I am trying."
"All anyone can ask," Sharky said.
Later when we were back in our suite and had changed out of our wet trunks, John joined us in the living room. "I have been wondering about the change in Adam," I said. "It seems pretty dramatic and sudden."
"Look, it's easy to overlook a couple things about Adam," John said. "First, he plays the dumb jock very well and too often, but we know it's all a cover-up. Adam is pretty unsure of himself underneath that exterior. I blame his father for a part of that. His dad's never given the guy credit for being the great kid he is..."
"Right," Justin said. "Several times I have been on the verge of calling Mr. Sanford's hand when he put Adam down. I've also thought about speaking to Mr. Sanford when Adam is not around, but always remembered he's my boss and writes my paycheck. I mean, Adam should be the one taking over more and
more of the new store, not me."
"Whoa," John said. "The first part of what you say is true and I think you should speak to Mr. Sanford, certainly not in front Adam as that would put both on the defensive, but privately. I think Mr. Sanford would actually appreciate it. But forget Adam taking over the new store. He is NOT interested in the business -- not now and not in the future. It just isn't where he wants to be.
"We also forget Bobbie. I mean, it is so easy to think of Bobbie as a featherbrained cheerleader. She can be that and it is a persona she wears well as it gets her out of a lot of things. Her mom is a disappointed cheerleader and she lives the high school years she longed for, but never had, through Bobbie. Bobbie uses that to her advantage. But she is smart and she has old Adam wrapped around her little finger. Don't know that he'd want to be anywhere else, but I am positive Adam did not get the loving he expected after he got home last night. I felt sorry about arranging it so he and Bobbie would have the night together after he got stung, because I knew he would not rest until Bobbie had made him see the light and it's clear to me, I was on target."
What John said made a lot of sense, in looking at Adam's attitude yesterday and then today.
"But I don't think the conversion is over. In fact, I think it has barely begun," John concluded.
About that time, Susan knocked on the door and I called, "Come on in." She joined our discussion, but had nothing new to add since she essentially agreed with our conclusions.
Justin had spied a Monopoly game in a closet and, since we often had cut-throat Monopoly games, soon all four of us were sprawled on the floor playing. We had been playing maybe twenty minutes when Bobbie and Adam arrived.


"Hey, what's going on here?" Adam demanded. "You started a Monopoly game without calling me? How dare you!"
"You are such poor players you thought you'd hide and practice?" Bobbie asked. "You know the rules, you have to start over."
We had agreed long ago, that anytime we had not been playing long and another member of the Clan arrived, we'd start over. It took very little time for a new game to get underway with all six of us playing. No way anyone could have known there had been a rift among us only twenty-four hours before. I knew
Adam still had reservations, but he wasn't letting it cut him off from us so I knew it would all work out eventually.
We were so absorbed in the game we didn't keep an eye on the clock and were surprised when the phone rang. When I answered it, Antwon said, "The fire is laid and the food and drinks have arrived. Come when you're ready." Justin was winning the game and had a pile of money, but we told him it was a called game
and no-one got credit for it. He protested, but it did no good.
When we arrived at the beach, Sharky and Antwon were already there, of course, and had a folding picnic table set up complete with a tablecloth -- on the beach for heaven's sake. Nearby was the bonfire waiting to be lit. There was a stack of beach chairs which we got all unfolded and sat up well back from the fire since it would still be quite warm without the fire.
As the sun sank toward the horizon, we got into a discussion of the "green flash" which occurs at sunset -- and sunrise, for that matter. We had all heard about it, but none of us had observed it -- none of the Clan, that is. Both Antwon and Sharky had observed it once.
"Conditions have to be just right," Antwon said, "and as much time as Sharky and I spend on the ocean, watching sunsets and sunrises with excursions, we each have seen it only once. Given the atmospheric conditions tonight, it's not going to happen." Well, it didn't happen, but we did have another beautiful
After we had watched the sunset, the fire was lit and, as soon as it was burning well, Justin and I started walking down the beach. Justin had taken a beach towel from atop a stack on a small folding table and after we were a good three quarters of a mile down the beach, he spread it on the sand. The two of us lay down and within seconds were exchanging hot kisses. One thing led to another, of course, and soon shorts were off as we were fondling each other. Our fondling led to stroking which resulted in two explosions. We were
both covered with man's juice. Justin took advantage of it by lying atop me and sliding around on my cum-slick body.
"We are a real mess, lover boy," I said, giggling.
"Yeah, but making such a mess is great!" he responded as he stood and used my hand to pull me onto my feet. As soon as I was standing, he started running toward the water, still holding my hand. We ran until we fell into the warm water. We splashed each other, laughing and giggling, before returning to the beach and drying off with the now-sandy towel.
"Not sure whether I am doing more drying or sanding," I commented as I dried his back.
"Sanding, I can tell you, definitely sanding."
I finished and tossed the towel across Justin's shoulders, took his hand and we walked back up the beach. When we reached the bonfire, Antwon and Sharky were laying out food with Susan and John helping. We pitched in and had everything ready when Adam and Bobbie arrived, having walked up the beach.
We roasted hot dogs and had them with potato chips and all the condiments and add-ons -- chopped onions, sauerkraut, chili, etc. There were several kinds of icy drinks in the cooler and we ate and drank like the teenagers we were. We ate so much that when Antwon said there was watermelon in the cooler and he
had everything we needed for s'mores, Justin groaned, expressing all our feeling.
Of course, after we had sat around and talked awhile, and had a vigorous game of beach tag, our appetites had returned and we ate watermelon, and made and ate s'mores. The bonfire had died down to a few glowing embers when we packed up everything and returned to the house.
It was later than I thought when we were back in our suite and Justin suggested we shower and go to bed. He arched an eyebrow and gave me an evil leer when he made the suggestion. We did very little playing around in the shower, nothing beyond a lot of kissing, soaping and washing each other. I suspect Justin, as
well as I, was saving it for the bed.
Walking from the bathroom to the bed was all it took for both of us to get throbbing erections and as soon as we hit the bed, we had our lover's cock in our hand. I don't know why we were both surprised, but we discovered we both had sore cocks. Justin laughed and said, "Hard to do business with a sore peter," echoing the old saw about why robbing Peter to pay Paul was bad for business. We made do with a lot of kisses and gentle mouthing of each other's cock and practically no stroking and no hard cock sucking. We were lying head to cock, kissing and licking each other's cock when I felt Justin's finger circling my asshole. It felt good! I drew my knees up exposing it more and found Justin's asshole and started returning the favor. We had been enjoying the fingering of our assholes and the gentle licking and kissing for several minutes when I felt Justin's ass tighten and his cum hit my face. That did it for me and I shot as well.
We went to the bathroom, cleaned up and as we walked back to our room, the door opened and John came in. "Oops," he said. "Sorry."
"Nothing to apologize for. We should have at least grabbed a towel, but what the hey! We've all seen each other naked for most of our lives," Justin said.
"Yeah, you're right, but somehow it seems different now. Maybe like you belong exclusively to Marc now."
"I don't belong to anyone except Justin," Justin said. "I give myself to Marc, but he doesn't own me. That's part of Adam and Bobbie's problem, I think. He thinks he owns her."
"Anyway," I chimed in with a laugh, "feel free to look, but don't touch."
"Yeah, please don't touch," Justin laughed, crossing his legs and holding his hands in front of his cock and balls.
"Sore cocks, huh," John laughed. "I remember how sore I was when I was ten or so and a cousin asked me if I ever spanked the monkey. I didn't know what he was talking about, so he showed me. I was embarrassed, so I didn't do anything with him, but I was barely in my room before I was naked and pounding away. I couldn't cum yet, but that didn't matter. I hardly got any sleep that night and spent the next day looking for places to hide and jerk off. Man, when I woke up the day after that, not only was my small cock sore, but swollen as well. I was afraid I had broken it. Found out differently and haven't been sore since, but
then all I've done is jerk off and Master John is well used to that!"
We all laughed, said goodnight, and were soon fast asleep.