Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah

Chapter Seventeen

As Justin slid from my arms, he asked, "John, you're white as a sheet. S'up?"

"Adam is unconscious."

"You dialed 911?" I asked as I headed toward the phone.

"Susan did. Bobbie's with Adam on the beach. You know Adam is very allergic to bees and always carries that gadget with him?"

We all knew that. Adam had his first life-threatening reaction to a bee sting when we were all in the second grade. He had never had anything beyond the usual reaction -- stinging, itching and swelling -- then one spring day when we were on the playground, he slapped at a bee and got stung. Within minutes the
reaction resulted in his losing consciousness. Fortunately, the principal was also allergic and knew what to do and had medicine, so Adam was just very sick rather than dead. After that event, he carried a small devise to inject himself should he be stung.

"He got bee stung tonight, after dark?" I asked. "That doesn't make sense."

"Course not," John replied. "He was wading in the surf and, I'm sure, met a jellyfish. Probably would have just been uncomfortable to one of us, but Adam reacted as if it had been a bee sting."

By this time we had tumbled down the stairs and were racing out of the house. We soon passed Mrs. Metzer who was semi-running in the same direction. Talking became too much of a chore to continue so we just ran, flat out.

I saw Bobbie and Susan ahead of us and, as we approached, Adam stretched out, his head in Bobbie's lap. "How's he doing?" I asked.

"Well, I'm not sure. Had it been a bee sting I think he would have been conscious by now, actually soon after the injection, but he's not responding as quickly as usual. 'Course, he didn't get the injection as quickly. He was wearing trunks so there was not room for his gadget," Bobbie said with a quick grin -- Adam was
the only one of the four of us who wore skin-tight Speedos -- "so it was in my bag. We had spread a beach towel on the sand and I left my bag on it when we started running down the beach. Adam was running in and out of the surf. We were a ways down the beach when he ran into the surf, yelled, and barely got
back on the beach and started running to get his injection when the reaction started. It was quick. Seconds later, he stumbled and passed out. Fortunately, John and Susan had reached the beach and I was able to shout and have them bring my bag. I gave Adam the injection while John made sure his throat was
clear and all that. Susan got my cell phone out of my bag and called 911."

Susan picked up the story, "When the dispatcher asked the address, I was getting ready to panic. I told her I had no idea. She asked me to describe where I was, I said, 'I'm at the beach behind La Casa," and she almost laughed and said, 'Behind La Casa is quite enough." She said she was sending the EMT and would
call Mrs. Metzer. Oh, here she comes now."

The EMT team, which arrived just behind Mrs. Metzer, examined Adam, then loaded him in the ambulance. Bobbie was allowed to ride with him.

Mrs. Metzer said she had called Antwon and he would be waiting at the house with the SUV, ready to take us to the hospital. As we were walking back to the house, Mrs. Metzer said, "I hope you don't think La Casa has a dislike for people from North Carolina. First your mother, Marc, and now your friend."

When she said "friend," what had just preceded Adam's walking on the beach sprung to mind. I don't know about Adam or Justin -- no, I knew about Justin -- but I was determined to do everything reasonable to make sure Adam remained my friend. His close call tonight reinforced my feeling that he was a friend I wanted to keep.

At the hospital, Antwon went with us to the emergency room where Bobbie sat in a waiting room. She had been with Adam in the ambulance, but once they reached the hospital, she was not allowed to accompany him in the treatment area. "The nurse said she thought Adam was doing fine and would be released
soon but, before he can be released, the doctor will have to examine him. That means there will be a wait, but it shouldn't be long. Mrs. Metzer called to tell me she had taken care of any charges. Apparently here, even where there are a lot of people with a lot of money, La Casa is a real open sesame."

We sat, silent for the most part, for over an hour without knowing anything. Bobbie kept asking anyone who would listen how Adam was doing and was always told the same thing, "He is resting. That is all we know until he is seen by a doctor." Finally a young woman dressed in a white coat, stethoscope about
her neck and "Dr. Cecilia Crawford, M.D." stitched above her pocket, came into the waiting room. "Ms. Reed?"

"I'm Bobbie Reed," Bobbie answered. "These are Adam's friends."

"I don't think you can all go back. We have a full house tonight. Just after Mr. Sanford came in, we had eight people at once, all from a Keys boat charter. They were all in extreme distress from severe sunburn. Some people never learn. Anyway, Mr. Sanford, Adam, is doing fine. I'm sure you know how the epinephrine injection affects him. I could give you the general after-effects but, as with anything, different people respond differently."

"I've only been with Adam once when he got stung by a bee. He gave himself the injection and I got him to the emergency room. They knew Adam and assured me he was ok. He just takes a very long time for the effects to wear off, compared to most, I was told, but he should be over them soon if he's not already," Bobbie said.

"Good to know that since that seemed to be the case and I wasn't going to release him until I was sure he's ok. He's pretty much over the shock now and you can take him home in twenty minutes or so unless there are complications I don't anticipate." She asked us about ourselves and after she had chatted with us for maybe five minutes -- assuring us everything was ok, I'm sure, said, "I hope you won't let this ruin your or his holiday, just have Adam watch out for jellyfish. Bobbie, you can come back and bring your boy out when he's ready. Again, all of you, don't let this ruin your holiday," she smiled and went back to the treatment area with Bobbie.

Twenty minutes later when he came out, Adam was over the worst of his encounter with a jellyfish, but he was obviously pretty weak in the knees. He was leaning pretty heavily on Bobbie. With a weak smile, he said, "Sorry for interrupting your spring break and thanks for helping see that mine wasn't ended. Think we all need to get home now."

Adam had been leaning on Bobbie, but decided to assert his manhood and straightened up, took half a step forward and started falling. Bobbie grabbed him, but was having a hard time keeping him from falling in the floor -- he is a big boy. Justin jumped to Bobbie's aid, putting his arm around Adam's waist, supporting him as he said, "Adam, you need to lean on me before you take Bobbie to the floor with you."

Seeing Adam was in good hands, John took Susan's elbow and headed for the exit, "I'll find Antwon and get the van by the back entrance. Take your time. We'll park in the back entrance 'No Parking' zone. If anyone makes us move, we'll drive around and come back. If we're not there when you get there, wait for us."

Bobbie was struggling with her bag and Adam so I took her bag so she could concentrate on helping support him. She was actually not supporting so much as guiding, but her bag had definitely been in her way. The Clan often teased Bobbie about her bags. All were "big enough to carry an elephant," Adam had
said more than once and she had responded, "Well, the next time you need an elephant, you'll be glad I'm carrying it." All joking aside, she did carry just about anything any of us needed -- sunscreen, Bandaids, what have you.

It was only after we were on the way back to La Casa that I realized Justin, then John, had manipulated the situation to where Adam had pretty much had to depend on Justin -- and in a tiny way, me -- or fall in the floor. When I thought of that, I realized that was the way it had always been for the six of us -- depending on and supporting each other -- and I damn sure wasn't giving it up without a struggle! Our friendship was certainly worth one helluva fight and I hoped Adam would realize that when he was thinking again. Time would tell.

When we got back to La Casa, Adam insisted he was fine. "I just need to rest and I'll be fine. See you all at breakfast." He headed to his suite with only Bobbie helping him.

"I think I'll turn in too," Susan said, adding, "Goodnight," as she headed down the hall.

As John came into our suite with us he said, "I guess Susan and I will be the only ones sleeping alone tonight and," he laughed, and added, "maybe the only ones doing much sleeping. Give me fifteen minutes or so in the bathroom and I'll not disturb you again until I see you in the morning." It was closer to twenty
minutes later when John called out. "It's yours. So's the Jacuzzi."

I hadn't thought about the Jacuzzi since it was one o'clock in the morning and when I said so, Justin asked, "Why not? We will all definitely sleep in and I certainly am not falling asleep on my feet. In fact, I see an hour or two of playing around before I think about sleep and I can assure you, when I am playing around, you'll not be sleeping!" Seems that settled it and in less than five minutes, we were in the shower, getting ready for the Jacuzzi.

We had barely stepped into the shower before playing around started -- kissing and fondling each other's cock and balls. We both, of course, had raging hardons within a nanosecond. I was sure I expressed Justin's feelings as well as mine when I said, "Justin, a hot tub has no attraction for me when your hot
body is available." He gave me one of his heart-stopping smiles and, grinning, held up the shower gel and covered my ass, cock and balls. He worked it -- and me! -- into a lather and then rinsed my body before I did the same for him.

When we stepped out of the shower to dry each other, we both, of course, still had hard-as-rock cocks. We finished drying each other, hung the towels on their racks and Justin scooped me into his arms. I'll have to admit he does that a lot easier than I do, and carries me as if I weigh nothing.

Justin dumped me on the bed and, literally, jumped astraddle of me and started tickling me, knowing that drove me wild. I had just about reached the point where I was barely breathing, when he stopped, kissed me quickly and reached down and flipped my now limp cock. "Damn," he said in a mock serious voice, "I
think I punctured my plaything and let all the air out of it. It's all little and floppy! Bet I can get it pumped up again, though." He laughed as he leaned over and started teasing a nipple with his tongue.

Seeing is believing? Don't you believe it. Seen DVDs of guys making love and, believe me, watching a nipple being teased can't be believing how great it is! Before I knew it, I was groaning with pleasure as I kept running my fingers though Justin's hair.

When he stuck his tongue in my belly button, I was ready to explode and said so. Justin looked up, laughed, and moved down and licked the precum from the tip of my now throbbing, hard cock. He looked up and gave me an evil grin before taking the head of my cock in his hot mouth. A couple flicks of his tongue on its head then, as he moved his mouth down my cock, he sucked gently. That was all it took! I managed to get out "Justin!" before a spasm sent the first of many shots of boy juice into his mouth.

Justin continued to suck gently, very gently, until -- how he knew it, I don't know -- I was so sensitive that pleasure would soon become pain. He then looked up and smiled and asked, "Good?"

I smiled back, "Better than good, a lot better."

While I definitely was satiated, for the moment, Justin was just as definitely -- and obviously -- otherwise. I kissed him and when I swept my tongue into his mouth, it still carried the taste of me. Recalling how much pleasure Justin's tonguing my nipple had given me, I tongued my way down to his chest, found a
nipple and started sucking and nipping it, in addition to using my tongue to flick it while I fingered his other one. Justin was groaning now while stroking my hair -- running fingers through it was almost an impossibility. After a final nip on a nipple, I tongued my way further down, pausing briefly at his belly button. By the time I placed my mouth on his balls, Justin was groaning loudly. Maybe John would hear him if he got any louder!

After tonguing his balls, I sucked first one then the other into my mouth. "Yes, baby, yes!" Justin was practically shouting. I licked my way up his shaft, slick with precum coming from it. After licking it clean, I looked up at Justin's face, expecting to see his black, black eyes filled with pleasure. Instead, I saw a face
reflecting the pleasure he was feeling, his eyes closed in ecstasy. I smiled, then covered his slick cock with my mouth. Justin bucked his hips unexpectedly which, of course, moved his cock deeper in my mouth, but fortunately not far enough for me to gag. His hips were still off the bed when I started moving my mouth slowly up and down his shaft, my lips surrounding it tightly, while I maintained good suction. Justin continued to groan, then he started moving his hips up and down. To keep his cock from being thrust too deeply into my mouth, I grasped his shaft, essentially stroking him while sucking his cock. Justin obviously had more control than I did or he would have shot long before. As he continued thrusting his hips, he was chanting, "Yes, baby, yes!" With a final thrust, which he held, his hips off the bed, he shouted, "Yes!" and started
filling my mouth.

I intended to swallow all he gave me, but there was too much. I swallowed all I could as quickly as I could, but some ran down his still hard cock. When he finally stopped shooting, I licked his cock clean and took it back in my mouth until I was sure there was more pain than pleasure from my sucking. Justin then pulled my body up and over his and licked his cum from my face. "Damn that was good!" he said and kissed me passionately, a kiss I eagerly returned.

We lay side by side, looking into each other's eyes, in the afterglow of our fantastic orgasms. I had, of course, seen Justin for years and would have thought I knew every square millimeter of his body, but I'd have to admit, it seemed as if I had never seen his beautiful lips. Kissable? Damn right! But more than that, they were sensitive and sensual. I reached out a finger and traced them slowly. Suddenly Justin started laughing. "That tickles!" he exclaimed.

"Turn about's fair..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it still tickles!"

"Does this?" I asked as I started a hot kiss. The kiss went on and on as we breathed through each other's mouth, first one and then the other. Meanwhile, our tongues were seeking out new and different ways to explore the taste of our lover. Before we broke the kiss, we were both hard again and, in spite of our first very hot and pretty quick session, we were ready for action again, only this time it was long, slow, gentle.

We were lying face to face when I reached down and took Justin's cock in my hand and began, to stroke it slooowy. As soon as I started, I felt Justin's hand surround my hard cock and he matched me stroke for stroke. Anyway, not only had we both had a recent orgasm, but our stroking was so slow the precum dried quickly.

This is great, Justin," I finally said, "but without something to lubricate my cock, I will be very sore tomorrow." Having said that, I hopped out of bed and followed my pointing cock to the bathroom, opened my DOP kit and took out some lotion I always used when jacking off. I took it back to the bedroom and lubricated Mr. Smith and started stroking it as Justin lubricated Marc Junior. I remembered from earlier times when the four of us used to jerk off together, Justin took longer to cum than I did. Sure enough, I felt myself nearing the
point where I would blast him with my cum, moaning softly. When the first spasm hit me and I shot, I hit Justin squarely on the bellybutton. Other shots hit his stomach and chest and the last one just sorta trickled over his hand.

I had known sex for Justin was noisy since those circle jerk days, so it came as no surprise when Justin started practically shouting, again and again, "Yes, baby, yes!" Then "Oh, baby, yes, baby. You do me so good!" He had sped up his stroking of my cock and, again, I was reaching the point where it no longer felt
good when he shouted, "Hell, yes, baby!" and started shooting cum in the air. He, literally, shot cum from my cock to my face before he stopped.

Our second orgasm left us mellow, very mellow, but we finally became aware of the cold, sticky cum which covered our bodies and took a quick shower. Back in bed we lay, wrapped in each other's arms, just exchanging soft angel kisses from time to time. I rested my head on my lover's chest, listening to the
steady rhythm of his heartbeat. I had drifted into that mystic zone between asleep and awake when Justin asked, "Marc, you know what tomorrow is?"