Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels

by Sequoyah

Chapter Twelve

When we reached our suite, Justin wrapped me in his arms, started unbuttoning my shirt, then gave up and just yanked it over my head. As soon as I was free, he leaned forward to kiss me again and just before his lips reached mine, I heard laugher coming from the bathroom.
"Damn, I forgot about the Jacuzzi!" I said.
"So did I. It just wasn't very important to me at the moment," Justin said as he stuck his tongue in my ear, then called out, "Y'all all decent?"
"Of course!" Susan answered, "what else?"
"Susan?" I asked Justin. "I wouldn't be surprised at Adam and Bobbie, but Susan?"
"Want to join her?"
"Sure, why not?" I responded.
Justin went to his room and put on trunks while I found mine. When we opened the door to the bathroom, the other four Clan members were in the Jacuzzi. With a wave of his hand, John laughed and said, "To coin a phrase, come on in, water's fine." Adam sat on one side of the Jacuzzi, his arm around Bobbie, while John was on the other side, his arm around Susan.
"Looks pretty romantic, John," Justin said. "Guess you and Susan slipped one over on us."
"How often do we have to tell you? We're just long-time good friends," Susan responded.
"Yeah," John added. "We could hardly get romantic if we wanted to. It would give the country club matchmakers too much pleasure. Now that they have struck out with Marc and Mary Beth, they are pretty down in the dumps and need a success real bad, but we're not it. Come on, join us."
"Yeah, I guess they really did strike out with Marc," Justin laughed, looked at me and, so help me, winked.
"Hear she's hot enough these days to turn a swimming pool into a Jacuzzi," Bobbie laughed. "Rumor in some circles is that she had to change private schools -- again -- because she was caught with a teacher and a guy from the boys' school -- being fucked by one while giving head to the other, if I may be so crude."
"Look what you're missing, Marc," John laughed.
I shrugged and said, "As I told her, I don't want my prized possession, Marc Junior, playing in a public playground. You never know who's been playing there!"
"I like that," Susan grinned. "I'll have to remember that the next time Mom starts on the 'our kind of people' crap. 'Playing in a public playground.' Yeah, I like that. Guess you're really out of that rat race in more ways than one." My heart skipped a beat, terrified Susan was going to announce Justin and I were lovers or at least that I was gay. "Your father's in Raleigh and off your case, and your mother has pretty much taken herself out of the country club rat race and not just out of all the parties."
"Well, I don't mind it at all," I replied. "I'm especially glad Mother got out -- and out of the bottle. She's running around over Europe with a woman who is proud of being sober fifteen years. I hope it rubs off on Mother, but I'll understand if she slips."
We joked and carried on until the timer on the Jacuzzi went off. "I've had enough, more than enough," John said, climbing out. "You'd think we'd have better sense than to crawl into a hot tub in Florida."
"Especially since the only way we could possibly stand it is to have the air conditioning cranked up high," Susan added.
After everyone had dried off and headed back to their rooms, Justin closed the door to our suite and took me in his arms. His mouth covered mine and once again we engaged in some hot kisses. When we broke the kiss, I slid my hands down Justin's body, hooking my thumbs in the waist of his trunks and sliding them to the floor. As I stood, I kissed Mister Smith. Justin slid his hands down my back, pushing my trunks down until wiggling my legs caused them to drop to the floor. We both had raging hardons.
We took a quick shower to get rid of the chlorine from the Jacuzzi, dried off and walked, arm-in-arm, back to the living room. As we stood, exchanging kisses, Justin said, "Mr. Porcher, I don't think we can make up any lost time sleeping in separate beds. Your room or mine?"
"Mr. Smith, you will be most welcome to my bed," I replied.
It took us a while to reach my room since we hadn't learned how to kiss and walk at the same time. We finally reached the bed and were making out very well when, suddenly, I felt Justin's hand enclose Marc Junior. I sucked in a huge breath and whispered, "I don't think you need to stroke me. I am on the verge of exploding already," I explained.
"That makes two of us," Justin replied and, against my advise, started slowly stroking my rock-hard cock.
When I looked at him, he had an evil grin on his face which changed quickly to one of pure pleasure when I grabbed Mr. Smith, matching him stroke for stroke. We both exploded, covering hands, chests, and stomachs. We lay, side by side, in the afterglow of two volcanic eruptions, being two young studs in love.
We were so unaware, we had not heard anything and were oblivious to everything until John called out, "Marc?" He was clearly standing just outside the bedroom door. Once again, he had just walked into the suite without warning or if he had knocked, we had not heard him.
"Yes?" I responded. "Give me a minute."
Marcus Junior had been semi-relaxed after the explosion. Now he wilted completely and quickly. I realized I wasn't ready for John to discover Justin and me in bed with each other, our bodies covered with fresh jizz, since there was no logical explanation other than what was going on. "Hit the bathroom," I whispered as I grabbed a T-shirt and started wiping my chest and belly. As Justin raced through the bathroom to his room, I hopped out of bed, yanked on a pair of briefs and went to the door.
When I opened the door, John was standing just outside it. When he saw me, I thought he got a crazy grin on his face but, if he did, he quickly hid it. "I didn't mean to disturb you, but Adam asked me when breakfast was and I didn't know. We didn't want Mrs. Metzer to have to go to extra trouble because we stagger down at all hours."
"Thoughtful of you and you're absolutely right. How does around nine sound?" I asked.
"Seems reasonable. I'll let Adam and the girls know, if you'll make sure Justin knows."
"Sure," I replied. "Goodnight."
"Goodnight. See you at 9:00." John looked at me, grinned and said again, "Well, goodnight."
I closed the door behind him, went to the phone and left a message for Mrs. Metzer. While I was on the phone, Justin stuck his head around the door from the bathroom and smiled, "Coast clear?"
I smiled back and said, "Coast clear."
We crawled back in bed and started talking about the two near misses we had already, and we had been lovers for only a couple or three hours. We were both pretty uptight about it and were soon talking and thinking about the implications -- some of them anyway -- of our new relationship. "I'd like to shout to the world that we are in love, stand on top the roof and announce to everyone, 'I'm in love with Justin Chayton Smith and he loves me!'"
"I suppose you'd like to have half of the society page of the weekly 'Elizabethton Gazette.' I can see it now, 'Mrs. Marcus Alexander Porcher of Elizabethton and Mr. Marcus Alexander Porcher III of Raleigh, announce the coming out of their son Marcus Alexander Porcher IV. Young Mr. Porcher anticipates fucking like a bunny with Mr. Justin Chayton Smith, also of Elizabethton.' Not a smart move, loverboy. Not smart at
all," Justin said. "Even here with our very best friends, it would not be a wise move. I don't think it would make a lot of difference to Susan. In fact, I suspect she knows already. At least, I suspect she knows and has known I am gay for a while. Probably you too."
"How could she since I just decided...?"
"Whoa! Not decided, Marc, admit it. We both know it was not a matter of deciding, but admitting," Justin laughed. "Anyway, I'm just sure she knows from the way she looks at us sometimes. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised to learn she even suspects we're in love with each other. I think she probably realized it before we did... well, not that, but before we admitted it to ourselves, much less each other. So I'm sure Susan will be very supportive. But John... what his response will be is a big question for me."
"John will be supportive. I think we can depend on it. I'm sure of that. He has been very vocal in his support of a couple gay guys, partners, lovers, whatever, who are members of the country club. When they came out, most of the club members got all upset, but his dad and Lacy fought to the bitter end and now I think most of the club members accept them. Of course, Mr. Thurmond and Lacy would have a dying duck fit if John announced he was gay. Don't think that's likely to happen. But so long as it's someone else -- or John stayed in the closet, for that matter -- no problem. They're cool with gays so long as it's not their son or daughter, I bet. No, I don't worry about John or Susan. Bobbie is the unknown."
"Except for the fact that she belongs to Adam who is more than a little homophobic."
"Yeah, I was going to say among all our friends, some may have attitudes which will surprise us, but not Adam. He is a real asshole about gays."
"In spades! Remember all the fuss he and his fellow jocks made when Sam Jenkins came out? Kept saying they'd not play football with any cock-sucking, ass-fucking faggot."
I laughed, recalling Adam's ranting and raving. "Remember that day he was carrying on about damn fairy faggots and said, 'Well, we won't have to worry about a faggot on the team. Ain't no cock-sucking, ass-fucking sissy faggot who can play football worth shit anyway.'"
"Yeah, and Bobbie said, 'Guess you're ignoring, of course, the fact that Sam has announced he is gay, is captain of the football team and, at the end of the season last year, was selected for the all-conference team.'"
Justin laughed, "Speaking of cock suckers and Bobbie, the thought occurs that while I am not a cock sucker -- yet -- I suspect I will be, and that will put me and Bobbie in the same club. Wow, I can see it now on the front of the society page of the 'Elizabethton Gazette', maybe right below your coming out announcement. 'Mr. Justin Chayton Smith, after demonstrating proficiency in the art by performing on Mr. Marcus Alexander Porcher IV, was inducted into the Elizabethton Chapter of Cocksuckers of America by Chapter president, Bobbie Reed.'" Justin was putting on a real show and I had been laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.
When I finally got control of myself, I said, "Get serious, Justin, we'll just have to keep our relationship a secret, even if I don't want to."
"Sure, no problem, Marc, so far as I am concerned. Well, only one problem, one tiny little thing. In its short 250-year history, no-one, but no-one has kept a secret very long in lovely, historic, small-town Elizabethton."
"Yeah, you're right about that," I agreed.
We lay in bed, snuggled against each other and talked about our new relationship/situation, and some of the ramifications for us, for almost two hours. Finally, we were both talked out and so sobered by then that there was no mad, passionate love. In fact, after a very long kiss, our arms about each other, we sailed off to the land of nod.
Before we went to sleep, I had remembered to set the bedside alarm. When it went off at 8:00, I reached for Justin before opening my eyes and he wasn't there. Finally able to get my eyes open, I saw Justin propped up on an elbow, looking at me, a huge smile on his face. He leaned over, kissed my forehead softly and said, "Good morning, Sunshine."
"If you don't clear the way for me and let me run, it'll be a not-so-good morning, Rain Shower!" I laughed, jumped out of bed, and raced to the bathroom, Justin right behind me. We released two golden streams into the toilet.
When I finished, Justin reached over, grabbed Marcus Junior and shook him, laughed and said, "I've wanted to do that for a long time!"
Marcus Junior started responding and I said, "Think we might shower and get ready for breakfast before things get out of hand."
"In hand, you mean," Justin grinned. "First, we deal with dragon mouth." Justin grabbed his DOP kit and started brushing his teeth. I did the same and when we finished, he said, "I'm ok to kiss now!" and proceeded to demonstrate the fact.
We were engaged in a tongue battle when Justin lifted me in his arms and walked to the shower. He held me while I adjusted the water temperature and then walked into the shower with me. Working at the furniture store had transformed what had been a nicely built body into a wonderfully hard, solid one.
Justin took the shower gel and started lathering my body, paying particular attention to Marcus Junior, my balls, and my ass. He turned me around so he was at my back, covered Marcus Junior with more gel, then started stroking him slowly with one hand as he teased a nipple with the other. As he continued stroking me, he reached up, took my chin in his hand, turned my head over my shoulder and covered my lips with his. His
tongue invaded my mouth, bringing me the wonderful taste of Justin. His kiss continued as he gradually increased the speed of his stroking. His hard cock was resting in the crack of my ass and I pushed back against it as I went over the edge, shooting hot lava again and again as Justin continued stroking me. Soon my knees were so weak I started sinking to the floor, but Justin's strong arms held me close.
Finally, I turned and embraced Justin and whispered, "Justin, you are so beautiful and I love you. I love you so much."
"Ah, it's just because I give a good hand job!" He grinned. I felt like bashing him one. I was being romantic and he was cracking jokes! It would take me a while, but eventually I would learn Justin was embarrassed by 'mushy love talk.' Unfortunately, when I thought I had it all figured out, he started lapping it up! Another of those ongoing adjustments you have to learn to make in a relationship worth keeping.
Somewhat in the spirit of his response, I answered, "Not really. I haven't done a bad job at it myself for several years. In fact, I have never given myself a bad hand job but, well, there is a lot to be said for having someone you love handle the job!"
"Prove it! Come on prove it," Justin challenged with a grin. He had no complaints except he erupted in no time at all, having been hard all the time he was giving me loving care.
We finally got around to finishing in the shower and had barely managed to get dressed when John rapped on the door and, as before, just walked in the living area as he called out, "You two ready for breakfast?"
"Yeah, be right in," I responded as Justin raced to his room through the bathroom. If this kept up, he'd soon wear a rut between our rooms. No doubt in my mind we'd keep up what we'd started -- and then some!
When I reached the living room, John was alone so I asked about Adam.
"Where do you think he is? He went over to the gals' wing to get an ego boost from Bobbie. All he can talk about is Bobbie. You'd think it'd be old by now."
"Really?" Justin responded as he walked into the room. "I think if I were in love, it would never get old."
"Yeah, well, agreed," John said, "but it's not just things like going over to say good morning. Bobbie is all he can talk about. Sometimes I wonder if he's trying to convince himself of something, like maybe she's not as stuck on him as he thinks. I do know it's becoming more and more obvious he's much into the 'my little woman' thing and I'm not sure where Bobbie is with that." I was surprised because I had been thinking similar thoughts recently.
"Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough and right now breakfast waits," I said as Justin joined us and we headed out the door.