Mountain Magic by Sequoyah


Chapter Fifteen


"It's about my roommate Brad," Josh continued. "We have roomed together two years now and are really close friends--well we were, I guess. Anyway, we were more like brothers than just college roommates. Then, this week when we were getting ready to go home, he said someone was coming for him. I had been out with the latest girlfriend, telling her goodbye for the holidays, and it was 1:00 in the morning when I got back. When I opened the door to our suite, Brad was in the middle of our common room, kissing someone. At first I thought it was his girlfriend--whom I had never met--but when they broke the kiss, Brad said, 'Guess I have a surprise for you, Josh, this is Jeremy. Obviously he is more than a buddy.'"


"I was so stunned I couldn't say anything and didn't know what to do when Jeremy held out his hand and said, 'Glad to meet you, Josh. Brad has told me a lot about you, all good. Thanks for being good to my baby.'"


"'Damn,' I thought, 'they are treating this as if it's perfectly normal.' Brad was grinning from ear to ear, happy as could be, and I was trying to get my jaw up off the floor. I mean I had not the slightest inkling that Brad was gay. Anyway, I just said, 'I'll be back sometime,' turned and walked out of the room without shaking Jeremy's hand."


"And what happened when you got back?" Jason asked.


"I didn't go back right away and, in fact, I walked around for over an hour, trying to get my head around what I had seen. I kept thinking about how much I loved Brad--whoa, not like Jeremy, but as a brother. Yeah, very much, I think, as I love you, Hank. And I felt angry because he hadn't been honest with me. I felt hurt because he hadn't trusted me. I felt he had brought someone into our world and pushed me out. I decided I'd just come on home where there'd be no surprises, and not bother going back to my room where I'd have to face Brad and Jeremy. I walked back to the dorm, got in my car and was off the campus and twenty miles down the road before I remembered I hadn't taken my bag and would have to go back to get it."


"I thought that if I went back to the room and Jeremy was in my bed, I'd strangle him. Then I thought if I got there and he was in bed with Brad, I strangle both of them."


"Soon I was standing outside the door to our suite, not wanting to have to deal with Brad  and his lover. I was sure they were in bed by now and I'd just sneak in, get my bag and sneak out."


"When I opened the door, the two were sitting beside each other on the couch. Jeremy had his arm around Brad's shoulders and it was obvious Brad had been crying. When I walked in the door, Brad shot up from where he was sitting, ran across the room and grabbed me. He started crying all over again and when I tried to speak, I started bawling like a baby."


"Jeremy finally got both of us calmed down and said, 'Look, I think the two of you  need to talk. It's plain to me you care about each other and I sure don't want to be the reason you stop being friends. I'm out of here and won't be back for at least an hour. Know any place I can stay warm?'"


"'No need to go, Jeremy,' I said."


"'Yes there is,' he answered. 'I want you both to feel free to say anything you want, and you won't if I'm here.'"


"'There's a Waffle House at the college exit off the interstate,' Brad said. 'And thanks, Jeremy.'"


"Jeremy left and Brad said, 'I think we need something to drink.' The two of us don't do a lot of drinking--and of course we are not old enough to be legal. Nevertheless, a college student can always get beer and we keep a case or so in the fridge. 'For emergency use' we tell everyone--and discovered some of our dorm mates had a lot of emergencies. Anyway, Brad got two beers from the fridge and we sat down at the table."


"We both sat, heads down, staring at the table, drinking our beer. I guess we thought as long as we were drinking we didn't have to talk, because the first beer was gone in no time."


"Brad got up, went to the fridge and came back with two more."


"Finally Brad took a deep breath, sighed and said, 'Josh, you don't know how many times I wanted to tell you about Jeremy. I have known I was gay practically since I have known anything. All through middle school as my hormones kicked in--had a middle school teacher who said any middle school guy was 98% hormones--I daydreamed like every other boy who is beginning to feel his oats, but it was about a handsome prince, not a beautiful princess. I had loads of friends, both male and female, and since we more or less did things as a group, the question of my being gay actually never came up.'"


"Brad talked more about being gay and, sometime during that conversation, I got us two more beers. I guess I don't have to tell you where the drinking part of this saga is headed."


"Brad continued, 'My sophomore year Jeremy entered my life. He had moved from Detroit to live with his grandmother after his parents split. The first time I saw him--I mean this really and truly--I fell in love. There really is love at first sight, because that's what happened to me.'"


"'Jeremy got welcomed into our group. It was all I could do to remain looking and acting normal. Every time he looked at me and smiled, I just about creamed my jeans. Anyway, that's the way life was until spring break.'"


"'Another beer?' I asked Brad and he nodded."


"'Anyway, one of the girls in our group got the use of her parents' cottage at the beach and we all went down for spring break. One night we built a bonfire on the beach and then first one then another couple kinda wandered off up the beach. I was surprised when Jeremy asked, "Brad, like to stroll down the beach with me? I need protection." We started walking down the beach in the opposite direction from the one the couples had gone.'"


"'As soon as we were out of the firelight, Jeremy took my hand. I got so weak-kneed I thought I'd fall. When we were well down the beach, he stopped, took my other hand and said, "Brad, I've waited as long as I can or at least as I intend to. You are my best friend, the best friend I have ever had, and I wouldn't have that change for the world, but there's other feelings inside me and I am ready to go for it. Brad, it's all or nothing!" and kissed me.'"


"'I literally got so light-headed that I collapsed in Jeremy's arms. It took a while for me to convince Jeremy I was ok and even better than ok. Finally I said, "I liked that!" and returned his kiss. That was the beginning of our relationship. No, it was the beginning of a deeper and different relationship.' Brad paused, held up his dead soldier. I nodded and he grabbed two more beers from the fridge."


"'Josh,' Brad continued, 'I guess there are some things you want to know and some things I want you to know. First off, we are in a serious relationship. I guess you'd say we were engaged if we were a straight couple. By that I mean we are more than sex partners. You once asked about the ring I wear and I told you it was a special friendship ring. It is, but more. Jeremy and I have pledged our love and faithfulness in that love to each other. We are both committed to our partnership 'til death do us part. The rings are our tokens of that. I guess, now that I think about it, you could say we are married.'"


"'Are we sex partners? Yes, and I suspect that's all you really want to know and all I have to say about that! Who else knows about us? The crowd we ran around with in high school, and they have been faithful to us by not telling others. Our parents know and now you.'"


"'Why didn't I tell you before? Because I valued your friendship so highly I didn't want to risk it and I wasn't sure how you would take learning I was gay. As Jeremy said when he kissed me the first time, telling someone you are gay is usually an all-or-nothing situation so far as friendship goes.'"


"I was still somewhat in a state of shock as I asked, ''Nother beer?'"


"Brad nodded. As I handed him the beer, I said, 'Brad, I didn't think I had problems with someone being gay, but I'm not sure about my feelings now and especially my feelings about your being gay. You are still my brother and I'll just have to adjust to some other things. I'm not ready to pretend everything is as it was because it's not. Nor am I ready to say how things will be beyond saying I will always love you as a brother.'"


"'I'll be back early Sunday' Brad said, 'and we'll talk when you are ready.'"


"We gave each other a hug and I got the last two beers out of the fridge. We had just clicked bottles and were downing the beer when Jeremy walked in. I guess he looked at the two of us and the pile of dead soldiers on the table and saw what had been going on. Then I said, 'Well you two have a great Thanksgiving. I'm getting my bag and leaving for home.'"


"'Josh,' Jeremy said, 'you haven't been asleep. I don't think you need to be driving without some sleep. Why don't you sack out for a couple hours? Anyway, you're not going anywhere until you have time to get your blood alcohol to an acceptable level.'"


Josh laughed and said,"I decided to challenge him and he simply put his arm around my shoulder and guided me toward my room. I was still protesting when he backed me up to my bed, put his finger to my chest and pushed. I fell on the bed and was out like a light. I sacked out for four hours and when I got up, Brad was in his bed and Jeremy was on the sofa. I shook him gently to get him awake and told him my bed was available."


"'Josh, I hope you and Brad can work things out. He is a wonderful human being--you know that--and he has, since the first time he met you, talked about you as if you were his brother. That kind of friendship is too rare to throw away.'"


"'We will,' I responded, but I wasn't sure and all I wanted was to come home where things never change and can be depended on. Then, when I got here and found that home had also changed and that another man had displaced me in this world as Jeremy had displaced me in my college world, I guess it was just a little much emotionally."


"Remember how you tell yourself you are a big boy and there are no monsters under the bed, then wake up shaking all over because the monsters came to get you? I reacted--poorly--to Jeremy and Jonathan."


"I guess we need to talk about several things, Josh," Hank said. "And, yeah, our world is changing and has changed. This time last year the McElraths probably thought they'd live out their last years quietly, and certainly they had no idea they'd have two grandsons--two teenagers--one they had not

even seen a year ago. A year ago I would never have thought I'd end up with three new brothers. Josh, I'm glad you talked about Brad as a brother because that helps me understand your feeling toward him and your reaction to learning he is gay."


I suspect Jason was holding his breath. I know I was, waiting for Hank to drop a bomb.


"It could also help you understand how I feel toward my three friends, what I mean when I say I love them as brothers. Yeah, the world changes quickly and often not the way we want it to. Take the situation with Jonathan," Hank said, and then told the whole of the Jonathan story. I thought he was taking a pretty big risk when he told Josh why Jonathan was almost beaten to death."


"Do Mom and Dad know he's gay?" Josh asked.


"No. Since he's not sexually active, it didn't seem important," Hank said. "I guess they will have to be told sometime, but not right now."


"Probably a good idea. I don't know how they will take it. It's never been a topic of conversation in our family that I can recall. There was that case of the teacher caught having sex with a couple of students and Dad was enraged about that, but even then it wasn't because the teacher was gay. In fact, I remember him saying he would be just as outraged if he had been having sex with girls or it had been a woman teacher having sex with boys," Josh said.


I had been holding my breath for fear Hank would tell Josh about me and Jason, but he didn't and I started breathing normally again.


We did talk for a long time about how difficult it was going to be for Jonathan when people learned he was gay. Josh asked what we thought he should do in regard to Brad and we talked a long time about that.


He seemed to appreciate our thoughts and made me happy when he said, "To tell the truth, once I get over some negative feelings about guys having sex--I read somewhere someone called it the 'ick factor'--I will be and am happy that Brad has someone to love who loves him, because he is one hell

of a guy."


"Josh, the image of you humping away on some girl is not one I appreciate," Hank laughed. "There's definitely an ick factor there as well! Guess you'll just have to not think about Jeremy and Brad having sex, the way I don't think about you having sex or think about Mom and Dad having sex."


"Enough! Enough already," Josh shouted as he threw a pillow at Hank. "I think maybe I am a bit jealous that Brad has someone who loves him and about all I have are dates with women whose names I can't remember a week later. My long-time relationships are just a series of one-night stands with the same woman."


Hank told him if he'd start thinking with his heart rather than his cock, he could have one. I was surprised that Josh agreed.


"You're never going to have a relationship so long as you go out looking for one-night stands and date women who agree to one-night stands," Hank said.


That led to Josh asking Hank about his love life.


"Definitely not one-night stands," Jason said. "He'd lack the equipment for a one-night stand if he tried it. Make no mistake, Beth would cut it off in a heartbeat."


"No question about that," Hank laughed and started talking about Beth. If it hadn't been clear before, it was now--that Beth was someone special to Hank.


Hank mentioned working with us and we talked about Jake's cleaning business and our part in it. Josh finally said, "Hank, I'm surprised you have time to work since you have to help at the store." Hank said the only way he could work for Jake was that he work only when he wasn't needed at the family's music store. Mostly we just talked about one thing and another.


We had all fallen quiet when a storm erupted downstairs. "I believe the young ones are home," Josh laughed and we all went down to check out the kids.


When we got to the den, Jonathan and Rosemary were so excited they were practically jumping up and down and both talking at once. Finally Mrs. Dennison got their attention by grabbing both by an arm and holding them as she said, "Ok, calm down now. You both have time to tell us what you want to, but we can't understand either of you if you keep jumping around and talking at the same time."


"Sorry, ma'am," Jonathan said. "Rosemary, you tell them."


"No, you can," Rosemary said.


Finally Mrs. Dennison got some kind of order and the two kids told us all about the Harry Potter film they had seen. Rosemary had just enjoyed a good film based on a book she had read. The special effects had completely overwhelmed Jonathan since he had never seen a real movie. He was especially entranced by Quiddich, the game played with team members on broomsticks, and by the invisibility cloak Harry's father left him.


When they had pretty much run down, Rosemary hauled Jonathan off to her room to give him a Harry Potter book. He had heard of the book, but had not seen or read one because it was forbidden by The Circle of God's Chosen. "It glorifies witchcraft and seeks to find young children who can be sold to Satan and grow up to become witches," Jonathan said cult members were told.


After the two had returned, Grandmom and Mrs. Dennison served eggnog and cookies. The old folks had rum in their eggnog and Mr. Dennison asked Granddad if we could. "Don't want to force anything on anyone or overstep my bounds." Granddad said it was up to us. Jason answered first saying he was kinda afraid of alcohol since it had destroyed all the family he had, and since he wasn't having rum, I didn't either. It really wasn't something that mattered to me much, one way or the other.


Friday after Thanksgiving, Hank and I had swim team practice. "Why don't you check out the exercise room at the Y?" I asked Jason. "You said you wanted to start getting into shape."


"Yeah, why not, Jason?" Hank urged.


"Mind if I go with you, Jason?" Josh asked. "I work out at school and after yesterday's dinner, I suspect I'll need extra hours getting back in shape."


"Love to have you," Jason responded.


"We still have a family membership, right?" Josh asked Hank.


"Sure do. Hey, Jonathan, that means you can go too!" Hank added.


The three went to the exercise room when Hank and I went to swim practice. On the way home Jason said he was glad he had gone, signed up for membership and said he expected to go in for a workout the days we were at swim practice.


Monday when we went in to Clarksville, Jake was waiting for us. "Guys, I wanted to check out something. I can add another suite of law offices if you two can handle it."


"Well, I have swim practice three days a week. That will end shortly, but then I will have to start getting ready for baseball," I answered.


"I just took out a membership in the Y so I could use the exercise room getting ready for baseball as well," Jason said. "Of course, I could use the money, but I don't think that I have the time."


"Got a couple friends that could help?" Jake asked. "I'm sure I could find someone to take the job, but you guys do such a good job and I know it's helping you out. How about Hank? Maybe he wants to work more."


"How about Jonathan? Think he would be interested?" Jason asked.


"I don't know, but he is only fourteen," I responded. "Think the Dennisons would let Hank take on more hours? I know he helps out at the store, but I don't know how much they depend on him."


"Jonathan is the kid you guys pulled out of the snow?" Jake asked, and I answered with a nod. "Even at fourteen he can get a work permit. He'd do fine if he's interested and you guys think he can handle the job."


"We'll check and let you know as soon as we can," Jason said.


When we talked to Jonathan, he was very excited about the possibility of earning some money. "I can help pay my own way," he said, all excited.


"Think you might buy some things you want and save for college, but I don't think Mom and Dad will allow you to 'pay part of your way'. They have pretty much adopted you, so they will support you."


When Hank talked with his parents, they decided working for someone who was not family would be good. His dad told him if the store needed help, they would hire a high school student. Hank told them it wasn't fair for them to be paying someone when he could work free--"except for everything I have," he said. Since they only needed someone occasionally, Hank offered to pay the student they hired. He would still come out ahead since he would be working more hours for Jake and making more per hour.


I once heard my dad say that to really get to know someone, work with them. I think he was correct. Five days a week the four of us worked cleaning two office suites. Sometimes the job was easy; sometimes we were late getting home because of the work we had to do.


The new offices were more law offices. The senior partner stayed around to talk with us shortly after we started cleaning them. He made it very clear that we were not to disturb anything on the desks. "But if it's on the floor, toss it if it's loose paper and put pads back on the desks." He then showed us how the books in the law library were organized and asked that we shelve the law books not on desks.


A few days after we started, one of the younger partners--Mr. Stonewall Jackson Sharpe IV--was waiting for us, very upset, because some notes he had taken were missing. He finally admitted that he had just tossed them on the floor and we told him our instructions. "I guess I will have to clean up my act," he said.


"Either that or we can just leave your office," Jason said.


"I don't think the old man would like that," he chuckled. "The notes weren't a life or death matter so I'll just have to do some reading again and I know you shouldn't have to clean up after a grown man."


As time passed, we became good friends of Mr. Stonewall Jackson Sharpe IV, son of senior partner in the firm and owner of the Sharpe building, Mr. Stonewall Jackson Sharpe III. Mr. Sharpe IV was called young Mr. Sharpe by older people and Stone by his friends.


A couple weeks after he had found his notes trashed, he invited the four of us to dinner and a movie in Asheville, which we all enjoyed. He had invited a friend as well, another young lawyer who was the Deputy District Attorney for Haynes county, Mr. Anderson. Mr. Sharpe called him Tim, but I think his name was Joseph. He had a great sense of humor and kept us about falling in the floor with his running commentary on the movie. Since we were the only ones watching the kung fu movie we weren't disturbing anyone.


A couple days before the school's Christmas break, I got home, finished my chores and supper and then I checked my e-mail. When I did I had a very strange e-mail from my cousin, Wesley III. I wondered how he even knew my e-mail address, but he did and asked that I e-mail him a phone number where he could reach me. "Also, give me a time when I can call so I won't miss you. And, Douglas, please tell no-one. Please." I e-mailed him back and gave him the phone number for upstairs, hoping he'd call when neither Jason or I were online.


That night, Jason and I had finished our school work and were sitting on the couch, cuddling when the phone rang. I grabbed it and I said, "This is Douglas." There was no response and I was sure I heard crying.


"Who is this?" I asked. The person on the phone was still crying, but finally whispered something. "I can't hear you, you'll have to speak louder," I said. There was no answer and after I asked the third time who was calling, I was ready to hang up when the caller beat me to it. "I guess he--or she--didn't want me after all," I said and hung up the phone. Jason and I talked about the call for a few minutes but, since we didn't know who it was, there was not a whole lot to talk about.


The weather had been great, warm enough some days to go out with only a light jacket or even just a long sleeved shirt. The earlier snow storm really was a fluke, I guess. Anyway, the last day of school before Christmas vacation was really warm and sunny. We even opened the curtains on the Jeep before we drove to Clarksville and the Y.


Earlier, Jonathan had been questioned about using the Y on the Dennison family membership, so Hank had loaned Jonathan money to join. When Mr. Dennison was told, he sent a statement that he was Jonathan's legal guardian, so Hank got the money back.


While Jason and Jonathan went to the exercise room, Hank and I went to the last swim team practice. We had a round robin elimination tournament over the coming weekend which would end the year for the swim team.


The swim team practice did not go well. My dives were way off and Hank wasn't swimming his best--but the same could be said for the whole team. "I have heard that a bad practice makes for a good meet," the coach said, "But, ladies, I don't believe it. And it seems to me that the more you practice, the worse you get. Go home. We'll be here to get our asses beat at 10:00 in the morning."


An hour and a half later we had finished cleaning the two office suites and were ready to get home. When we stepped outside the building, we were almost blown away. The wind was gusting something terrible and the temperature had definitely dropped. We pulled into an alley to close the Jeep's curtains and by the time that was finished, we were all half-frozen.


We had almost warmed up when we reached Deep Cove, where we dropped Hank and Jonathan off at their place and started home. The temperature had plummeted, and with the wind it was a miserably cold night. When we reached home, Grandmom said Granddad was in the barn making sure the

animals were safe and out of the weather. Jason and I went to the barn to see if we could help. It took half an hour to get everything closed up and the animals cared for. When we walked out of the barn headed back to the house, the wind cut right through our clothing. As we walked the wind seemed to get stronger and a few snowflakes started falling.


The cozy kitchen felt especially good, and a hot supper was very welcome. "It certainly isn't a night to be out," Grandmom said as she dished up hot apple pie and ice cream for dessert. "You could get frostbite in no time," she added as she poured steaming mugs of mulled cider.


Jason and I sat at the kitchen table enjoying the warmth, and the love of our grandparents. Granddad asked about the swim meet and said he thought we could pull it off in spite of a bad practice. Jason asked about the animals, concerned that they might not be warm and safe in the barn. Granddad assured him they were, and told Jason his concern for the animals was a sign of a good heart, "which I knew you had," he added.


Jason and I cleaned up the kitchen and, since there was no school again until January, sat with our grandparents for a while then I went into the living room to practice. I was missing a lesson the next day because of the swim meet, but was scheduled to spend extra time with Professor Jamison on Monday. He'd told me the previous Saturday he might have a project for me to work on, and we'd need more time than usual.


Jason had gone upstairs before I finished practicing and when I went up, he was sprawled on the couch in our den, dressed in boxers and a T-shirt. The electric space heater in our den was going full blast, so the room was comfortable but not overly warm. The bathroom also had an electric space heater. The howling wind outside made the rest of the upstairs pretty chilly where there was no supplementary heat.


As I walked into the room, Jason lay on his back and held out his arms.


I guess you'd suspect we spent every night getting off and getting each other off, but we didn't. I don't mean that we never did. Of course we did, but we also spent a lot of time just cuddling, kissing and that sort of thing.


After Thanksgiving at the Dennisons', we started talking about Josh and what had happened to him, and that led to a long discussion of our situation. I don't remember the turns we made to get from one subject to the other, but I finally said, "Jason, we gotta talk."


"My line, lover, but what have we got to talk about?"


Soon we were talking about our decision to show respect for the grandparents and love-making. After we had talked a few minutes, I said, "You know, Jason, we have no idea how the grandparents will respond to knowing we are lovers."


"Maybe not the details," Jason responded, "but I suspect we can be pretty sure they would have some pretty strong feelings against our making love."


I had to admit Jason was right, but also knew that was not going to stop us and said so. Jason agreed and asked the question again, "Doug, how do we show respect for the grandparents AND have physical expressions of our love?--that's high-class talk for making out big time!" Jason laughed and started tickling me.


When that bit of horseplay was over, we got serious again and talked a while longer. Finally I said, "Jason, we are on the horns of a dilemma here."


"Do you mean we're horny?" Sometimes Jason is too serious and at other times it's hard to get him to be serious.


"Well, horny is one horn of the bull in question. Grandparents is the other."


"Ok, we know that we'll not stop being physical, doing things to each other. Lust and love both tell us that. So I think the one way we can show respect--and it would just be our way, not something I suspect the grandparents would approve--is not to, in Hank's words, 'fuck ass and suck cock.'" More talk and finally we agreed that, in a sense, drawing the line there was something we had decided showed respect without fooling ourselves into thinking the grandparents would agree.


That settled, we talked about the really wild time we had the night before Granddad found us in my bed and agreed we had crossed the line we had agreed on, or almost did, when we kissed our lover's cock.


Anyway, I walked over to the couch and fell into Jason's arms. Within seconds his lips covered mine, his tongue invaded my mouth, and his arms held me close to his hard body as he wrapped his legs around me.


"How about giving me a minute to get undressed?" I asked.


"Why not?" Jason laughed as he released me. As he did, he stood and started undressing me. When I was down to briefs and T-shirt, he again sprawled out on the couch and pulled me to himself. His lips again covered mine and his hands were running up and down my back under my shirt, his tongue bringing the taste of Jason into my mouth, into my being. It was very obvious we were both very hard and very hot as Jason sucked his breath through my mouth and we ground our hips together.


Jason had me in a kind of headlock, my neck caught in the crook of his right arm. He crushed his lips against mine, then broke the kiss and said, "Doug, I love you, man. You know that? I love you."


"No more than I love you, babe." We continued rubbing against each other, both just about as hot as any two teenagers could get. Finally, Jason lifted me off his body and then rolled into the floor, pulling me with him. He found my hardness and started stroking me slowly, lovingly, his hand inside my briefs. I slipped my hand inside his boxers, then started sliding them off his round, delicious ass. As soon as he was free, he stripped my briefs from my body and we started stroking each other seriously. Needless to say, that didn't last long. Jason exploded before I did, but his hot cum on my hand pushed me over the edge and I exploded as well. We lay together, just holding each other, having no need to say or do anything. After several minutes, I raised up and said, "Jason, babe, I love you so very much and I don't care who knows it."


"Doug, I love you as much, but I DO care who knows it. There are people in this world who would horsewhip us if they knew of our love for each other. And they are not all as crazy as Jonathan's family. To tell the truth, Doug, we really don't know how our own grandparents are going to respond to us."


"Yeah, I know, but I don't like to think about it. So let's not think about it and shower instead."


"Sounds like a winner to me," Jason smiled, drew me to himself and gave me a toe-curling kiss. He then jumped to his feet, grabbed my hand and pulled me up. As we started down the hall, he had his arm around me, holding me close and nibbling on my ear lobe.


"You keep that up and we'll not get to the shower anytime soon," I laughed. As if in answer, he flipped me over his shoulder and hauled me down the hall to the bathroom. He didn't put me down until he had turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. I was prepared for him to dump me unceremoniously in the shower as he had done before, but he didn't. Instead he slid me down and around his body until I was facing him, my legs entwined in his. Before I knew it, he had picked me up again and carried me into the shower.


Until I met Jason I would never have thought of a shower as an erotic experience, but it always was with him. In spite of having had a fantastic climax only a short time ago, I once again found myself hot and hard, as was my lover, and Jason took care of that for me as I did for him.


When we finally got out of the shower, we dried each other, brushed our teeth and went to our rooms to get dressed for bed. Since the next day was Saturday AND Christmas vacation, we didn't have to go to school and I expected Jason to come to my room, which he did. We crawled under the covers and were making out big time when our phone, the one installed for the computer, rang. "This better be an emergency," I said as I got up and headed down the hall to the phone. Jason came right behind me, holding out my robe as he struggled into his.