Chapter Fourteen


When I got home, I went ahead and loaded my things in the car and then spent some time—again—reading about making love--I mean, you know, anal intercourse--on the Internet. As I shut down the computer I thought “I didn't know how Derrick and I will like it, but without actually trying it, it looks to me like it is a way for gay lovers to really be united.” Then, as I thought over our conversation with Joe and Trey, I said to myself, “Yeah, you don't know without trying that famous Irish dance either, but I think I'll remain ignorant of  that one!”


I thought about Keith talking about the difference between heavy making out and actually making love.   He had said, “When I am inside LaTasha, it's like we are one person and at the same time, very much separate, but concerned only about the other. I can't explain it, but one day you'll know.” Keith had loved LaTasha so very much. I wondered if I could possibly survive as well as he had if I lost Derrick. I didn't even want to think about it.


Anyway, I do know that having your lover inside you was the fullest way gay lovers could be intimate—at least that was part of the argument when the Georgia sodomy—another one of those unsavory words—law was taken to the Supreme Court. The court, by the way, upheld the law. It took a number of years before a similar Texas law was ruled unconstitutional.


Anyway, what did we know until we tried it? Nothing.


Mom called from Vegas and said all was well with them. I told them all was well with me and she was surprised I was still in College Park and hadn't gone off to North Carolina or to some strange land like Mississippi. “Don't think I'd be welcome in Mississippi,” I laughed. “Might crimp Keith's style.”


“Then he did get to go to Mississippi?” Mom asked.


“Yeah, The Wizards of Oz heard him leave this morning. Mom, I am really glad to see Keith happy and looking forward to living again. I was worried.”


“So were your dad and I. We talked to Alex and LaLisa. They agreed to see that he got back in counseling unless there was a change in him. I don't think they were quite prepared for just how great and rapid the change has been. LaLisa said when Alex complained about the phone bill, she reminded him Keith's talking to Janice was cheaper than his talking to a shrink. She said Alex saw her point and they got him a phone for his room. They were giving him a cell phone before he went back to Mississippi. Must confess I have been surprised at his turn around.”


“Mom, when you see Janice, you'll understand,” I said. “If I was....”


“If I were...”


“If I were straight, I'd give Keith a run for his money.”


“Well, the fact that she's coming to Spelman sure sits well with LaLisa. 'She has to have class' LaLisa said to me, 'otherwise she'd not be at Spelman.' I guess that's still true of Spelman. Anyway, why aren't you at the cabin? I was a bit worried when I called the cabin and you weren't there.”


I told her Derrick had somethings to do for his grandmother before we left.


“Tom, have a good trip to the cabin and enjoy the days you have with Derrick. You do love him don't you?”


“More than I can even tell him, Mom.”


“Good. Your dad and I think he's a good-hearted young man.”


That was the first time Mom had said anything directly about Derrick and I was very pleased that she liked him.


I was all packed and ready to go, so I had nothing to do. After the rush of summer school, I felt I should be doing something. I had paced all over the houseuntil I was practically dizzy. Nothing else to do, I decided to go to the video store and rent a DVD. I had seen all of the Lord of the Rings, but decided I'd watch the “Return of the King” again. When it finished, I crawled into bed and was surprised when I woke up to bright sun.


Derrick and I had a leisurely trip to North Carolina, stopping several times to take a look at scenic vistas and other interesting places. We left College Park before noon and stopped in Gainsville for a late lunch. We finally arrived at the cabin about 4:00.


Even though we were in the mountains where it gets cool quickly AFTER sunset, the day was very warm and we were sweating profusely before we had everything unloaded and stowed in the cabin. Half way through the task, we had shucked off our Ts. When we finished, the two of us were standing on the porch when Derrick suggested we go to the river and swim for awhile. “Sounds good to me,” I responded.


As I spoke, Derrick kicked off his shorts and tossed his briefs aside. “No one around except the man I love,” he said, “and if he likes what he sees, I want him to see all of it.”


“You know I have to be careful of the sun,” I reminded him.


“Don't you have sunscreen? Won't it protect you for awhile even if you're swimming?”


“It will, but I have to be sure I don't miss a spot.”


Derrick got an evil grin on his face and said, “I don't think I'm likely to miss anything. Get your sun screen.” As I went to get it, Derrick took the cushion from a porch lounge chair and put it on the floor.


I lay face down on the cushion and Derrick started covering my body with sunscreen. When he had me turn over, he said, “Seems to me Mr. Thomas is ready for action.” Sure enough, I was fully aroused, but Derrick started covering my front with sunscreen and by the time he had finished, I was only half hard. “Better get that thing in the water before he starts spraying around like a tomcat,” Derrick laughed.


We swam and played in the river for less than an hour. That was all we could stand of the cold water. When we got back to the house, I picked up my briefs and shorts and started to get dressed when Derrick said, “No way Jose. No clothes.”


We had played hard in the river and the cold water also took a lot of energy. Derrick had been up late getting ready to come and had not slept well when he finally got to bed. I had slept soundly, but I guess the quiet worked on me. Anyway, back at the cabin, we had both flopped down in a lounge chair and before either of us realized it, I suspect, we were fast asleep.


I woke up when Derrick leaned over me and blew in my ear. I pulled his lips to mine and we were soon joined in a passionate kiss.


We went inside where I started supper. Derrick had tied an apron on me saying, “To protect my valuable property,” as he kissed me and grabbed my equipment.


“If you want supper, you might better leave Mr. Thomas alone,” I said.


“Maybe I'll just eat Mr. Thomas,” Derrick laughed and grabbed me again.


We had bought stuff for sandwiches and all I had to do was set it out with potato chips. I did heat some pork 'n beans in the microwave. While I did that, Derrick poured drinks.


After we had eaten, the sun had set and the air was quite cool. When Derrick said he was getting chilly, I suggested he put on some clothes. “That's what I plan to do,” I said.


“Bad plan,” Derrick responded. “A fire in the fireplace would be better.” There was already a stack of wood beside the fireplace and a fire was laid so minutes later there was a roaring fire going.


Several years ago I had a bunch of school buddies came to the cabin for a week while we were there. Since there were ten of them, the beds wouldn't hold them all. Mom had bought foam mattresses which could be put on the floor when needed and rolled up for storage. I remembered they were in the outside storage shed. “I think I have a nice surprise,” I told Derrick and shoot out the kitchen door, leaving Derrick with a puzzled look on his face. By the time I had the shed unlocked, I was shivering. I quickly grabbed the only full-sized mattress and headed back to the fire.


I untied the mattress and put it down before the fire. As soon as Derrick saw it, he got a huge grin on his face, ran upstairs and came down the stairs carrying the boxes Trey and Joe had given us. He put them beside the mattress and lay down beside me. We were soon engaged in a great kiss. When we broke our kiss, we lay side by side, facing each other, resting on an elbow.


“Remember you asked me once if I have ever been in love?” Derrick asked. I nodded in response. “I told you I had not. Well, that sure has changed. Now I am hopelessly in love, in love with you, Thomas McCarter Junior.”


I laughed, gave Derrick a quick kiss and said, “You are in love with me and you don't even know my name. I think you are just trying to get in my pants.”


“I haven't found getting in your pants requires any effort at all--even when you're wearing pants,” Derrick said with a melodramatic leer. “And what do you mean I don't know your name?”


“Well, you called me Thomas McCarter Junior and I'm not. That's not my name. My name is Thomas Jefferson McCarter III, that's Tom the three.”


“Damn, that sounds so hifalutin', I'm not sure I want in your pants. No, I am sure I do, real sure, but how can I get in your pants, when you're not wearing any?” Derrick kissed me again, then asked, “So I didn't know your name. What else have you been keeping from me?” Derrick was smiling, but as soon as the words were out of his mouth, all I could think of was Shawn and baseball camp.


“I...I... Derrick, I....”


Derrick leaned over, kissed me again and said, “Babe, the only thing you can say to hurt me is to tell me you don't love me, but you have to tell me nothing you don't want to talk about.”


“Derrick, I love you so much I'd die if you didn't love me, but I have kept something from you.” I then spilled out the whole mess about Shawn.


When I started the story, I was staring into the fire, afraid of looking at Derrick. No need to worry, he quickly pulled me to himself and wrapped his arms around me as I sat between his legs. When I finished he said, “Tom, you know Andre and I played around. We never did the Italian dance....” I looked back over my shoulder at Derrick who had a big grin on his face. “But we played around.”


“You probably enjoyed what Shawn did—maybe even picked up a pointer or two to my good luck, but it means nothing to me. You've been in love before—by the way, Keith told me you had been in love with him and if he had been gay, I wouldn't have stood a chance—and that doesn't matter because you're in love with me now and that's ALL that counts so far as I am concerned. Anyway, what do you think these are all about?” Tom asked as he reached out and got the two boxes. “Don't you wonder what the Wizards of Oz have for us?”


“I suspect we both have a pretty good idea,” I laughed and kissed my lover.


We opened the boxes and inside was an assortment of things. Both had the same things, well, maybe different colors, fragrances, flavors,whatever, but the same things. Each had a bottle of massage oil  with a label saying they had “a mysterious fragrance from the Orient.” There was also large, red warning labels about condoms and oil. I guess the Wizards thought we needed reminding, but they had told us oils and latex don't mix a lot of times and we sure saw it often enough on the Internet.


The boxes each had a collection of condoms, all different colors and flavors. Trey said we might like to go bareback--IF we are both virgins and haven't been exposed to HIV any other way,  “but you'll probably like using condoms at first. Makes clean up easy,” he said. “And I think penetration goes easier, at least at first.” There were a couple tubes  of lube and a couple of different size “anal toys.” There was a cleaning solution for them and bottles containing a solution for cleaning the colon. Both Joe and Trey said we'd probably not use such long, but at first we could if we wanted to.


Now that we had come to the big moment, I wasn't sure I was ready—well, I knew I wasn't ready to actually DO it, but I meant I wasn't sure I was ready to get ready. I didn't look at Derrick; I guess because I didn't want to disappoint him and didn't want to see how he was feeling.


“We have time to really take everything easy, Tom,” he said. “I mean, we don't have to do anything right now. I mean, to tell the truth, I'm not sure I'm ready know.”


I relaxed and said, “Me neither,” one of the things Mom got on me about for saying. When I looked up I saw great relief on Derrick's face. I pulled my lover's lips to mine for a gentle kiss. When I released him I said, “I love you something fierce, Honey Bear.”


I had started calling Derrick Honey Bear sometimes after he was having breakfast at our place and was devouring a cereal that had a honey bear mascot. After he poured a second bowl, Mom said, “Derrick, you are a regular honey bear.” After that, I called Derrick Honey Bear and he called me Sugar Bear when we were using pet names. Childish I guess, but then, being in love and loving someone does have a childlike side to it.


After establishing neither of us were ready for the next step in our sexual relationship, I realized there would be no use for condoms and while we had never tried it before, I was anxious to try the massage oil. I opened a bottle and perfume filled the air. The fragrance was very light, but definite and I liked it very much. It seemed very familiar, but I couldn't place it until Derrick said, “It's our fragrance!” I guess I was really dense, but the oil did smell different from the cologne we both used. As a matter of fact, the cologne didn't smell the same on Derrick as it did on me. Someone said it was a matter of skin chemistry. I guess they were right.


I read the label on the oil bottle and it suggested warming the oil before use. Only seconds in a microwave was required and it warned against using it without testing the temperature first. “Derrick, there are beach towels in the closet,” I said as I headed for the kitchen.


“You want me in the closet?” Derrick laughed.


“Just get a couple towels,” I replied.


After I had nuked the bottle of oil, I went back where Derrick had spread a very large towel and was lying on his back in the center of it. I just stood in the kitchen door looking at the man I loved more than anything in the world. “Honey Bear, you are so handsome, so beautiful. I love you soooo much.”


“Sugar Bear, no more than I love you,” Derrick responded and stretched his arms out toward me.


I knelt on the mattress and leaned over and kissed Derrick quickly then said, “Turn over, Lover.”


Derrick turned over on his stomach and rested his head on his folded arms. I opened the oil bottle and poured a small stream down his back, then set the bottle aside and started massaging his hard, wonderful body. I kneaded the muscles of his shoulders and back then his legs. Finally I returned to his ass and massaged his cheeks, slipping my fingers into his crack and over his hole. I didn't, however, try to enter him.


When I told Derrick to turn over, he did and his cock was so hard it pulsated with each heartbeat. I ignored it as I continued to massage his body. By the time I was massaging his feet, he was groaning softly. Finally I knelt between his legs and poured a small stream of warm oil over his cock and started moving my fingers around it and back toward his hole.


“Sugar Bear,” he groaned, “I am about ready to shoot!”


I poured a bit more oil over his manhood and began to stroke slowly, my oily hand sliding over it, barely touching its head. My stroking gradually grew faster and in only a few minutes Derrick started shooting. The first shot was so powerful it went up and over his head, landing on the towel behind him. I continued to stroke him until he let me know he was so tender I was almost hurting him. I stopped, leaned forward on his oily, slippery belly and he pulled—slid—me up until his lips could reach mine and he started kissing me with abandon.


Needless to say, I was hot and hard and streaming precum as I lay on my lover, adding to his slickness. Finally he kissed me hard, eased my body off his and turned me on my stomach. I had sat  the bottle of oil near the fire and it was still delightfully warm when Derrick poured a stream of it on my back.


Derrick's fingers felt wonderful as he began massaging my shoulder muscles. His hands moved down my back as I had done and was soon massaging my legs. After giving my feet a good massage, Derrick picked up the bottle again and poured oil along my crack. His fingers moved up and down it, paying particular attention to my rosebud, As his fingers moved over it, he applied a slight pressure, opening it a bit. It felt good.


I, as Derrick had been, was on hair trigger when I turned over and after Derrick had oiled and massaged my front, I was ready to explode which I did shortly after he had poured warm oil over my cock. He didn't grip my cock in his hand, but slid his hand up and down the shaft, barely touching me, the oil providing lubrication for his hand. I could not hold back my groans as he continued and when I started shooting, I was shouting.


A cum and oil slick mess, we lay together exchanging kisses as we slid over each other. As hot as we had been, our climaxes had left us pretty limp and after exchanging kisses for a few minutes, I suggested we shower, which we did.


In the shower, we gave each other a real work out, bringing each other to the brink over and over—sometimes by rubbing our cocks between us, sometimes stroking each other. When we both could hold off no longer, we sprayed each other with man's juice.


After we had cleaned up, we went back to the mattress and were soon playing brinksmanship again. We didn't pour massage oil all over each other, but we did lubricate each others cock with it. I finally got up nerve to taste the massage oil and found it wasn't nasty, so I took Derrick in my mouth and as I ran my tongue around the head of his cock, he shouted and exploded. It was only a matter of minutes before I did the same when Derrick's mouth worked its wonders.


Once again we showered, using the downstairs shower and after we had dried each other, again lay before the fire, relaxed.


In spite of the fact that we had fallen asleep on the porch earlier, I found myself getting very drowsy. The warmth of the fire, Derrick's lying beside me was enough to make me forget any worry I might have had. Before I knew it, I had drifted off and only awoke when the fire had died down and I got chilly. When I woke up, Derrick had curled himself into a ball as close to me as possible.


“Honey Bear,” I whispered as I shook him gently. Derrick was only half awake when I finally got him on his feet so I could carry him. I took him into my arms and carried him up the stairs and put him to bed. I crawled in beside him and was soon asleep.


The sunlight pouring through the skylight woke me up—early—and I went to the bathroom to take care of the call of nature and to brush my teeth. Derrick passed me as I was leaving. He gave me a quick kiss—enough since he hadn't seen a toothbrush yet.


The loft was chilly so I went downstairs and soon had a fire going again. I went back upstairs and crawled into bed, waiting for the fire to warm up the place. I was all snuggled in bed when Derrick came back and crawled in beside me. We were soon exchanging kisses which grew more and more passionate. Derrick rolled over, pulling me on top of him, his hands covering my ass, pulling our hard cocks together. I began moving my hips in slow circles and as I did, I could feel the pressure building and I loved it! Derrick was also a groaner and shouter so I was not surprised at his groaning beneath me, his eyes closed. Suddenly he reached up, pulling my lips to his, then broke the kiss as he shouted, “Yes!” and clutched my body to his. I felt the warm wetness of his climax between us, a warmth which sent me past the point of no return as well. By the time we had a hot shower to clean up and provide playtime, we were ready for breakfast. It was chilly enough in the house this time for Derrick to  suggest clothes weren't a bad idea.  


I had been glad to learn Derrick loved reading as much as I did. After we had breakfast and cleaned up from it, we each got a book and curled up in chairs before the fire. Our interests were different, but occasionally we'd suggest a book we liked to the other and this morning we were both reading books the other had suggested. A fantasy fan, I suggested Derrick read “Eragon,” a great fantasy written by a young fellow our age. I was reading a Grissom book, “The Last Juror,” Derrick had suggested.


We read until almost noon when Derrick suggested it was warm—even hot—outside and a good time for a swim. Again when we returned form the river we did not bother getting dressed. Derrick made sandwiches while I heated some soup to go with them and we had lunch. We cleaned up from lunch and I suggested we take a nap. Derrick agreed. He headed for the living room as I hung up the dishcloth I had been using and followed him.  


When I reached my lover, he took me in his arms, kissed me with a deep kiss, swept me in his arms and headed for the stairs.