Journey to Love

Chapter Thirty-three

Sailors and Lovers

by Sequoyah

Edited by Cole, Peter and Scott




Back at the marina, we cleaned up the boat, refueled and stocked it for two half-day fishing trips the next day. When we finished, Antwon and Sharky headed home and Wolf and I headed for La Casa rejoining his friends. Antwon and Sharky said they could handle the fishing trips very well so Wolf and I could have the day off. Wasn’t sure what we would do afterward, but I was going to La Casa with Wolf for dinner.

When we arrived at La Casa, I was introduced to Sandy who had finally arrived. In a way, Sandy and Michael reminded me of Wolf and myself. Michael moved slowly, carefully, thoughtfully. Sandy had the energy of a puppy and was just about as aimless. Well, Wolf was energetic, but certainly not aimless. He knew what he wanted and went after it, like getting to stay over in Key West with me although he still didn’t have an answer from his parents.

Before dinner, Wolf had told Mrs. Crandall that Antwon and Sharky didn’t need us tomorrow and asked about my staying over. She had responded, “Of course. Derek is always welcome at La Casa.” When he told me, I was ecstatic!


After dinner, Mrs. Metzer was in charge of making arrangements for the following day’s activities. Justin and Michael said they’d like to go sailing which meant Sandy would as well. I glanced at Wolf and then said, “If there’s room, I’d love to go. I have never been sailing.”


“I guess that means Wolf has a new and sudden interest in sailing,” Marc laughed. “Justin, think you and I could handle the catamaran? It would carry six easily.”


“Don’t know why not,” Justin answered and that was settled.


The sail turned out to be a great adventure. Since we were all males, at one point we decided to work on an overall tan. No package was a cause for embarrassment, but Wolf and Sandy were number one and two -- the two smallest guys packed the biggest guns. There was a sudden squall which scared hell out of us, especially Michael who almost slid off the deck into the sea, but it was a great day.


As we were returning from sailing, we were all commanded to get to the library on the double and when we arrived found all hell had broken loose because Michael had been outed at a church revival in North Carolina.********


I was amazed as the North Carolina troop set to work to rescue Michael from being sent to a hellhole in Alabama to be changed from gay to straight. I was also scared shitless when I realized my Wolf, in his female persona, was a major part of the rescue operation and could be in danger, but all turned out okay.


Wolf’s parents finally gave him permission to spend the next three weeks with me. Marc and Justin really were like fathers to Wolf as Sharky and Antwon were to me. The four were afraid we were moving too fast as both of us were pretty inexperienced with this love and sex thing -- we both had some sexual experience, I more than Wolf, but tossing in the love factor made it a more explosive mixture, Marc observed. He and Justin, as had Sharky and Antwon, insisted we not live together. Of course, we were free to choose otherwise, but we agreed: Wolf would be living with Antwon and Sharky at La Casa and I would be in my apartment. They did say they expected sleepovers.


One afternoon, after we got back from Dry Tortugas, we met the others for tea and to see the exhibition they had been working on. Before going to see the exhibition, Wolf and I bought each other a medallion at a place known for them, and we had dinner afterward.


After a week in Florida, the Clan left on Monday, Michael and Sandy went to a hunting cabin on the estate to hide Michael and for a honeymoon. Wolf and I spent the afternoon on the boat helping with a half-day fishing trip.


We got back, took care of the boat and Antwon looked at the bookings for the next couple of days. We had two half-day fishing trips Tuesday, and a day-long cruise Wednesday. Antwon said since we had an overnight to Dry Tortugas Thursday, he and Antwon would be staying aboard the boat Wednesday night and suggested Wolf stay with me. “Wolf, you’ll need to pack for the trip tonight when we get home as we’ll not be going to the cottage tomorrow.” Wolf and I didn’t even bother to pretend we weren’t excited. We all had dinner, then I went to my apartment and the three left for the cottage.


The morning fishing trip went well but, sad to say, the same was not true of the afternoon one. The four fishermen had a mostly liquid lunch, I suspect, and were not going light on the booze on the boat. Antwon warned them that should they become drunk, we would go in. “We will not be responsible for some drunk falling overboard,” he said. “You were told when you signed the contract you’d be brought ashore if you got drunk.”


The drinking did not stop. One guy was especially obnoxious and kept making a pass at Wolf. So long as it was simply words and gestures, we all chose to ignore it beyond Wolf telling him he did not appreciate his remarks. The remarks and gestures did not stop and then the touching started. I was getting steamed, Antwon was getting pissed, Sharky’s demeanor was turning to icy rage and Wolf seemed indifferent except to tell the guy to stop touching him. Wolf avoided the guy as much as possible. When the fellow walked up behind Wolf and grabbed his ass. Wolf turned to him and said, “I told you to keep your hands off. Apparently, you do not understand English. Let me put it to you this way, you touch me in an inappropriate manner again and I will floor you.”


“Big talk from a puny little black boy.”


“I suggest you pay attention, sir. The puny little black boy can do exactly what he said,” Antwon said.


“Just another black boy bragging,” the man said and reached out and grabbed Wolf’s cock and balls. What happened next was so fast I didn’t see it. In the blink of an eye, the man who’d grabbed Wolf’s junk was writhing on the deck, clutching his own.


“This black boy does not brag,” Wolf said and turned and walked off. Sharky had seen the whole episode as well. As soon as the man grabbed Wolf’s manhood, Sharky headed for the pilot house and had the boat underway by the time Wolf walked away.


Antwon, Wolf and I collected the fishing gear, taking it from men who had been fishing and were stowing it when one of the men, drunk, started arguing with Sharky because the trip had been cut short. Sharky reminded him that he, and most of the others, had not stopped drinking when they were drunk and finally one of them had sexually assaulted a crew member. “You will be lucky if you are not arrested for public drunkenness and Wolf doesn’t charge one of your group with assault.” What Sharky did not add was that he had alerted the authorities about possible DUIs if anyone on the boat got in a car after we landed.


Since we got in early, the boat was cleaned and provisioned long before it would have been. Antwon had ridden his motorcycle in and Sharky and Wolf had their jeep. When we had everything ready for the next day’s excursion, Sharky and Antwon hopped on the motorcycle and headed for their cottage. “Dinner will be at 7:30,” Antwon said just before they sped away. It was 5:30 and the trip to La Casa took forty-five minutes. We had an hour and a quarter to make love. We used it well.


Wednesday we had an excursion among the Florida Keys -- Antwon called it meandering among the mangroves, but I found it very interesting. The passengers were a group of retired school teachers who were interested in the habitat and both Antwon and Sharky were very knowledgeable about it. The caterer had done an excellent job with lunch. The day with the teachers ended with a sunset cruise and, again, excellent food. By dinnertime, the passengers had adopted the four of us and had us eat with them after we had the meal laid out.


As we were eating, one of the ladies said, “As handsome as the four of you are, you must have girls all over you. You all have girlfriends?”


I looked at Antwon in panic. I had never expected such a question and ‘I don’t believe that is any of your business’, wouldn’t be an acceptable response.


“Afraid not, Ma’am. See, Antwon is my husband and Wolf and Derek are engaged,” Sharky said as though it were an everyday response.


“Well, you certainly had me fooled,” the lady laughed. “Best wishes to all of you.” I breathed again.


We were late getting the boat ready for the next day’s excursion and when we had finally finished, Wolf and I headed for the apartment. As we were leaving, Antwon said, “Remember, we are going to be underway at 6:00, so don’t stay up all night. Get some sleep,” and laughed.


We walked to the apartment, I packed my bag for the next two days and showered and it was only 8:00 when we embraced in the bedroom. We were both hot and hard as we kissed and our kisses had just got hotter when I picked Wolf up and carried him to the bed. I’ve already said Wolf moved like a cat and he could be as quick as one which he proved as soon as I lay down. Before I knew what had happened, he was between my legs, my cock engulfed in his hot, wet mouth. “Beautiful Boy, I don’t think that’s slow and easy!”


He looked up at me with those big green eyes and grinned. Without speaking, he started kissing his way up my body, stopping to nip at one nipple, then the other. Finally, he covered my mouth with his, traced my lips with his tongue which then demanded entry. Once his tongue was in my mouth, it started exploring. I had never been as hot in my whole life. Finally he broke the kiss and said, “Derek, you and Levi sucked each other’s dick for almost a semester. For a year or so, a fellow involved in drama and I sucked each other every chance we got. So, the two of us have exchanged blowjobs with a good friend and a casual acquaintance, but we are holding back with someone we are probably in love with. Where’s the logic in that?”


I had to admit it sounded more than a bit foolish. “But the idea was that we not let sex interfere with getting to know each other.”


“Derek, I want to get to know you; I want make love to you where I can see your face.” He kissed my neck and shoulders, nibbled at my ears before covering a nipple with his hot mouth. He sucked it, then the other one until both were hard and pointed. He buried his face in an armpit, then gave it a tongue bath before continuing kissing a trail toward his goal. He made a stop to stick his tongue into my bellybutton, then moved down and took first one, then the other of my balls into his mouth. After bathing my balls, he focused on my cock, licking the shaft, swirling the head with his tongue. Finally, he engulfed my cock with his hot mouth, and looking into my eyes, his tongue and gentle sucking had me in paradise.


Unfortunately, paradise was short-lived as I soon started blasting into his willing mouth. Wolf’s eyes were sparkling as he bathed my cock with his tongue, cleaning up any cum left on it. Realizing I was so sensitive any further attention to my still-hard member was painful, he scooted up and started kissing me. I could taste the remains of his making love to me when my tongue probed his mouth.


“Wolf Lancaster, where in the hell did you learn to suck cock like that?”


“You like?”


“I like very much, but I find it hard to believe you’ve only sucked a guy off a few times. How did you learn how?”


“First, you have been taken by a very smart boy. Second, don’t say porn can’t be educational. Third, bananas aren’t just for breakfast,” he laughed.


“You’re shitting me.”


“Gospel truth. I decided I couldn’t learn to fuck by watching porn, but with the help of a banana, I could learn to suck cock.”


“You learned well, Beautiful One. You learned well. I’m almost afraid to return the favor now,” knowing full well Levi had done a damn good job teaching me to suck cock.


“You do what you do and I’ll love it. It may not just be the thought that counts, but the thought is a major part of love-making, so just think about loving me. That’s what I do, not just when we are having sex, but every time I see or think about you.”


I did return the favor and got nothing but moans and groans of delight from Wolf.


Later, Wolf said, “Derek, how about we do some permutations of sixty-nine!”


We laughed and giggled as we played before finally settling down in a sixty-nine to make love to our -- dare I use the word? -- lover’s cock. Levi had taught me well, so it was no surprise that I was better at making love to Wolf’s cock that he was to mine but, man, he was not bad. Wolf finally moaned and said around my dick, “I’m there!” and started filling my mouth with sweet-tasting cum. The amount of cum matched the sizable dick from which it poured. Once I swallowed the last of his man’s juice, I focused on the pleasure he was giving me and shortly after he had filled my mouth, I warned him that I was cumming. He locked his lips around my shaft and drank the nectar I gave him.


We lay in the afterglow, arms about each other, eyes locked. Wolf slowly moved to me, kissed me with the gentlest kiss and said, “Derek, I love you.” He kissed me again, softly.


“I love you, too, Wolf.” We drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms only to awaken a couple hours later. Still wrapped in our lover’s arms, our eyes met and smiles covered our faces. Seconds later our tongues were engaged in a lovers’ duel where losers were also winners. We were both very hard as we started grinding our cocks together. “Hang on, Wolf,” I said as I stopped moving. I reached into the nightstand and retrieved the Gun Oil and spread lubricant on my lover’s stomach, lubed both our cocks extremely well and spread lube on my stomach. I pulled Wolf’s body atop mine and he knew immediately what was needed and started sliding up and down, rubbing our cocks between our stomachs. Although we had each had a wonderful climax only a couple hours earlier, it wasn’t long before I felt hot cum on my belly as Wolf’s man’s seed erupted between us; his hot seed was a trigger for my own eruption. Our bodies went into spasms as we pumped hot cum between us. We didn’t drift off to sleep this time as the hot cum became a cold, clammy mess. Instead, we cleaned up and went back to bed, exchanged a goodnight kiss and wrapped in arms and legs, for the second time that night we professed our love, and slept.


We hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the suggestion we get a lot of sleep, but didn’t object when the alarm went off at 4:30 since we were still aglow from our love-making. We popped out of bed, brushed our teeth, embraced and truly began the day with a kiss. Neither of us could keep the smile off his face.


We were at the boat before 5:00, stowed our bags and joined Sharky and Antwon for the shipboard breakfast Antwon prepared. “If I didn’t know otherwise, I’d say you two are basking in the afterglow of having been laid last night,” Sharky said.


“I guess that would depend on your definition of being laid,” Wolf said. “See, I met a guy several years ago at the state drama festival and due to circumstances beyond his control, he was without a room and stayed with me. He loved sucking cock. Over the next year or so, we got together from time to time and he sucked my cock. The last couple times we were together, I returned the favor. Derek, on the other hand, had a guy living with him and they exchanged cock-sucking duties whenever they liked. Now Derek and I have a very special feeling for each other, deeper than either of us had for the drama guy or housemate, yet we are supposed to do nothing more than help each other out with a hand job. Now, I ask you, does that stack up logically? Of course not! Having realized the foolishness of it all, I suggested we explore possibilities with special attention to the permutations of sixty-nine and we found several, probably not all, and I’m sure we will be working on those again.” Antwon and Sharky were laughing like fools by the time Wolf had finished.


“That’s a hell of a long speech to say, ‘We’re adults and we decided you two were fools to think that two hot guys wouldn’t get it on sleeping together naked,’” Sharky said. “It does explain the bright eyes and bushy tails you two are sporting. Just be responsible.”


“Sharky, Antwon, Wolf said the L word last night,” I responded and somewhat sheepishly added, “I did too.”


“Well, you’re two great guys. I hope you have a long, loving life together,” Antwon said.


Over the next two and a half weeks, I had a chance to see gracious and charming people, assholes and bigots, in other words, a cross-section of middle and upper income people. Wolf and I also talked a lot, made love a lot and got to know each other. Our love grew and grew.


Finally it was the night before Wolf and I were to go home. Mrs. Crandall invited us to La Casa for a farewell dinner and we would stay over. Antwon and Sharky had kept the morning free so they could have breakfast with us and take us to the airport. Mrs. Crandall had arranged for Wolf to fly to Norfolk with me, then spend a couple nights before I drove him to Elizabethton. I was anxious for Auntie and my friends to meet Wolf, but I was not exactly looking forward to meeting Wolf’s parents. They were of a social bracket several notches above mine and that was as important, if not more important, among some African-Americans as it was for certain groups of whites.


When we sat down at dinner with Mrs. Crandall and Mrs. Metzer, Mrs. Crandall said, “Wolf, Derek, I think the two young men heading back north are very different from the two young men who arrived from there. I’m sure spending time with Antwon and Sharky accounts for some of that, but maybe only a small part. Would I be amiss if I said I think the two young men who came down have been transformed into two young men in love?”


“Not amiss at all, Mrs. Crandall,” Wolf said.


“Not at all,” I added.


“I wish you much happiness,” she said. She asked a hundred questions about our time in Florida and about what we would be doing when we got back. She knew about my responsibility to Auntie, so I said, “Well, I’ll be back in time to do the second session of summer school and will take a couple of classes. With my AP credit, I’ll be a junior second semester if I do. Jeremy will be moving into his room at Levi’s house as soon as the first session of summer school is over. I’m going to be lonely in my place by myself. Wolf and I are trying to figure out some way for him to be at OCU after the first semester, but out-of- state tuition is a killer. Auntie has some IOUs from OCU for some reason and I saw her work miracles with one before. Maybe she can help.”


“Wolf, how will your parents take your having a boyfriend? Do they know you’re gay?”


“They have known since before I did,” Wolf laughed. “It was never a problem even when I went off the deep end being gay; they accept that being gay is just the way it is. A boyfriend is another matter altogether. Marc and Justin have never seemed to bother them, but they are not African-American nor are they their sons. Who knows?”


After dinner, Mrs. Crandall had Mavis bring flutes and champagne and pour four glasses. “To young love and to friendship,” she said as she raised her glass in a toast.


When she lowered her glass, Wolf raised his and said, “Truly to friendship, to love in all its myriad forms, to La Casa, Mrs. Metzer and the Mistress of La Casa, Mrs. Crandall.”


Later, Wolf and I went up to the suite that had been Justin and Marc’s and took advantage of the Jacuzzi and playing around in it. When we went to bed, Wolf said, “Derek, we are at La Casa where we met and fell in love. This has been our beginning. Are you worried about our future?”


“Not at all, Beautiful Boy. We can make it work. We will make it work. Now let’s make love.” We did.


We were up at 7:00, had breakfast and it was time to go. We hugged Mrs. Metzer and Mrs. Crandall and thanked them profusely for a wonderful month. Mrs. Crandall assured us we would be welcome back. Sharky and Antwon took us to the airport and after long hugs, each of them kissed us -- on the mouth -- and we headed for security.


We landed in Norfolk at 2:30 and it was 3:00 before we met Jeremy. “Jeremy, my best friend, Wolf, love of my life. Wolf, Jeremy.”


As the two shook hands, Jeremy said, “So this time you did find boyfriend material. Wolf, have you tamed this wild animal?”


“Well, he hasn’t been wild with me or no wilder than I wanted,” Wolf laughed.


“You sound local,” Jeremy said.


“From the Valley of Humility between the Two Mountains of Conceit,” Wolf replied.


“Valley of Humility between two Mountains of Conceit?” Jeremy asked.


“Yeah, we’re stuck between pretentious South Carolina and pretentious Virginia,” Wolf responded.




“How are things with Levi and Telvin?” I asked.


“Like pigs in the mud. The house was finished before you left, right?”


“Yeah. They were doing interviews the Saturday after I left.”


“Well, I got the first room, of course. For the time being I’m living alone. Don’t know that I’ll change that. They have asked me to help with the house maintenance and all that and I’m getting the room for half price anyway. I moved in the same time they did. Turns out they had rented all the rooms by the time they finished interviewing. They had space for ten more and had twenty to interview. Louis and Caroline, his girlfriend, took one as did Philip. A grad has one and two undergrads have the other. I had Levi and Telvin keep a sharp eye out for you and now you go off to Key West and return with a boyfriend. So how did you two meet? How did the romance develop? Hey, Wolf, this man would be my lover instead of yours except for my tragic flaw. I am hopelessly straight.”


“But he did teach me to kiss,” I laughed.


“You did one hell of a job of it,” Wolf said.


“So you’ll not be on the couch tonight,” I said.


“Nope. And should I ever find a woman, I’ll not have to send someone to sleep on your couch.”


“So when did you last see Auntie?”


“An hour ago. I went over to get the car.”


“Nice car,” Wolf said.


“It’s Auntie’s,” I said.


“Don’t let him kid you, it’s his. Auntie hasn’t driven in years.”


When we arrived at the house, Auntie was waiting with open arms. “Derek, Baby, so good to have you home! Good time away?”


“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time,” I replied.


“And this beautiful young man beside you had nothing to do with that.”


“He had almost all to do with it. Auntie, Walter Steppenwolf Lancaster from Elizabethton, North Carolina...”


“Your great-grandmother Hester Lancaster?” Auntie asked.


“I think so,” Wolf responded.


“Derek, I won’t go into all the linage, but you and Wolf have ancestors in common, but are not yourself kin. It’s all complicated. Doesn’t matter since you’re not blood kin so no incest involved.”


“Incest?” Jeremy asked, obviously as confused as Wolf and I were.


“Well, I’m assuming from observing you two that you are more than very good friends and you both have that newly-wed glow about you, so it’s good that no incest is involved, but I guess it’s not terribly important since you’re not likely to reproduce.”


Jeremy was practically rolling on the floor, Wolf appeared shell-shocked and I reminded myself that it was Auntie we were dealing with. “Think you’ve got it all figured out, Auntie,” I said.


“We’ll talk more later. Derek, run your and Wolf’s bags upstairs and hurry back. Dinner is ready. Jeremy, you’re staying, of course.”


“Thanks, of course.”


I picked up our bags and Wolf started to go up with me, but Auntie said, “Wolf, you are needed here.” He was needed so Auntie could question him. I took our bags upstairs and when I came down, Auntie was placing food on the dining room table and when we were seated, said, “Okay, tell me about this Florida trip and how a Virginia boy got connected with a North Carolina boy.” There were a lot more questions from Jeremy and Auntie as we told them about my month in Florida.




********The story of Michael’s rescue is told in The Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels beginning in the middle of Chapter 65 and will not be told here. Saga is found on the Awesome Dude website, and on Nifty, High School, Aug. 27, 2010.



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