Journey to Love

Chapter Thirty-two

Housecleaning for Fun?

by Sequoyah

Edited by Cole, Peter and Scott




The next morning, Sharky told me Mrs. Crandall had asked about an excursion to Dry Tortugas for the group. “Tell Mrs. Crandall or Mrs. Metzer we cannot take the group, but can take one if they are willing to sleep on the open deck where the crew will be sleeping. The boat is full and we’re doing very, very well on this trip. All of them have been there except Michael and Wolf, so flip a coin to decide which of them gets to go.”


“I’d really like Wolf to go,” I said, trying to sound innocent.


“From what I saw before and during dinner last night I suspected that might be true, but it’s important that we be fair about this. Something going on between you two?”


“Something, something important I think. There’s a possibility I’m in love, but I’m pretty confused. I need to talk with you two. I think you can help straighten me out.”


“We’ll have a lot of free time during the excursion to talk. Sharky and I do some of our best talking lying on the open deck at night. From what I’ve seen and the way you’re acting, I think maybe you’re in love, maybe it’s mutual infatuation. Either way, good luck on the coin toss. Now we all need to get out of here.” We put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and headed for the main gate, Sharky and Antwon to get ready for the excursion and I to have coffee at La Casa.


When I got to the big house, everyone was having another cup of coffee or tea and Mrs. Metzer immediately asked about the excursion and I relayed the message from Sharky and Antwon. I felt as though I had been hit in the gut when Michael said, gleefully, that he was in luck because he had never lost a coin toss. I was reaching in my pocket for a coin when he added that his lover was arriving while we were gone, so he guessed Wolf would have to make the trip. Marc laughed and said I looked as if I had just won the Powerball lottery and that was about how I felt.


Mrs. Metzer started talking about activities available for the day and I would have loved to be involved in any one of several if Wolf was involved, but I had work to do before we left in the morning. “I have to get some things done -- laundry, house cleaning, etc, since we are leaving at 5:30 in the morning. If he’d like and it’s okay with you all, Wolf can spend the night with me so I don’t have to get up at 3:30 to come here, pick him up and go back into town.” Of course it wouldn’t happen that way. Antwon and Sharky would bring him in when they came, but I wanted to convince the crowd that he needed to spend the night with me. As I looked round, I realized I was fooling no-one except maybe Wolf. He was so busy nodding his head ‘yes’ that he wasn’t thinking straight -- no pun intended!


As they all decided on their activity for the day, Susan said, “You know, helping a friend do laundry and clean house seems a perfectly acceptable activity.” Wolf mouthed a ‘yes’ and nodded his head even faster. “And who wants to get up at 3:30?”


I went up to his room with Wolf and we exchanged a few kisses before he selected, with my help, clothes for the trip and packed a small bag. Twenty minutes later we were headed into town. I really did have a pile of laundry to do since I had the normal amount plus I needed to strip the bed, especially now that Wolf would be sleeping with me. I got the first load of laundry going while Wolf started cleaning the kitchen. I consider myself a very neat and clean person and attempt to make sure my surroundings are as well. Wolf was beyond generally neat and clean. He was also fast. In no time at all the kitchen was cleaner than it had been when I arrived. When he finished with the kitchen, Wolf started on the bathroom with the same results as his efforts in the kitchen had produced.


The bell on the washer indicated the first load was finished and I transferred it to the dryer and started the second load. Wolf and I both worked on cleaning the living room and we were finished with the cleaning by 12:30, just as the dryer buzzer sounded. We took the laundry from the dryer and started folding it. Wolf picked up a pair of my briefs and asked if I always wore briefs.


“I wear briefs or trunks, you know, like half-way between boxer briefs and briefs.”


“I do indeed know since they are what I wear most of the time. Why briefs? Few guys our age wear briefs.”


“I’m on the dive team and spend a lot of time in Speedos. Boxer briefs and especially boxers feel as though I left my pants home. Actually, I like the tight fit and a pouch. No fly.”


“We agree on that,” Wolf said.


The second load of laundry included the sheets and pillowcases for the bed and as soon as they were out of the dryer, I grabbed them and headed to the bedroom. Wolf was right behind me and as I started making the bed, he grabbed me and tossed me on the bed as though I weighed nothing. He crawled on top of me and started kissing me deeply, passionately, with open mouth and much tongue. Damn he learned fast or had not been as inexperienced as he said. When he broke the kiss I said, “THAT didn’t seem very inexperienced to me.”


“Derek, I’m just a very fast learner, have a good teacher and want you to know how I feel about you.” The fellow was certainly more dramatic than I was! Not that I objected.


“Point taken,” I said.


It was almost 1:30 when we had finished everything and I suggested we go to Annie’s Place for a fried oyster po’ boy. “She makes the best in the world,” I told him.


Turned out he didn’t agree, holding out for a place in Elizabethton. “I’ll take you when you come down.”


“I’m coming down?” I asked.


“Of course you are. As soon as you get back.” He sounded as though that was as obvious as a three-hundred-pound man in skin-tight, red plaid pants.


Back at the apartment, I packed for the excursion, including a couple of books. Wolf found a couple he hadn’t read that he was sure he would like and added those to his bag. I told him we probably needed to go to the boat and see if there was anything Sharky or Antwon needed doing that we could do. There was and it was close to 5:00 before the boat was fastened up for the night.


“I think I need some red meat,” Antwon said as we left the boat. “How about you two?”


“They probably need red meat for the same reason you do,” Sharky laughed. “Antwon needs to replace some high-grade protein.” He smacked his lover on his nice ass.


“Sorry to disappoint,” I said, “but we haven’t lost any protein except for some precum. We are not rushing the sex thing.”


Very seriously Sharky said, “Just kidding, fellows, and not rushing things is a good way to go.”


“A very good way,” Antwon agreed.


When we finished dinner, Antwon and Sharky were going to take us home, but I said, “Just drop us off at the corner. It’s only six or seven blocks, the night is balmy and the moon is still pretty bright. We’ll enjoy the walk.” We did, but instead of going directly to the apartment, we walked out on a long pier and sat, watching the moon on the water, exchanging a kiss now and again and talking -- getting to know each other.


An hour or so later, we walked to the apartment. As we did, I said, “Wolf, I’d love to have a shower with you, but as you saw when you cleaned the bathroom, the shower is barely large enough for one. You’re the guest, so you can go first.” When he finished in the shower, Wolf came into the bedroom, holding a towel around his waist in a less-than-successful attempt to hide his erection. “Derek, I sleep in the nude, but if that bothers you, I’ll slip on a pair of shorts before coming to bed.”


“I usually do too, so all’s well.” Wolf turned so his front was hidden from me, handed me the towel and asked me to please hang it up for him. He managed to crawl into bed without my being able to get a look at his cock. Disappointed, I headed for the shower.


I sprang a boner as I rushed to the shower. When I got out and dried myself, my erection was still very much in evidence and, in fact, I was harder than before. I wasn’t about to jerk off and that was the only way Derek the Erect would become Derek the Shrunken. So I followed my cock into the bedroom and as soon as I entered the door, Wolf said, “Nice, very nice.” He was lying on his side facing me, his body covered by a sheet. I grabbed the sheet and whisked it from the bed and, I’m sure, stood gaping at the erect cock pointing at me.


“More than nice. Man, you are packing.”


“Well, if we are going to get any sleep, I have to take care of a problem.”


“I seem to have the same problem. Any objection to helping each other out?” I asked, hoping the answer was ‘no objection.’ The answer I got was a huge smile and a hand reaching out to pull me into bed.


Both our cocks were gushing precum, but I had learned long ago that slick precum quickly dries to the point where it is not slick and, in fact, is much like glue. I opened the bedside table and took out the Gun Oil and put several drops of the lube on Wolf’s tool. As I carried out that more-than-pleasant task, I couldn’t help but think, ‘The man is certainly well-hung.’ It was not only a prize-winning size, but also beautifully shaped. On a scale of one to ten, ten being a perfect cock, Wolf definitely had an eleven between his legs. I finished lubing his cock and gave it a couple of strokes to spread the extra lube which I had placed on the head because his great-looking cock was uncut. Unlike a lot of very large cocks I’ve seen watching porn -- I hadn’t watched much, but sometimes -- Wolf’s wasn’t one of those that drooped from its own weight. Wolf the Second stood tall and proud.


Wolf took the Gun Oil from me and lubed my cock as well. Prepared, my cock was now begging for action and Wolf was eager to answer its plea. In fact, I was so hot and horny it was only a matter of minutes before I exploded. I had been so hard that my head was quickly too sensitive for any more play. I am prone to spasms when I climax and I sure was this time. As soon as they stopped, I turned my attention to the magnificent tool belonging to Wolf. It took him even less time than it took me to reach a climax and when he did, he shot the largest load I had ever seen.


We cleaned up -- fortunately nothing had landed on the fresh sheets -- and went to bed. We exchanged some hot kisses before I called a halt knowing otherwise we were headed for a long, drawn-out jerk-off session and we needed to get to sleep. We exchanged a final goodnight kiss and Wolf spooned himself against my back, put an arm over my body and hugged me to himself. I was in paradise!


An emergency vehicle came down our street, siren blasting, shortly after midnight. Since it sounded as though the vehicle had driven through the living room, no hearing person could have slept through its passing. Wide awake and with the room illumined by a street light, we turned and lay facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes. Wolf was so beautiful I just had to lean over and kiss him, a kiss which was returned. Almost instantly I could feel his cock hardening against my groin. I was getting an erection as well. “No need trying to go back to sleep right now,” Wolf said. “That vehicle will be back by and chances are with the siren going.”


“Any idea about how we might pass the time?” I asked.


“Three guesses and the first two don’t count,” Wolf laughed.


“Might the activity start something like this?” I pushed the sheet to the foot of the bed, reached for the Gun Oil on the bedside table and for the second time tonight, lubed Wolf’s cock. When I finished, he lubed me and we started stroking each other. Since we had gotten off only a couple hours before, we were not as trigger-happy as we had been earlier. I guess it was by mutual understanding since we did not discuss it, but we didn’t simply stroke each other to a climax, but brought the other to the brink and then backed off. Half an hour after we had backed off the first time, we nodded and stroked each other to a second climax. We were just cleaning up when the vehicle passed and, as Wolf predicted, the siren was blasting. Sated for the second time and wrapped in each other’s arms, we slept.


At 4:30, the sound of the alarm was unwelcome to say the least. Nonetheless, we dressed quickly and were ready to go. We were picking up the excursion members at the club house of a very exclusive condo development up the coast from the city. As there was no dock at the club house, The boat would be anchored offshore and the passengers ferried to it by dinghy.


The plan was to cast off at 5:30, be at anchor offshore from the clubhouse by 6:30, have breakfast and be ready to ferry the first passengers by 8:30. “We can skip breakfast if something delays us. Picking up passengers at the clubhouse is an indication of the money they are paying for this excursion. They certainly wouldn’t expect to wait while something is fixed,” Antwon had said. We were at anchor shortly before 6:30, took the dinghy ashore for a delicious breakfast and were back at the boat by 8:00. Sharky returned to the clubhouse to pick up the first passengers. The ferrying of all twelve passengers was completed by 9:30 and we were underway. Wolf and I took and delivered drink orders -- Bloody Marys and Mimosas -- while Antwon finished preparing breakfast. As the passengers finished their drinks, we collected their glasses and in most cases, served a second or third. With twelve people, the dining table on deck would be a bit crowded, but they decided they’d rather be cramped than eat in shifts. When they had finished breakfast, they scattered about the boat, most taking another cup of coffee.


The trip to Fort Jefferson usually takes just over two hours, but the passengers wanted a leisurely cruise, so it would be 1:30 or later before we arrived. Once we were underway, there was very little for us to do. The passengers understood that the bar would be open at specified times and cold water, soft drinks and juice were available in a cooler in the stern at all times. Wolf and I went forward and lay on the deck where a sail was rigged to provide shade. As dark as I was, I sunburned and I knew Wolf would. We were very generous with the sunscreen, maybe because we loved the feel of the other’s body under our hands as much as for protection from the sun.


We dropped anchor off Fort Jefferson and served a late lunch before ferrying the passengers to Garden Key, where Fort Jefferson is located. Sharky again did the ferrying. Once the passengers were on the Key, they were on their own until pick-up which was scheduled for 8:30, over four hours hence. The three of us remaining on the boat cleaned up from lunch and cleaned the heads. We had finished by the time Sharky returned from depositing the last ferry trip.


We spread two blankets on the deck and lay down – Wolf’s and my feet pointed to the stern of the boat and Antwon and Sharkey’s to the bow, one couple facing the other. “So, Wolf, missing not being with your friends?” Antwon asked.


“Not really,” Wolf said, a bright smile on his face. “I’m sure they are having a great time, but I’d much rather be right where I am.”


“Derek seems to think there is something going on between you two,” Sharky said. “I guess that’s pretty blunt and my question is even more so, but is he correct?”


I had to laugh when Wolf turned bright red! He was so light the blush was easily visible. Sharky and Antwon laughed as well and Sharky said, “I guess you have answered the question, Wolf. What do you think is going on?”


“Since it’s something I have never experienced before, I’m not at all sure.”


“Well, I kinda have,” I said and told of how I had been in love with Jeremy. “But there is a major difference. I fell in love with Jeremy gradually. When I first saw Wolf at La Casa, I was practically paralyzed. I felt as though my heart fell to my stomach, I couldn’t speak and was afraid I was going to hyperventilate. Was it love at first sight? If it wasn’t, I don’t think I could survive the real thing.”


“My experience at seeing Derek headed toward me was very different. What he describes is a kind of shock to his system. My experience was more that of a warm, comfortable feeling invading my body, the feeling of gentle fingers touching my face, my back, my chest. My lips tingled and I thought, ‘So this is what falling in love feels like.’”


“So both of you think that maybe you are in love or falling in love?” Antwon asked.


Wolf and I looked at each other, smiled, exchanged a quick kiss and said together, “Yeah.”


“Love or lust?” Antwon asked. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, especially in the heat of lust. Sometimes the raw power of lust and sex can convince you that you are in love when all that’s going on is a desire to get laid.”


“Hey, I won’t deny there isn’t a lot of lust involved and a desire to get laid,” Wolf laughed. “We are eighteen and nineteen, healthy American boys. We are always horny and can pop a boner watching paint dry, but there’s more and we know it.” He glanced at me and said, “Last night?” and I knew he was asking permission to talk about yesterday and last night. I nodded slightly.


Over the next half hour, Wolf and I told our mentors about our day together from cleaning the apartment to the excitement of being awakened by a siren. After we had told about the siren yanking us out of sleep, I had a sudden revelation. “We were awakened by a siren and it was the prelude to making love... making love, not getting off.” I looked at Wolf as I spoke and when I finished, his eyes were sparkling, his face wore a slight smile as he leaned toward me and covered my mouth with his in a soft, gentle, loving kiss.


The four of us talked about being in love, sex, and finally Antwon said, “So you have a week together here, then what?”


I watched as Wolf went from a radiant young man falling in love -- in love -- to a shy teenager, unsure of where he was and where he was headed. He glanced at me, then dropped his eyes. “If Derek wants me and if you two would permit it, I’ll call my parents and get permission to stay with Derek until he has to go back to Norfolk.” I was surprised both by Wolf’s statement and how tentative he was. Of course I wanted him to stay and thought he should know that, and I was positive Antwon and Sharky would have no objections to his staying. He had seemed utterly self-confident until this moment. Now, he was more like a frightened little boy than a confident young man. I leaned over and kissed him gently, letting him know with a kiss were I stood on the question.


“Well, I’m not sure about that,” Antwon said. “I’m afraid we’ll not get a lick of work out of Derek if you stay over. You’ll probably wear him out and he’ll never want to get out of bed.” Antwon maintained a serious look on his face as if he was trying to figure out how having Wolf around would work out.


“We can be as celibate as monks if that’s what’s required,” Wolf said, very seriously.


“Would almost be worth asking you to do it to see how you’d manage,” Antwon laughed. “In case you haven’t noticed, you are two handsome, hot young men. Sleeping together, your naked bodies pressed together, being in or falling in love and then trying to keep your hands off each other? Fat chance.” He looked at Sharky who winked and then said, “Wolf, no problem with your being here or there being enough to do to pay your way. Give your parents a call when we get back.”


“Yeah, Wolf, do that and I’ll speak with your parents if they have questions,” Sharky said.


“Could Antwon do that? Speak to my parents I mean? Dad’s being a bit of a racist these days. I straightened him out, but I think a black voice might go over better than a white one.”


“See your point,” Sharky said.


“Sharky and I are firm believers in slow and easy, Derek, Wolf, especially for a couple who know little about each other,” Antwon said. “I mean, if you were just in it for the sex, it would be different. If Wolf stays over, I think it best he stay at our place. You’ll be together much of the time, working, passing time while our guests fish, explore, and do the things we are paid to enable them to do. Plenty of time to work at getting to know each other. Of course, an occasional sleepover would be expected.”


Not what I expected, but in a logical, rational way, it made sense. “Not what I’d like, but I see the point,” I said.


“Fine. Wolf, call as soon as we get back and I’ll speak with them.”


For the rest of the excursion, Wolf and I spent time talking, making love -- still in our self-limited, just-bringing-each-other-off way -- and talking with Sharky and Antwon as time and occasion permitted. They were a wonderful two days. Did I still feel uncertain about my feeling for Wolf? Hell no! I had fallen ass over tea kettle in love. I’d fallen and fallen hard and was sure my love was returned. I was positive about both.


At anchor again, offshore from the clubhouse, we took the passengers’ bags -- they had to pack food and water for Garden Key and all swim gear and fresh clothes -- up to the deck, helped the first four into the dinghy and loaded the luggage and Sharky ferried them to the clubhouse. As soon as he left with the last group, Wolf went forward, took out his phone and called home. He talked for fifteen or twenty minutes, then handed the phone to Antwon. Wolf was back on the phone until just before Sharky returned after his last trip to the clubhouse. “I got no answer one way or the other about staying over,” he said and I couldn’t tell whether he was hopeful or not.



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