Journey to Love

Chapter Twenty-one


by Sequoyah

Edited by Cole, Peter and Scott




By the time the movie ended and the credits rolled, I had resolved an issue with myself. I pulled Levi to his feet and led him to the bathroom. We undressed each other and got in the shower. After some hot kisses, I started stroking Levi’s cock and he mine. We had been hard and hot much of the evening, so it didn’t take long before we started shooting. Our climaxes hit us both so hard we were holding each other up because our knees were so weak.


We finally got out of the shower, dried each other and slipped into bed. Levi wrapped his arms around me and covered my mouth with his. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into mine. We tongue wrestled a bit, broke the kiss and Levi said, “Derek, thanks for tonight. I will long treasure it.”


“So will I, Levi.” We kissed and wrapped in each others arms and legs, drifted off to peaceful sleep.


I awoke when Levi smacked me on my bare butt. “Derek, Jewish I may be, but I smell bacon and it smells like breakfast to me.” We again showered together, got dressed and went downstairs. Eloise and Auntie were in the kitchen making breakfast. I was surprised at how well Eloise got around since she had to use arm crutches, but I guess she’d had ten years to learn.


“Good morning, Auntie, Eloise,” I said and kissed Auntie on the cheek.


Levi also kissed Auntie on the cheek and said, “I’m glad we’re having kosher bacon. The smell dragged me out of bed after a night of debauchery. Auntie, your nephew led me down a sinful trail of wine, women and song last night—well, actually, beer, man and song, but debauchery nonetheless.”


I objected, “Not true, Auntie, not true.” Then in the preacher voice known to all Southerners, “I merely held out the temptations of Satan to lure this poor, damned, Jewish soul into the path of glory.  Amen and Amen!”


Auntie and Eloise were laughing like crazy when Geneva came storming in shouting, “Help me, Jesus. Help me, Jesus. Precious Lord, forgive these poor unsaved souls and especially one of your Chosen who is lost and doomed to eternal hell. Dear Jesus. . . . ”


“Can it, Geneva,” Auntie ordered. “The man’s in his own home with his friend. You will respect that. I figure one Jew is welcome here at the moment and that is Levi, but if Jesus shows up to strike you dead, he’ll be more than welcome.”


“But Amelia, they admit to drunkenness and sodomy in this very house where an innocent ten year old girl was sleeping.”


“They seem pretty chipper and in fine fiddle this morning which hardly follows a night of drunkenness. As to sodomy, I don’t remember any mention of that. Did you guys fuck last night?”


“No ma’am,” we chorused and both blushed.


“And by the way, it takes a pretty active imagination to call that ten year old innocent.”  She looked back at us and asked, “So you had a good time last night?”


“We did. We polished off a few beers, did a lot of dancing, kissing and snuggling, well, making out and watched a movie, enjoyed that wonderful shower and went to bed,” I said. We both were blushing.


“You’re queer! I told you, Amelia--sodomy.”


“They're gay, Geneva, as gay as you are self-righteous and that’s one hundred percent. They said sodomy wasn’t part of their fun. Are you calling them liars?”


Levi looked at me and gave me a small wink. “Yeah, we had so much fun, we’ve decided to hang out here for the week before going to Stanton if you’ll buy us more beer.”


“Not a problem,” Auntie said and grinned. She caught on to what Levi was up to before I did.


Levi grabbed me, swung me around, then gave me a full, open-mouth, tonsil seeking kiss while clutching my ass cheeks in his hands. “Babe, we are going to have such fun!”


“Amelia, you are going to allow this . . . this . . . this debauchery in this house? What would Harry say?”


“Probably invite the two of us to join the party, but I keep telling you, this is Derek’s home. So long as it’s legal or he’s not caught, what can I say?”


“G’ma, what’s sodomy and debauchery? And why is that white boy kissing a nigge . . .   black boy?  Why’s he kissing a boy anyway?” She covered her mouth with her hand, drew in a sharp breath and said, “G’ma, I think they’re faggots!”


Geneva grabbed her in a hug. “Oh you poor baby. Don’t worry about that. As soon as we have breakfast we are going back to Lynchburg. Eloise, get your things together.”


“I’ll get Marissa’s, but I’m not going. Auntie has invited me to stay as long as I like.”


“You most certainly will go. I forbid you to remain in this den of iniquity.”


“That’s it, Derek! That’s it,” Levi exclaimed, “You wanted to know what to put on a sign to hang over the stairs to your place. Of all the suggestions you’ve received, that’s the best, ‘Derek’s Den of Iniquity’.”


“Breakfast is ready,” Auntie announced.


When we were all seated at the table, Geneva started to speak, but Auntie beat her to the draw, “Levi, would you?”


Levi took a biscuit in his hand, held it up and said, “Blessed is the Lord our God, Sovereign of the universe who brings forth bread from the earth. Amen.” He then took a small bite of the biscuit.


I wasn’t sure Geneva’s heart would hold out long enough for her to eat breakfast, get ready and head back to Lynchburg, but she made it. As soon as her car disappeared out of sight, Eloise said, “I would not have believed it had I not seen it. Sorry to mess up your holiday, but it was wonderful to see Mother meet her match; no, more than her match.”


“Nothing’s messed up, Eloise. There was not the slightest doubt in my mind that Geneva would be out of here early today. In one way I am sorry she took Marissa because I think a week or so with Auntie would have started straightening her out,” Levi said.


“Goes for me as well,” I said. “I’m afraid she is going to have a hard life.”


“Not if she stays in Mother’s circle. There’s nothing I can do. Mother will protect her from anyone who attempts to correct her, and legally she is Marissa’s guardian. I am a barely tolerated intrusion in the household. I get a small disability check, but I can’t live on it. Auntie and I had a long talk last night. As I said, she has invited me to stay here over the holidays and afterward so long as you approve, Derek. It will mean instead of Levi having a separate place to himself, you two will be sharing the Den of Iniquity. ”


“No problem, at least at this point, right Levi?” Levi nodded and grinned. “We’ll see about the future. We didn’t lie about last night, we made out and played around some, but we’re not boyfriends, just very close friends. We may fall in love, we may not. We both just hope it’s not a one-way street. We’ve both been down that unhappy lane.”


“Well, get your bubble butts in gear and head for Stanton and see what you can stir up there!” Auntie ordered.


We had loaded the car the night before, so we were out the door and on our way in less than half an hour. When we were packing the car, I had put in a large cooler and explained to Levi that fresh seafood was a rarity in Stanton. We stopped at a seafood place near Hampton that Auntie told us about and loaded up on several sizes of shrimp, some oysters, scallops and a few crabs. The seafood purchased was iced down in the cooler, and we headed to Richmond.


All the way to Richmond, one or the other of us would suddenly burst out laughing remembering the events of the morning. When we were half an hour out of Richmond, I said, “We really need to bring some joy into Peter and Philip’s dull life. Let’s call them and ask them if they’ll have lunch with us.” Levi nodded and I made the call.


Peter sounded sleepy when I called. “Peter, Derek. You still in bed?”


“We fell asleep after we woke up this morning.”


“Oh, resting up after sex.”


“You could say that. Where are you? Whas’sup?”


“We’re on our way to Alexander County. I think we are about twenty miles from I-295.”


“Time for late breakfast, early lunch?”


“Maybe a quick one. Meet us somewhere just off I-64.”


“Sure. We could use an artery clogging breakfast. Meet us at the Waffle House at the Henrico exit. See you there,” Peter said.


We had made better than good time. We found the Waffle House, greeted Philip and Peter and ordered by 11:15. Before the food arrived, Philip said, “So you are going home to Stanton.”


“Alexander County, not Stanton,” I corrected Philip automatically.


“Same difference.”


“OK, Philip, sorry about cutting you off, but living with my dad, Brad, it’s automatic.”


“Why so?” Peter asked and briefly I told him why.


“Anyway, how did you get to leave?” Philip asked.  “I thought you had to stay with Auntie.”


“Well, it started with a phone call,” I said and told them about the phone call from Geneva.


“So Auntie had a daughter-in-law, granddaughter and great granddaughter staying with her. Lucky break,” Philip said.


“Well, they didn’t exactly stay, but before they arrived Auntie took care of a slob and straightened out the Dean of Student Life, thanks to my friend Derek,” Levi laughed and, of course, had to tell that tale.


“Remind me to stay on Auntie’s good side. She actually whacked the Dean of Student Life with her cane?”


“On the shoulder a few times and a final whack on his butt.”


“Wow!” Philip exclaimed.


“So Levi’s living with you. You guys getting it on?” Peter asked.


“Derek doesn’t look laid to me,” Philip laughed, “and come to think of it, neither does Levi.”


I blushed and Levi said, “Not saying it might not happen, but now we’re just good friends. We make out and play around, sure, but we are not boyfriends and may never be.” Levi looked at me and I smiled at him and nodded.


“Anyway,” Levi continued, “this Geneva and Marissa, the great granddaughter, are both pieces of work. Derek and I thought they and Auntie were perfect examples of an irresistible force and an immovable object. Auntie put up a bold effort, but I’m afraid she was on the verge of losing.” The two of us then told them about the highchair. “I thought Auntie had a chance against Marissa, but after Derek and I talked, I didn’t see why she had to take abuse from a ten-year-old brat and someone like Geneva.”


I took up the tale, “Levi said we had finished a semester and were supposed to be somewhere, half naked, dancing and getting shit-faced. We decided it was a good idea and there was no place like home.” We then told them about the party and the aftermath this morning. “So Auntie has a granddaughter staying in her guest room and we are headed for my home to spend Christmas with my mom and my dads.”


“Wild!” Peter said. “And Auntie actually asked you if you had fucked?”


“She did. I thought Derek would drop through the floor,” Levi laughed.


After finishing our meal, we agreed to get back to Norfolk a couple days early and go to an over-eighteen club and ‘dance half naked’ before second semester started.


I was driving as we left Richmond when I suddenly realized in all the excitement, I hadn’t called my dads to tell them I was coming home. I wondered if DeAngelo would be home since the dads would be at work. I said, “Levi, you better hope my dads aren’t pissed at me coming since they don’t know about it. I forgot to call. Grab my phone and call the house. It’s speed dial one.”


“DeAngelo? Levi Epstein, a friend of Derek’s. . . . No, nothing’s wrong, in fact he’s sitting beside me driving a little old lady’s red convertible--way too fast, I might add. We have just passed an exit for Short Pump, whatever the hell that is, outside Richmond. We’re on I-64 headed for Stan . . . Alexander County. Last time I said the S word Derek threatened to beat my white Jewish ass. Long story, but Derek will be home for the holidays. . . . Yeah, a long and wild story. I promise you’ll laugh your ass off. Hold on, your brother is punching me in the side.”


“Tell him not to call the dads,” I urged. Levi relayed the message and when he finished, he popped a decent CD in the player and we rolled down I-64 singing at the top of our lungs. Somehow or other, I managed to keep the car to just ten mph over the speed limit--some of the time--and the Virginia Troopers must have stayed by the fire because a red convertible, I had been warned, had a ready-printed speeding ticket just waiting.


We talked about dinner and made plans for it. We hit Kroger’s in Waynesville and picked up what groceries I knew we needed. As we were leaving, Levi spotted a bunch of large poinsettias marked down, for obvious reasons, to a dollar each. He grabbed another cart and to my wonderment, took eight of them.


When we arrived at Grace House, I gave Levi the code and he opened the garage door. As soon as we were inside, I released the garage door from the chain so the dads wouldn’t be able to open it. I led Levi inside and said “Welcome to Grace House, Levi,” then yelled upstairs, “DeAngelo Wilson, get your black Watusi ass downstairs!”


DeAngelo came down the stairs two at a time, grabbed me in a bear hug and said, “Damn, Bro, it’s good to have you home. We have been moping around and even talking about a quick trip to Norfolk. “Man, you looking sharp!”


“He’s damn hot too!” Levi said.


“DeAngelo, Levi Epstein, as of this morning, my roommate. Levi, DeAngelo Wilson, brother extraordinaire, star on the basketball court and baseball field, chick magnet and all around stud. In fact, the only mark on his character is he is a student at an inferior university and probably barely passing.”


“All true, except the last. Two Cs and all else Bs.”


“Well, afraid not only is your brother hotter and sexier, he has a B and all else As at a definitely superior university,” Levi laughed. “Good to meet you, DeAngelo, you brother does say good things about you.”


“Just so I know, you two sleeping together?”


“As a matter of fact we are. Are we fucking? No,” I said.


“We need a beer before we get into that,” DeAngelo said.


“The dads going to be upset?”


“Not so long as we’re not leaving the place, driving or getting drunk. You really, really don’t want to be caught with more than a nice buzz on. Never! Never! Joe and I found out the hard way. Let’s get your things out of the car and then we’ll have a brew and talk.” We brought in our bags, groceries and the cooler. Levi put the poinsettias on a workbench in the garage and said he’d deal with them later.


DeAngelo grabbed three beers from the fridge and we sat down at the kitchen table. “So you’re sleeping together, but not fucking. Sounds hard to me.”


“No one said we weren't hard, just not fucking,” Levi laughed. “It’s a long story, but for now, Auntie asked me to move into her guest room yesterday, but this last night her granddaughter needed it and she asked if Derek and I would mind sharing a bed. We told her we didn’t, but that doesn’t mean we are boyfriends. Been down the fucking route without commitment and have no intention of doing it again. Playing around? Making out? Hell yes, but no fucking. I suspect Derek’s boundaries on how far he will go are more restrictive than mine, but we will both respect them. If we fall in love? Well, two of our friends are a couple who told Auntie they fuck like rabbits. If--mark that IF--Derek and I fall in love, we’ll make love like there is no tomorrow, but right now we’re just very, very good friends.”


“Understand. Afraid I’m not very restrictive. If there’s a condom around and the girl’s willing, I fuck. Maybe if I fall in love. . . .  Dad Sam says I’m in my slut period and Dad Brad says I’m allowing the little head to rule my life. They’re both right.”


Derek grinned and said, “So you and Joe went past the dads’ limits on alcohol.”


“Man, did we ever and they made damn sure we knew it. Joe and I got pretty well on the way to being drunk after our last basketball game and decided we needed to tell the dads why we had deservedly gotten the shit beat out of us.


“See, most of the team managed to break curfew and party the night before. They were still half hung over when the starting whistle sounded. Since we had been sober and in bed, we decided we deserved a beer--or two or three or four or . . . I lost count. We were so drunk I don’t even remember driving over from Harrisonville beyond knowing we took back roads. Anyway, we had a couple beers left and chugged them before coming inside, actually falling inside. I opened the door and Joe started through, stumbled and fell and I fell on top of him. We made so much noise cussing and trying to get up off the floor that we woke the dads. We were taken outside, hosed down, stripped and run around the house until we could almost walk straight, herded upstairs for a cold shower and given blankets and marched to the barn. ‘It’s the place for animals.’ Dad Sam said.


“It was not a warm night and we had a cold water hosing, a run around the house naked, a cold water shower and then were marched to the barn, still naked. We climbed into the loft, piled up some hay and huddled together under the blankets and got warm enough to fall asleep. All of that was Sam’s doing. Brad was so angry he was just working on not killing us. Next morning, Brad came to the barn, brought us to the house and after we showered and got dressed, hung over, we spent two hours at the table. I’m not sure who did the most crying--even Joe was crying. No, you don’t want to get drunk, smoke dope or get someone pregnant--well, that’s not a danger for you I guess--if you live in this house.


“Levi, you must think our dads are sadists or something. Let me tell you, there are no kids in the world loved any more by their dad than we are by our dads. You’ll know that soon. But the dads do have limits for us, which we damn well know, and when we forget, ‘they are written anew loud and clear,’ to quote our mom.


“Derek, good thing you did get home. I don’t think Granny Lotz will make it much longer. Anyway, Brad hired an assistant director this week and now leaves the Center at 5:00 sharp. He picks up Sam and our dads are both home by 5:45 or earlier everyday. So how did you get to come home? Levi, you said it was a long funny story.”


“Big Bro, let’s save that also until the dads get home. Just know that there are some bitches in the world equal to the worst Stanton has to offer and Levi Epstein can spin a tale that sends them packing. Speaking of which, we need to talk about dinner.”


With all the fresh seafood, Levi and I had decided we would have a seafood dinner beginning with a shrimp cocktail followed by simple pan seared scallops with a pan sauce served with mixed baby greens and water cress. The scallops would be followed by oysters casino and lava cake with ginger ice cream for dessert.


Levi was taking care of the appetizer and helped me with the scallops and oysters. DeAngelo would make the ice cream and cakes.


Levi and I worked out the plan for the final preparation of the scallops since they were ‘do-at-the-last-minute.’


Once everything was ready or ready-to-be-ready, the three of us removed the leaves from the dining room table--with them it seated twelve, without six--spread it with a white cloth and got out the best china, silver and crystal. I was pretty much at a loss about the wine. Levi said, “Champagne is a wine that goes with most everything. Your dads have any?”


“I’m sure they do,” I said.


“Put a couple of bottles in the fridge and you’ll be safe.


After the meal was planned, Levi asked about latex or such gloves and DeAngelo got him a pair from the kitchen. “Any possibility there’s a small butane torch around?” he asked as he pulled on the gloves.


“In the garage,” I said. “Whas’sup?”


“Table arrangement. Any vases and stuff?”


“Strange as it may seem, all that kind of stuff is in the garage and lots of it. Landscaping and flowers are Brad’s territory. I’ll show you.” I showed Levi the cabinet where Brad kept his flower arranging materials and he told me he’d see me later.


Brad called at 4:45. “He called to say he was leaving the APFC and headed to the rehab center,” DeAngelo said. “Also said we’d talk about Norfolk, so I shouldn’t plan on going out. I told him I wasn’t sure about Norfolk after I had talked to you today, but I’d be home when they got here.”


He had just finished telling me about the call when Levi poked his head in and asked me to help him in the garage.


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