Journey to Love

Chapter Nine - Boys will be Boys

by Sequoyah

Edited by Cole, Peter and Scott




Brad and Sam had debated what to do about music for the party and had talked to me and Jeremy about it. They finally decided to announce the party as a barn dance rather than a Halloween party, and they hired the Churchville Moonshiners, a string band from Churchville. Calling it a barn dance pretty much set the dress code. I thought some of the kids would be disappointed that Brad and Sam hadn't hired a band to play their kind of music, but I guess the string band worked out well in the end.


I was surprised when the leader of the band announced the first square dance. I was even more surprised when most of the parents and kids were ready to dance. The caller had two couples demonstrate the steps. “Everyone grab a partner and join in on the floor,” he said. This was all new to me and I was hanging back, but Janice grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the floor. She knew what she was doing and was good at keeping me somewhat on the right track.


By midnight, the party began to break up. Everyone had had a great time and they were reluctant to call it a night, but most of the women and some of the men had a curfew of 1:00, so many were leaving. The four of us got in the Spyder to take the girls home. I think Jeremy was very happy to be in the back seat as he and Pam were going at it by the time I had the car started. Since I had no intention of making out with Janice, I decided I'd take her home first, thus giving Jeremy more time to get blue balls. I did give Janice a goodnight kiss when I took her to her door. “Derek, I had a good time. Thanks for inviting me. I was also glad I got to meet your other dad, Sam. You are lucky to have them on your side.”


“You don't know just how lucky,” I said. “Thanks for going with me.” I gave her another kiss, said, goodnight and went back to the car.


When I opened the car door and the light came on, I got in quickly and closed the door, but there was enough time for me to see Jeremy had his hand up Pam's skirt and she had his fly open and his cock in her hand. I didn't know what I should do, so I did what I had planned and drove her home. When I stopped the car, the two got busy getting decent and then Jeremy walked her to the door and they made out there until someone turned on the porch light. Pam gave him a peck on the cheek and went inside. Jeremy came back to the car, adjusting his cock and balls as he walked, a smile a mile wide on his face.


As he got in the car, he said, “Damn, I think I could have fucked Pam tonight. I guess she was hot for me or something since I haven't ever gotten that far with anyone until I‘ve dated them for weeks, unless they were the type to just spread their legs for anyone.”


“Maybe she does,” I grinned.


“Does what?”


“Spreads her legs for anyone.”


“Damn! Bet you're right, but maybe it's just my winning sex appeal,” he laughed. “Man, I am going to have to get off soon or I’m going to be in major pain. We are coming up on our place. About a quarter mile past the drive to the house, there's a side road—well, trail—on the right. Pull down it a ways and let me get off.” I pulled well off the road to where we would be hidden from anyone driving by and parked. As Jeremy started getting out of the car, he stopped and asked “Aren't you going to join me?” and grinned.


“What the fuck,” I thought, “why not?” I got out of the car and the two of us stood side by side, unbuckled our belts, unzipped and dropped our pants and trunks—when I had said something about wearing trunks, Jeremy said he’d never heard underpants called trunks. I told him they were halfway between briefs and boxer briefs and showed him a pair. Jeremy had to have some and now wore them exclusively—to our ankles. Jeremy and I had seen each other naked loads of time—I mean we were both on the aquatics team and showered together at the Center—and both of us appeared to be well-hung, although nothing exceptional, but we had never seen each other hard. “Damn! I heard you darker guys had big cocks, but that's a monster!”


“It's no longer than yours,” I replied. I had taken the opportunity to check Jeremy's equipment out as soon as it sprung from his trunks. “How long is yours?”


“Seven inches. Yours?”


“Not much bigger. It's only seven and a half.”


“Yeah, but it's like a soda can and mine is more like a soda straw,” he laughed as we both stroked our cocks. I tried to keep my eyes off Jeremy's cock, but couldn't, and I noticed he was looking at mine as well.


Jeremy had been all worked up, of course, and I had not, so I wasn't surprised when he exploded well before I did, shooting a large load of sperm. After he was through, he continued to stroke himself slowly and chant under his breath, “Go, Derek, go.”


I was pounding myself and finally an orgasm shook my body like it never had before. As I approached the endpoint, I closed my eyes and imagined it was Jeremy's hand stroking my hard cock. I guess that was what made it all so good.


That night in the countryside, standing beside Jeremy was the first time the two of us jerked off together. After that, it became something I looked forward to and dreamed about, and it happened once or twice a week as the opportunity presented itself. I dreamed of us stroking each other, but would never have dared suggest it to Jeremy.


When we got back to the house, Brad and Sam were ready to take off for the pond,   waiting for us and DeAngelo and Joe to get back. It was almost 2:30 before the two showed up, which meant they probably had gotten off as well, one way or another, because they’d had no farther to drive than did Jeremy and I and could use the Interstate part of the way. When they arrived, DeAngelo said, “Sorry, that took longer than we planned.”


“Still up for skinny-dipping?” Brad asked.


“You bet!” DeAngelo exclaimed. “I have really missed that!”


“Good thing we waited until now or we wouldn't have had equipment to do the job we did. We'd have frozen our balls off,” Joe laughed.


All six of us piled in and on the jeep and headed for the pond. The full moon made the countryside bright and we were all in a great mood as we rode across the pasture. As we approached, Jeremy said, “Look, it's so cold there's fog above the pond.”


“Yeah,” I replied. Sam stopped the jeep and said, “Last one in is in trouble.” I was already scrambling off the jeep, stripping off my clothes. Eventually, all four Grace House men were in the pond just waiting for Jeremy and Joe who were slowly getting undressed. They stood shivering, reluctant to jump in the water. Jeremy finally got up his nerve, ran and jumped in. As he came up from the warm water he said, “Damn!” And had a huge grin on his face. Joe finally managed to walk over to the edge and stuck a toe in the water. “Shit, DeAngelo, why didn't you tell me it was warm?”


The six of us frolicked in the pond until well after 3:30, dried off and dressed quickly and headed for the house and bed. Without thinking, as soon as we got to my room, I stripped, hung my clothes on the back of a chair and climbed into bed. As I pulled the covers over me, I remembered Jeremy was sleeping with me and said, “Shit, Jeremy, I sleep naked and forgot you'd be in here with me. I'll get some trunks or boxers.”


“Doesn't bother me. I sleep raw, too.” He piled his clothes on top of mine and climbed into bed. “Just remember it's Jeremy and not Janice.”


Brad called us at 1:30 in the afternoon and said Mom was fixing breakfast. We showered quickly, got dressed and headed downstairs. For having been up until almost 4:00, we were soon pretty wide awake. 'Course we had slept nine hours and having a large cup of coffee had helped.


After breakfast, we sat around the table and talked. Joe told us he had been born and lived in Xenia, Ohio until his senior year when his parents split. They had tugged him one way and then the other until he got fed up and came to Harrisonville to live with his grandmother. She had expected him to live at home when he was accepted at James Monroe on a good scholarship, but his college fund was more than adequate and he wanted to live on campus. “Of course, DeAngelo and I spend a lot of time at her place, but I still have freedom I wouldn't have if I lived there.”


When we finally got up from the table, all six of us went to the barn to clean up the party mess. It didn't take long, but we had slept late and talked around the table before cleaning up, so when we were finished, it was time for the two college men to head for Harrisonville and for me to take Jeremy home.




Since I’d first dog paddled in the Center pool, the aquatics team had really developed and I had developed right along with it. I was now consistently taking first or second place in diving and Jeremy was doing the same in two of his swimming events. School remained my number one priority and Sam and Brad would gently remind me of that on the few occasions when I let other things interfere.


In early March, Jeremy and I were skinny-dipping and I was sorta floating and daydreaming, looking at him. I didn't realize it, but I had sprung a boner and Jeremy had drifted up beside me and reached out and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Taking that as an invitation, I took his softie in hand and stroked him as well. “Man, that feels good!” he said. I just grinned in agreement. After that, we always did our friend rather than ourselves.


In early March, we were in a big aquatics meet in Alexandria all day Saturday. It was a three hour trip and Brad did not want us to arrive worn out before we competed, so we left right after school Friday and spent the night in Alexandria. The Center was footing the bill for room and board. Brad didn't want us piled four or more to a room because he thought no one would get much sleep that way, so we were put two to a room with either a king-sized bed or two queens. Since we were allowed to pick roommates, Jeremy and I, of course, chose to room together and ours was a room with a king-size bed.


After we had dinner, we all gathered in a conference room of the motel and Brad said, “Ok, I don't think I have to remind you that you represent more than yourself. We are a team and are going to behave as a team and be judged as a team, not just on our swimming and diving. You have a big day tomorrow. There have been scouts sizing you up for college aquatics teams from time to time before this. Tomorrow, rest assured, there will be at least a hundred colleges represented at the meet. For yourself, your team and the Center you need to be at your best. Watch some TV, rent a movie—on your dime—but be in bed, lights out by ten. The god and goddess of aquatics have looked down on us. Competition starts at 9:00, but our first meet is at 10:00, so be up and at breakfast at 8:00. The meet shuts down from 12:00 until 1:30, it will be continuous until 3:30. The awards dinner—which we will need to attend to pick up our pile of awards, right?” He was answered by a long and loud cheer. “Right, the dinner will be at 6:00 and we will be on the road by 9:30. Long day tomorrow, so get some rest tonight.”


He had just finished when the manager of the motel came to the room and spoke to Brad, who nodded and thanked him. The manager left and Brad informed us, “Mr. Patel just told me this room was not in use tonight and if you wish, you are free to use it. There's a video projector if you'd like to rent a movie.” Most of the team chose to do so and I was surprised that the decision on the movie only took seconds.


After the movie, Jeremy and I went to our room, got undressed and lay on the bed. I realized as we lay facing each other I had some pretty deep feelings for Jeremy and as he reached for my cock and I for his, I leaned over and without thinking, kissed him. “Oh, shit!” I said. “Jeremy, I'm sorry. Please don't be angry with me. Please.”


“Derek, I'm not angry and to be honest, I hoped it wouldn't happen, but I'm not surprised. I have expected something like this for some time and wanted a way to talk about it, but was afraid it would end our friendship and I really, really dreaded the thought of that. It's been obvious to me almost from the day we met that you are gay. I guess I've been around enough gay guys, and had to fight off some pretty determined men, and have disappointed some nice ones, too, and with all that, I’ve developed a sixth sense about it. I wondered if you had admitted it to yourself, but, anyway, I suspected one day we'd have to deal with your being gay.


“To be honest with you? I wish I felt the same as you, but I don’t. I am so straight I couldn't even pretend. Our jerking off brings me a lot of pleasure, but it's not you or some other male that I'm thinking about when I shoot; I’m just enjoying the feelings and the pleasure it brings. If it hurts you too much to go on as we have been, then I say we tend to our own business. In fact, let's make this our last night or otherwise, I think our friendship might suffer and if we lost that, it would kill me.”


Jeremy gave me a great gift even if it was not what I guess I’d hoped for; he accepted me, the real me, the gay me. We decided we'd take a long time to push each other over the edge for our last time and we did. As we lay, bellies covered with cum, Jeremy leaned over me and said, “A special gift for my brother,” and kissed me deeply. When he broke the kiss, we both had tears in our eyes.


Somehow or other, that night released a tension we had not realized existed. We felt free to sleep in each other’s arms and display our affection for each other more freely than we had before. We knew and respected the bounds which gave us freedom. Maybe that was the reason we both swam and dived better than we ever had before. Brad, Sam, Ms. Bianchi and Mr. Malik were amazed. If there were aquatics team scouts at the meet and they were not blind, they had to see we had a lot of what they needed.


Of course, since Jeremy already had an appointment to West Point, his performance wasn't as important to his future as mine was to mine. I still hadn’t been offered adequate scholarship funds to assure college. Sam and Brad would help, but they could not and I would not allow them to foot the whole bill and so the only way I could go meant leaving college with a huge debt. I wasn't willing to do that, at least at this point.


It was 1:00 AM before we got to Grace House and while I wanted—no, needed—to talk to Sam and Brad, it would have to wait. Even if all three of us wanted to do some serious talking, we were all tired and needed to get to bed. In spite of that, I expected to lie awake thinking about Jeremy and me, but it didn't happen. Exhaustion is not always bad.


Sundays were hectic when DeAngelo and I first started living with Brad and Sam since they had to take us to church—which started before theirs—and wait for us a couple hours at least before ours got out. After we promised Mom we would go, she agreed that we could just go with Brad and Sam. That was like being dropped into a foreign country! Where ours had gospel music with a band and rocking choir, theirs had a pipe organ and, I guess, a classical choir. We were used to church revolving around a preacher and an hour-long or so sermon.  Theirs revolved around the Lord's Supper, which they called the Eucharist. It was all very formal. I liked it! Besides, the sermon was over in fifteen or twenty minutes and the entire service was finished in just over an hour.


I was awake when Brad tapped on my door at 9:00 and said, “Breakfast in twenty, Derek.” I did my morning ablutions and went downstairs. I set the table—setting and clearing were my jobs—and as I was going about that, Brad said, “Derek, again, I don't know what was behind you yesterday, but you have never been so hot. There was no stopping you. Jeremy was terrific as well.”


“Maybe that's something we need to talk about this afternoon. I'd like to.”


“Then we will. By the way,” Sam said, “expect to be hearing from several aquatics coaches this week, but don't jump at the first offer because I think you are going to get some good ones. By all means, make no commitment until you hear from Old Commonwealth. Their scout and a senior team member were sitting near me and I overheard some of their conversation. They have a money problem this late in the year, as will they all, but they want you. Want Jeremy as well, but he's set.”


“Yeah, in spite of all the things he hated about being a military brat, he has always had his heart set on West Point. Strange, his dad wasn't as fixated on West Point as Jeremy was, but the whole family went into orbit when he got his appointment.”


After church, we had Sunday dinner and after I had cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, we three sat around the kitchen table, as was the case every Sunday. We first talked about the week past and what we anticipated in the week to come. Any problems among us were aired and finally, we each gave the past week a name. When DeAngelo and I came to live with the two, Brad explained they named the week so it wasn't  just any old week, but a definite week in their lives. Sam named the past week 'The Week of Proud Parents,' Brad called it 'The Week of Glory for the Center’ and I named it 'The Week of Deep Friendship.'


When we finished with that family ritual, Sam said, “Derek, you wanted to talk about yesterday?”


“Yeah, I need to. Well, Jeremy and I jacked off together Halloween night and did it when we had a chance afterward.” I blushed and told them how we had started doing each other. Friday as we started, I kissed Jeremy.” I then told them about our talk following the kiss and our decision.


“That's why we swam so well Saturday,” I concluded. “We defined our relationship and while it might not be—is not—what I wish it were, we have bounds and are free to operate without getting all tense about it which, I realized when we talked, I had been doing. I was being more and more on guard out of fear I'd drive Jeremy away.”


“And Jeremy refused to allow you to drive him away. Yeah, I can understand why you named the week as you did,” Sam said.


We talked a bit more and at the end, Brad said, “Need I remind you that Jeremy had a wider experience than anyone you know at school and is a very sensitive guy. Further, you two are, obviously, very close, but if he figured out you are gay, someone else will sooner or later. Be careful!”


I was more than a little surprised at how soon his prediction came true.


To say that the kiss had not changed Jeremy and my relationship would not be true. To say that it changed it in a bad way would be wrong. In a sense we had more freedom around each other and the tension we hadn't noticed before was now noticeable by its absence. I told him about my talk with Brad and Sam and when he came for dinner Sunday, he thanked them.


As Brad predicted, I got half a dozen letters and more phone calls about diving scholarships. All began with how sorry the recruiter was that I had not been spotted earlier when more scholarship money would have been available. All offered a tuition scholarship for my freshman year with an indefinite 'more' the second year. A few had a small academic scholarship as well, but none came close to what my freshman year would cost. Sam suggested that if James Monroe came through with anything, I could continue to live at home and work at the Center. They came through with a promise for my sophomore year. Brad insisted Old Commonwealth would come through and they did—almost. They offered tuition and fees for diving and a small academic scholarship to help with books. I would be eating at the athletes' table, so food would cost less, but still cost and dorm would also be reduced, but expensive—if I could get in a dorm at this late date. The athletes' dorm was full. Books would still cost a bundle even with the small scholarship. Unlike the others, however, they offered a four-year contract with scholarships for the last three years spelled out.


Brad, Sam and Mom all urged me to sign it and borrow the money I had to have for my freshman year. I was unwilling to do so, but couldn't win when Mom, Brad and Sam all piled on. I signed the contract and started worrying about where the money for room, board and books would be coming from. I knew, but I didn't want to face the debt. Little did I know someone would figure out my secret and I would be glad. The words, “Got a steady boyfriend or do you just fuck around?” would soon rock my world.


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