Journey to Love

by Sequoyah
Edited by Cole, Peter and Scott



My intention when I started writing Journey to Love was to write a continuation of Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels' Sissy/Wolf’s story. In fact, it was to be two stories which eventually merged. Wolf’s story was called Mocha and Derek’s, the new character's, was called Chocolate. I even wrote a couple of chapters of each before Derek’s story took off. As you will eventually learn, there was no need for a second story. As I have said before, stories are a lot like teenagers. You can tell them what to do, but ultimately they have a mind of their own.


The characters and events in Journey to Love are fictitious, figments of my imagination. The locations are used in a fictive manner. Many place names have been slightly altered to remind readers of that. That having been said, anyone vaguely familiar with the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia will have no trouble placing Stanton, Harrisonville or Alexander County.


The first paragraph's comments about The Birthplace are based on an event which took place during my first visit to the area. My seventeen year-old son, who was accompanying me, picked up a brochure in a motel lobby. He read a bit and literally collapsed in gales of laughter, making comments very much like those in that paragraph.


The ‘how Alexander County got the fitness center’, i.e., the ill treatment of a clergyman and his family, is based on an actual event. Unfortunately, there was no positive result from the actual event. A recent visit by someone familiar with that event confirms very little progress toward acceptance of the poor, African-Americans and those who are different has been made.


But again, it's all fiction, a weaving of fragments from hither and yon by my imagination into what I hope is a story of the power of the human spirit and love in its myriad forms. It's a story: make believe events in a make believe world happening to make believe characters.




Again, Warning Before You Get Started on the Story


It’s fiction folks. The names of places in Journey to Love are often thinly disguised, but disguised or not, they all all used fictively. Events and person are all fiction. Real events may have inspired events in the story but the story is nevertheless, fiction; a product of my imagination. Any similarity to persons or events are coincidential. It's all fiction, made up, imaginary, make believe, imaginary.


There is sex involved. Journey to Love is a gay romance, so sex is involved, gay sex and straight sex. Some of it is pretty explicit. If there are reasons forbidding your reading such, you might better leave. If you chose to go against the rules of parents, lovers, the state, church, whatever as they apply to you, the consequences are yours and you are welcome to them.


Copyright. Journey to Love belongs to me. Feel free to read it online, print out a copy for yourself—so long as you print the whole thing, including these remarks. You may not use it in any way for gain, post it to another site, or distribute in any shape form or fashion without permission.


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